An investigation of the use of an optical sensor to determine pen to pen misalignments in color ink jet printers
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¬An¬ investigation of the use of computer assisted instruction in teaching the shuffle offense in basketball
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An investigation of the use of extra compensation as a means of reducing transcription costs in the home office of a typical large insurance company
White, Fitz Randolph.
[1937]. 1 v. (various pagings).

An investigation of the use of internal fluid flow for satellite attitude control
Plate, Albert N.
1964.. 48 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of the use of selected financial information in determining conglomerate merger strategy
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Phillips Odell
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An investigation of the use of ½Thinking Reader½, a universally designed computer-supported reading environment, approach to word recognition and word knowledged with deaf middle-school students: a case study
Kennedy, Mai Ye
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An investigation of the use of vitamin K-5 as a radio sensitizer to salmonella typhimurium in liquid egg
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<<An>> investigation of the utility and effectiveness of simulation techniques in the evaluation of disadvantaged persons for supervisory potential
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¬An¬ investigation of the utility of asset as a predictor of academic success or failure of students in vocational-technical programs in a two-year community college
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An investigation of the utilization of coal at the MIT Central Utilities Plant
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c1980.. 286 leaves.

An investigation of the validity of Weiselsberger's skin friction formula for one dimensional flow when applied to a three dimensional flow about an airship
Clexton, Edward W. ; Kraft, Wendell E.
1929.. 23, [12] leaves.

An investigation of the value of "C" in the formula 3/2 Q = C H H, for estimating the flow of water over dams of spillway section, with especial reference to high values of head
Clark, H. F. ; Ayres, R.
1912.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of the vapor-liquid equilibrium of the methanol-ethanol system
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An investigation of the variation in coefficient of friction of an asbestos brake lining
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An investigation of the variation in heat absorption in a pulverized coal-fired water-cooled steam-boiler furnace.
Chicago, . 1947.. 4 pt..

An investigation of the variation of the inductance of an armature coil as it passes the poles of a dynamo
Nutter, Harry Godfrey. ; Gorfinkle, Emanuel.
1902.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of the variations in compressive strength of high early strength concrete with different water cement ratios
Hall, Addison S. ; Phillips, H. Arthur.
1932.. 39 leaves.

An investigation of the ventilation of passenger cars
Dissel, Theodore.
1906.. 94 leaves.

An investigation of the Vierendeel type of structure from the standpoint of economy
LeGrand, James.
1924.. 55 leaves ;.

An investigation of the viscous fermentation of glucoses
Claflin, Alan Avery,
1894.. 50, [2] leaves.

An investigation of the water supply of the city of Newton
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An investigation of the water supply system of Whitman, Mass., with reference to its availability for fire protection
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An investigation of the wearing properties of certain metals and alloys when used in plows and disc harrows,
Catambay, Alejandro Bautista.
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An investigation of the wear process of ceramic tools in the machining of nickel-based alloys
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c1981.. 125 leaves.

An investigation of the weight changes occuring during the nitriding of steel
Wynne, Richard Christopher.
[1942]. iv, 43 leaves.

An investigation of the winds of Ghazvin Plain: using data from the stations of Ghazvin Plain Irrigation Project and the Iranian Meteorological Department
HÅaÏsimÅi, FarÅidÅun
[S.l.]. 1971. 61, 109 S..

An investigation of the work required to perform a blanking operation on hard and soft bases
Sargent, Albert A.
[1939]. 44 leaves.

An investigation of the Zeeman effect with reference to cadmium, zinc, magnesium, iron, nickel, titanium, carbon, calcium, aluminum, silicon and mercury ...
Reese, H. M.
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<<An>> investigation of thhixotropy in highly plastic clays
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An investigation of thin shell vibrations using finite elements
Sanders, Michael M.
c1982.. 106 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of third and fourth grade students' understanding of a decomposition subtraction algorithm based on individual interviews
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¬An¬ investigation of third, fourth, and fifth graders' knowledge of the meanings of selected symbols associated with multiplication of whole numbers
Fordham, Dennis Lee
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An investigation of three core cultural values in American advertising: the role of the individual, time, and space
Wolburg, Joyce M.
X, 226 S..

An investigation of three feature length silent film comedies of Harold Lloyd.
McCaffrey, Donald W.
[S.l.. s.n.],. 1962, c1963.. 371 leaves..

An investigation of tools for building expert systems
Waterman, Donald Arthur ; Hayes-Roth, Frederick
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An investigation of torsion in steel streamline tubing
Sakouta, V. M. ; Mann, William.
[1929]. 70 leaves.

