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An hue and cry after conscience: or The pilgims progress by candle-light in search after honesty and plain-dealing.: Represented under the similitude of a dream. Wherein is discovered the pritty [sic] manner of his setting out. His pleasant humours on his journey. The disappointment he met with after all his search. Together with his flight at last into another country, where he is still on his rambles.
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An humble address and earnest appeal to those respectable personages in Great-Britain and Ireland: who, by their great and permanent interest in landed property, ... are the ablest to judge, and the fittest to decide, whether a connection with, or a separation from the continental colonies of America, be most for the national advantage, and the lasting benefit of these kingdoms. By Josiah Tucker, ..
Tucker, Josiah
Glocester. printed by R. Raikes; and sold by T. Cadell, London. 1775. 93,[3]p.,table.

An Humble Address And Earnest Appeal To Those Respectable Personages In Great-Britain And Ireland, Who, By Their Great And Permanent Interest In Landed Property, Their Liberal Education, Elevated Rank, And Enlarged Views, Are The Ablest To Judge, And The Fittest To Decide, Whether A Connection With, Or A Separation From The Continental Colonies Of America, Be Most For The National Advantage, And The Lasting Benefit Of These Kingdoms ...
Tucker, Josiah
The thrid edition, corrected. London. Cadell. 1776. 94 S., [1] Bl..

¬An¬ humble addresse to the right honourable Lords and Commons ... in vindication of kingly power
London. March. 1660. 19 S..

¬An¬ humble address from the people of England
London. Croom. [1689]. 1 S..

An Humble address offer'd to the consideration of the Lords and Commons touching a law concerning perjury
[London. s.n.,. 1695]. 16 p..

¬An¬ humble address offered to the consideration of the Lords
[London]. [1695].

An humble address to every Christian of every nation and denomination of people under heaven: shewing an effectual means to prevent wars among all nations of the earth, and to maintain an everlasting union in families, societies, churches, towns, states, and in all the kingdoms of this lower world. : [Two lines from Matthew]
Fish, Samuel. ; Fish, Samuel. ; Fish, Samuel.
Newark, New-Jersey,. Printed by John Woods.,. M:D:CC:XCIII. [1793]. 68 p. ;.

An humble address to every Christian of every nation and denomination of people under heaven.: Shewing an effectual means to prevent wars among all nations of the earth, and to maintain an everlasting union, in families, societies, churches, towns, states, and in all the kingdoms of this lower world. : [Two lines from Matthew] : Also, shewing the certainty of Christ's spiritual and personal reign a thousand years here on this earth. Supported from Scripture and reason, and calculated for the benefit of the present and rising generation
Fish, Samuel.
Norwich [Conn.]:. Printed by John Trumbull, for the author.,. M,D,CC,XCII. [1792]. 38, [2] p. ;.

An humble address, to every Christian of every nation and denomination of people under heaven.: Shewing an effectual means to prevent wars among all nations of the earth, and to maintain an everlasting union, in families, societies, churches, towns, states, and in all the kingdoms of this lower world. : [Two lines from Matthew]
Fish, Samuel.
Windham [Conn.]:. Printed [by John Byrne?] for the author.,. 1796 [i.e., 1797?]. 42 p. ;.

An humble address to the members of the Honourable House of Commons ... respecting the insufficiency of the present pay of the captains and commanders of His Majesty's navy.
London. Printed by W. Lewis for the author,. 1811.. 36 p. ;.

An humble address to the right honorable and right reverend lords, archbishops and bishops of Ireland upon a subject that materially affects the good order of the civil government, the prosperity of the established church, and the general interests of religion
Dublin. Printed for John Rice ...,. 1796.. 31, [1] p. ;.

An humble address to the Right Honourable the Lords, and the rest of the Honourable commissioners, appointed by Act of Parliament to judge of all performances relating to the longitude; ... By R. W. the author of Viaticum nautarum, ...
Wright, Robert
London. printed for T. Page, W. and F. Mount; John Osborn and Thomas Longman; and James Ansdell, Liverpool. 1728. 50p.,plate.

¬An¬ Humble adoration to our Blessed Lord Iesus in the Holie Sacrament of his precious body
S.l.. s.n. [1664?]. 28 p..

An humble advice to His Sacred Majesty anent the drawing of Londons charter
Scottish pen
Edinburgh. Printed by the heir of Andrew Anderson ...,. 1683. 1 broadside.

¬An¬ humble apology for St. Paul, and the other apostles; or, a vindication of them and their doxologies from the charge of heresy. By Cornelius Paets
Sykes, Arthur Ashley
London. printed for J. Roberts. 1719. 24p..

