¬An¬ investigation of changes in direct labor requirements resulting from changes in airframe production rate
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¬An¬ investigation of changes in perceived brightness and clearness of constant retinal images as a function of registered distance
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An investigation of Chebacco and adjacent lakes as a possible water supply for Essex and Gloucester, Massachusetts
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An investigation of child abuse/neglect instruction offerec in early childhood and elementary education preservice programs
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¬An¬ investigation of children's abilities to reason with principles of class reasoning and their isomorphs in conditional reasoning
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An investigation of children's hand movements during preschoor screening as indicators of potential learning problems
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<<An>> Investigation of chymotrypsin A(Sd (Binhibition with peptide aldehydes and related analogs
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An investigation of class-room based provision for the 'most able' in the primary school with regard to language development
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¬An¬ investigation of client attraction to therapists based on the Byrne model
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1979. VII, 65 P..

An investigation of closed-circuit television for teaching university courses
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An investigation of cluster analysis techniques as a means of structuring specifications in the design of complex systems
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¬An¬ investigation of competitive and cooperative behavior in female athletes and nonathletes
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An investigation of compressibility and compactibility on a single punch tableting machine
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An investigation of concentrated parenteral fat emulsion bases and their preparation
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An investigation of constraint-based component-modeling for knowledge representation in computer-aided conceptual design
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An investigation of consumer attitudes and behavior in the purchase of American compact cars by college students and their parents
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An investigation of consumer attitudes toward light bulbs
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An investigation of consumer preferences in gelatine desserts in the Boston trading area
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¬An¬ investigation of corona losses and of radio interference in a coaxial cylindrical geometry
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Toronto. 1966. 87 Bl..

An investigation of Corpora lutea, embryonic development and time of birth of roe deer [Capreolus capreolus] in Denmark
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An investigation of correlation between pilot scanning behavior and workload using stepwise regression analysis
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¬An¬ investigation of cost and productivity for object oriented development
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1961.. 80 leaves.

An investigation of criteria used in rating commercial paper and the use of ratings by investors
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c1978. 139 leaves : graphs ;.

An investigation of critical opalescence with possible applications for high energy particle detection
Rogers, Arthur Harold, ; Rogers, Charles Williams.
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An investigation of croning process application for the precision investment casting of hollow turbine blades
Geiss, Robert C.
1950.. ii, 15 leaves.

An Investigation of cropping rail by wet and dry abrasive wheel methods
Chicago, Ill.. Association of American Railroads Research Center,. [1964]. 12 leaves.

An investigation of current language support for the data requirements of structured programming
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An investigation of current practices with contractual arrangements and copyright clearing services
Clark, Charles
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1903.. 1 v. in various pagings.

<<An>> investigation of curricula, materials and methodology for training operators of wastewater treatment plants
Brown, James C.
Raleigh - N.C. . 1972. 114 S..

An investigation of customer loyalty in the photographic color paper market.
Sergo, Hans Tomas.
1979. 63 leaves.

An investigation of dance movement therapy as a therapeutic modality for autistic children: a case study approach
Warnick, Allison Sharlett.
XIII, 254 S..

¬An¬ investigation of design and operating decisions for continuous casting in the steel industry
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An investigation of design criteria of modular endoskeletal lower limb prostheses
Veen, Paul Gerard van de
Twente. 1989. ca. 150 S..
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Babcock, Howard W. ; Davis, J. Warren
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An investigation of devices to increase the maximum lift coefficient of a low aspect ratio swept wing
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1955.. ii, 11, [14] leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of diagnostic relations between stratiform fractional cloud cover and other meteorological parameters in numerical weather prediction models
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¬An¬ investigation of diesel powered vehicle odor and smoke
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¬An¬ investigation of differences by race and security classification on responses to the impact questionnaire following a period of incarceration among population of institutionalized male delinquents
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An investigation of different techniques for unsteady pressure measurements in compressible flow and comparsion with lifting surface theory,
Destuynder, R. ; Tijdeman, H.
[Neuilly-sur-Seine, France] . North Atlantic Treaty Organization,. [1974]. 1v.(various pagings).

¬An¬ Investigation of diffusion controlled and martensic phase transformations in near equiatomic TiNi alloys
Beyer, Jenoe

¬An¬ investigation of diffusion controlled and martensitic phase transformation in near equiatomic TiNi alloys
Beyer, Jenö
1982. 108 S. : Ill., graph. Darst..

An Investigation of diffusion controlled and martensitic phase transformations in near equiatomic TiNi alloys
Beyer, J.
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An investigation of direct conversion of plasma energy to electricity
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1958.. 25 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising in terms of the knowledge gap hypothesis
Butler, Nadine C.
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1957.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of dispersion phenomena in laminar flow through porous media
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An investigation of distinctive qualitative reactions for a few important organic compounds
Chandler, Edna M.
1899.. 67 leaves.

