¬A¬ compendious history of the House of Austria and the German Empire
Banks, John
London. ca. 1760.

¬A¬ compendious history of the Jewes commune history
Yôsef Ben-Gôryôn
London. Jugge. 1575.

¬A¬ compendious history of the Jewes commune weale
Yôsef Ben-Gôryôn ; Morwyng, P.
[Anr. ed.]. S.l.. Adams. 1615.

¬A¬ compendious history of the Jewes commune weale
Yôsef Ben-Gôryôn
London. Jugge. 1558.

¬A¬ compendious history of the Jewes commune weals
Yôsef Ben-Gôryôn
London. Adams. 1593.

¬A¬ compendious history of the Jews: peculiarly calculated for the use of schools and of young persons
Bigland, John
Derby. Mozley [u.a.]. 1820. VII S., S. 14 - 314.

¬A¬ compendious history of the most remarkable passages of the last fourteen years
L'Estrange, Roger
London. Neale. 1680.

¬A¬ compendious history of the Old and New Testament: extracted from the Holy Bible; with 120 copper-plates
Ed. 7. London. [¬circa¬ 1780].

¬A¬ compendious history of the popes: from the foundation of the See of Rome to the present time
Walch, C. W.
London. 1759.

¬A¬ compendious history of the Reformation in france, and of the performed churches in that Kingdom: from the first beginnings of the reformation, to the repealing of the Edict of Nantz : with an account of the late Persecution of the french Protestants under Lewis XIV. ; extracted out of the best Authority ; a work never before published ; wherein the many falsifications of the Jesuit Daniel, author of the history of france, in Matters relating to Religion, are set forth in their full Light, and proved by his own Quotations
Laval, Étienne A.

¬A¬ compendious history of the rise and progress of the reformation of the Church here in England, from Popish darkness and superstition
London. 1715.

¬A¬ compendious history of the taxes of France
London. Baldwin. 1694.

¬A¬ compendious history of the Turks
Moore, Andrew
London. Streater. 1660.

¬A¬ compendious history of the world: from the creation to the dissolution of the Roman Republic ; In 2 vols
[Mikrofiche-Ausg.]. Philadelphia, Pa.. Aitken. 1774. Evans 13205.

¬A¬ compendious introduccion, prologe or preface un to the pistle off Paul to the Romayns
Tyndale, William
[Anr. ed.]. London. Charlewood. 1564. 91 S..

¬A¬ compendious introduccion unto the pistle to the romayns
Tyndale, William
Amsterdam. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum; Norwood, N. J.: Johnson. 1975. Bog. a2 - c4. The English experience ; 767.
ISBN 90-221-0767-1

¬A¬ compendious introduction to the study of the bible
Horne, Thomas H.
4. ed.. London. 1833.

¬A¬ compendious letter which John Pomerane sent to Englande
Bugenhagen, Johann
S.l.. 1536.

¬A¬ compendious or briefe examination of certayne ordinary complaints
Stafford, William
London. Marshe. 1581.

¬A¬ compendious Pali grammar: with a copious vocabulary in the same language
Clough, Benjamin
Colombo. Welseyan Mission Pr.. 1824. 147, 20, 157 S..

¬A¬ compendious register in metre: conteining the names and suffryngs of the membres of Jesus Christ
Brice, Thomas
London. Kyngston u.a.. 1559.

¬A¬ compendious report of proceedings and operations in the central school of the Britain and foreign school society
Althans, Henry
London. 1836.

¬A¬ compendious Syriac dictionary: founded upon the Thesaurus Syriacus of R. Payne Smith
Margoliouth, Jessie P.
[2.] Reprint [from the ed. of] 1903, [Oxford]. Oxford. Clarendon Pr.. 1967. VIII, 626 S..

