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A new method for square foot evaluation, particularly to eight significant figures with monromatic calculator
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¬A¬ new Method for square root evaluation, particularly to eight significant figures with Monromatic calculator
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A new method for the assay posterior pituitary extracts...
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A new method for the evaluation of forestry data
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A new method for the objective measurement of the quality of seafood: SEQUID, SEafood QUality IDentification Project
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A new method for the production of particle reinforced coatings
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A new method for the statistical treatment of fatigue data.
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A new method for three-dimensional volume estimation at the single-cell level applied to astroglial cells in primary culture acutely exposed to ethanol
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A new method for urban geoarchaeological excavation: example from Norrköping, Sweden
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A new method for valuing treasury bond futures options
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¬A¬ new method for volatility estimation with applications in foreign exchange rate series
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¬A¬ New method humbly offered to the consideration of the Parliament for carrying on the whale-fishing to great advantage
S.l.. s.n. [172-?]. 3 p..

A new method in household demography
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