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1942.. 1 photographic print..

Manzanar, Calif., May 1942--Maye Noma behind the plate and Tomi Nagao at bat in a practice game between members of the Chick-a-dee soft ball team
1942 May.. 1 photographic print..

Manzanar (Calif.) Reception Center - bachelor quarters in early days at Manzanar
[1942]. 1 photographic print..

Manzanar (Calif.) Reception Center - general view of construction activities prior to formal opening of center
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Manzanar four-lane widening project: environmental assessment with a finding of no significant impact : initial study with a negative declaration : U.S. Route 395 near Independence in Inyo County, 1.0 kilometer (0.6 mile) south of Los Angeles Aqueduct Bridge #48-14 to 2.9 kilometers (1.8 miles) south of Mazourka Canyon Road
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