¬A¬ compendious Syriac dictionary: founded upon the thesaurus of Syriacus
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¬A¬ compendious Syriac dictionary: founded upon the Thesaurus Syriacus of R. Payne Smith
Payne Smith, Robert ; Payne Smith, Jessie ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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¬A¬ compendious syriac dictionary: Founded upon the Thesaurus Syriacus
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¬A¬ Compendious Syriac dictionary
Smith, Robert P. ; Smith, Jessie P. ¬[Bearb.]¬
Oxford. Clarendon Pr.. 1903. 626 S..

¬A¬ compendious system of midwifery
Dewees, William P.
2. edition. Philad.. 1826.

¬A¬ compendious tamil english dictionary: A handbook of the tamil language
Pope, G. U.
7.ed.. New Delhi. Asian Ed. Services. 1981. 98 S..

¬A¬ compendious treatise called the complaint of grace
Readman, John
London. Caly. [1556].

¬A¬ compendious treatise conteynynge preceptes necessary to the preservacion of healthe
Wingfield, Henry
London. Stoughton. [1551].

¬A¬ compendious treatise de re militari
Gutierrez de la Vega, Luis
London. East. 1582.

¬A¬ compendious treatise in metre declaring the firste originall of sacrifice
Marshall, George
S.l.. Cawodi. [1554].

¬A¬ compendious treatise of saynte Iohn Christostom prouinge that no ma is hurte but of him selfe
Johannes <Chrysostomus>
London. Gough. 1542.

¬A¬ compendious treatise on the contents, virtues and uses of cold and hot mineral springs in general: particulary the celebrated waters of Scarborough: to which are annexed the opinions of Sir John Floyer and Dr. Baynard on the great use and effect of bathing in the sea
Atkins, John
London. Dodd. 1730 ca.. 50 S. : Ill..

¬A¬ compendious treatyse, teachynge the waye of dynge well
Lupset, Thomas
London. Bertheletti. 1541.

¬A¬ compendious treatyse, teachyng the waye dyenge well
Lupset, Thomas
London. Berthelet. 1534.

¬A¬ compendious view of the civil law ...
Browne, Arthur
Dublin. Mercier.

¬A¬ compendious View of the Grounds of Religion: Both, Natural [and] Reveale'd ; In 2 Parts
Seaton, Thom.
London. 1729.

¬A¬ compendious View of the grounds of the Teutonick philosophy with considerations by way of inquiry into the subject matter, and scope of the writings of Jacob Behmen also several extracts from hir writings and some words used by him explained: Publ. by a gentleman retired from business, [d. i. John Pordage]
Pordage, John ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Ldn. 1770.

¬A¬ compendious view of the history of the darker ages: comprehending a general sketch of Roman and Barbarian history, ...
Chatfield, C.
London. Phillips. 1824. VI, 270 S..

¬A¬ compendious view of the late tumults
Wright, James
London. Lownds. 1685. 242 S..

¬A¬ compendious view of the Religion of Nature delineated: being an abridgment of Wollaston's treatise under that title ; to which ist added an appendix concerning the christian religion
Wollaston, William
2. Ed.. London. 1737.

¬A¬ compendious vocabulary English and Persian: including all the oriental simples in the materia medica employed in modern practice
Gladwin, Francis
Malda in Bengal. 1780. 178 S..

¬A¬ compendious way of teaching ancient and moderne languages, formerly practised by Tanaquil Faber, and now executed in London
Philipps, Jenkin T.
4. edit. London. 1750.

¬A¬ compendious way of teaching ancient and modern languages: formerly practised by the learned Tanaquil Faber, in the education of one of his sons, and of his daughter the celebrated Madam Dacier, and now, with little alteration, successfully executed in London
LeFèbvre, Tannegui ; Philipps, Jenkin T. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
2. ed., to which are added some tracts and observations on the same subject, by several eminent men, viz. Roger Ascham, ... Richard Carew, Mr. Milton, Mr. Locke & ; with an account of the education of the Dauphin, by J. B. Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux. London. Downing. 1723. IV, 184 S.. English linguistics 1500 - 1800 ; 344.