An humble attempt to give a clear account from Scripture, how the Jewish and Christian churches were constituted, and what sort of saintship is necessary in order to be a communicant at the Lord's table.: Endeavoured in two sermons preached at Deerfield, on the Lord's Day, June 24. 1753.
Ashley, Jonathan,
Boston: N.E.. Printed and sold by S. Kneeland in Queen-Street, opposite to the prison.,. 1753.. [4], iv, 26, [2] p. ;.

An humble attempt to promote explicit agreement and visible union of God's people in extraordinary prayer for the revival of religion and the advancement of Christ's Kingdom on earth, pursuant to Scripture-promises and prophecies concerning the last time.
Edwards, Jonathan, ; Sewall, Joseph,
Boston, New-England:. Printed for D. Henchman in Cornhil.,. 1747 [i.e., 1748]. [10], 188 p. ;.

An humble attempt to reconcile the differences of Christians respecting the extent of the Atonement: by showing that the controversy which exists on the subject is chiefly verbal : to which is added an appendix, exhibiting the influence of Christ's obedience
Griffin, Edward Dorr,
New-York. Stephen Dodge,. 1819 . 443 p..

An humble attempt to repair the Christian temple.: A sermon, shewing the business of officers and private members in the church of Christ, and how their work should be performed; with some motives to excite professors ardently to engage in it. : Preached in the city of Philadelphia, October 21st, 1783, at the opening of the Association, and published at their request.
Hart, Oliver,
Philadelphia:. Printed by Robert Aitken, at Pope's Head, in Market Street.,. M.DCC.LXXXV. [1785]. 50 p. ;.

An Humble declaration of the apprentices and other young men of the city of London who were petitioners for peace: shewing the causes of their petitioning and the passages concerning it : together with a true copy of their petition as it s delivered to both Houses of Parliament disclaiming those in print which were with out their knowledge.
Printed at London. [s.n.]. 1642.. 8 p..

¬An¬ humble declaration to the right honourable the Lords and Commons
Violet, Thomas
London. R. H.. 1643. 41 S..

An humble enquiry into the nature of the dependency of the American colonies upon the Parliament of Great-Britain, and the right of Parliament to lay taxes on the said colonies.
Zubly, John Joachim,
[Charleston, S.C.?. s.n.],. Printed in the year M,DCC,LXIX. [1769] (Price twelve shillings and sixpence.). [2], 26 p. ;.

An humble essay on Christian baptism
London . printed by J. W. Pasham; and sold by G. Keith; E. and C. Dilly; T. Vallance; and J. Matthews .

¬An¬ humble essay toward the settlement of peace and truth
Harley, Edward
London. Simmons. 1681. 40 S..

An humble examination of a printed abstract of the answers to nine reasons of the House of Commons, against the votes of bishops in Parliament
Burges, Cornelius,
London. Printed for P. Stephens and C. Meredith,. 1641.. [2], 77 p..

An humble hint to the King and Kingdom on the coronation-day of James the II, &c.: expressing the due love and loyalty of the humblest amongst His Majesties servants.
[London]. Printed by Nathaniel Thompson,. 1685.. [2], 6 p..

An humble inquiry into the Scripture-account of Jesus Christ: or, A short argument concerning his deity and glory, according to the Gospel.
Emlyn, Thomas, ; G. S.,
Boston:. Printed and sold by Edes & Gill, at their office next to the prison in Queen-Street,,. 1756. xi, [1], 13-56 p. ;.

An humble intercession for the distressed town of Boston,: now almost deserted by its former rightful inhabitants, many of whom have fled, chusing to take refuge in the woods and caves, for the sake of liberty, rather than to live in splendor and affluence among slaves and tyrants; which place is at present under the government of a lawless British soldiery ... who, under the sanction of martial law, exercise every cruelty that can possibly be invented by the most uncultivated savages or fiercest barbarians, on the remaining miserable inhabitants, who are obliged to dwell there contrary to the faith of that perfidious arch-traitor and truce-breaking T. Gage.
Young lady, who was late a resident in that unhappy town
Salem [Mass.]:. Printed by E. Russell, next door to John Turner, Esq; in the Main-Street, 1775.--Travelling-traders, &c. are desired to call at the above place, where they may supply themselves with sundry new pieces on the tunes, very cheap by the quantity.,. [1775]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

An humble invocation to Miss Hannah More: occasioned by her not having published an elegy on the death of the justly celebrated and much esteemed David Garrick, Esq; supposing her silence to proceed from her grief, for the loss of so agreeable and worthy a friend : Written a few days after the author had seen his grand funeral procession, and joined in the universal sorrow for our departed Roscius.
Du Broff, Roger,
London. D. Henry,. 1779.. p. 367 ;.

¬An¬ humble motion made in the time of ... Elizabeth
[London]. 1641.

