An investigation into the variability among financing packages for leisure-time projects
Evoy, Howard Durling.
1981.. 142 leaves.

An investigation into the viability of a common assembly line for future SAAB automobiles from the existing "Epsilon" and the coming "Premium" platform
Pochettino, Giorgio
Göteborg. Chalmers tekniska högsk.,. 2002. vii, 145 s..

An investigation into the wear and friction characteristics of ship propeller shaft and seal material combinations
Cornell, Robert L. ; Lucas, Robert S. ; Young, Harold L.
1960.. vi, 75 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation into the "young Marx" controversy
LeoGrande, William M.

An investigation into UA-value of a brazed plate heat exchanger evaporator at zero and low superheats
Witharana, Sanjeeva,
Stockholm, . 2003. 6 bl..

¬An¬ investigation into visualisation problems in radioisotope scanning
Vauramo, Erkki
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¬An¬ Investigation into visualisation problems in radiosotope scanning
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¬An¬ investigation into x-ray absorption spectra
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An investigation of 40-50 day large scale divergent circulations in the tropical troposphere
Selkirk, Henry Box.
c1986.. 281 leaves.

An Investigation of: 1. The reasoning methods and reasoning ability in normal and mentally retarded girls
Capobianco, Rudolph J. ; Johnson, G. Orville
[Syracuse, N. Y.. Syracuse University Research Institute, Office of Research in Special Education and Rehabilitation],. 1958.. v, 42 l..

An investigation of a basic differentiating circuit
Voelcker, Herbert B.
[1954]. 79, [1] leaves.

An investigation of abuse and abuse potential at the state's mental retardation centers
Triplett, Linda D. ; Ratcliff, Angela.
[Jackson, Miss.] (P.O. Box 1204, Jackson 39205). PEER Committee,. [1982]. xxii, 147 p..

An investigation of a case of intense local corrosion arising from hot wall action, as met with in the sulphate cellulose industry.
Benedicks, Carl,
Stockholm, . 1927. 62s.,14 pl.-bl..

An investigation of ACCI's user choice proposals
Ferrier, Fran ; Selby-Smith, Christopher
[Elektronische Ressource]. 2003. Online-Ressource, 25 p., text. Working paper ; 47.

An investigation of AC electrical polarization, photoconductvity and optical charge transfer in semi-insulating GaAs.
Shah, Jagdeep Chandravadan.
1967.. 208 leaves.

An investigation of a cholera outbreak at the Umvoti Mission Reserve, Natal: a non-water borne epidemic?
Sitas, Freddy
Cape Town. 1984. 24 S.. Conference papers : Second Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty and Development in Southern Africa ; 151.
ISBN 0-7992-0623-7

An Investigation of a cluster of neural tube defects in Cameron County, Texas
[Austin, Tex.]. Texas Dept. of Health,. 1992.. [131] leaves.

<<An>> Investigation of actin polymerization using the fluorescent probe 7-chloro-4-nitrobenzo-2-oxa-1,3-diazole(NBD-C1)
Detmers, P.A.
Philadelphia - Pa. . 1979. 2 Microfiches..

¬An¬ investigation of a disc type pump
Smith, Frederick James
1960. [ca. 50 Bl.].

An investigation of a DSSS software radio receiver
From, Markus ; Karlsson, Mattias
Lule¯, . 2001.

An investigation of aerodynamic induced vibration on hard disk drive load beam
Wu, Angela.
1997.. 1 v. (various foliations).

¬An¬ investigation of affective responses to emotional advertising appeals
Machleit, Karen A.
1986. VIII, 170 S. : graph. Darst..

An investigation of a fluid jet theory model of diesel fuel spray penetration using the rapid compression machine of M.I.T.,
Hules, Kenneth Robert.
1971.. 101 leaves.

An investigation of a fluid jet theory model of diesel fuel spray penetration using the rapid compression machine of M.I.T.
Jakuba, Stanislav.
1970.. 84 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of a general normality or control factor in personality testing
Meehl, Paul E.
Washington, D.C.. American Psycholog. Ass.. 1945. VI, 62 S.. Psychological monographs ; 274 = vol. 59.