An investigation of trace elements in marine and lacustrine deposits by means of a neutron activation method
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An investigation of transitional management problems for the NSTS at NASA: Contract 9-BC4-19-6-1P, quarterly report (Apr. 15, 1988 - Jul. 15, 1988)
Hunsucker, John.
[Washington, DC. National Aeronautics and Space Administration,. 1988]. 1 v..

¬An¬ investigation of transport properties and ion association in room temperature haloaluminate molten salts
Sanders, John Richard
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An investigation of transverse crack initiation with respect to nonlinear stress-strain behavior in graphite/epoxy laminates
Sultana, John Arthur.
Cambridge, Mass.. Technology Laboratory for Advanced Composites, Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronaturics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. 1985.. 29 p..

An investigation of two-dimensional flow separation with reattachment
Djilali, Nedjib
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ISBN 0-315-41946-6

An investigation of two instructional methods for teaching selected pre-algebra concepts to minority at-risk seventh grade mathematics students
Rodgers, Cyrus E.
1995.. 101 leaves.

An invest84 p. ;
Eversole, David R.

¬An¬ investigation of two models for the degree variances of global covariance functions
Jekeli, Christopher
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An investigation of type H transformers
Potter, A. A. ; Obear, George Barrows.
1903.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of types of controls used for guided missiles
Arkin, Shepard M.
1947.. [46] leaves.

An investigation of UK companies practices in the determination, interpretation and usage of cost of capital
Ali, Jasim al- ; Arkwright, Tony

¬An¬ investigation of understanding of the meaning of the logical operators in propositional reasoning
Gardiner, William L.
1965. VI, 49 S. : Ill..

An investigation of unemployment among Africans seeking work at the labour bureaux: a profile of registered unemployed in the Durban area
Mpanza, Zamakhosi
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ISBN 0-86980-394-8

An investigation of United States patents relating to the manufacture of artificial filaments from cellulose esters and ethers
Fisk, Thacher H.
[1939]. 1 v. (various pagings).

An investigation of unrecordable video
Hoque, Tareq I.
c1987.. 43 leaves.

<<An>> investigation of upwelling along the Oregon coast
Smith, Robert Lloyd
[Corvallis]- Oregon . 1964. Microfiches (87 S.).

An investigation of used car safety;: final report,
Eisner, H.
Silver Spring, Md., . 1968.. 5 v..

An investigation of user costs and benefits of winter road closures
Maze, Thomas H. ; Crum, Michael R. ; Burchett, Garrett.
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¬An¬ investigation of user performance enhancement for computer based management information systems using an adaptive user interface
Trumbly, James
1988. XI, 154 S..

An investigation of using ToF-SIMS analysis for quantification of organic submonolayers =: En undersökning av anvñdning av ToF-SIMS analys för kvantifiering av organiska submonolager
Hedin, Per
Göteborg. Chalmers tekniska högsk.,. 2004. 58 s..

An investigation of vapor production from wet surfaces in animal rooms
Økland, H¯kon ; Lilleng, Harald
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An investigation of variability in driving performance on the highway
Rockwell, Thomas Hugh, ; Snider, John N.
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¬An¬ investigation of various cognitive styles and the implications for mathematics education
Spitler, Gail J.
1970. V, 221 Bl..

An investigation of various electron emitters for a periodic deviation from the Schottky line,
Turnbull, David,
Urbana, Ill., . 1939.. 6 p., 1 l..

An Investigation of various factors affecting bond in bonded concrete overlays
Whitney, David P.
Austin. Center for Transportation Research, University of Texas ;. 1992]. vi, 65 p..

An investigation of various inoculants used in nodular cast irons
Wessén, Magnus ; Aagaard, Richard
Stockholm, . 1997. 20 bl..

¬An¬ investigation of various kinds of covers for sets of functional independencies
Janas, Jürgen M.
Neubiberg. 1989. 25 S.. Deutschland <Bundesrepublik> / Bundeswehr / Hochschule <München> / Fachbereich für Informatik: Bericht ; 8901.

¬An¬ investigation of various measures used in football helmet evaluation
Nelson, Richard Carroll
East Lansing, Michigan. 1960. 87 P..

¬An¬ investigation of various social and economic factors influencing student use of one college library
Clayton, Howard
1965. VII, 131 S..

An investigation of various types of small servomechanisms for use in one-speed data transmission systems
Pinney, Frank Lucius. ; Slack, Leslie Martin.
1942.. 115 leaves.

An investigation of venturi tubes to increase the availability of manifold suction
Lonnquest, Theodore C. ; Connell, Byron J.
1925.. 1 v. in various pagings.

¬An¬ investigation of verbal versus nonverbal learning and modality preference in eighth grade mathematics
Moxness, David Ellis
1974. VII, 103 Bl. : graph. Darst..

An investigation of visible lip information to be used in automated speech recognition
Finn, Kathleen E.
XIII, 245 S..

