¬A¬ new essay (by the Pennsylvanian farmer) on the constitutional power of Great-Britain over the colonies in America: with the resolues of the committee for the province of Pennsylvania, and their instructions to their representatives in assembly
Philadelphia. 1774.

¬A¬ new essay concerning the origin of ideas
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A new essay on African philosophy
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¬A¬ new Essay on Job XIX. v. 23-27
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¬A¬ new essay on the nerves and the doctrine of the animal spirits rationally considered; shewing the graet benefit and true use of bathing and drinking the bath waters in all nervous disorders and abstructions: with two dissertations on the gout and on digestion with the distempers of the stomach and intestines
Kinneir, David
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A new essay on the venereal disease, and methods of cure: accounting for the nature, cause, and symptoms of that malady
Becket, J.
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A new estimate of casual employment?: Reply
Murtough, Greg ; Waite, Matthew

A new estimate of the significance of Wittgenstein's "Tractatus" for the analysis of the theological discourse
Crowe, Charles Lawson
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¬A¬ new estimate of the welfare loss of excess health insurance
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¬A¬ new ethic for a new earth
Stone, Glenn C. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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A newe treatyse devyded in thre parties
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A new EU-Latin American dialogue on drugs?.
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¬A¬ new Euro-Mediterranean cultural identity
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¬A¬ new Europe: our responsibility: congress '97, Malmö
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Abhandlungen und Berichte: documents illustrative of the history of the church to AD 337 ; baseandlungen und Berichte / Neue Folge]
Stevenson, James ¬[Hrsg.]¬
München. Oldenbourg.

A new Eusebius: Documents illustrative of the history of the church to a.d. 337. Based upon the collection ed. by the late B. J. Kidd
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Stevenson, James
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<<A>> new evolution toward the 21st Century
cop. 1987. 296 S..

¬A¬ newe worck
Melanchthon, Philipp
[Mikrofilm-Ausg.]. [London]. [Jugge]. [1546].

¬A¬ newe worck concernyng both partes of the sacrament to be receyued of the lay people: as well vnder the kynd of wyne as vnder the kynd of breade, with certen other articles, concernyng the masse and the auctoritie of bysshops the chapters whereof are conteyned in the next leafe made by Philip Melancthon and newly translated out of latyn
Melanchthon, Philipp
S.l.. Imprinted by my Richard Jugge. [1548?]].

¬A¬ newe work co[n]cerning both partes of the sacrament to be receyued of the lay peple: as well vnder the kind off wine as vnder the kind of bread, with certen other articles co[n]cerning the masse and the auctoritie of bisshops the chapters whereof are co[n]teined in the next leafe made by Philip Melancthon and newly translated out of latyn
Melanchthon, Philipp
S.l.. [C. Froschouer?]. [M.D.XLIII [1543].

¬A¬ newe work concerning both partes of the sacrament to be receyved to the lay peple
Melanchthon, Philipp
[Mikrofilm-Ausg.]. [London]. [Jugge]. [1546].

¬A¬ newe work concernyng both partes of the Sacrament to be receyued of the lay people: as wel vnder the kinde of wyne as vnder the kynd of breade, wtth [sic] certen other articles, concernyng the masse and the auctorite of bysshops, the chapters whereof are conteyned in the next leafe made by Philip Melanchton and newly translated out of Latyn
Melanchthon, Philipp
S.l.. Imprinted by [S. Mierdman for] my Richard Iugge. [1548?]].

¬A¬ New & Exact Draught of the River Canada: Aproved by the Hon. bl. Sr. Will. Phipps at his Expedition to Quebeck ; [gewidmet] their Majesties King William, and Queen Mary
Thornton, John ; Lamb, Francis
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¬A¬ New & [and] Exact Map of the Coast, Countries and Islands within ye Limits of ye South Sea Company: from ye River Aranoca to Terra del Fuego, and from thence through ye South Sea, to ye North Part of California & c. ; With a View of the General and Coasting Trade-Winds And Particular Draughts of the most important Bays, Ports & c.
[London]. s.a. [zwischen 1710 u. 1731]. 1 Kt. : Kupferstich ; 48 x 42 cm, Bildgr. 48 x 65 cm. Tabulae Geographicae ; 12.