¬An¬ investigation of age-related changes in drivers' visual search patterns and driving performance and the relation to tests of basic functional capacities
Rackoff, Nick J.
Ann Arbor. UMI. 1975. XII, 260 Bl..

<<An>> investigation of a host dependent abortive bacteriophage infection of Caulobacter vibrioides
Jollick, Joseph Darryl
Morgantown - W. Va. . 1969. Microfiches, 140 S..

An investigation of a hydraulic drive system for automobiles
Sullivan, John L.
1956.. 33 leaves.

An investigation of a hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell using an ion exchange membrane
Harris, Grady William. ; Dunn, Dorsey C.
1961.. 56 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of a hypothetical medical screening program
Bigelow, J. H. ; Lee, H. V.
Laxenburg. 1975. 34 S. : graph.Darst.. Internationales Institut für Angewandte Systemanalyse <Laxenburg>: Research report. ; 75,42..

An Investigation of airborne GPS/INS for high accuracy position and velocity determination
Sun, Huangquoi.
[Albuquerque, N.M.]. Sandia National Laboratories,. [1993]. 9 p..

<<An>> Investigation of aircraft heaters XVIII: a design manual for exhaust gas and air heat exchangers
Boelter, L.M.K. ; Martinelli, R.C. ; Romie, F.E. ; Morrin, E.H.
Washington . NACA. 1945. 2 Microfiches..

¬An¬ investigation of air-infiltration characteristics and mechanisms for a townhouse
Treado, S. J. ; Burch, D. M. ; Hunt, C. M.
Washington, DC. U.S. Government Printing Office. 1979. V, 31 S.. National Bureau of Standards technical note ; 992.

An investigation of alcohol, personality and violence variables in predicting treatment attendance for wife-battering men
Jarman, Randall W.
1990. VI, 84 S..

An investigation of alloy composition by use of a thermoelectric probe
Edmiston, William A.
[1962]. iv, 25 leaves.

¬An¬ Investigation of alternative common stock equivalency tests
Lish, G. Rex
[Mikroausg.]. Ann Arbor, Mich. [u.a.]. Univ. Microfilms Intern.. 1980. 244 S..

An investigation of aluminum-copper composites prepared by solid state bonding
Williams, Joseph M.
1956.. ix, 121, [1] leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of a method teaching drawing and its effects on the cognitive ability of inner-city third grade children
Reeser, Robert D.
[S.l.]. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

An investigation of a model for form and motion perception from continuously changing stimulation
Marmolin ; Ulfberg
Uppsala . (1972). 3 bd..

An investigation of a more exact analytical solution for the case of a simple cantilever beam with a suddenly applied transverse impact load at its end
Keating, Frank S.
[1954]. 57 leaves.

An investigation of a municipal power plant for Lexington, Virginia
Mann, John H. C.
[1935]. 114 leaves (some folded).

An investigation of an absorption modulation method for ultra-high frequencies
Kornblith, Lester. ; Maeder, Abbott Sherwood.
1938.. 24, [8] leaves.

An investigation of an emergency backup guidance and navigation procedure for the transearth phase of the Apollo Mission
Breck, Alan William. ; Wilson, Charles Lowry.
1963.. xi, 86 leaves.

An investigation of a new light weight floor system
Andresen, Ewald H.
1934.. 25, [11] leaves.

An investigation of a new type of hardness tester
Enyedy, Gabriel John.
1964.. i, 40 leaves.

An investigation of a new type of microphone
Rich, Gerald.
1935.. 40, [3] leaves.

An investigation of an expanding elliptical earth escape trajectory for a low thrust space vehicle
Drews, Sheldon. ; Goldner, Robert Reilly. ; Treiber, Arthur Edgar.
[1961]. vi, 72 leaves.

<<An>> investigation of an experimental technique for determining the trajectory of a water droplet in an airstream
Morton, Albert Oakes
[Ann Arbor] - Mich. . 1952. 3 Microfiches.

An Investigation of an indigenous knowledge system and management practices of tree fodder resources in the middle hills of Central Nepal
Rusten, Eric Philip.
282 S..

