Live gala evening
Rieu, Andr‚
München. Koch International. P 1998. 2 CD : DDD.

Live gespielte und aufgezeichnete Monochord-Musik im Vergleich der Wirkung auf Entspannung und Wohlbefinden: eine experimentelle Studie
Sommer, Sebastian
Magdeburg. 2005. 124 S..

Live girls: a novel
Nugent, Beth
1. ed.. New York. Knopf. 1996. 197 S..
ISBN 0-679-41978-0

Live girls: roman
Nugent, Beth ; Tegnemark, Margareta
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Live-giving blessing: an inquiry into the eucharistic doctrine of Cyril of Alexandria
Gebremedhin, Ezra
Uppsala. 1977. 124 S.. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis / Uppsala Universitet : Studia doctrinae Christianae Upsaliensia ; 17.
ISBN 91-554-0690-4

Livehaftig: Udo Lindenberg u. d. Panik-Orch.
Lindenberg, Udo
Hamburg. TELDEC-Telefunken-Decca. 1979. 2 Schallpl., 30 cm, 33 UpM.

Live hardcore worldwide: [Paris, London & NYC!]
New York. Jive,. p1991.. 1 sound disc.

Live healthier, live longer: lowering cholesterol for the person with heart disease.
[Bethesda, Md.?]. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute,. [1996]. 34 p..

Live help systems: a approach to intelligent help for web information systems
Åberg, Johan
Linköping. Univ.. 2002. 234 S.. Linköping studies in science and technology : Dissertations ; 745.
ISBN 91-7373-311-3

Live help systems: an approach to intelligent help for Web information systems
Åberg, Johan,
Linköping. Univ.,. 2002. [10], 234, [5] s..

Chicago, IL. Alligator Records,. p2005.. 1 sound disc.

Livehood and poverty
Bowley, Arthur Lyon ; Burnett-Hurst, Arthur Lyon
New York. Garland. 1980. 222 S.. The English working class ; 6.
ISBN 0-8240-0105-2

Live im Domizil
Neuss, Wolfgang
Lübeck. Conträr Musik. 1997.
ISBN 3-932219-07-4

Live im Michel
Rumpf, Inga [Interpr.]
[S.l.]. RumpfProd.. 2004. 1 CD.

Live improvisations
Blanc, Frédéric
Korschenbroich . Aeolus-Tonträger. c1999. 1 Compact Disc.

Live im Schillertheater
Dee, Georgette
Viellieb Rec. 1992. 1 CD u. Beiheft.

Live im Star-Club Hamburg, 1962
o.O.. Euro-Trend. 1997. 1 CD.

Live in 1944
France. Jazz Band Records,. p1989.. 1 sound disc.

Live in a better way: reflections on truth, love, and happiness
Bstan-\02BEdzin-rgya-mtsho, ; Singh, Renuka,
New York. Viking,. 2001.. xxxviii, 202 p. ;.

Live in a better way
Bstan-®dzin-rgya-mtsho, ; Singh, Renuka, ; Gyatso, Losang.
New York. Simon & Schuster Audio,. p2001.. 2 sound cassettes (ca. 3 hr.).

Live in America
New Canaan, Conn.. Green Linnet,. p1985.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Amsterdam
Dulfer, Candy
Nederland . BMG Nederland. 2001. 1 DVD-Video.

Live in Amsterdam
Hollywood, Calif.. Capitol,. p1984.. 2 sound discs.

Live in Amsterdam
Santa Monica, CA. MCA Records,. [2001], p1984.. 1 sound disc.

Live In Antibes 1965: Blue flame theme ; The preacher ; Wailling in the wood ; Hallelujah time ; Satin doll ; Somewhere ; Four brothers ; Early autumn ; Medley ; 23 red ; Northwest passage ; Watermelon man ; I remember Clifford ; Caldonia ; Blue flame
Herman, Woody

Live in Asia
Polydor. P C 1984. 1 CD + 1 Beilage.

Live in Austria. Konstantin Wecker & Die Band.
Wecker, KonstantinWecker, Konstantin::

Live in Barcelona: 2 DVD
Springsteen, Bruce
2003. 180 Min.

