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An historical view of the restrictions upon marriage, especially in relation to England: with the true reasons why a marriage whãòe thông tin
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An historical view of the unavoidable causes of the non-residence of the parochial clergy on their respective livings: wherein more than one hundred acts of Parliament are referred to ... with a particular investigation of the Act 21 Henry 8, cap. 13, ... and remedies proposed for improving the condition of the clergy
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¬An¬ historical vindication of the church of England in point of schism as it stands separated from the Roman
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An historical vindication of the government of the Church of Scotland, from the manifold base calumnes which the most malignant of the prelats did invent of old, and now lately have been published with great industry in two pamphlets at London, the one intituled Issachars burden, etc. written and published at Oxford by John Maxwell, a Scottish prelate, excommunicate by the Church of Scotland, and declared an unpardonable incendiary by the parliaments of both kingdoms. The other falsly intituled A declaration made by King James in Scotland, concerning church-government and Presbyteries: but indeed written by Patrick Adamson, pretended Archbishop of St. Andrews, contrary to his own conscience, as himself on his death-bed did confess and subscribe before many witnesses in a winte here-unto annexed.
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An history of apparitions, oracles, prophecies, and predictions: with dreams, visions, and revelations and the cunning delusions of the devil, to strengthen the idolatry of the gentiles, and the worshipping of saints departed : with the doctrine of purgatory, a work very seasonable, for discovering the impostures and religious cheats of these times
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An history of Jamaica: with observations on the climate, scenery, trade, productions, Negroes, slave trade, diseases of Europeans, customs, manners, and dispositions of the inhabitants ; to which is added, an illustration of the advantages, which are likely to result from the abolition of the slave trade
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An history of the civill warres of England betweene the two houses of Lancaster and Yorke: the originall whereof is set downe in the life of Richard ye second, theire proceedings in ye lives of Henry ye 4th, Henry ye 5th and 6th, Edward ye 4th and 5th, Richard ye 3rd and Henry ye 7th in whose dayes they had a happy period
Biondi, Giovanni Francesco, ; Monmouth, Henry Carey,
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An history of the civill warres of England, betweene the two howses of Lancaster and Yorke ... by Sir Francis Biondi ... englished by Henry Carey, Earle of Monmouth
Biondi, Giovanni F. ; Carey, Henry ¬[Übers.]¬

An history of the constancy of nature.: Wherein, by comparing the latter age with the former, it is maintained that the world doth not decay universally, in respect of it self, or the heavens, elements, mixt bodies, meteors, minerals, plants, animals, nor man in his age, stature, strength, or faculties of his minde, as relating to all arts and science
Jonstonus, Joannes, ; Rowland, John, ; Streater, John,
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An history of the late warres and other state affaires of the best part of Christendom: beginning with the King of Swethlands entrance into Germany, and continuing in the yeare 1640
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¬An¬ history of the original Parish of Whalley and Honor of Clitheroe, in the Counties of Lancaster and York ...
Whitaker, Thomas Dunham

An history of the origin and establishment of Gothic architecture;: comprehending also an account, from his own writings, of Cæsar Cæsarianus, the first professed commentator on Vitruvius, and of his translation of that author; an investigation of the principles and proportions of that style of architecture called the Gothic; and an inquiry into the mode of painting upon and staining glass, as practiced in the ecclesiastical structures of the middle ages.
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An history of the revolutions that happened in the government of the Roman Republic. Written in French by the Abbot de Vertot, ... Translated into English, in two volumes, by Mr. Ozell. ...
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An history of the twofold invention of the cross, whereon our Saviour was crucified: translated out of an antient Aramæan biologist : together with an account of the conversion of the Ethiopians, out of Abulpharagius's Ecclesiastical histy
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An histrorical and genealogical account of the family of the Greviles, to the time of Francis, the present earl Brooke, including an abstract of the history and succession of the ancient earls of Warwick; and som account of Warwick castle.
Greville, engelsk släkt
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An ... H. M. Johannes Bremern als ihm ... Dorothea Nothin ehelichen anvertrawet ward am 21. Tag Novembr. Anno 1642
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¿Anh nghãòe thuãòat Viãòet Nam =: Vietnam art photography.
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AnhO: Anhalteordnung ; Kommentar
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ISBN 3-7083-0477-2 kart.

An Hochbegabung leiden
Stambach, Ruedi
S. 4.

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