An investigation of an instrument for measuring flow of oxygen used in welding and cutting processes
Dodge, C. C.
1937.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of an irradiated fuel pin by measurement of the production of fast neutrons in a thermal column and by pile oscillation technique
Gustavsson, Veine,
Stockholm, . 1968 ; . 18 s., 5 pl.- o. diagrams..

<<An>> investigation of a nitrate reductase inhibitor in the roots of Zea mays
Pan, Yuang-tseng
Amherst - Mass. . 1972. 5 Microfiches.

¬An¬ Investigation of aperatures in dual mode rectangular waveguide for variable polarisation arrays
Lyon, R. W.
1979. 4 MFiches..

An investigation of a pilot-operated pressure relief valve
McKee, Francis Brown.
1954.. 38 leaves.

An investigation of a population of the soft clam [Mya srenaria L.] in a Danish estuary
Kbh . 1973. s. 47-73.

An investigation of a positive displacement hydraulic transmission for a gas turbine powered automobile
Wiener, Kurt H.
[1960]. 43 leaves.

An investigation of a possible design of a wind tunnel sting balance mount
Catanzaro, Joseph John.
1960.. v, 35 leaves.

An investigation of a possible harbor location of an airport for Boston
Cambridge. The Dept.,. 1968.. xii, 66 leaves.

An investigation of a potential method for the humane taking of certain whales and seals used for food
Ridgway, Sam H. ; Flanigan, William F.
Washington, D.C.. The Commission ;. 1981.. iii, 12 p..

An investigation of appliances and methods used for the removal of snow from highways
Whelan, Daniel E.
1921.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of approximate bit-plane encoding of pictorial information
Ellis, James Riley.
1977.. 318 leaves.

An investigation of a pre-cast concrete building unit
Bundy, Thomas F. ; Miner, Reginald B.
1924. 48, [9] leaves.

<<An>> Investigation of a programming language with a polymorphic type structure
McCracken, Nancy Jean
Syracuse - N.Y. . 1979. 2 Microfiches..

An investigation of a proposed probe for measuring plasma conductivity
Foote, Richard Gardner.
1977.. [1], 26 leaves.

An investigation of a quasi-resonant circuit with one parameter varying slowing in relation to input voltage frequency
Marble, Frank G.
[1935]. 59 leaves.

An investigation of a rotating radio beacon,
Smith-Rose, Reginald Leslie. ; Chapman, Sydney Ronald.
London, . H.M. Stationery Off.,. 1928.. vii, 45 p..

¬An¬ investigation of a scoring procedure designed to eliminate score variance due to guessing in multiple-choice tests
Cross, Lawrence H.
1973. XIV, 101 Bl. : graph. Darst..

¬An¬ investigation of a sexual abuse group treatment program for female adolescent victims of sexual abuse
Homstead, Kerry C.
Ann Arbor, Mich.. Univ. Microfilms International. 1986. X, 272 S..

An Investigation of a small high-level language direct execution computer
Abo El Naga, Nagi M.
1979. 3 Fiches..

An investigation of a special circuit for long-distance transmission of electric power
Solovieff, I. I. ; Shah, V. K.
1933.. 155 leaves.

<<An>> Investigation of a supersonic surface jet-hypersonic flow interaction with axial symmetry
Shreeve, R.P.
Seattle - Wash. . 1970. X, 136 p..

An investigation of a symmetrical fault-tolerant computer system,
Skelly, Thomas Francis.
[1972]. 77 p..

¬An¬ investigation of a treatment strategy for effecting interpersonal skill competencies with members of an emotionally disturbed adolescent community
Savin, Howard A.
[S.l.]. 1975. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

¬An¬ investigation of attitudes of teachers toward student problem behavior using behavior modification and consultation groups
Linoff, Marian G.
[S.l.]. 1972. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

¬An¬ investigation of attitudes toward and participation of special education teenagers and their non-retarded peers in Oregon's state parks
Neal, Larry Lee
[Eugene] 1969. [Eugene, Ore.]. [University of Oregon]. [1970]. 7 x 12 cm.

¬An¬ investigation of auditor changes
Jacobs, Fred Alton
[S.l.]. 1973. [159 S.].