<<An>> investigation of vision during involuntary saccadic eye movements
Ebbers, Robert W.
Holloman AFB, N. Mex. . Aeromedical Research Lab.. 1966. Microfiches, 42 S..

<<An>> investigation of vision during involuntary saccadic eye movements
Ebbers, Robert Wesley
1965. Microfiches, 41 S..

¬An¬ Investigation of vitamin B and vitamin G values in some seeds used as food
Funnell, Esther Hawley
New York. 1935. 39 S. ; 8-o.

<<An>> investigation of vorticity amplification in stagnation Flow
Sadeh, W.Z. ; Sutera, S.P. ; Maeder, P.F.
Providence R.I. . Brown University. 1968. 88 S..

An investigation of wash water strainers with particular experiments on plain and flared holes in wrought iron pipe to be used in the rapid sand filtration of water
Clark, William Allen.
1917.. 45, [9] leaves.

An investigation of wave-induced momentum flux through phase averaging of open ocean wind and wave fields
Wetzel, Suzanne W.
c1996.. 93 leaves.

An investigation of weaknesses in selsyn data transmission systems
Newton, George C.
[1941]. iii, 52 leaves.

An investigation of weather conditions for the United States affecting the design of transmission lines
Knight, Ira Winsor.
1913.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of weight equations as applied to destroyers, U.S. Navy,
Nesbitt, Richard J. ; Frankenberger, Norbert.
1945.. 36 leaves.

An investigation of wet processing of limestone for fillers and extenders
Hall, Arthur L.
1946.. v, 135 leaves.

<<An>> Investigation of wind loads on solar collectors
Tieleman, H.W. ; Akins, R.E. ; Sparks, P.R.
Springfield - Va. . 1980. 2 Microfiches..

An investigation of wind tunnel interference on models free in vertical translation and pitch
Williams, Benjamin H.
1953.. v, 31 leaves.

An investigation of winter weather types of the Western North Atlantic Ocean and their relation to the North American Zonal Index
Raring, George L. ; Finney, Earl P. ; Corry, John.
1941.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of women-led firms and venture capital investment: final report
Brush, Candida G.
Washington, D.C.. SBA, Office of Advocacy,. 2001. 38 bl..

An investigation of woolen manufacturing at the Talbot Mills, North Billerica, Mass.
Zerkowsky, Sam M.
1924.. 1 v. in various pagings.

<<An>> Investigation of X-linked recessive inheritance of spatial ability
Fralley, J.S.
College Park - Md. . 1977. 2 Microfiches..

An investigation of Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio of Portland cement concrete
Gibeaut, Donald Richard.
[Columbus, Ohio]. Civil Engineering Research, Engineering Experiment Station, Ohio State University,. 1960.. 79 leaves ;.

¬An¬ investigation on computer-aided optimum seeking machining and flow- type multistage manufacturing system
Chu, Chi C.
Kingston. 1981. XIV, 178 Bl..

An investigation on epoxy and polyester resin mortars as a jointing material
Hallquist, Åge
Oslo. Norwegian Building Research Institute ,. 1968. [10] s..

An investigation on musculoskeletal injuries among users of locally-designed wheelchairs in a crafts workshop in the Philippines: focus on wheelchair design
Cruz, Christian Oliver A.
Lule¯, . 2003.

An investigation on promoted iron catalysts for the synthesis of ammonia. 2. ed. A contribution from: The Haldor Topsøe Research Laboratory, Hellerup and the Department of Chemistry of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College, Cph. Résumé en Français. Kurzreferat auf Deutsch
Cph . 1956. 233 s., XVIII tvl..

¬An¬ investigation on reaction sintered silicon nitride as a radome material
Harris, Joe N.
Springfield, VA. NTIS. 1975. IX, 47 S..

¬An¬ investigation on some aspects of the effect of land and sea breezes
Balkema, Frederik
1950. 50 S..

¬An¬ investigation on state of the art and future prospects of lighting technology in German office environments
Çakir, Ahmet
Berlin. Ergonomic-Institut für Arbeits- u. Sozialforschung. 1991. Light and health.
ISBN 3-925251-02-2

<<An>> Investigation on the biochemical and physiological effects of zinc on fathead minnow cell cultures
Adragna, Peter James
Buffalo - N.Y. . 1976. 2 Microfiches..

<<An>> Investigation on the blowdown of a tank filled with saturated steam-water
Premoli, A. ; Sandri, C.
Segrate . 1971-. part 2-.

An investigation on the Brent Goose [Branta bernicla] in Denemark
Kalø . Vildtbiologisk Station. 1967 . 40 s..

