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¬An¬ investigation of self-reflection (reasons for action): the correctness and the consistency of self-conception
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¬An¬ investigation of sex bias in the evaluation of psychotherapists: an analogue study
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¬An¬ investigation of sex-role stereotyping in music videos
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An investigation of shallow water mode coupling effects during single mode transmission
c1994.. 58 p..

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Lule¯, . 1998.

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1978. VII, 116 P..

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Thomas, C E

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ISBN 0-643-03670-9

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[Washington]. Dept. of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Research and Development, Office of Vechile Systems Research ;. 1977.. i, 14, A-53 p..

¬An¬ investigation of some rheological properties of sodium Carboxymethulcellulose by the falling sphere method
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Philadelphia/Pa.. 1955. 1 Microfilm.

An investigation of some systems for which the Popov criterion fails to guarantee absolute stability in the Hurwitz sector: research project
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¬An¬ investigation of space and form in the architecture of F. L. Wright
MacCormac, Richard Cornelius

An investigation of space suit mobility with applications to EVA operations
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c2001.. 254 p..

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<<An>> investigation of statistical quality control applications in a job lot grinding process
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1971.. 132 leaves.

An investigation of stress due to secondary bending in a structural member
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An investigation of stresses set up in wooden slipways and forces which cause them
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1943.. 31 leaves.

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An investigation of structural determinants that affect the efficiency of Antisense RNA Control
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Uppsala. University. 1995. 49 S.. Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science and Technology ; 95.
ISBN 91-554-3452-5

An investigation of structure and properties in a model set of diblock copolymer-homopolymer blends
Bates, Frank Steven.
c1982.. 298 leaves.

An investigation of structure-property relationships in bismaleimide resin systems
Donnellan, Thomas Michael.
The Office,. [2000]. 15 p. ;.

¬An¬ Investigation of student study lighting
Kraehenbuehl, John Otto

<<An>> Investigation of subunit structrure and function of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase from selected drug-resistant strains and temperature-sensitive strains of Escherichia coli
Lim, D.V.
College Station - Tex. . 1973. 8 Microfiches..

An investigation of successful long term R & D groups
Culbert, William Joseph.
c1986.. 182 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of suicide among male alcoholics
Bliss, Barbara D.
Ann Arbor, Mich.. University Microfilms International. 1988. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

¬An¬ investigation of summer mathematics achievement loss and the related fall recovery time
Grenier, Marie Anne Cecile
1975. XI, 240 Bl..

An investigation of surface and internal wave-induced turbulence in shallow water thermal microstructure
Powell, James Wesley
Monterey, Calif.. Naval Postgraduate School,. 1974. 87 leaves.

An investigation of surface charge characteristics in wastewater treatment processes at th Rya WWTP
Modin, Oskar ; Srinivasan, S. Bharath
Göteborg. Chalmers tekniska högsk.,. 2004. xii, 121 s..

An investigation of surge in a high-speed centrifugal compressor using digital PIV
Wernet, Mark P. ; Bright, Michelle M. ; Skoch, Gary J.
Cleveland, Ohio. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Glenn Research Center ;. [2002]. 1 v..

<<An>> investigation of symbol coding for weather data transmission
Hershberg, Philip I.
Bedford - Mass. . U.S. Air Force; Air Force Research Division. 1960. 34 S..

Guilford, Joy P.

<<An>> Investigation of symmetric radix for computer arithmetic
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An investigation of symptoms of depression and alcohol use among adolescents: relationships over time, by gender, and across contexts
Botticello, Amanda Lee,
2005.. xiv, 315 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of syntactic transfer in adult second
Gass, Susan Mary
Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1979.

An investigation of syntactic transfer in adult second language acquisition
Gass, Susan Mary.
Ann Arbor, Mich.. Univ. Microfilms International,. 1979.. 146 S..

¬An¬ investigation of tandem row high head pump inducers Interim Report (Phase I)
Contractor, D. N. ; Etter, Robert J.
Huntsville. 1969. 68 S., 45 Abb., 4 Tabellen. NASA Technical Report ; 703-4.

¬An¬ investigation of Tasmanian freight equalisation scheme assistance rates
Canberra. Australian Gov. Publ. Service. 1986. VII, 65 S.. Parliamentary paper.
ISBN 0-644-04741-0

An investigation of techniques for removal of cyanide from electroplating wastes
Reed, A. K.
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¬An¬ investigation of temporary trading suspensions on the New York stock exchange
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¬An¬ investigation of tenth-grade students' writing
Peck, Michaeleen P.
Washington, D.C.. Univ. Press of America. 1982. X, 155 S. : Ill..
ISBN 0-8191-2562-8

An investigation of that false, fabulous and blasphemous misrepresentation of truth, set forth by Thomas Paine, in his two volumes, entitled The age of reason,: dedicated to the protection of the United States of America.
Nelson, D.
[Lancaster, Pa.. Printed by W. & R. Dickson,. 1800]. 192 p. ;.

An investigation of that false, fabulous, and blasphemous misrepresentation of truth, set forth by Thomas Paine in his two volumes entitled the Age of reason, dedicated to the protection of the United States of American
Nelson, D. ; Force, Peter,
[Lancaster, Pa.?. W. & R. Dickson?,. 1800?]. 192 p. ;.

¬An¬ investigation of the ability of fourth grade children to solve word problems using hand-held calculators
Langbort, Carol R.
1982. VI, 225 S. : Ill..

An investigation of the absorption and scattering by steel of x-rays in the region 1 to 2 million volts
Hornbeck, John A.
1946.. 81, [3] leaves.

An investigation of the absorption in soda ash solutions of carbon dioxide from flue gases
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1920.. 28, [4] leaves.

An investigation of the absorption in tantalum of CO6 \030Agamma rays
Rudnick, Norman.
[1952]. 41 leaves.