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An investigation and simulations of the cellular resistance mechanisms to the chemotherapeutic drug cisplatin
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¬An¬ investigation by children of the inappropriate incarceration of children: report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. 96th Congress 2nd Session, October 1980
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An investigation by D. Kenneth Laub of the staff of the Detroit evening news, November 24, 1914, of Ford profit-sharing at the close of the first year, to which is added editorial comment,: the observations of clergymen and police officials ...
Laub, D. Kenneth. [from old catalog]
[Detroit, . 1914?]. 27 p..

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[St. Paul, Minn.]. Minnesota Dept. of Public Service,. [1997]. ii, 14, [17] leaves.

An investigation by the Ombudsman into a complaint received from Mrs. Vera Reid of Pemberton, British Columbia
Victoria, B.C., . 1982. 64 s..

An investigation by the Ombudsman into the complaint of Mr. J.D. Hamilton, director of Forward Sawmills Ltd., against the Workers' Compensation Board and the Ministry of Attorney General.
Hamilton, J. D.
Victoria, B.C.. Legislative Assembly, Province of British Columbia, Ombudsman,. c1985.. 109 p..

¬An¬ Investigation Comparing Franchised and Nonfranchised Firms
Best, Roger Wylie
1968. 202 S. : graph. Darst..

¬An¬ investigation comparing the effectiveness of biofeedback and group counseling in reducing test anxiety
Grouling, Thomas E.
[S.l.]. 1976. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

An investigation concerning the impact of an experimental counseling condition on the grade point averages and retention rate of three racial and ethnic groups in a two year community college
Smith, Velma Maurice Prince,
1973, c1974.. vi, 115 leaves..

<<An>> investigation concerning the validity of thin substrate film techniques for the histochemical detection of ribonuclease activity: negative radioautographic localization of ribonucleodepolymerase activities by the use of carbon-14 labeled RNA, tritium labeled RNA and tritium labeled synthetic polyribonucleotides incorporated into thin substrate films
Woolfrey, Bertram F.
Minneapolis . Univ. of Minnesota. 1971. 4 Microfiches (205 S.).

An investigation conducted on a three-port two-cycle Mietz and Weiss kerosene engine and the designing of an automatic valve for the intake of the air required to determine by its use the possibility of improving its economy
Jewett, Theodore C. ; MacRae, Nelson.
1916. 42, [5] leaves.

An investigation for a grade separation at the intersection of Northern Artery and the Prison Point Bridge
Carpenter, Charles J.
[1954]. 28 leaves, [16] leaves of plates.

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Kornerup, Tore
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¬An¬ investigation in the CIP-System, a mobile molecular model, and computer implementations: Investigation and implementation of the rules of Cahn, Ingold, and Prelog for the specification of molecular configuration and of a mobile molecular model on the computer screen
Custer, Roland H.
Zürich. 1985. 121 S. : graph. Darst.. Dissertation. ETH Zürich ; 7847.

An investigation in the theory of voluntary provision of public goods and income tax evasion under the hypothesis of ethical behaviour on the part of economic agents
Bordignon, Massimo.
1989.. 4 microfiches..

¬An¬ investigation into: 1. Household use of energy. 2. Energy audits in selected industries
Port Louis, Mauritius. Gov. Print.. 1986. 49 S. : graph. Darst.. Energy Sector report.

An investigation into adequate data for estimating annual earnings time series models
Guerard, John Baynard

¬An¬Investigation into advanced techniques for automotive multiplexed wiring systems
Parish, David J.
1983. Mikrofilm..

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An investigation into a method for identification of rape seed oil by hydrogenation
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1921.. 1 v. in various pagings.

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Garston, UK. BRE/SERC Collaboration at BRE. 1988-.

An investigation into an automatic control system for aircraft with nonlinear characteristics.
Alers, Ian Engelbert.
1977.. 65 leaves.

An investigation into a potential relationship between the rise in lanthanide usage and the increased prevalence of childhood asthma
Puri, Charu.
c1997.. 82 leaves.

An investigation into applicati= Katalyse
Ahmad, Irtishad. ; Najafi, Fazil T.
Berlin. FIZ Chemie. 1986.