Live in Berlin: the greatest show on earth; [CD]
Hipster-Records. 2006. 1 CD.

Live in Berlin: [CD]
[Hamburg]. 'edel' records. 1999. 1 Compact-Disc.

Live in Berlin: [Video]
München. BMG Video [Vertrieb]. [1994]. 1 Videokass. (100 Min.).

Live in Buffalo, July 4th 2004
Burbank, CA. Warner Bros.,. p2004.. 1 sound disc.

Live in California 74: Blackmore, Coverdale, Hughes, Lord, Paice
DVD. Köln. Deep Purple. 2005. 1 DVD.

The Live-in Caregiver Program: [information for employers and live-in caregivers from abroad]
[Ottawa, Ont.]. Minister of Supply and Services Canada,. c1993.. iii, 14, iii, 14 p. ;.

Live in Charleston
Roswell, GA. Intersound,. p1996.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Chicago
Allison, Luther
RUF Records. 1999. 2 Compact Disc.

Live in Chicago
London. Virgin. 1992. 1 CD.

Live in Chicago: [CD]
Brakel. Perfect Beat Tonträger. [1994]. 1 Compact Disc.
Best.-Nr. Sounds Alive SA 24.003 : DM 14.95

Live in Chicago
Elling, Kurt. ; Hobgood, Laurence. ; Amster, Rob. ; Raynor, Michael.
Hollywood, Calif.. Blue Note,. p1999.. 1 sound disc.

Live in concert
Rebroff, Ivan
Disky. 2002. 90 Min., 1 DVD.
9.00 Euro

Live in concert
Charles, Ray
Hamburg. Membran. 2004. 1 CD.

Live in Concert
München [u.a.]. SZV, Spezialzeitschriftenges.. 1989.

Live in concert
Bothy Band.
Danbury, CT. Green Linnet Records,. p1996.. 1 sound disc.

Live in concert
Curtis, Johnny.
Phoenix, Ariz.. Canyon Records,. p1987.. 1 sound cassette.

Live in concert
Merchant, Natalie.
Beverly Hills, CA. Elektra,. p1999.. 1 sound disc (60 min.).

Live in concert
Murphy, Rose,
[S.l.]. Equinox,. p1994.. 1 sound disc.

Live in concert
Hendersonville, Tenn.. Morning Star Records,. p1986.. 1 sound disc.

Live in concert ; All of me: a double album
Humperdinck, Engelbert.
New York. Epic,. p1980.. 2 sound discs (1 hr., 21 min.).

Live in concert at the Toyal Albert Hall: DVD + CD
2001. 45 Min.

Live in concert--Jeff & Sheri Easter
1992.. 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS).

Live in Copenhagen Jazzhouse
Kaspersen, Jan,
DK [i.e. Denmark]. Olufsen Records,. [1995?]. 2 sound discs.

Live in der Berliner Philharmonie: Georgette Dee, Terry Truck & Streichorchester [Video]
Dee, Georgette ; Truck, Terry
viellieb rek.. . 1996. VHS, ca. 90 min Farbe, HiFi Stereo.

Live in Detroit
Frampton, Peter
Image Entertainment. 2000. 2 Compact Disc.

Live in Detroit
Alpharetta, GA. Light Records,. p1997.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Detroit II
Nashville, TN. Light Records. p1999.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Dublin
Springsteen, Bruce
[München]. Sony BMG. 2007. 2 CD & Beih. in Box.

Live in Europa: Can't Take Me Home; There You Go; Split Personality; Most Girls; Lady Marmalade; I Wanna Rock; Don't Let Me Get Me; 18 Wheeler; Family Portrait; Just Like A Pill; Respect, My Vietnam; Misery, Eventually; Summertime; Me And Bobby McGee; Piece Of My Heart; Higher State Of Consciousness; Feel Good Time; God Is A DJ; Oh My God; Trouble; Last To Know; Try Too Hard; Unwind; Welcome To The Jungle; Get The Party Started;

Live in Europe
Los Angeles. United Artists Records,. 1969 [i.e. 1971]. 1 sound disc (47 min.).