An Humble motion made in the time of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, to the honourable lords of Her Majesties privie councell, for the reforming of ecclesiasticall discipline and church government after the Word of God: wherein is shewed hothe livings, profits, and revenewes of the archbishops, lord bishops, and cathedrall churches may be best ordered and disposed of for the maintenance of an able ministery throughout the land : and the doubts and difficulties which may be objected against that course are fully answered.
Penry, John,
[S.l.. s.n.]. 1641.. [2], 14 p..

¬An¬ humble offer at the decision of the question, how the vacant throne
[London?]. [1689].

An humble offer at the decision of the question, how the vacant throne shall be supplyed without wrong to any pretender
[S.l.. s.n.,. 1689?]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬An¬ humble offering
Philips, John
London. Taylor. 1685.

¬An¬ humble petition for accommodation, presented
[London]. T. F.. 1642.

¬An¬ humble petition of the university and city of Oxford
London. Vincent. [1644?]. 8 S..

An humble petition of the Vniversity and city of Oxford: lately presented to His Majestie, for a speedy accommodation of peace, between himselfe and his high court of Parliament : together with His Majesties gracious answer to the said petion.
Printed at Oxford. By Leonard Lichfield ;. [1644?]. 8 p..

¬An¬ humble proposal for the increase of our home trade, and a defence to Gibraltar: ... By Joseph Davies
Davies, Joseph
London. printed for the author. 1731. 16p.,plate.

An humble proposal to cause bancrupts make better and more speedier payment of their debts to their creditors than, by long experience hath been found, the statutes against bancrupts do effect, or than any other way hitherto proposed, hath shewen
Well-wisher to trade and the publick good
London. [s.n.],. 1679. 15 p.

An humble proposal to cause bancrupts make better and more speedier payments of their debts to their creditors ...
London. Printed in the year,. 1679.. 15 p..

¬An¬ humble proposal to cause bancrupts to make better ... payment
London. 1679.

An Humble proposal, whereby His Majesty may raise and extend his credit to the annual value of his revenue without interest or damage to the kingdom
In the Savoy. Printed by Thomas Newcomb,. 1673/4 [i.e. 1674]. 12 p..

¬An¬ humble proposal whereby His Majesty may raise ... his credit
Savoy. Newcomb. 1673 - 1674.

An humble remonstrance from His Excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the army under his command: concerning the present state of affairs in relation to themselves and the kingdom, with their desires and present resolutions thereupon : presented to the commissioners at S. Albans, to be by them humbly represented to the Parliament : also the names of the officers that were present at the Councel of War at the making of the said remonstrance : together with a proclamation of the strict discipline of the Army.
Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax,
London. Printed for Francis Coles,. June 25, 1647.. 16 p..

An humble remonstrance to the members of the Hon. House of Commons,: on the nature and object of the report of its Select Committee for Inquiring into the Laws and Ordinances of Foreign States respecting their Roman Catholic subjects &c.
Milner, John, ; Native Roman Catholic prelate.
London, . Keating, Brown,. 1816.. 48 p..

¬An¬ humble remonstrance to the right honourable, the Lords in the High Court of Parliament
London. S. B.. [1641].

¬An¬ humble representation of the sad and distressed case ... seamen
[London]. 1693. 4 S..

An humble representation of the seamens misery in the loss and abuse of them in their payment, and their being oftentimes extorted out of the one half of it by some, and cheated of it all by others: with the mistery of some officers and mters, humbly represented to His Majesty, and the two most honourable houses, the Lords and Commons of England in Parliament assembled ...
Hodges, William,
[London?. s.n.,. 1694]. 12 p..

An humble testimony unto the goodness and severity of God in his dealing with sinful churches and nations, or, The only way to deliver a sinful nation from utter ruine: by impendent judgments, in a discourse on the words of our Lord Jesushrist, Luk. 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Owen, John,
London. Printed for Nathanael Ponder ...,. 1681.. [14], 155 p..

An humble vindication of a free admission unto the Lords-Supper: published for the ease, support, and satisfaction of tender consciences (otherwise remediles) in our mixt congregations
Humfrey, John,
[London]. Printed for E. Blackmore,. 1651.. [4], 87, [1] p..

An Humboldt
Lepel, Bernhard ¬von¬
Berlin. [s.n.]. 1847.
ISBN 3-598-51653-3

¬An¬ hundred, three-score and fiftene homeleyes or sermons uppon the Actes of the Apostles
Walther, Rudolph
London. Denham. 1572.

An hundred, threescore and fiftene homelyes or sermons, vppon the Actes of the Apostles, written by Saint Luke: made by Radulpe Gualthere Tigurine, and translated out of Latine into our tongue, for the commoditie of the Englishe reader. Seene and allowed, according to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions
Gwalther, Rudolf ; Bridges, John
S.l.. [By Henrie Denham, dwelling in Pater noster rowe, at the signe of the Starre]. Anno Domini. 1572. Online-Ressource.