¬A¬ compendious way of teaching ancient and modern languages
LeFèvre, Tanneguy
2. ed.. London. Scolar Pr.. 1974. 2 Mikrofiches, 1:24. English linguistics fifteen hundred to eighteen hundred ; 344..

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LeFèvre, Tanneguy ; Philipps, Jenkin T.
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ISBN 0-85417-845-7

¬A¬ Compendious Way of Teaching Ancient and Modern Languages formerly practised by Tanaquil Faber
LeFèvre, Tanneguy
2. Edit. Lond.. 1723.

¬A¬ compendious Welsh grammar: or a short and easy introduction to the Welsh language ; with a copious alphabetical table of particles, shewing their proper effects on the initials of subsequent words ; to which is added a short English and Welsh vocabulary and familiar dialogues
Gambold, William
3. ed., rev., corr., and improved. Bala. Saunderson. 1833. V, 182 S..

¬A¬ compendium
Hart, Harold H.
New York. Hart. 1976. 396 S. : überwiegend Ill.. Hart picture archives ; 1.

¬A¬ compendium of advanced courses in technical colleges: Full time and sandwich courses in polytechnics, colleges of technology, agriculture, art and commerce
London. Regional Advisory Councils in England and Wales. 1972. 147 S.m.Tab..

¬A¬ compendium of alfalfa diseases
Graham, Joseph H. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Repr.. St. Paul, Minn.. American Phytopatholog. Soc.. [1983?]. VI, 65 S. : zahlr. Ill.. The disease compendium series by the American Phytopathological Society.
ISBN 0-89054-026-8

¬A¬ compendium of algebra
Ward, John
London. 1695. 121 S..

¬A¬ compendium of aljamiado literature ...
Nykl, Alois R.
New York. 1929.

¬A¬ compendium of all the usual hands
Seamer, James
[London]. [1683]. 27 S..

¬A¬ compendium of American literature: Chronologically arranged; with biogr. sketches of the authors, and selections from their works
Cleveland, Charles D.
Nachdr. d. Ausg. Philadelphia 1859. Port Washington, NY. Kennikat Pr.. 1971. 784 S.. Literary America in the 19th century..
ISBN 0-8046-1293-5

¬A¬ compendium of anatomy of the human body
Fyfe, Andrew
Edinburgh. 1810-.

¬A¬ Compendium of arctic environmental information
Welsh, James P. ¬[Mitarb.]¬
Miss.. 1986. III, 142 S.. Report. Naval Ocean Research and Development ; 138.

¬A¬ compendium of armaments and military hardware
Chant, Christopher
1. publ.. London u.a.. Routledge & Paul. 1987. VIII, 568 S..
ISBN 0-7102-0720-4

¬A¬ compendium of authentic and entertaining voyages: Digested in a chronological series ; In seven volumes
2. Edition.

¬A¬ compendium of chemical weed control research in ornamentals in the United States: 1944 - 1985
Schubert, Oscar E.
Alexandria, Va.. American Soc. for Horticultural Science. 1986. 137 S.. Hortscience ; 21,1.

¬A¬ compendium of continuous lattices
Gierz, Gerhard ¬[Mitarb.]¬
Berlin ; Heidelberg ¬[u.a.]¬. Springer. 1980. XX, 371 S. : graph. Darst..
ISBN 3-540-10111-X

¬A¬ compendium of corn diseases
St.Paul, Minn.. American Phytopath.Society. 1973. VI,64 S..

¬A¬ compendium of CUPM [Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics]: studies discussions and recommendations by the Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics of the Mathematical Association of America
Washington. The Math. Assoc. of America. 1965-1971. 1-2.

¬A¬ compendium of CUPM recommendations
Washington, D.C.. Math. Assoc. of America.