Live in Europe - no holds barred: [CD]
[S.l.]. Roadrunner Records. 1997. 1 CD.

Live in Gdansk: l[CD] ; [Bestseller + 2 Euro]
Gilmour, David
David Gilmour Music. 2008. 2 CD, 1 DVD & 1 Beih..

Live in Gdansk: 2 CD
Gilmour, David
EMI Records. 2008.

Live in Hamburg '80
Hamburg. Palm Records,. [1980?]. 1 sound disc.

Live in Hyde Park
o.O.. Warner. 2004. 2 CDs.

Live in Hyde Park
Clapton, Eric
DVD. o.O.. Prince's Trust. 2001. 1 DVD.

Live in Hyde Park <Beilage>
Red Hot Chili Peppers
o.O.. Warner. 2004. 2 CDs.

Live in Hyde Park <CD 2>
Red Hot Chili Peppers
o.O.. Warner. 2004. 2 CDs.

Live in Japan
New York, NY. GRP Records,. p1993.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Japan 1978
[S.l.]. Storyville,. p1988.. 1 sound disc.

Live in L.A.
Freeman, Russ. ; Morales, Tony. ; Stone, Kim. ; Reid, Steve. ; Kashiwa, Jeff. ; Portmann, Mark.
New York, N.Y.. GRP Records,. p1993.. 1 sound disc (ca. 55 min.).

Live in Las Vegas
DVD. [s.l.]. FNM. p 1999. 1 DVD.

Live in Las Vegas. Tom Jones at the Flamingo.
Jones, Tom

Live in Leipzig
Lindenberg, Udo
Hamburg. Polydor GmbH. 1990. 1 CD.

Live in London
Grappelli, Stéphane
[S.l.]. Phonoco. 1990. 1 Compact Disc.

Live in London: From the Lennon / McCartney songbook
Körberg, Tommy, ; Albin, Helge
[S.l.]. LMH / EMI,. 2000. 1 CD.

Live in London
Skaggs, Ricky.
New York, NY. Epic,. p1985.. 1 sound disc (38 min.).

Live in Mashantucket, CT, September 7, 2003
New York, NY. Billy Idol,. p2003.. 2 sound discs.

Live in Memphis
White, Richard,
Elizabeth, N.J.. Savoy,. p1984.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Memphis: he said it.
Atlanta, GA. Air Gospel,. p2005.. 1 sound disc.

Live in modern America
Bromhead, Peter
3. Aufl, New Edition. New York. 1988.
ISBN 0-582-01838-2

Live in Montreal
Portuondo, Omara
[USA] . Universal International Music. 2007. 1 DVD-Video (95 Min.).

Live in Montreux
Der Rote Bereich
2004. 1 CD.
16,99 Euro

Live in Munich: [CD]
Barber, Chris
[Frankfurt a. M.]. [Bellaphon]. 1995. 1 Compact Disc.

Live in my trousers: Albie Donnelly's Big 3
[Bettendorf]. Juke Joint Records. P 2002. 1 CD ; 12 cm.

Live in my trousers: Albie Donnelly's Big 3
Zürich. Arche,. 1990.. 124 S..

Live in New Orleans
Jones, Norah
DVD. o.O.. Capitol. 2003. 1 DVD.

Live in New York
Anderson, Laurie ; Sverrisson, Skúli ; Black, Jim ; Scherer, Peter
[S.l.] . Nonesuch. [2001?]. 2 Compact Discs.

Live in New York City
Springsteen, Bruce
DVD. o.O.. Bruce Springsteen. 2001. 2 DVDs.

Live in New York City
Franklin Lakes, N.J.. Rohit Records,. p1988.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Osaka - Eastman Wind Ensemble: [CD]
Bach, Johann Sebastian ¬[Sonst.]¬ ; Hunsberger, Donald
Frankfurt (Main). Sony Classical. 1992. 1 Compact-Disc.

Live in Ottawa
Hendrix, Jimi.
[S.l.]. Dagger Records,. p2001.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Paris
o.O.. Warner. 2005. 1 CD + 1 DVD.