An investigation of double point ignition as applied to a gasoline automobile motor
Seeley, Nathaniel S.
1911. 20, [15] leaves.

An investigation of doubly integrated point reciprocity for a turbulent channel.
Drobak, John Nicholas.
1970.. 32 leaves.

An investigation of drag as a cause of mach number drop in a transonic blowdown wind tunnel
Backer, Stanley H.
1955.. ix, 30 leaves.

An investigation of durable coating systems for maintenance painting of the Skyway structural steel bridges
Fujii, R. Y.
[Downsview, Ont.?]. Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Engineering Materials Office,. [1980]. 19, [22] leaves.

An investigation of dural tubing in combined bending, torsion, and compression
Pearson, Daniel C. ; Spaulding, Morril B.
[1936]. 58 leaves.

An investigation of ecological factors affecting tetraploid speciation in snow buttercups (Ranunculus adoneus) (Ranunculaceae)
Baack, Eric Jon.
2003.. 145 leaves.

An investigation of economic equipment replacement in fleets of trucks.
Mason, Frank Henry, III.
1965.. vi, 95 leaves.

An investigation of education finance reform: graduate taxes and income contingent loans in the Netherlands
Jacobs, Bas
The Hague. CPB. 2002. 80 S.. CPB discussion paper ; 9.
ISBN 90-5833-104-0

An investigation of education options for youth-at-risk, ages 9 to 15: demographics, legislation, and model programs
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Washington, D.C. (1522 K St., N.W., Suite 300, Washington). National Commission for Employment Policy,. [1988]. vi leaves, 108 p..

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An investigation of effects of biaxial stress in woven structures
Grosser, Edward Morton.
1954.. 29 leaves.

An investigation of efficient mixes of personnel policies to maintain a force of military physicians
Kolbe, A. Lawrence.
c1979.. 355 leaves.

An investigation of efficient receiver structures for CDMA communication
Lee, Junehee.
c1995.. 59 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of eighth grade pupils' understanding of quantitative concepts from United States history textbooks
Bush, Harold L.
1976. V, 138, 12 Bl..

¬An¬ investigation of elaboration and selective scanning as mediators of learning from the web versus print
Eveland, William P. ; Dunwoody, Sharon

¬An¬ Investigation of elastic proton scattering on 26 Mg and 30 Si
Walinga, Jacob
Zaltbommel. Van de Garde. 1967. 39 S. ; 8-o.

An investigation of elastic proton scattering on p2\U+25a1\\U+25a1\6(BMg and p3\U+25a1\\U+25a1\0(BSi
Walinga, Jacob.
1967.. 39 p..

An investigation of electric force densities by photoelastic stress analysis
Ballato, Arthur Donald.
1958.. iii, 20 leaves.

An investigation of electrode degradation mechanisms to improve the electrode usage when spot welding thick galvanized steel sheets
Rutqvist, Anders
Göteborg. Chalmers tekniska högskola,. 2005. 51 bl..

An investigation of electron-electron and positron-electron scattering
Uhlig, Ronald Paul,
[1961]. 44 leaves.

An investigation of electroplating barium with a view to making a barium oxide coating for filaments
Jones, Edward Oliver.
1928.. 83 leaves.

An investigation of elementary reactions involving hydrogen atoms.
Borkowski, Raymond P.
Washington, . Catholic University of America Press,. 1961.. vi, 82 p..

¬An¬ investigation of elementary school grade levels appropriate for teaching the metric system
Bargmann, Theodore J.
1973. VIII, 195 Bl..

¬An¬ investigation of elementary school staff relationships as predictors of sixth grade reading, English, and arithmetic achievement
Herring, Lewis Homer
1974. XX, 329 Bl..

<<An>> Investigation of embeddings of cellular spaces for cellular automata
Ford, G.A.
College Park - Md. . 1977. 2 Microfiches..

An investigation of emerging trends in manufacturing firms in greater Western Sydney
Fulop, Liz
Sydney, NSW. 1995. VII, 40 S.. Working paper : Faculty of Commerce, University of Western Sydney Nepean ; 90.
ISBN 1-86341-247-6

¬An¬ investigation of employee attitudes toward a concept of employee responsibility
Loveland, John Patrick
[S.l.]. 1971. [211 S.].

An investigation of energy band structure and electronic properties of lead sulfide and lead selenide
Rabii, Sohrab.
Cambridge, Mass.. Dept. of Electrical Engineering,. [1966]. 119 p..

An investigation of energy relations at the surface of activated silica gel ...
Almy, Ernest Grinnell,
[1932]. 3 p. l., 31 p..

An investigation of entrepreneurial characteristics based on the Myers-Briggs type indicator
Cuming, John W.
c1984.. 95 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of erotic self-stimulation: the relationship between masturbation activities, personality style, parental identification and object relations variables in adult males
Martin, Charles E.
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An investigation of error characteristics and coding performance: annual report January 1993 - August 30, 1993
Ebel, William J. ; Ingels, Franklin M.
[Washington, DC. National Aeronautics and Space Administration ;. 1993]. 1 v..

