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ISBN 0-936249-13-7 pbk. : $25.00

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An investigation of ... Isaac Newton&apos;s Binomial Theorem in the case of the reciprocals of the roots of a binomial quantity
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¬An¬ investigation of J. Arthur Baird's program of audience criticism: The analysis of audience as a critical approach to the synoptic saying of Jesus
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An investigation of key processes affecting trophic interactions in the North Sea fish assemblage and their significance for multi species fisheries assessment
Flöter, Jens

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c1979.. 102 leaves.

An investigation of line-staff relationships in the implementation of financial planning models.
Hovell, Clement Ronald.
1977.. 101 leaves ;.

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An investigation of long range dependence in intra-day foreign exchange rate volatility
Henry, Mark S. ; Payne, Richard G.
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An investigation of low flow regulations concerning the operation of low head hydroelectric installations in Massachusetts
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c1981.. 124 leaves.

An investigation of low temperature transient liquid phase bonding of silver, gold, and copper
Roman, John W.
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¬An¬ investigation of Malone's claim to the character of scholar, or critic: being an examination of his inquiry into the authenticityy of the Shakespeare manuscripts
Ireland, Samuel
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An investigation of mammalian tolerance to organophosphates: the effect of parathion chronically fed to rats.
Kurtz, Peter Harvey.
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¬An¬ investigation of management science use as a change process and implications for implementation
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Mackoy, Rebecca J.
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An investigation of marketing decision-making strategies: the experience of New Zealand companies
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An investigation of mathematical programming and heuristic methods for aggregate production planning
Fuller, Jack A.
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Hooper, Frank H. ; Sipple, Thomas S.,
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Anne & Patrick Poirier: découvertes et rapports sur les diverses campagnes de fouilles entreprises durant les années 1988 - 1989 - 1990 - 1991
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An investigation of methods for determining depth from focus
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ISBN 0-315-64015-4

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An investigation of methods of controlling costs for D'Orlando and Company, Ltd.
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An investigation of methods of measurement of the oiliness factor in lubrication
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An investigation of methods of punching ship plates on two types of punches, to determine their relative merits and to ascertain such improvements as can be made in them
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An investigation of modal choice for dual mode transit, people mover and personal rapid transit systems
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An investigation of models of concurrent programs
O'Hallaron, David R.