Live in Paris
Krall, Diana
o.O.. Verve. 2002. 1 CD.

Live in Paris
Pieranunzi, Enrico ; Geyn, Hein van de ; Ceccarelli, André
[S.l.]. Challenge Records. 2005. 2 CDs (62 + 51 Min.).

Live in Paris
Bridgewater, Dee Dee.
Universal City, CA. Impulse!,. p1987.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Paris: May 2nd, 1972
Silver Spring, MD. Cuneiform Records,. p2004.. 2 sound discs.

Live in Paris.
Westminster, CA. Thúy Nga,. [2000]. 1 sound disc.

Live in Paris 1960-63, Live in Nice 1975
Baker, Chet
O.O. O.V. 1988..

Live in Paris, 1964
Monk, Thelonious.
Paris. Wotre Music,. 1989.. 2 sound discs.

Live in Paris and Toronto
McKennitt, Loreena
o.O.. Quinlan Road. 1999. 2 CDs.

Live! in person, Lou Monte
Monte, Lou. ; Morris, Johnny.
Hollywood, Calif.. Reprise,. [1962?]. 1 sound disc.

Live in Philadelphia
Doobie Brothers
[s.l.]. BOLS. 1993. 1 CD.

Live in Prague - Ivan Moravec, piano: Tonträger
Holzgerlingen . Hänssler Classic .

Live in Prowinzz
Leningrad Cowboys
Hamburg. BMG Ariola. 1993. 1 CD.

Live-Inquisition im Fernsehen: in Großbritannien ist Politik ein Spektakel
Horsley, William

Live in Ramallah: [CD]
Barenboim, Daniel ¬[Dirigent/in]¬
Warner Music Germany. P 2005. 1 CD.

Live in Rome & San Remo 1954
Callas, Maria
Köln. EMI. 2002. 1 CD + 1 Bf.
DM 20,00

Live in San Francisco
Rundgren, Todd
s.l.. Image Entertainment. c 2002.

Live in San Francisco
Whitfield, Weslia.
Berkeley, CA. Landmark Records,. p1991.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Scandinavia
Brun, Ane ; Kinert, Nina ; Johansson, Staffan
[Stockholm]. DetErMine Records. 2007. 1 CD.

Live - inside job: [DVD Video]
Henley, Don
[S.l.]. Image Entertainment. 2001. 1 DVD Video (105 Min.).

Live inside out, not upside down: a dynamic new method of self-therapy : consciously connect to your inner strength and widsom
Lotery, Fran. ; Melchiorre, Sherry.
Santa Barbara, Calif.. Bronze Pub.,. c1996.. 206 p..

Live in South Africa
Narell, Andy
Cleveland. Heads Up. c 2001. 2 CD.
20,99 EUR

Live in Stuttgart
Die Fantastischen Vier
[s.l.]. Four Music Produktion GmbH. 2003.

Live in Stuttgart
Fantastischen Vier
Berlin. Four Music Productions. 2004. 2 CD.

Live in Stuttgart / Die Fantastischen Vier
Die Fantastischen Vier
Hamburg. Sony. 2003. 2 CD & 1 Beih.

Live in Switzerland 1968
Boyd, Eddie,
[Sweden]. Storyville,. p1995.. 1 sound disc.

Live in Switzerland 1987-89
[S.l.]. Jazz Helvet,. [1990]. 1 sound disc.

Live interactive music performance through the Internet
Tang, Charles Wei-Ting.
c1996.. 97 p..

¬Das¬ Live-Interview im Fernsehen als mediale Gattung?: eine sprachlich-visuelle Analyse
Krummheuer, Antonia Lina
2003. 111 Bl. : Ill..

Live in Texas
Linkin Park
Warner Bros. Records.

Live in Texas
[Hamburg]. WEA. 2003. 1 Compact Disc.

Live! in the air age
Nelson, Bill,
Hollywood, Calif.. Harvest,. p1977.. 2 sound discs.

Live in the fiddler's house
Perlman, Itzhak,
New York, NY. Angel Records,. p1996.. 1 sound disc.

Live ... in the heart of the city
Köln. EMI Electrola.