¬The¬ long road to freedom: an anthology of black music ; Harry Belafonte's 10-year labor of love is discovered and released for the first time ; 80 tracks on 5 CDs ; the voices & music of more than 50 artists ; limited edition
Belafonte, Harry ¬[Prod. Interpr.]¬ ; Belafonte, David ¬[Prod.]¬ ; Terry, Sonny ¬[Interpr.]¬ ; McGhee, Brownie ¬[Interpr.]¬ ; Williams, Joe Lee ¬[Interpr.]¬ ; Lynne, Gloria ¬[Interpr.]¬ ; Jones, Bessie ¬[Interpr.]¬ ; King, Martin Luther ¬[Sprech.]¬
New York, NY. Buddha Records / BMG / RCA Victor. ­ 2001. 5 CD in Kartonfalter, mit Begleitbuch, DVD u. Beil. zus. in Kartonschachtel (Gesamtspielzeit 51'44"/ 54'01"/ 50'22"/ 53'02"/ 40'39").

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