An investigation into application and bonding strengths of thermoplastic pavement markings on concrete and asphaltic roadway surfaces
Ahmad, Irtishad. ; Najafi, Fazil T.
[Tallahassee, Fla.]. State Materials Office, Florida Department of Transportation,. [2001]. v, 40, [110] p..

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Als Ms. gedr.. London. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 1967. 8 S., 5 Bl. : Ill.. Current papers / Aeronautical Research Council ; 969.

¬An¬ investigation into a yeast-like fungus: Isolated from patients suffering from, or suspected of, pulmonary tuberculosis
Hollström, Einar
Stockholm. Almqvist & Wiksell. 1943. 107 S.m.Diagr.u.22 Taf.. Acta medica Scandinavica. Suppl. ; 144..

An Investigation into a yeast-like fungus isolated from patients suffering from, or suspected of, pulmonary tuberculosis
Hollström, Einar
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An investigation into ball grid array inspection techniques
Wickham, M.
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ISBN 92-9092-338-5

An investigation into better techniques for geo-targeting
Cruz, Shane Elliot,
c2002.. 84 p..

An investigation into bond strength importance in ferro-cement.
Collins, John FLetcher.
1969.. [1], 70 leaves.

An investigation into british labour market processes: a consultancy report to the ESRC Environment and Planning Committee
Gleave, David ; Sellens, Rowena
London. Economic and Social Research Council. 1984. 90 S.. Environment and Planning Committee Paper ; 3.
ISBN 0-86226-104-X

An investigation into cellular attachment and contraction in collagen-GAG scaffolds with characterized pore sizes
Albers, Andrew Michael,
c2004.. 121 p..

<<An>> investigation into certain aspects of the describing function of a human operator controlling a system of one degree of freedom
Gordon-Smith, M.
Toronto . University of Toronto. 1970. 49 S..

An investigation into certain characteristics of the student who returns to college following academic dismissal
Langer, Leonard Harold,
1968.. vii, 99 leaves..

¬An¬ investigation into certain personality variables among capital trial jurors
Crosson, Robert F.
[S.l.]. 1966. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

An Investigation into complaints of improper interference in the operation of the British Columbia Board of Parole, particularly with respect to decisions relating to Juliet Belmas, October 1988.
[Victoria?]. Ombudsman, Fairness for all in British Columbia ,. [1988?]. 34 p. ;.

An investigation into compositional features and feature merging for maximum entropy-based parse selection
Mullen, Tony
Groningen. GRODIL, Secretary Dep. of General Linguistics,. 2002.. X, 126 S..

¬An¬ investigation into computerized personnel management information systems: a prescriptive model
Wolfe, Michael Neil
[Mikrofiche-Ausg.]. 1977. 251 S..

¬An¬Investigation into crane accidents, their causes and repair costs
Butler, A.J.
Garston, Watford. 1978. 15 S.. Current Papers. Building Research Station, Ministry of Public Building and Works ; 1978,75.

an investigation into current research on the brain and human nature
Calder, Nigel
New York. Viking Press. 1971. 288 S..
ISBN 0-670-47640-4

<<An>> Investigation into data transmission using fluidic circuits
Tyack, S.C.
Manchester . 1971. 18 Microfiches..

¬An¬ investigation into effect of competition, partner compensation, legal liability and authoritative pronouncements on auditor judgement and independence
Trompeter, Gregory M.
1990. IX, 194 S. : graph. Darst..

An economic analysis of a drug-selling gang's finances
Parris, Colin ; Venkatesh, Sudhir Alladi
Cambridge, Mass.. National Bureau of Economic Research,. 1998.. 31 S..

¬An¬ investigation into fault recovery in guaranteed performance service connections
Parris, Colin ; Banerjea, Anindo
Berkeley, Calif.. Internat. Computer Science Inst.. 1993. 20, [5] S..

An investigation into faults and their avoidance
Bonshor, R.B. ; Harrison, H.W.
1983. 40 S..

