Great Overtures [Große Ouvertüren]
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Great paintings from the Pushkin Museum Moscow
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Great paintings of the nude
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¬The great Paraguayan
Barrios, Agustin
Sony. P 1995. 1 CD + 1 Beiheft.

¬The great Paraguayan : John Williams plays Barrios
Barrios, Agustin
Frankfurt. Sony. 1998. 1 CD / 67 Min. : DDD + 1 Beih..

¬The great Paul Robeson
Robeson, Paul
o.O.. Movieplay. P 1993. 1 Compact Disc, Beil..

¬The great Paul Robeson : [CD]
Robeson, Paul [Mitarb.]
TSV. 1993. Compact Disc.

¬The great Peer Gynt : and other famous suites
MCR classic. 1990. 1 CD + Poster.

¬The Great Peer Gynt and other Famous Suites
Gynt, Peer [Mitarb.]
Holland. MCR. 1990. 1 CD.

¬The Great Percy Sledge
Sledge, Percy
SPA Intermusic. 1993. 1 CD.

¬The great Percy Sledge : [CD]
Sledge, Percy [Mitarb.]
Compact-Disc + 1 Beilage.

¬The Great Performances
Presley, Elvis [Mitarb.]
RCA/BMG Music. 1990. 1 CD.

¬The Great Performances : the Man and the Music
Buena Vista. 1990. 1 Videocassette (VHS, 54 min.).

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Presley, Elvis
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¬The great Pete Penney
Tolle, Jean Bashor
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Great photographers
New York. Time-Live Books. 1981. 246 S..

Great pianists of the 20th century... : [DVD Video]
Warner. 2000.

¬The great pianists of the 20th century : [Video]
Davies, Colin [Mitarb.]
London. Warner. 1999. 1 Videokass. (108 Min.).

Great pianists on piano playing : Study talks with foremost virtuosos ; A series of personal educational conferences with renowned masters of the keyboard, presenting the most modern ideas upon the subjects of technic, interpretation, style and expression
Philadelphia, Pa.. Presser. 1913. 288 S..

¬The great Piano concertos
o.O.. Disky. 1997. 3 CD.

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Portugal. SPA Intermusic. P 1993. 1 Compact Disc, Beil..

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¬The great powers and the Balkans. 1875 -1878
Stojanovic, Mihailo D
Cambridge. Univ. Pr.. 1968. X, 296 S..

¬The great Pretender
Start Audio & Video. 1992. 1 CD.

¬The great pretender
Bowie, Lester
O.O. O.V. 1981..

Great Puccini love scenes : [Video]
o.O.. Castle Communications PLC Release [u.a.]. [1995]. 1 Videokassette [VHS] (60 Min.).

¬The Great Railway Bazaar
Theroux, Paul

¬The great railway bazaar : by train through Asia
Theroux, Paul
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Great railway stations of Europe
Binney, Marcus [Mitarb.]
London. Thames and Hudson. 1984. 144 S. : überw. Ill..

¬The great Ray Charles
Charles, Ray
Portugal. SPA Intermusic. P 1993. 1 Compact Disc, Beil..

¬The great Ray Charles : [CD]
Charles, Ray [Mitarb.]
Compact-Disc + Faltblatt.

¬The great reckoning : how the world change in the Depression of the 1990S
Davidson, James Dale
New York. Summit Books. 1991. 559 S..

¬The great refusal : studies of the romantic hero in German and American literature
Zipes, Jack D.
Bad Homburg. Athenäum-Verl.. 1970. 158 S..

¬The great Reggae album
Marley, Bob [Mitarb.]
o.O.. SPA. P 1993. 1 Compact Disc, Beih..

¬The great reggae album : [CD]
Compact-Disc + Deckblatt.

¬The great reggae hits Vol. 2
Great Music. 1994. 1 CD + Beil..

Great regiments
Melegari, Vezio
London. Weidenfeld and Nicolson. 1969. 256 S. : zahlr. Ill..

