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The Joyfullest nevves from Hvll that ever came to London: read in both Houses of Parliament August 12, 1642 : wherein is declared the proceedings of the Earle of Warwickes ships in the River Humber, how they have taken divers ships that we sent from the Queen to the King with great store of ammunition for warre and 300000 pounds of mony, which they sent to Sir Iohn Hotham : as also divers brave horses which he sent to the Lords to be preferred to both Houses of Parliament.
London. ... Printed by T. Fawcet for T. R.,. August 17 [1642]. [2], 6 p..

Joyfull nevves from Norvvich: wherein is declared hovv the Earle of Lindsey endeavoured to raise a party against the Parliament in severall parts of that county as Yarmouth, Thetford, Linne, Atle Burrow, Downam, and many other places in t said county but being opposed by the welaffected Protestants of the said county, they were forced to fly some of them being imprisoned and sent up to the Parliament and by them committed to gate house : likewise exceeding joyfull newes from Cobham-Hall in Kent wherein is declared how Serjeant Major Shipton hath taken 5 waggons of ammunition one coach full of money and plate which was brought to Guild-Hall on Monday last the 15 of August, 1642.
London. Printed for T. Rider,. Aug. 17, 1642 6 [sic].. 8 p..

Joyfull newes from the Earle of VVarwick: being a true relation of the taking of two ships that came from Denmark, laden with ammunition and money, to the value of an hundred thousand pound, by the Earle of Warwick for the service of the ng and Parliament : also the Scots remonstrance, declaring their fellow-feeling of the distractions and distempers of this kingdome, with their resolution to petition His Majesty for an accommodation with His Parliament, and if that be rejected, by force of armes to assist the Parliament to bring the delinquents and disturbers of the state to condigne punishment.
Warwick, Robert Rich,
[S.l.]. Printed for Th. Cooke,. Oct. 4, 1642.. [2], 6 p..

Joyfull newes from the King, or, The True proceedings of His Maties [abbreviated] Armie at Notingham, Lichfield, Tamworth, Warwick, Coventry, Medingham: vvherein is declared His Majesties ill successe in all his enterprises being repulsed by my Lo. Brooks and the well affected Protestants of the severall places above mentioned
London. Printed for Henry Fowler. Septemb. 3, 1642. 6 p..

Joyfull newes from Wells
London. Fowler. 1642.

Joyfull newes from Wells in Somerset-shire: vvherein is declared how the cavaliers were beaten out of the said town by those heroick gentlemen and members of the Parliament : the names of the members of the Parl. are these: Sir Francis Popham, Sir Iohn Horner, M. Richard Cole, M. Strowd, M. Pine, Sir Edward Hungerford, Sir Edward Gainton : the names of the chiefe cavaliers are these: Marquesse of Hartford, Lord Paulet, Sir Ralph Hopton, Sir Francis Dorrington, Master Smith : likewise a true relation how they came to Bristow with an intent to have fortified themselves but were opposed by the wel-affected party of the city : with a relation of the taking of Northampton by the cavaliers on Tuesday the ninth of August, 1642 : whereunto is annexed the Parliaments resolution concerning the said cavaliers.
London. Printed for Henry Fowler,. Aug. 12, 1642.. [2], 6 p..

Joyfull newes of the Kings most certaine resolution
London. Hoverton. 1642.

Joyfull newes of the Kings most certaine resolution and purpose to come to London with his army: that he may at a neere distance send some propositions to the Parliament to comply with them and settle a much desired peace in the kingdome : which is to be embraced by all well-affected persons, hoping that his royall approach will prove very happy and prosperous to this city
London. Printed for Th. Hoverton,. October 12, 1642. [2], 6 p.

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Monardes, Nicolás ; Frampton, John
London [u.a.]. Constable and Co. Ltd. 1925.

Joyfull Noise
New York, N.Y.. RCA Victor,. [1968]. 1 sound disc.

¬The¬ Joyfull Receiving of James the sixth of that name King of Scotland, and Queene Anne his wife, into the townes of Lyeth and Edenborough
James <England, King, I.>
[Mikrofilm-Ausg.]. London. Carre. 1590.

Joyfull tidings to the begotten of God in all: with a few words of counsel unto Friends concerning marriage
Smith, William,
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Joyful magnet
[S.l.]. Singing Duck Music,. [1999]. 1 sound cassette.

