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An Important Collection of Chinese Armorial Porcelain...also Fine Oriental Export Porcelain and Works of Art ...
London [u.a.]. 1969. 57 S.. Christie's London ; 5.1969.

An important collection of Judaica: including silver and other metalwork, printed books, mss, paintings and textiles ; which will be held on Oct. 9, 1980
New York. 1980. 93 S. : Ill..

An important collection of modern pictures, watercolours, drawings, prints, and sculpture
Amsterdam . Christie's Amsterdam .

An important collection of rare and valuable antiquities;: Gothic and renaissance furniture, important Italian Renaissance bronze, stone & marble sculptures, primitive paintings & early wood carvings, rare Greek & Graeco-Roman sculptures & pottery, gathered from famous European collections, by the late Ercole Canessa ...
Canessa, Ercole
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An Important collection of signed checks.
Nashua, NH. S.J. Winslow Associates,. [1990?]. 41 p..

¬An¬ important collection of Simón Bolívar memorabilia: the property of a direct descendant of the liberator ; Wednesday, May 18, 1988 ...
New York, NY. 1988. 31 S. : Ill,.

An important collection of Vietnamese paintings ; featuring the Philip Ng collection: 8 April 2008
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An important defect in our schools.: A paper read before the Rhode Island institute of instruction, at Providence, January 17, 1879.
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An Important discovery: addressed to the farmers and peasantry of Ireland, for effectually securing the angles of their houses, and of constructing range walls of clay, to any extent, in a cheap and permanent manner : with plans and elevations of houses and offices, adapted to their respective situations.
Dublin. W. Curry, Jun. and Co.,. 1831.. vi, 63 p., [1] leaf of plates.

An important document, the original first draught of the Mecklenburg Declaration, recently brought to light;: a copy in the possession of the North Carolina Historical Commission.
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An important economic problem
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An important improvement in the mariners' & surveyors' compass needles: whereby means are found to so modify the magnetic and electric fluids, as to take up local attractions, and to correct the derangements of the needle, and settle it instantaneously to its polarity
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An Important Message From The IRS, Notice 1242, December 1999
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¬An¬ important painting by Rembrandt from a private collection: to be sold on thursday, may 31, 1990 at 2:00 p.m. as lot 149
Rembrandt <Harmensz van Rijn> ¬[Ill.]¬ ; Haverkamp-Begemann, Egbert ¬[Bearb.]¬
New York. Christie's Pub.. 1990. 28 S. : überw. Ill..

An important private collection of Byzantine coins: auction: Monday, November 2, 1998
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<<An>> important private collection of works by Yves Tanguy: Auction: New York, 10 May 2001
New York . Christie's. 2001. 72 S..

¬An¬ important query for Protestants
London. G. L. u.a.. 1689.

An important question, "where and to whom is property taxable?": speech of Hon. George Lewis Cooke in the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of Rhode Island.
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Bernini, Gian Lorenzo ; Tanenbaum, Joey ; Tanenbaum, Toby
London. 1990. 29 S..

An important statement of facts: relative to the invalidity of the pretensions formerly made upon the Pennsylvania lands, by the unincorporated companies of Connecticut claimants ... in a letter from the secretary of the Land-office, to the Pennsylvania commissioners ...
Lancaster [Pa.]. Printed by W. & R. Dickson,. 1801.. 40 p..

An important statement, proving that the Corn laws, since 1793, have inflicted five times the amount of misery and oppression on this country, that [sic] the interest of the national debt has
Westminster. Printed and sold by G. Smeeton,. [1819]. 16 p..

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An Improved American primer, including the Westminster assembly's shorter catechism,
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<<An>> improved antigen for the complement fixation test in toxoplasmosis
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An improved astronomical diary, or, Almanack, for the Christian æra ...: calculated for the meridian of Gilmanton, Newhampshire ...
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An improved asymptotic analysis of the expected number of pivot steps required by the simplex algorithm
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An improved corporate identity program for jardine, matheson and company, ltd
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An improved design for construction of an high performance liquid chromatographic-Fourier transform infrared spectrometric interface system based on theoretical and experimental models of sample distribution
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An improved design of a variable voltage variable frequency converter for power systems.
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An improved design of quasi-optical mode conversion of whispering gallery mode gyrotron radiation
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An improved dual-permeability model of solute transport in structured soils: model development and parameter identification in laboratory and field experiments
Larsbo, Mats,
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