¬The great reminder
Irvine, Robert
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Great & Remixed '91
Hamburg. Metronome Musik GmbH. 1991. 1 CD.

¬The great Republic : a history of the American People
Boston. Little, Brown and Company. 1977. 1267 S..

¬The Great Reunion Concert : Live
Barber, Chris
Wageningen. Timesless. 1989. 1 CD + Beil..

¬The great rhythm & blues sessions : [CD]
Turner, Ike [voc]
[Ballrechten-Dottingen]. [In-Akustik]. 1991. 1 CD : Stereo + Beih..

Great rockabilly guitar solos : [Noten]
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Great Rockabilly guitar solos : with notes and tab
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Strong, Martin C.
Fully revised and updated ; Lizenzausg.. Frankfurt. Zweitausendeins. 1998. 949 S. : Ill..

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¬The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle
Songbook. London. Warner. c 1980. 47 S..

¬The great Rock'n' Roll swindle
Sex Pistols
Virgin Records. 1979. 1 CD.

¬The great rock'n'roll swindle
Temple, Julian
London. Polygram. [ca. 1995]. 1 Videokass. (104 Min.) : HiFi-Stereo.

¬The great rock'n'roll swindle : [Video]
Temple, Julian [Regie]
London. Virgin Video. 1982. 1 Videokass. (104 Min.).

Joe Cocker
Cocker, Joe
London. Essex Music. (c 1986). 43 S..

Great Romantic Piano Concertos
London. Pickwick International. P 1988. 2 CDs : AAD + 1 Beilage.

¬The great Russian Classics CD 1
Disky. 1997. 1 CD.

¬The great Russian Classics CD 3
Disky. 1997. 1 CD.

¬The Great Rythm & Blues Sessions
Tomato. 1991. 1 CD u. Beiheft.

¬The great Sam Cooke
Cooke, Sam [Gsg]
o.O.. Intermusic/SPA. P 1993. 1 Compact Disc, Beih..

¬The great Sammy Davis jr. : [CD]
Davis, Sammy <jun.>
[Köln]. EMI. 1989. [CD] : Mono + Beil..

¬The great Santana
o.O.. Great music. P 1994. 1 Compact Disc, Beih..

¬The great Santini
Conroy, Pat
Boston. Houghton Mifflin. 1976. 536 S..

Great science fiction stories
Bruck, Peter
Stuttgart. Klett. 1981. 129 S..

Great science fiction stories

Great Sciene Fiction Stories

Great sea stories
French, Joseph Lewis [Mitarb.]
New York. Tudor. 1944. XIV, 491 S..

¬The great serenade - eine kleine Nachtmusik
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
MCR classic. 1990. 1 CD + Poster.

Great Service
Byrd, William
o.O.. Gimell. P 1989. 1 CD + 1 Beilage.

¬The Great Service
Byrd, William
Köln. EMI. 1987. 1 CD : DDD.

¬The great sessions 1947/48
Parker, Charlie
O.O. O.V. 1947-1948..

Great Shape : the first Exercise Guide for Large Women
Lyons, Pat
New York. Arbor House/William Morrow. 1988. 196 p..

¬The great Shirley Bassey
Bassey, Shirley
Movieplay. 1993. 1 CD.

¬The great Shirley Bassey : [CD]
Bassey, Shirley [Mitarb.]
TSV. 1993. Compact Disc + Faltbl..

¬The greats Hits
¬I N X S
Mercury. 1994.

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James, Henry
13. Print.. New York. Dial press. 1961. XIII, 799 S..

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James, Henry
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Möllinger, Otto
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Great short works
James, Henry
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Great Short Works of -
Crane, Stephen
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¬The great Siberian migration : Goverment and peasant in resettlement from emancipation to the first world war
Treadgold, Donald Warren
Princeton. Princeton Univ. Pr.. 1957. XIII, 278 S..

1903 - 1939 : [CD]
Tamagno, Franceso [Gsg]
Wyastone Leys, Monmouth. Nimbus Records. c 1990.

