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An index to classical dissertations and theses in progress or recently completed in North America and Great Britain
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¬An¬ index to clinical research in the Federal Health Programs Service: a bibliography of published papers, presentations, current studies
Rockville, Md.. US Gov. Print. Off.. 1970.

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Taggart, Michael ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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London. Bibliographical Society. 1899. 77 S.. Typographical antiquities.

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¬An¬ Index to Don Quijote including proper names and notable matters
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An Index to Egyptian Sculpture of the Late Period: 700 B.C. to A.D. 100
Russmann, Edna R
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<<An>> index to English periodical literature on the Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern studies
Hupper, William G.
Lanham, MD [etc.] . Scarecrow Press [etc.]. 1987-1999. 8 vol..

An index to every name on the map of China, with the province in which it will be found and the latitude and longitude of the place
Stanford, Edward,
London. China Inland Mission,. 1923. iv, 16 p. ;.

An index to folk dances and singing games: supplement
Chicago. American Library Association,. c1949.. xiv, 98 p. ;.

An index to form precedents in the reports of the Supreme and Appellate courts of Illinois;: classified citations and statement,
MacNeil, John A. ; Ridgely, Orman
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<<An>> Index to Government of Canada programs and services available to the public in Canada
Ottawa . Minister of supply and services Canada. 1979-1980.

An index to Guzmán de Alfarache, including proper names and notable matters.
Gray, Malcolm Jerome
New Brunswick, . 1948..

¬An¬ index to historical fiction for children and young people
Fisher, Janet
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An index to History of Van Wert County, Ohio, and representative citizens, T.S. Gilliland, 1906
Prill, Helen L. White.
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An index to holiday plays for schools;: a guide to plays for the observance of all the holidays and special days and weeks celebrated in the schools,
Paulmier, Hilah Coddington.
New York, . The H. W. Wilson compay,. 1938.. 5 p.l.,.

An Index to hydrographic surveys for coastal and inshore waters of the Carolinas and Georgia: (taken by the U.S. Coast Survey, Coast and Geodetic Survey, and National Ocean Survey, 1847 to 1969).
Dubach, Harold W.
Wilmington, N.C.. Coastal Plains Center for Marine Development Services,. 1972.. v, 71 p..

An Index to Indiana naturalization records found in various order books of the ninety-two local courts prior to 1907.
Indianapolis, Ind. (315 West Ohio St., Indianapolis 46202). Family History Section, Indiana Historical Society,. 1981.. 172 p. ;.

An index to interest:: containing, I. The largest tables of simple interest that have yet been made publick ... II. A table of discount for any number of days not exceeding 365. III. Two tables shewing, by inspection, the present worth af annuities, and the purchase thereof ... IV. An easie table for the valuation of any number of years lapsed in a church of college-lease of land, shewing the fines payable at one view. V. Tables of the amount and present worth of any sum of money, and annuities to 61 years, and rules to apply them for 122 years. Also the full use of all the tables ... Together with a new invented circle for the easie finding the number of days contain'd between any two in the year. Useful for lawyers, merchants, scriveners, and all others who receive and pay interest-money.
Hatton, Edward,
London:. Printed and sold by Mr. Harper, Mr. Brown, Mr. Freeman, Mr. Tonson, Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Mount, Mr. Sprint, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Midwinter, Mr. Strahan, Mr. Holland, Mr. Gouge,. 1711.. [103], [90]-117, [1] p..

An index to Janet Blake Dominick's Early artists in Laguna Beach: the impressionists
Ayotte, Richard G.,
Laguna Beach, Calif.. R.G. Ayotte,. 1990. 30 p. ;.

An Index to legal periodical literature.
Jones, Leonard A. ; Jones, Leonard A. ; Chipman, Frank Ellsworth, ; Chipman, Frank Ellsworth,
Indianapolis . Bobbs-Merrill,. 1888-193?. 6 v..

An index to matter pertaining to sewerage and sewage disposal in volumes V-XVII (December 1881-June 1888) of the Engineering & building record (prior to 1887, the Sanitary engineer.)
Barber, Dana C., [from old catalog]
New York, . The Engineering & building record,. 1889.. 149 p..

An index to Maurice Frost's English & Scottish psalm & hymn tunes
Rogers, Kirby.
Ann Arbor. Music Library Association,. 1967.. 28 p. ;.

¬An¬ index to Mexican literary periodicals
Forster, Merlin H.
New York. Scarecrow Pr.. 1966. 276 S..

An Index to microform collections
Niles, Ann.
Westport, Ct.. Meckler Pub.,. c1984.. xviii, 891 p. ;.

¬An¬ index to mineral and mining public records and manuscripts in Ireland
Nolan, C.
s.l.. Geological Survey of Ireland. 1988. 69 S.. Report series ; 88,2 : Mineral resources.

An index to MIRA reports, bulletins, and other literature, 1946-1972.
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, Eng.. MIRA,. 1974.. 119 p. ;.

¬An¬ Index to Modern precedents in conveyancing by Charles Barton and also to the Supplement to that work by S. F. T. Wilde: 2 parts
London. 1818.

An index to Mori Ôgai's German Diary
Klien, Susanne ; Mori, ÅOgai
Berlin. Mori-Ôgai-Gedenkstätte. 2005. 43 S.. Kleine Reihe ; 34.

An index to Mori ¯Ogai's German diary
Klien, Susanne
Berlin. Mori-Ôgai-Gedenkstätte,. 2005.. 43 S. ;.

An index to musical Festschriften and similar publications
Gerboth, Walter
1. ed. New York, N.Y.. Norton. 1969. IX, 188 S..
ISBN 0-393-02134-3

An index to music published in the Etude magazine, 1883 - 1957
Bomberger, E. Douglas
Lanham, Md. [u.a.]. Scarecrow Press. 2004. XV, 591 S.. Music Library Association index and bibliography series ; 31.
ISBN 0-8108-5283-7

I Bambini e la cura: storia dell'Ospedale dei bambini di Milano
Sironi, Vittorio Alessandro, ; Taccone, Francesco.
Roma. Laterza,. 1998.. x, 259 p., [8] leaves of plates.

An index to NASA tech briefs: (briefs 63-10003 through 64-10211) a keyword-in-context index (KWIC)
Booth, Robert E.
Detroit . [1965]. 53 p..

An index to naturalization records in pre-1907 order books of Indiana county courts
Indianapolis. Indiana Historical Society,. 2001.. xi, 172 p. ;.

An Index to naturalization records in the Greene County Circuit Court.
Springfield, Mo. (1126 Boonville, Springfield 65802). Greene County Archives and Records Center, Office of the County Clerk,. [1988]. 16 leaves ;.