¬A¬ compendium of CUPM recommendations: studies, discussions, and recommendations
[Berkeley, Calif.. 1974.

¬A¬ compendium of current practices in Canada for the management of blood lead in excess of prescribed limits
Ottawa. Minister of Supply and Services Canada. 1988. 24, 24 S..
ISBN 0-662-56201-1

¬A¬ compendium of earthquake activity in Texas
Davis, Scott D. ; Pennington, Wayne D. ; Carlson, Steven M.
Austin, Tex.. 1989. VI, 27 S. : Kt.. Bureau of Economic Geology <Austin, Tex.>: Geological circular ; 89,3.

¬A¬ compendium of English literature: chronologically arranged from Sir John Mandeville to Wm. Cowper ; consisting of biographical sketches of the authors, selections from their works, with notes ...
Cleveland, Charles D.
London. Gilpin. 1850. 776 S..

¬A¬ compendium of fatigue thresholds and growth rates
Taylor, David
Warley. EMAS. 1985. 380 S. : graph. Darst..
ISBN 0-947817-05-0

¬A¬ compendium of fortification
Staynred, Philip
London. Cotes. 1669. 15 S..

¬A¬ compendium of fossil marine animal families
Sepkoski, J. J.
2. ed.. Milwaukee. Milwaukee Public Museum. 1992. 156 S.. Contributions of biology and geology ; 83.
ISBN 0-89326-168-8

¬A¬ compendium of fossil marine families
Sepkoski, J. J.
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ISBN 0-89326-081-9

¬A¬ compendium of Grecian antiquities
Cleveland, Charles D.
2. ed.. Boston. Hilliard u.a.. 1831. XI, 251 S., 4 Kt..

¬A¬ compendium of icebreakers, energizers and introductions
Kirby, Andy ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Aldershot [u.a.]. Gower Press. 1993. XI, 120 S..
ISBN 0-566-07318-8 : £ 50.00

¬A¬ compendium of information on selected low-cost building materials
Nairobi. 1988. III, 105 S. : Ill..
ISBN 92-1-131065-2

¬A¬ compendium of information on tree health care: including diseases, insects, weeds, and cultural practices
Dorrance, A. E.
Champaign, Ill.. Illinois Natural History Survey. 1991. 86 S.. Special publication / Illinois Natural History Survey ; 12.

¬A¬ compendium of interestiong PMS-prolog programs
Wise, Michael J.
Sydney. Dept., Univ.. 1991. 22 S.. Technical reports / Basser Department of computer Science, University of Syndey ; 400.

¬A¬ Compendium of Irish Biography: comprising sketches of distinguished Irishmen, and of eminent persons connected with Ireland by office or by their writings
Webb, Alfred
Dublin. 1878.

¬A¬ compendium of Kafir laws and customs: Including genealogical tables of Kafir chiefs and various tribal census returns
MacLean, John
Nachdr.d.Ausg.London, 1858. London. Cass. 1968. 171 S.: 3 Falt-Bl.. Cass library of African law. No.1..

¬A¬ compendium of knitted stitch patterns
Hollingworth, Shelagh
London. Batsford. 1985. 192 S. : Ill..
ISBN 0-7134-2483-4 : 12.50

¬A¬ compendium of lake and reservoir data collected by the National Eutrophication Survey in the Northeast and North-Central United States
Corvallis. [wechselnd]. 1975. 210 S.. Working paper / National Eutrophication Survey ; 474.

¬A¬ compendium of lovers
Stuart, Francis
Dublin. Raven Arts Press. 1990. 223 S..
ISBN 1-85186-077-0

¬A¬ compendium of mathematics and physics
Meyler, Dorothy S. ; Sutton, Oliver G.
London. English Univ. Pr.. 1958. 384 S..

¬A¬ compendium of mercantile law
Smith, John W. ; Dowdeswell, George M. ¬[Bearb.]¬
5th ed. by George Morley Dowdeswell. London. 1856.