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Pleasants, Henry
3. impr.. London. Gollancz. 1974. 382 S..

¬The great Sioux uprising
Oehler, Chester M.
New York. Oxford Univ.-Pr.. 1959. XVI, 272 S..

Great Smith Street Public Library : City of Westminster Public Libraries ; Centenary of the opening of the first Public Library in London by the Joint Vestries of St. Margaret and St. John on the 10 th March
London. Public Libraries Comittee. 1957. 4 Bl..

¬The Great Song Book
John, Timothy
London. Benn Book Collection. 1978.

¬The great song book : [Noten]
John, Timothy
London. Benn. c 1978. 112 S. + Ill..

Great songs and performances that inspired the motown 25th anniversary television special
Jackson, Michael [Mitarb.]
1983. CD + 1 Beih..

Great Songs From MGM Classic Films : Vol. 1
Universal City. MCA. 1987. 1 CD + Beil..

Great Songs From Stage & Screen
Sinatra, Frank
Disky. 1998(1939-47). 1 CD.

Great Songs from the Movies
Mouskouri, Nana
Philips. 1993. 1 CD.

Great songs from WB movies : [Noten]
Esposito, Tony
Miami, Fl. Warner. c 1995. 418 S..

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Evans, Peter
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Manilow, Barry
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Stevens, Cat
Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. c 1984. 47 S..

¬The great songs of Charles Fox
Fox, Charles

¬The great songs of Chicago

¬The great songs of Chris de Burgh
Burgh, Chris de

¬The great songs of Chris DeBurgh : a collection of songs from Ireland's most outstanding singer-songwriter; arr. for piano/vocal with guitar diagrams and chord symbols
DeBurgh, Chris
Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. c 1984. 55 S..

¬The Great Songs of Chris de Burgh . Vol 2
Burgh, Chris de
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John, Elton
Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. c 1988. 48 S..

¬The great songs of George Benson
Benson, George
London. Wise Publ.. 1984. 48 S..

¬The Great Songs of George Harrison
Harrison, George

¬The great songs of Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull

¬The great songs of Jim Croce
Croce, Jim
London. Wise Publ.. 1986. 47 S. : überw. Notenbeisp..

¬The great songs of John Lennon : arr. for piano vocal with guitar symbols
Lennon, John
Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. c 1986. 48 S..

Great Songs of Lightnin Hopkins
Hopkins, Lightnin [Mitarb.]
o.O.. Astan. o. J.. 1 MC.

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Jackson, Michael
Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. c 1984. 40 S..

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Palmer, Robert
1987. 46 S. : Noten..

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Stewart, Rod
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Cooke, Sam
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Winwood, Steve
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Wonder, Stevie
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Wilson, Brian
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Great Songs of the Eighties : An era of affluence and optimism captured in the words and music of its greatest hits ; piano, vocal, guitar
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Great songs of the Fifties : 49 great songs that the Fifties sang to, danced to and romanced to
Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. c 1973. 111 S..

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Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. c 1984. 48 S..

¬The Great songs of the Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones
London. Wise Publications. 1984. 47 S. : Noten.

¬The great songs of the Rolling Stones : thirteen classic songs arr. for piano/ vocal, with guitar chord boxes...
Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. c 1984. 47 S..

Great songs of the sixties : a decade of the greatest hits that were sung, played and danced from 1960 to 1970
82 numbers, arranged for all organ with complete lyrics. London. Wise Publ.. c 1980. 232 S..

Great songs of the yiddish theater : arranged for voice, piano and guitar ; [Noten]
Warembud, Norman H.
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. Kammen Music. 1975. 256 S..

Great Songs of the Yiddish Theater : arranged for voice, piano and guitar, lyrics transliterated
Warembud, Norman H.
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Great songs of world war II : [Noten]
Foss, Peter
Songbook. London. Wise Publ.. [ca. 1980]. 181 S. : Ill..

¬The great Song Thesaurus
Lax, Roger