An investigation on the Brent Goose [Branta bernicla] in Denmark. Med et dansk resumé
Kalø pr. Rønde . Vildtbiologisk Station. 1967 . 40 s..

An investigation on the coking properties of a Mexican coal
Madero, Salvador S. ; Gonzalez, Alberto Primitivo.
1901.. 75 leaves.

An investigation on the effect of angle of attack during the teminal guidance of a missile,
Beaver, Robert Harmon. ; Ellison, Stanley Edgar. ; Sallenger, Asbury H.
[Cambridge, Mass., . M.I.T. Instrumentation Laboratory]. 1950.. ix, 80 p..

An investigation on the effect of angle of attack during the terminal guidance of a missile
Beaver, Robert H. ; Ellison, Stanley E. ; Sallenger, Asbury H.
1950.. ix, 80 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation on the effect of real exchange rate movements on OECD bilateral exports
Berthou, Antoine
Frankfurt am Main. Europ. Central Bank. 2008. 45 S. : graph. Darst.. Working paper series / European Central Bank ; 920.

An investigation on the effects of emerging 4G transmissions on 3G networks
Lopez, Juan ; Raines, Richard A. ; Temple, Michael A. ; Baldwin, Rusty O. ; Stephens, James P.

An investigation on the electrolytic control of the contact process for sulphuric acid
Hopkins, Giles E.,
1926.. 16, [28] leaves.

An investigation on the factors governing the absolute spectral sensitivity of the elements
Cole, Peter Aldrich.
1938.. 56, [23] leaves.

¬An¬ Investigation on the influence upon the vital resistance of animals to the microorganisms of disease
Bergey, David Hendricks
Washington. The Smithsonian Inst.. 1898. Smithsonian miscellaneous collections / Hodgkins fund : 1125 ; Vol. 39.

An investigation on the kinetics of the conversion of carbon monoxide with water vapour over iron oxide based catalysts
Cph . Gjellerup. 1969 . 193 s..

An investigation on the production and products of yellow rattan (Calamus margaritae) in Taiwan
Lin, Wei-chih. ; Kang, Zou-yung. ; Hwang, Sang-gen.
Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan Forestry Research Institute,. 1962.. 13 S.

An investigation on the repeatability of oblique impact tests on protective helmets for motorcycle riders
Ljung, Christer ; Blom, Kaj-Åke
Bor¯s. Statens provningsanstalt,. 1981. 26 bl..

¬An¬ investigation on the responsiveness of multispecialty group practice physicians to change initiated by patient advisory boards, patient surveys and patient complaint committees and the moderating effects of organizational, physician behavioral and attitudinal variables on physician responsiveness
Gribbins, Ronald Eugene
[S.l.]. 1975. 292 S..

An investigation on the sensitivity to heavy metals of the Tiger shrimp Penaeus monodon, a commercially important tropical shrimp: a laboratory and field study in the upper Gulf of Thailand
Karlson, Karin
Göteborg, . 1994. 29 bl..

¬An¬ investigation on the short wavelength orbit improvement and sea surface computations from local satellite tracking and satellite altimetry
Delikaraoglou, Demitris
1 Aufl.. Fredericton. Univ.. 1980. XIII, 121 S.. Technical report / Department of Surveying Engineering, University of New Brunswick ; 74.

An investigation on the structure, property relationships of solid state welding processes in a titanium matrix composite alloy (Ti6Al4V + 10 wt.% of TiC)
Silva, Antonio Augusto Monaco da
Als Ms. vervielfältigt. Geesthacht. GKSS-Forschungszentrum. 2006. VIII, 165 S.. GKSS ; 2006,12.

An investigation on the theory of absorption of hydrogen chloride
Freedman, Leo H.
1922.. 75 leaves.

An investigation on the use of a fusion method for thick source alpha counter determinations of the radiogenic heat of granites / Antonio S. Neves.
Neves, Antonio S.
1953.. 43 leaves.

An investigation on the variation of load factor on electric systems of public utility companies in New England
Kimball, P. B.
1921.. iv, 26 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation on wave functions of sd-shell nuclei
Timmer, George A.
1976. 96 S..

An investigation relating to the selection of destroyer bow plating
Parker, Thomas C. ; Crader, Clifford L.
1959.. ix, 86 leaves.

An investigation to an enabling role of knowledge management between learning organization and organizational learning
Lu, Juin-Cherng ; Tsai, Chia-Wen

¬An¬ investigation to determine differentiating characteristics of sixth grade mathematics students studying in large group, small group, and independent study instructional strategies
Mouton, Jacqueline
1975. X, 144 Bl..

¬An¬ investigation to determine differentiating characteristics of teachers in three distinct sixth grade mathematics instructional strategies
Roche, Joseph Clifton
1974. X, 121 Bl..