¬A¬ Compendium of modern pharmacy and druggist's formulary: containing the recent methods of manufacturing and preparing tinctures, fluid extracts, flavoring extracts ...
Kilner, Walter B.
Springfield, Ill.. Rokker. 1880. 478 S.. Primary sources for the history of pharmacy in the United States, AIHP ; 28.

¬A¬ compendium of musical practice
Ornithoparchus, Andreas ; Dowland, John ; Reese, Gustave
New York. Dover Publ.. 1973. XXX, 212 S..
ISBN 0-486-20912-1

¬A¬ compendium of neuropsychological tests: administration, norms, and commentary
Spreen, Otfried ; Strauss, Esther
3. [print.]. New York ¬[u.a.]¬. Oxford Univ. Pr.. 1991. XV, 440 S. : graph. Darst..
ISBN 0-19-505439-3

¬A¬ compendium of New South Wales steam locomotives
Grunbach, Alex
Rev. and republ.. St. James. Australian Railway Historical Society. 1989. 312 S. : zahlr. Ill..
ISBN 0-909650-27-6

¬A¬ compendium of notable court-related projects
Leader, Judith K. ; Cooper, Caroline S.
Washington, D.C.. The American Univ., Criminal Courts Technical Assistance Project. 1976. III, 98 S..

¬A¬ compendium of Pakistan economy
1. ed.. Karachi. Royal Book Co.. 1987. VIII, 461 S..

¬A¬ compendium of papers honoring the twentieth anniversary of the Older Americans Act: a background paper
Washington. Gov.Print.Off.. 1985. XII, 106 S..

¬A¬ compendium of physic and surgery: for the use of young practitioners
Gibson, John
London. 1769.

¬A¬ compendium of practical musick: In Five Parts: Teaching, by a New, and easie Method, 1. The Rudiments of Song. 2. The Principles of Composition. 3. The Use of Discords. 4. The Form of Figurate Descant. 5. The Contrivance of Canon
Simpson, Christopher
London. Brome. 1667. 176 S. : Notenbeisp..

¬A¬ compendium of rabbit production
Schlolaut, Wolfgang
Roßdorf. TZ-Verlagsges.. 1985. 261 S. : Ill.. Schriftenreihe der GTZ ; 169.
ISBN 3-88085-256-1

¬A¬ Compendium of research and theory on stuttering
Diehl, Charles F.
Springfield,Ill.. Thomas. 1958. 313 S.. American lecture series. Nr344.

¬A¬ compendium of research on information and accounting for managerial decision and control in Japan
Sato, Seiichi ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Sarasota, Fla.. American Accounting Ass.. 1982. 159 S..
ISBN 0-86539-040-1

¬A¬compendium of research results and state of knowledge report on clinical aspects of Buffalo reproduction <1964-1983>
Mohan, R. N. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Bangkok. 1984. 197 S.. FAO/UNDP/RAS ; 81,050.

¬A¬ compendium of selected criminal justice projects
Washington, D.C.. U.S. Dept. of Justice, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. 1975. 808 S..

¬A¬ compendium of specific therapeutic interventions for hypnotherapy
Himelstein, Philip
Washington, D.C.. American Psycholog. Ass., Journal Suppl. Abstract Service. 1983. 1 Mikrofiche: 24 x. Psychological documents : [Microfiche collection of full-text documents] : Vol. 13,1 ; Ms. 2552.

Acompendium of spherical astronomy
Newcomb, Simon
New York. 1906. 444 S..

¬A¬ compendium of technology plans and policies in selected developing countries
Kanthi, Mahendra S.
[Wien]. United Nations Industrial Development Organization. 1986. III, 96 S..

¬A¬ Compendium of the anatomy of the human body ...
Fyfe, Andrew
Edinburgh. Guthrie ; Kay. 1800. 4 ..

