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Sampford, H.
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Tedder, William ; Tyrrell, Anthony
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London. Thomas. 1641.

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London. Purfoote. [1571].

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London. Wolfe. 1599.

¬A¬ coppy of 1. The letter sent by
London. 1641.

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Suckling, John
[London?]. 1641.

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Cotton, John
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S.l.. [1640?].

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Newark, David L.
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Connor, Bernard
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London. 1643.

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Anne <York, Duchess>
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London. 1645. 8 S..

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George <Great Britain, King, II.>
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Hammond, Henry
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London. Bostock u.a.. 1644. 8 S..

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Preston, Thomas
S.l.. 1614.

¬A¬ copy of the foure reasons to diswade
S.l.. 1641. 1 S..

¬A copy of the French King's¬ declaration
Louis <France, Roi, XIV.>
London. 1694. 1 S..

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Cromwell, Oliver
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Henry <England, King, VIII.>
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Henry <England, King, VIII.>
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London. G. R.. [1647]. 8 S..