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Concert for piano & orchestra
Cage, John
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Monn, Matthias Georg ; Zipperling, Rainer ¬[Interpret]¬ ; Bauer, Sabine ¬[Interpret]¬
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Concerti armonici: (1755)
Wassenaer, Unico W. van ; Goodman, Roy
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Concerti bavarese: (1991) ; fuer Floete, Violine, Violoncello und Klavier
Hildemann, Wolfgang
(Partitur, Stimmen). Koeln. Edition Dohr. 1995. 19 S. + 4 St..

Concerti da violoncello. Sinfonie
Boccherini, Luigi ; Bijlsma, Anner ¬[Interpret]¬ ; Lamon, Jean ¬[Interpret]¬
Hamburg. BMG-Ariola. 1994. 1 Compact Disc : DDD & Beih..