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An improved method of education, instituted by Dr. Bell in the asylum at Madras: also, Joseph Lancaster's method of teaching in London ...
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an improved process for preparing products for edible and other purposes from whey obtained from milk either as a product of cheese manufacture or other
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An improved proportional counter
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An improvement of the doctrine of earthquakes, being the works of God, and tokens of his just displeasure.: Containing an historical summary of the most remarkable earthquakes in New-England, from the first settlement of the English here, as also in other parts of the world since 1666.
Prince, Thomas,
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An improvement to the art of gardening: or, An exact history of plants.: Shewing the several ways for the propagation of plants, usually growing in England, and their different ways of encrease: likewise, the several ways of graftings and inoculations: and also the method for improvement and best culture of field, orchard, and garden-plants, and the means used for remedy of annoyances incident to them; faithfully related ...
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An improvement to the probabilistic descrete state modelling of reservoir behaviour
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