An investigation of error characteristics and coding performance: semi-annual report 1, July 1, 1992 - Dec 30, 1992
Ebel, William J.
[Washington, DC. National Aeronautics and Space Administration ;. 1992]. 1 v..

An investigation of error correcting techniques for OMV data: NASA grant NAG8-104 final report
Ingels, Franklin M. ; Fryer, John.
[Washington, DC. National Aeronautics and Space Administration ;. 1992]. 1 v..

An investigation of errors in the operation of the Carwen Olsen type of balancing machine
Bourn, Alger S.
1932.. 43, [6] leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of examiner bias, teacher referral reports, and socioeconomic status with the WISC-R
Sneed, Glenn A.
[S.l.]. 1975. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

¬An¬ investigation of excitation emission from negative ions travelling at extreme supercritical velocities
Ellis, T.
London. 1980. S. 581 - 595 : graph. Darst.. ¬The¬ breakdown of superfluidity in liquid 4 He ; 2.

¬An¬ investigation of expectant parents' emotional stability, perception of locus of control, and parental role identification
VanHouse, Carole L.
[S.l.]. 1976. 2 Mikrofiches.

<<An>> Investigation of experimental and natural high-pressure assemblages from the Sesia Zone, Western Alps, Italy
Koons, Peter O.
Zürich . 1982. XIV, 260 p..

¬An¬ investigation of experimenter bias in the performance of children at a simple motor task under conditions of social reinforcement and nonreinforcement
Dusek, Jerome B.
[S.l.]. 1969. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

¬An¬ Investigation of explosian-proof motors
Clark, H. H.
Washington. Gov. Pr. Off.. 1912. 43 S.. Bulletin of the Bureaus of Mines ; 46.

¬An¬ investigation of eye accessing cues
Radosta, Robert
1982. XII, 116 S..

An investigation of factors affecting the frequency response of feedback amplifiers using operational amplifiers
Biegel, J.
Hørsholm. Elektronikcentralen. 1975. 26 S., [5] Bl.. ECN ; 13.

¬An¬ Investigation of factors affecting the spreading of liquids on nylon surfaces
Severn, Ian D.
London. 1974. MFilm..

An investigation of factors influencing the success of customer-oriented marketing information systems
Wikström, Carl-Erik
Tampere. Department of Computer Science, Univ.. 1994. 118 Bl.. Series of publications : A ; 1994-8.
ISBN 951-44-3662-8

An investigation of factors relating to the air-shipment of live lobsters
Skelskie, Stanley I.
1946.. v, 54, [8] leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of faculty and departmental chairs' levels of knowledge concerning faculty academic freedom litigation in private colleges and universities
Zito, Ann M.
1993. VIII, 157 S..

¬An¬ investigation of family interaction patterns: similarities and differences among families with adolescents designated normal, emotionally disturbed or drug abusing
Silberberg, Carol G.
[S.l.]. 1976. 3 Mikrofiches.

<<An>> investigation of fast neutron radiation damage in an austenitic stainless steel
Bloom, Everett E.
Oak Ridge - Tenn. . Oak Ridge National Lab.. 1970. 3 Microfiches, 175 S..

An investigation of fatigue crack propagation under variable stress
Ryan, Francis J.
[1954]. 28 leaves.

An investigation of features used in automated handwriter recognition.
Myers, Gregory Kent.
1973.. 78 leaves.

An investigation of federal purchasing procedure
Heist, John Cameron. ; Hixon, David Littlefield.
1941.. v, 68 leaves ;.

An investigation of feelings and experiences which college students report interfere with mathematics performance.
Merzbacher, Claude Fell.
1961.. 264 leaves.

An investigation of F.H.A. Title II, Section 221 relocation housing, and its attraction to private enterprise
Nutt, Gordon Stanley.
[1960]. 59, viii leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of film selection criteria used by large public libraries in the southeast
Henderson, Bobby Ray
1977. 164 S..

An investigation of firm-level R&D capabilities in East Asia
Jefferson, Gary H. ; Kaifeng, Zhong
Ann Arbor, Mich.. William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan,. 2003. 26 s..

¬An¬ investigation of fission models for high-energy radiation transport ca lculations
Armstrong, Toni W.
Jülich. Zentralbibliothek d. Kernforschungsanlage. 1983. 71 S. : graph. Darst.. Berichte der Kernforschungsanlage Jülich / Kernforschungsanlage <Jülich> ; 1859.

An investigation of flame spread over shallow liquid pools in microgravity and nonair environments
Ross, Howard D. ; Sotos, Raymond G.
[Washington, D.C.]. NASA ;. 1990?]. 17 p..

An investigation of force and energy requirements for deep slot cutting in oil shale
Hill, Wayne Steven.
1979.. 49 leaves.