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1969.. 65 leaves.

An investigation of possible forms and probable consequences of a time dependent cosmological "constant"
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c2000.. 37 leaves.

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An investigation of possible sites for a background monitoring station in the European Arctic
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An investigation of pseudorandom scanning in picture transmission
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Timmermans, Cornelis J.
1984. 155 S. : graph. Darst..

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Dean, James W.
1983. II, 138 Bl..

¬An¬investigation of quality-management practices in medium to large size companies
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Ann Arbor/Mich.. Univ. Microfilms Internat.. 1988. 257 S..

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[Sacramento?]. The Unit,. [1985]. 18 p. ;.

An investigation of radar returns and their relationship to severe weather occurences
Balsterholt, Werner Helmut.
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Air Force Inst. of Technology,. 1978.. 99 S..

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Richards, Cecilia Dianne
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<<An>> investigation of radiant heat transfer in absorbing, emitting and scattering media
Love, Tom Jay
Lafayette - Indiana . 1963. Microfiches, 322 S..

An investigation of random errors in the DS86 dosimetry using data on chromosome aberrations and severe epilation
Sposto, Richard ; Stram, Daniel O. ; Awa, Akio A.
Hiroshima, . 1990. 30 s..

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Odense. 1976. 20S.. Skrifter fra Institut for Historie og Samfundsvidenskab Odense Universitet ; 38.

¬An¬ investigation of reactions involving hydroxyl molecules oxygen and hydrogen
Campbell, Raymond W.

An investigation of reading performance among native Americans in the Arizona supreme court LEARN program
Gamas, Warren Steven
1994. XI, 158 S..

An investigation of real estate investment decision-making practices
Seiler, Michael J. ; Seiler, Vicky

An investigation of real estate investment syndicates.
Gilman, Mark Philip.
1973.. 85 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of recent graduates of doctoral programs im mathematics education
Glasgow, Robert
2000. XIV, 158 S. : graph. Darst..

An investigation of recent low rates of growth in the united states
Mei, Alexis
Berkeley: . University of California (. 1976). 61 leaves.

An investigation of recent trends in medium and long term tax-exempt hospital bond financing
O'Brien, Geneen
Berkeley: . University of California (. 1983). 56 leaves.

An investigation of reflector-type sound concentrators
Coile, Russell Cleven.
1939.. 185 leaves.

An investigation of reimbursement of hospital charges by public ward patients in a non-profit short-term general hospital
Philip, James Raymond Maclean.
[1958]. viii, 87 leaves.

¬An¬ Investigation of reinforced concrete L-shaped sections subjected to pure torsion
Anastassiadou, Maria G.
1971. MF..

¬An¬ Investigation of reinforced concrete L-shaped section subjected to pure torsion
Anastassiadou, Maria G.
1972. MF..

An investigation of relationship between total non-methane organic carbon and the sum of speciated hydrocarbons and carbonyls measured by standard GC/FID: validation and refinement of a new instrument, and measurements in the South Coast Air Basin
Paulson, Suzanne.
Sacramento. California Air Resources Board,. 2002.. xiii, 129 p..

¬An¬ investigation of relationships among organization context, structure and internal network properties
Shrader, Charles Bradley
[Mikrofiche-Ausg.]. 1985. XII, 214 S..

¬An¬ investigation of relationships between certain physiological-psychological capacities and motor abilities of high school girl athletes and nonathletes in selected schools
Barnes, Mildred Jane
Boston, Massachusetts. 1961. 210 p..

<<An>> Investigation of Relationships between MESO and Synoptic Scale Phenomena
Scoggins, James R.
Washington . NASA. 1972. 1 Band.

¬An¬ investigation of relative overall position satisfaction and need gratification among franchised businessmen
Walker, Bruce James
[S.l.]. 1971. [269 S.].

¬An¬ investigation of religious discourse, Christian and non-Christian
Smart, Ninian
[Reprint der Ausg. London] 1958. [London]. Routledge. [2000]. 211 S.. Philosophy of religion and general philosophy ; 7.
ISBN 0-415-22564-7

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An investigation of repeated stress in locomotive driving springs
King, Frederick J. ; Rountree, Walter J.
1909.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of replacing congested urban arterial-to-arterial at-grade intersections with interchanges
Raza, Syed Shariq. ; Button, Joe W.
College Station, Tex.. Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University ;. 1992]. 220 p. in various pagings ;.

¬An¬ investigation of reputation syndromes associated with peer rejection in childhood
Rich, Christopher K.
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