¬An¬ investigation of auditor judgment in the evaluation of contingent legal liabilities
Qureshi, Anique A.
Ann Arbor, MI. UMI. 1993. V, 161 S. : graph. Darst..

An investigation of auditor problem-solving behavior in an unfamiliar task situation
Russo, Joseph A.
Ann Arbor, MI. UMI. 1994. XIV, 408 S. : graph. Darst..

¬An¬ investigation of auditors' decision processes in a risk assessment during the planning stage of an audit
Williams, Joanne D.
1987. IX, 214 S..

¬An¬ investigation of auditor's perceptions and decision processes regarding evaluation of material internal accounting control weaknesses
Mayper, Alan G.
[Mikrofilm-Ausg.]. 1981. 230 S..

An investigation of auditory distance
Line, Phillipa.
1987.. 179 p..

An investigation of automatic controls as applied to fermentation processes
Fuld, George J.
1957.. xv, 280 leaves.

An investigation of automobile brakes
Ford, Arthur R. ; Glazebrook, James R.
[1929]. 49, [5] leaves.

An investigation of automobile driver information processing
Senders, J. W. ; Kristofferson, A. B. ; Levison, W.
Cambridge [u.a.]. Bolt, Beranek and Newman. 1966. 156 S.. BBN Report ; 1335.

An investigation of automobile hood flutter
Renneker, Dennis Neil.
1963.. v, 57, [2] leaves.

An investigation of automobile pitch and bounce characteristics
Ris, Bernard Henry.
[1961]. ix, 81 leaves (some folded).

An Investigation of automotive seating discomfort and seat design factors
Reed, Matthew P.
[Ann Arbor, Mich.]. University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute,. [1991]. xiv, 185 p..

An investigation of autonomic function in motion sickness and revulsion.
Parker, David Marshall,
1964.. 92 leaves.

An investigation of a Web-based tool for concept testing and development: a study of the Securities Trading of Concepts (STOC) research method
Hart, Laurie Taylor,
c2001.. 78 leaves.

An investigation of axisymmetric buoyant turbulent diffusion flames
Jeng, S-M. ; Chen, L-D. ; Faeth, G. M.
Washington, D.C.. The Bureau ;. 1981]. xi, 75 p..

An investigation of axisymmetric buoyant turbulent diffusion flames: flow structure and radiation properties
Jeng, S-M. ; Lai, M-C. ; Faeth, G. M.
Washington, DC. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, Center for Fire Research ;. 1984]. xiv, 82 p..

¬An¬ investigation of backflow phenomenon in centrifugal compressors
Benser, William A. ; Moses, Jason J.
Washington. NACA. 1945. 15 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.. United States / National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics: Report ; 806.

An investigation of bed agglomeration, radiation and process temperatures in fluidized bed combustors
Eriksson, Morgan,
Ume¯. Univ.,. 2005 . vi, 9 s..

An investigation of beta for copper and uranium companies
Leisz, Bruce K.
Berkeley: . University of California,. 1978. 172 l..

An investigation of biaxial stress in rubber modified plastics.
Oien, Harley Martin.
1970.. 86 leaves.

<<An>> Investigation of binary recording density limitations in computer applications
Hopner, Emil
Zürich . 1962. 87 f..

An investigation of blowing as a method of increasing the maximum lift of a double-wedge airfoil.
Bacon, John W. [from old catalog]
Pasadena, . 1949.. 86 l. (part fold.).

An investigation of blown inorganic roof bolt anchorage for underground coal mining
Lauenstein, Peter Scott.
c1982.. 81 leaves.

An investigation of body wave magnitude using the new digital seismic research observatories plus conventional catalogue data
Johnston, Janet Catherine.
1979.. 84 leaves.

<<An>> investigation of boiling water in a porous material as a means of separating liquid and vapor in zero gravity
Boyd, Cecil Scott
1965. Microfiches, 60 S..

An investigation of bolt failure on account of a "poor fit"
Zhu, Shiming.
1926.. 21, [2] leaves.

An investigation of bolt stress in gasketed flange joints,
Gurley, Thomas C. ; Roseborough, William D.
1945.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An investigation of bond arbitrage possibilities based on the tax-adjusted yield curve
Poland, Norwood C.
Berkeley. University of California (. 1977). 35 leaves.

