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¬A¬ collection of valuable sermons by eminent divines in the two last centuries ...: J. Guthrie, J. Brown, A. Pedew, T. Boston, E. Erskine, G. Whitefield, R. Erskine, J. Fraser, S. Rutherford, A. Gray and W. Dyer ; to which are added some religious letters by ... J. Newton, J. Belicher and C. and M. Love ; with C. Love's last word on the scaffold
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¬A¬ Collection of various forms and stoves, used for forcing pine plants, fruit trees, and preserving tender exotics: ...
Robertson, William
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¬A¬ Collection of very valuable and scarce pieces relating to the last plague in the year 1665, ...
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A collection of voyages: in four volumes
London. James and John Knapton.

¬A¬ Collection of voyages and travels: some now first printed from original manuscripts ... ; intitles ¬The¬ Whole history of navigation
Churchill, Awnsham ; Marlborough, John C. ¬of¬
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¬A¬ collection of voyages and travels: consisting of authentic writers in our own tongue, which have not before been collected in English or have only been adridged in other collections and continued with others of note that have published histories, voyages, travels, journals or discoveries in other nations and languages, relating to any part of the continent of Asia, Africa, America, Europe or the islands thereof from the earliest account to the present time ; digested according to the parts of the world, to which they particularly relate with historical introductions to each account where thought necessary, containing either the lives of the authors or what could be discovered ; with cuts, prospects, ruins, maps and charts ; compiled from the library of the late Earl of Oxford [Hrsg.: Thomas Osborne]
Osborne, Thomas ¬[Hrsg.]¬
London. Osborne.

¬A¬ Collection of Voyages and Travels: some now first printed from original Manuscripts; others translated out of foreign Languages, and now first published in English ; to which are added some few that have formerly appear in English, but do now for their Excellency and Scarceness deserve to be reprinted ; In four volumes with a general preface giving an Account of the Progress of Navigation, from its first Beginning to the Perfection it is now in ... The whole illustrated with a great Number of Maps and Cuts

¬A¬ collection of voyages and travels, some now first printed from original manuscripts, others now first published in English. In six volumes. To which is prefixed an introductory discourse (supposed to be written by the celebrated Mr. Locke), intitled: The whole history of navigation from its original to this time. Illustrated with near three hundred maps and cuts, curiously engraved on copper
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¬A¬ Collection of voyages ans travels ...: with a great variety of cuts, prospects, ruins, maps and charts, compiled from the library of the late Earl of Oxford
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¬A¬ Collection of voyages round the world: performed by royal authority ; containing a complete historical account of Captain Cook's first, second, third and last voyages, undertaken for making new discoveries ... ; to which are added genuine narratives of other voyages of discovery round the world, etc. viz. those of Lord Byron, Capt. Wallis, Capt. Carteret, Lord Mulgrave, Lord Anson, Mr. Parkinson, Capt. Lutwidge, Mess. Ives, Middleton, Smith etc.
London. Printed for A. Millar, W. Law, and R. Cater. 1790.

¬A¬ Collection of Voyages to the southern hemisphere
London. 1788. Vol. 1.2..

¬A¬ collection of Welsh, English & Scotch airs with new variations, also four new lessons for the harp or harpsichord to which are added twelve airs for the guittar
Parry, John ; Watkins, David
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London. 1661.

¬A¬ collection out of the book called Liber Regalis, remaining in the treasury of the church of Westminster: Touching the coronation of the King and queen together, according to the usual form

¬A¬ "collection proof" equilibrium for a private information credit economy
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Petronius <Arbiter> ; Gaselee, Stephen ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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¬A¬ colónia de Cabo Verde: nas suas relaç~oes comerciais com a Metrópole, as colónias portuguesas e o estrangeiro, antes e depois da guerra
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A colone: [pour choeur d'hommes (éventuellement de femmes) et pour 5 cors en fa, 3 trombones ténor, 6 violoncelles et 4 contrebasses]
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Seidensticker, Oswald

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