¬A¬ compendium of the biographical literature on deceased entomologists
Gilbert, Pamela
London. 1977. 455 S.. Trustees of the British Museum <Natural History>. Publication ; 786.

¬A¬ compendium of the castes and tribes found in India: Comp. from the <1881> census reports for the various provinces <excluding Burmah> and native states of the empire
Kitts, Eustace J.
Facs. repr. ([of the ed.] Bombay 1885). Haryana. Acad. Pr.. 1982. XI,90 S..

¬A¬ compendium of the castes and tribes found in India: compiled from the (1881) Census reports for the various provinces (excluding Burmah) and native states of Empire
Kitts, Eustace J.
facsimile repr. der Ausg. 1885. Gurgaon. The Academic Pr.. 1982. XI, 90 S..
ISBN 0-8364-0888-8

¬A¬ compendium of the history of Ireland: from the earliest period to the Reign of George I.
Lawless, John
3. ed.. Edinburgh. Geiffer. 1823. Vol. 1.2..

¬A¬ compendium of the law and government ecclesiostical, civil and military, of England, Scotland and Ireland, and dominions, plantations and territories thereunto belonging, with the maritime power thereof, and jurisdiction of courts therein
Curson, Henry
London. 1699.

¬A¬ Compendium of the law and practice of vendors and purchasers of real estate
Dart, Joseph H.
2. ed. London. 1852.

¬A¬ Compendium of the law of evidence
Peake, Thomas
2. ed., with consid. add. London. 1804.

¬A¬ compendium of the Law of Landlord and Tenant
Fawcett, William M.
London. 1871.

¬A¬ compendium of the law of nations, founded on the treaties and customs of the modern nations of Europe: to which is added, a complete list of all the treaties, conventions, compacts, declarations, &c. from the year 1731 to 1788, inclusive, indicatting the several works in which they are to be found
Martens, Georg F. ¬von¬
London. Cobbett and Morgan. 1802. XXXII, 454 S..

¬A¬ Compendium of the law relating to executors [and] administrators
Walker, William G. ; Williams, Sydney E. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
6. ed. 1926.

¬A¬ compendium of the laws for regulating the importation, exportation and consumption of foreign corn from 1660: presenting a complete view of the corn trade of Great Britain
London. 1832.

¬A¬ compendium of the laws of the church of Scotland
2. edit.. Edinburgh.

¬A¬ compendium of the laws passed from time to time for regulating and restricting the importation, exportation and consumption of foreign corn ...
London. 1833.

¬A¬ compendium of the most approved modern travels

¬A¬ compendium of the ninth census (June 1, 1870): Comp. pursuant to a concurrent resolution of congress, and under the direction of the secretary of the interior
Walker, Francis A.
Washington, DC. Government Print. Office. 1872. VII, 942 S..

¬A¬ compendium of the Ornithology of Great Britain
Atkinson, John
London. 1820.

¬A¬ compendium of the Raja Yoga philosophy
Tatya, Tookaram
Bombay. 1888.

¬A¬ compendium of the rationall secretes
Fioravanti, Leonardo
London. Pen. 1582.

¬A¬ compendium of the several branches ... exchequer
Brown, William
London. Mortlocke. 1688. 533 S..

¬A¬ compendium of the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Warren, Samuel M. ¬[Hrsg.]¬ ; Wilkinson, Garth ¬[Vorr.]¬
London. 1896.

¬A¬ compendium of the usuall hands of England
Daniel, Richard
[London]. [1663]. 135 S..

¬A¬ compendium of the war of the rebellion
Dyer, Frederick H.
[New ed.]. New York u.a.. Yoseloff. 1959.

A compendium of university regulations: for the use of persons in statu pupillari
Cambridge. Univ. Pr.. 1933. 44 S..

¬A¬ compendium of validated professional improvement commitments
Stow, Shirley B.
1. print.. Ames, Iowa. 1985. 92 S..