¬A¬ New & [and] Exact Plan of ye City of London and Suburbs thereof: With the addition of the New Buildings, Churches &c. to this present Year 1720 (Not extant in any other) ; Laid down in such a method that in an Instant may easily be found any Place contained therein
Bowles, Thomas
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¬A¬ new Excalibur: the development of the tank 1909 - 1939
Smithers, A. J.
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A new experiment in state regulation of utilities
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A new exposition of money, credit and prices,
Laughlin, J. Laurence
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A new extempore-prayer: fitted for the use of all conventicles, where rebellion has its rise, and loyalty its downfall.
London. Printed and sold by J. Baker ...,. 1710.. 21, [1] p. (the last page blank).

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A new family herbal or popular account of the natures and properties of the various plants used in medicine, diet and the arts
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A new family instructor: in familiar discourses between a father and his children, on the most essential points of the Christian religion. In two parts. Part I. Containing a father's instructions ... Part II. Instructions against the three grand errors ... With a poem upon the divine nature of Jesus Christ, in blank verse. By the author of The family instructor
Defoe, Daniel
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A new fast wire scanner for transverse emittance measurements at the CERN proton synchrotron
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A new fat little frog (Leptodactylidae: Eleutherodactylus) from Lofty Andean grasslands of Southern Ecuador
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A new fault-tolerant algorithm for clock synchronization
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¬A¬ new federal tax system
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A new filter bank analyzer with simultaneous read-out for the evaluation of dynamic myoelectric signal power spectra.
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A new filtering process for optimal overshoot control
Hershberger, David L.
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A new financial architecture for reducing risks and severity of crises
Griffith-Jones, Stephany

¬A¬ new financial market structure for East Asia
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A new financial social structure of accumulation in the United States for long wave upswing? /Phillip Anthony O'Hara
O'Hara, Phillip Anthony

A new financial structure for the U.S.?
Massaro, Vincent G.

¬A¬ new find of Gerrothorax rhaeticus Nilsson: a plagiosaurid from the rhaetic of Scania
Nilsson, Tage
Lund. Gleerup. 1946. 42 S. : Ill.. Lunds Universitets ars-skrift : N.F. Avd. 2 ; 42,10.

A new find of Gerrothorax rhaeticus Nilsson, a Plagiosaurid from the rhaetic of Scania.
Nilsson, Tage,
Lund, . 1946. 42s., 3 pl.-bl..

¬A¬ new find of Gerrothorax rhaeticus Nilsson a Plagiosaurid from the rhaettic of Scania
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¬A¬ new find of Oreopithecus (Mammalia, Primates) in the Baccinello basin (Grosseto, Southern Tuscany)
Rook, Lorenzo

¬A¬ new finite composite shell element for piezoelectric active structures
Marinkovic, Dragan
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¬A¬ new finite-difference scheme for convection type equations
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A new finite element method for elliptic interface problems
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A new finite element method for estimating the penetration of frost in ground
Aronsson, Gunnar
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A new finite element method for pricing of bond options under time inhomogeneous affine term structure models of interest rates
Yang, Hongtao

A new finite element model for solid continua.
Tong, Pin.
Cambridge, . M.I.T. Aeroelastic and Structures Research Laboratory,. 1968.. 24 p..

A new finite volume approach for the solution of convection-diffusion problems
Hietel, Dietmar. ; Witzel, Jürgen,
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A New fishes from the Gaboon and Gold Coast : in: The Annals and Magazine of natural history, London ; Serie 3 ; Bd. 20
A Günther, A.

A New fishes from the Gaboon and Gold Coast : in: The Annals and Magazine of natural History ; Serie 3, Bd. 20, 1867
A Günther, A.

A new fixed low dose combination: blood pressure control and beyond ; proceedings of a satellite symposium held during the XXIst congress of the European Society of Cardiology, Barcelona, Spain, 28 August - 1 September 1999
Ferrari, Roberto
London {[u.a.]. Saunders,. 1999.. 57 S..

¬A¬ new fixed low dose combination: blood pressure control and beyond: proceedings of a satellite symposium held during the XXIst congress of the European Society of Cardiology, Barcelona, Spain, 28 August - 1 September 1999
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^A^ new flame
Simply Red
o.O.. WEA. 1989. 1 CD.

¬A¬ new flame: [Noten]
Day, Roger ¬[Bearb.]¬
Songbook. London [u.a.]. Music Sales. 1989. 43 S..
ISBN 0-7119-1860-0

A new flavor delight: Golden State chocolate-flavored malted milk
[n.p., . c1933]. 45 p..

A new flexible pavement design method: formulation of a user-friendly mechanistic/empirical design system for Swedish conditions
Djärf, Lennart ; Wiman, Leif G. ; Carlsson, H¯kan
Linköping. Väg- och transportforskningsinstitutet (VTI),. 1996. 48, 18, 8 s..