<<An>> Investigation of bonding mechanisms at the interface of a prosthetic material: report no.9, summary, 1 October 1977 - 31 December 1978
Hench, L.L.
Springfield - Va. . 1978. 3 Microfiches..

An investigation of Boston Society of Civil Engineer's flood formula, and a study of peak frequency and volume frequency in flood records
Jacobsen, Alf Idar.
[1959]. 72 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of brand choice processes
Wierenga, Berend
Rotterdam. Rotterdam Univ. Press. 1974. XIII, 256 S. : graph. Darst..
ISBN 90-237-1112-2

An investigation of breakdown in a Au-Si diode: research project
Coen, Richard.
1968.. 21 leaves.

An investigation of bridge abutment profiles to obtain resultant at the center of the base
Mack, Russell. ; Homeyer, Chas. W.
1911.. 1 v. in various pagings.

¬An¬ investigation of brittle crack propagation and arrest
Bergkvist, Hans
1974. 4 S..

An investigation of build-up columns under load,
Talbot, A. N. ; Moore, Herbert F.
Urbana. Ill., . The University. [1910]. 64 p..

An investigation of buying and radio listening habits of M.I.T. students to aid in the solicitation of advertising for radio statio WTBS
Dovman, Allan Richard.
1956.. 86, [1] leaves.

An investigation of capital structure alternatives for the savings and loan industry: a report to the United States Federal Home Loan Bank Board
Hadaway, Beverly L.
Washington. Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Office of Policy and Economic Research,. 1983.. 73 p. ;.

An investigation of carbonation and allied processes as applied to low grade cane products
Chen, Huang. ; Hoyt, Lester Francis.
1915.. 1 v. in various pagings.

<<An>> Investigation of caribou range on Southampton Island, Northwest Territories
Parker, G.R.
Ottawa . Information Canada. 1975. 83 p..

An investigation of car wheels
Lang, Currier.
1904.. 71 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of catharsis: overt aggression and heart rate as functions of retaliation and arousal and opportunity for aggression
Honhart, Barbara B.
[S.l.]. 1970. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

An investigation of ceramic-metal bonding between aluminum oxide and nickel-titanium alloys
Waters, David Mitchell.
c1984.. 40 leaves.

An investigation of certain chaetophoralean algae
Tupa, Dianna D.
Lehre. Cramer. 1974. V, 155, [38] S.. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia ; 46.
ISBN 3-7682-5446-1

¬An¬ investigation of certain derivatives of [alpha]-pyrone
Fried, Josef
[S.l.]. 1941. 18 S..

¬An¬ investigation of certain fundamental invariance properties of field theories including gravitational theories with torsion
Baker, William M.
1980. VI, 160 S..

¬An¬ investigation of certain larger fossil foraminifera from Pakistan
Bayliss, D. D.

<<An>> investigation of certain means of sound attenuation at the ear: June 23, 1958 - December 31, 1960; supported by a contract between the Office of Naval Research and Syracuse University; contract: Nonr-669<11>
Zwislocki, Jozef J.
Washington . Office of Naval Research. 1961. 71 Bl..

An investigation of certain needs of students and former students of the Beverly Hills High School.
Lloyd, James Wheeler.
1939.. 3, 74, 12 leaves.

An investigation of certain of the end properties of poly-(phosphonitrilic chloride)
Martin, A. D.
[1961]. 26 leaves.

¬An¬ investigation of certain pathological symptoms occurring on the leaves of sugar cane and their relation to the manurial treatment applied
Toovey, F. W.
1935. 11 S..

¬An¬ investigation of certain personality needs and relational patterns in a group of 70 premaritally pregnant girls
Snyder, John A.
[S.l.]. 1967.

<<An>> investigation of certain tablet formulation factors on in vitro drug release and in vitro drug absorption
Randeri, Kiran Jaswantlal
Ann Arbor - Mich. . University Microfilms. 1965. 133 S..

<<An>> investigation of changes in basic protein by means of gel electrophoresis in the testes and salivary glands of Rhynchosciara during larval development
Harris, Rudolph
Washington - D.C. . 1973. 3 Microfiches.