Anh-Viãòe-Pháp tíù-ðiíên cíua Ngô-Väu và Thanh-Nghòi.
Ngô Väu. [from old catalog] ; Thanh-Nghòi, [from old catalog]
[Saigon] . Th᧠i-Thã§e,. 1956.. 650 p..

Anh-Viãòet-Pháp tùí-dîíên cíua Ngô-Väu vá Thanh-Nghòi.
Ngô väu. [from old catalog] ; Thanh Nghòi, [from old catalog]
Saigon] . Thói-Thê. [1960]. 650 p..

Anh-Viãòet t1½ ði¿ên ðòai hòoc: for college and university
Nguyãäen, Hoàng Mai.
San Jose, Calif.. Ðòai Hòoc Song Ngä,½. c1992-. v..

Anh Viãòet tò½-ði¿ên =: English-Vietnamese dictionary
Nguyãäen, Væan Khôn.
[Saigon]. Khai Trí,. [1975]. 1755 p. ;.

Anh-Viãòet tá½-ði¿ên, loòai thông-dòung =: Usual English Vietnamese dictionary
Nguyãäen, Væan Khôn.
Saigon. Khai-trí ;. 1967.. 602 p. ;.

Anh-Viãòet tân tò½-ðiã¿en =: New English-Vietnamese dictionary
Nguyãäen, Væan Khôn.
[Glendale, CA., USA]. Ðòai Nam,. [c1986]. 1755 p. ;.

Anh Viãòet tân tòuþ-ðiþên =: New English-Vietnamese dictionary
Nguyãäen, Væan Khôn.
Glendale, CA. Dainam,. c1986.. 1755 p. ;.

Anh Viet Tu Dien
Nguyãäen, Væan Khôn.
Sigon. Nha Sach Khai Tri,. [197-?].

Anh-Viãòet Viãòet-Anh tá½ ðiã¿en kãé toán =: English-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-English accounting dictionary
Albin, Francis M.
Kent, Wash.. Paper Tiger Press,. c1992.. 342 p. ;.

Anh-Viãòet, Viãòet-Anh tá½-ðiã¿en thông-dòung =: Usual English-Vietnamese, Vietnamese-English dictionary
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Glendale, CA., USA (P.O. Box 4279, Glendale 91202). Dainam Pub. Co.,. 1987.. 1010 p. ;.

Anh-Viãòet Viãòet-Anh tá-½ði¿ên thông-dòung =: Usual Vietnamese-English/English-Vietnamese dictionary
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An Hvmble proposal of safety to the Parliament and citie: in this time of present danger, viz. : in case the Parliament should go forth into the field, as was lately moved by the honorable House of Commons, and as we hope will be speedilynd unanimously resolved on : in these ensuing lines is a rule humbly offered, how an army shall be presently raised, and as well great sums of money be immediatly brought in as a constant spring for the future be certainly provided in such manner that every man shall necessarily be engaged for the state, either in person or purse, or else in a faire way be occasioned to leave the citie or suffer in worse kind : and all this in few daies time, before the eyes of the Parliament and that without danger or much trouble.
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An Hvmble remonstrance to the Kings most excellent Majesty: in vindication of the honourable Isaak Pennington, lord major of the honourable city of London, Alderman Foulkes, Captaine Venne, Captaine Manswaring : whom His Majeste desires tbe delivered to custody, to answer an accusation of treason against them : desiring that His Majesty would make them no let to his returne to his Parliament nor hinder the accomodation of peace.
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Anh. ..., welcher die Bildnisse d. Pomerellischen Hertzoge ... u. ein vierfaches Reg. ... enthält
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An Hymn to be sung by the charity scholars, on Sunday, the 19th of November, 1786, at St. Paul's Church, after the charity sermon, for the benefit of the school
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An Hymn to be sung by the charity scholars, on Sunday, the 19th of October, 1783, at St. Paul's Church, after the charity sermon for the benefit of the school
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An Hymn, to be sung by the charity scholars, the 12th and 19th of December, 1784, at St. Paul's and St. George's Chapels, after the charity sermon, for the benefit of the school
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An Hymn, to be sung by the charity scholars, the 27th of November 1785, at St. Paul's, and the 4th of December at St. George's Chapels, after the charity sermon, for the benefit of the school
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An Hymn to be sung by the Episcopal charity-children, at St. Paul's Church, on Sunday, December the 5th, 1790,: when a sermon will be preached, and a collection made for the benefit of that benevolent institution.
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¬An¬ hymn to the Nymph of Bristol Spring
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An hysteric return: P.D.Q. Bach at Carnegie Hall
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