¬A¬ new flow cytometric P53 detection method as start point to study the effects of classical anti-tumor agents and of two endogenous substances (Norepinephrine and Lysophosphatidylcholine) on tumoral cell growth
Filippini Cattaneo, Giuditta
[Mikrofiche-Ausg.]. 1997. XVIII, 147 S. : Ill., graph. Darst..

A new flow cytometric P53 detection method as start point to study the effects of classical anti-tumor agents and of two endogenous substances (norepinephrine and lysophosphatidylcholine) on tumoral cell growth
Cattaneo, Giuditta Filippini.
1997.. 2 microfiches..

¬A¬ new flowering
Sherwood, Shirley
1 Aufl.. Oxford. Ashmolean Museum. 2005 (?).
ISBN 1-85444206-6

¬A¬ new flow of funds matrix for contemporary financial markets
Hillabold, A. B.
Regina, Sask.. 1984. 2, 38 Bl.. Economics discussion paper / Department of Economics, University of Regina.

A new flying machine upon Dr. Musgrave's plan that moves with ye same rapidity as Mr. Moore's machine without horses
[England. Publisher not named,. 1768 Aug. 2 or later]. 1 print.

<<A>> new focusing system considerably increasing the actual PS-neutrino beam flux density
Aésner, A. ; Iselin, Ch.
Genève . Cern. 1965. 28 S..

A new focus on groundwater-seawater interactions: proceedings of an international symposium, HS1001, convened jointly by the IAHS International Commission on Groundwater and the International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans (IAPSO) during IUGG2007, the XXIV General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics at Perugia, Italy, July 2007
Sanford, Ward E.
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A new focus on pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceuticals EDC
London. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 1986. X,36 S..
ISBN 0-11-701206-8

¬A¬ new football stadium for the north-east?: A survey of Sunderland supporters
Newman, Paul ; Williams, John
[s.l.]. Sir Norman Chester Centre for Football Research, Univ. of Leicester. 1994. 7 S., [8] Bl. : graph. Darst..

¬A¬ new foraminiferal family, Biokovinidae, from the jurassic of the dinarids and its phylogenetic relationships
Gusic, Ivan
Zagreb. Jugoslavenska Akad. Znanosti i Umjetnosti. 1977. 31 S., XV Bl. : Ill.. Palaeontologia Jugoslavica ; 18.

<<A>> new force at a new frontier: Europe's development in the space field in the light of its main actors, policies, law, and activities from its beginnings up to the present
Madders, Kevin
Cambridge . Cambridge University Press. 1997. XXIV, 604 S..

A new force in the Soviet computer industry: the reorganization of the USSR Academy of Sciences in the computer field
Kassel, Simon.
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A new foreign policy consensus?
Spiro, Herbert J.
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ISBN 0-8039-1271-4

¬A¬ new foreign policy for the United States
Morgenthau, Hans Joachim
1 Aufl.. London. 1969.

Vom Lebenswert der Rechtsgeschichte
Mitteis, Heinrich
Weimar. Böhlau. 1947. 133 S..
: 7.-

Garabedian, Paul

A new form of direct-reading candlepower scale and recording device for precision photometers,
Middlekauff, G. W.
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A new form of incorporation for small firms: a consultative document
London. Stat. Off.. 1981. III, 44 S.. Cmnd. ; 8171.
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A New form of magnetic suspension for high speed maglev transport
Paul, R. J. A.
p. 67-76.

A new form of marketplace
Crane, Hewitt D.
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A new form of transportation: the Quartermaster Corps and standardization of the United States Army's motor trucks, 1907-1939
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A new form of warfare: the rise of non-lethal weapons
Dando, Malcolm
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A new formula for inverse interpolation.
Salzer, Herbert E.
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A new formula for inverse interpolation,
Salzer, Herbert E.
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¬A¬ new Formula for particle size distribution of products produced by comminution
Svensson, Jonas

¬A¬ new Formula for particle size distribution of products produces by coominution
Svensson, Jonas
Göteborg. Elander. 1955. 53 S. ; 8-o. Kungl. Tekniska Högskolans Handlingar ; Nr 88.

A new formula for the energy spectrum of sputtered atoms from a target material bombarded with light ions at normal inicidence: (received - Mar. 30, 2001)
Kenmotsu, T.
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1966. 57 S.. Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society ; 61.

A new formulation of the multicomponent transport equations for use in laminar boundary layer problems.
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