Joyfulness and consideration; or The duties of prosperity and adversity.: A sermon preached at King's-Chapel, in Boston, before His Excellency Francis Bernard, Esq; captain-general and governor in chief, the Honourable His Majesty's Council and House of Representatives, of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, January 1, 1761. Upon occasion of the death of our late most gracious Sovereign King George the Second.
Caner, Henry,
Boston: New-England;. Printed by Green & Russell, and Edes & Gill, by order of His Excellency the governor, and both houses of assembly.,. [1761].. 31, [1] p. ;.

Joyful news from heaven, or, The last intelligence from our glorified Jesus above the stars: wherein is infallibly recorded how the soul dieth in the body : also is discovered I. What is that which sleeps in the dust, II. The nature of its rest, III. The manner of its waking, IV. The mystery of the dispute between Christ and the woman of Samaria, as touching the true point of worship, clearly opened : wherein you have drawn up a divine charge against the teachers of the Baptists, with all other teachers publick and private, for counterfeiting the commission of the man Jesus, being therein convicted of spiritual high treason against Christ the great commissioner of heaven and earth : with a true relation of the kingdom of darkness, prepared for the cursed seed of Cain, world without end
Reeve, John, ; Muggleton, Lodowick,
London. Printed by T.J. for Francis Cosinet ...,. 1658.. [2], 48, 7 p..

¬The¬ joyful news of opening the exchequer
Turner, Thomas
London. Place. 1677. 10 S..

The joyful news of opening the exchequer to the gold-smiths of Lombard-street, and their creditors: as it was celebrated in a letter to the same friend in the countrey, to whom the bankers case was formerly sent
Turner, Thomas,
London. Printed by T.N. for William Place ... and Thomas Basset ...,. 1677.. 10 p..

Joyful news to America,: a poem. Expressive of our more than ordinary joy, on the repeal of the Stamp-Act. : Together-with the praise of liberty, and two acrosticks
Plant, Thomas
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Slover, Tim
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[S.l.. s.n.,. 1991?]. 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS).

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Joyful wedding: a spiritual path to the altar
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Joyful yoga
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Joyfvll nevves from Plimouth: being an exact relation of a great victory obtained against the Cornish cavaliers by the Parliaments forces in those parts : also a wonderfull token of Gods mercy to the Parliaments forces, for during the fig the Lord sent fire from heaven so that the cavaliers powder in their bandaliers, flasks, and muskets tooke fire : by which meanes they hurt and slew each other to the wonder and amazement of the Parliaments forces : whereunto is annexed an abstract of severall letters sent from severall parts of the Kingdome to good hands in the city, containing many worthy particulars.
London. Printed for Leonard Smith,. 1643.. [8] p..

Joyfvll news from Ireland: being a relation of a battell which was fought between the Protestants, and the rebels of Ireland where the Protestants got the victory giving the rebels a great overthrow : also how the Earle of Mackquere was ten prisoner : also the copy of a proclamation set forth by the rebels : with the warrantable and true discovery of the last plot in Ireland.
London. Printed for John Greensmith,. 1641.. [2], 4, [17] p..

Joy, grace, love & peace
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Droit du littoral, droit portuaire
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Joy Harj1003322-1: image of an epoch ; [published in conjuction with the Exhibition "Portraits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch", held at the National Gallery, London, January 27 - April 25, 1999, the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., May 23 - August 22, 1999, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, October 5, 1999 - January 2000]
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Joy Harjo
Harjo, Joy ; Griggs, Dan ; Sarris, Greg ; Harjo, Joy. ; Harjo, Joy. ; Harjo, Joy. ; Harjo, Joy.
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Joy Harjo and Barney Bush
Bush, Barney. ; Harjo, Joy
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Joy home harmony
2001.. 1 sound disc.


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"Joy in the Spirit - Freude im Geist": Vortrag am 31. Mai 1998 im Kurhaus Bad Herrenalb anläßlich des 10. Pfingsttreffens des Förderkreises für Ganzheitsmedizin Bad Herrenalb
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Hochuli, Jost ; Bluhm, Andrew
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Joy in type, fun in joy
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Pabst, Georg W. ¬[Regie]¬ ; Haas, Willy ¬[Drehbuch]¬ ; Garbo, Greta ¬[Darst.]¬ ; Frandsen, Michael Bille ¬[Darst.]¬ ; Krauss, Werner ¬[Darst.]¬ ; Bettauer, Hugo ¬[Lit. Vorl.]¬ ; Sterner, Steve ¬[Komp.]¬ ; Gaborit, Catherine ¬[Bearb.]¬
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