An investigation into force/moment calibration techniques applicable to a magnetic suspension and balance system
Eskins, Jonathan.
Hampton, Va.. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Langley Research Center,. [1988]. 1 v..

An investigation into freedom from prejudice as a function of successfully sublimated aggression.
Skoor, Emanuel.
[Berkeley, Calif., . 1949]. 44 l..

An investigation into FROG'S inner ear organs--their morphology and function: research project
Szeto, Andrew Yeun-Jong.
1973.. 37 leaves.

An investigation into gender bias software used in English primary schools (1)
Bradshaw, Jackie ; Clegg, Sue ; Trayhurn, Deborah

An investigation into geometry and microstructural effects upon the ultimate tensile strengths of butt welds: final report
[Washington, DC. National Aeronautics and Space Administration ;. 1992]. 1 v..

An investigation into graduate unemployment in Botswana
Adeyemi, Michael Bamidele
Gaborone. National Institute of Development Research and Documentation, University of Botswana,. 1997. xiii, 55 p..

An investigation into groundwater pollution in the Gwembe Valley: the case of Lusitu : report
Yambayamba, E. S. K.
[Lusaka. s.n.,. 2001].. 68 leaves.

An investigation into Hidden Markov Modeling for applications to cell migration
Speck, M.
Göteborg. Chalmers tekniska högsk.,. 2003. 23 bl..

<<An>> investigation into islamic fundamentalism and an assessment of its relationship with the concept of Jihad
Campbell, Alastair
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas . 1992. 2 Mikrofiches.

An investigation into IS outsourcing success: the role of quality and change management
Chou, David C.

¬An¬ investigation into management training development needs of the senior officials in Zimbabwe
Analoui, Farhad
Bradford. 1990. II, 55 S.. Research monograph / Development and Project Planning Centre, University of Bradford ; 2.
ISBN 0-946435-47-2 kart. : No price

An investigation into methods to enhance the interlaminar shear strength of continuous fibre reinforced ceramics
Lie, Fredrik
Lule¯. Lule¯ tekniska universitet/Institutionen för rymdvetenskap, Kiruna,. 2005.

An investigation into moral situations and concepts of junior high school pupils
Arai, Sadao
Chicago, Ill.. Selbstverl.. 1935. 14 S..

<<An>> Investigation into multi-level program abstractions for a systematic picture programming language
Newman, J.R.
Lafayette - La. . 1976. 2 Microfiches..

An investigation into non-directed thought processes and their pertinence to information systems possessing intelligence,
Sahin, Kenan E.
[Cambridge, . M.I.T.]. 1968.. [vi], 173 leaves,.

An investigation into onshore captive insurance companies
Le Roux, M. E. ; Mostert, F. J.

10. Aufl.. Stuttgart. Hiersemann. 1965. 4-o.

<<An>> investigation into operator structures on SUN with application to a generalization of the Racah-Wigner angular momentum algebra
Baird, Gordon Edward
Durham - North Carolina . 1964. Microfiches, 91 S..

<<An>> Investigation into output voltage modulation in aircraft
Paton, M.R.
Springfield - Va. . 1978. 3 Microfiches..

An investigation into pain threshold, pain tolerance and augmentation reduction levels among rugby players
Tahu, Hector.
1980.. vii, 97 leaves.

¬An¬ Investigation into part sequencing in a flexible assembly cell
Suliman, Saad M.
Cranfield. 1987. MFilm..

¬An¬ investigation into poly-signal data transmission for land mobile radio systems
Holland, P. G.
Boston Spa [u.a.]. Brit. Libr. Document Supply Centre. [1983]. VVII, 238 S. : graph. Darst..

¬An¬ investigation into possible advantages of changing standardized mathematical achievement test items from the printed form to a specialized slide-tape format
Hurd, Royal C.
1975. IX, 36 Bl..

An investigation into possible applications of fuzzy set methods in actuarial science
Ostaszewski, Krzysztof M.,
Schaumburg, IL. Society of Actuaries,. c1993.. vi, 85 p..

¬An¬ investigation into possible relationships between values and self esteem among a selected population of aged people
Clements, William M.
[S.l.]. 1972. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.