<<A>> new approach to worldwide harmonization of patent law
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A new approach to x-ray spectrochemical analysis
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A new approximate sum rule for bulk alloy properties
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A new Arab alliance system: causes of the Iraq-Iran war and the reaction of various Arab states
O'Donnell, Robert Bernard.
1981.. 185 leaves..

¬A¬ new arabic grammar of the written language
Haywood, J. A. ; Nahmad, H. M.
London. 1965. 687 S..

¬A¬ new Archaeopteridalean plant from the Devonian of Pavlovsk, U.S.S.R.
Krasilov, Valentin A. ; Raskatova, Maria G. ; IstÏcenko, Alla A.
1987. S. 163-173.

A new architecture for a high speed digital adaptive filter using distributed arithmetic
Parrish, Gregory Clark.
1987.. ix, 85 leaves, bound..

¬A¬ new architecture for functional grammar
Mackenzie, J. Lachlan
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A new architecture for the U.S. national accounts
Jorgenson, Dale Weldeau, ; Landefeld, J. Steven ; Nordhaus, William D
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A new argument against women, in which it is demonstrated that they are not human beings: the anonymous tract Disputatio nova contra mulieres, qua probatur eas homines non esse (1595) : a critical edition with translation and commentary
Hart, Clive,
Clacton-on-Sea. Gilliland Press,. c2002.. 2 v. (xvi, 290 p.) ;.

¬A¬ new Aristotle reader
Aristoteles ; Ackrill, J. L. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
4. paperback printing, with corr.. Princeton, NJ. Princeton Univ. Pr.. 1989. XIII, 580 S..
ISBN 0-691-07317-1

¬A¬ new Aristotle reader
Aristoteles ; Ackrill, John L. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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A new Aristotle reader
384 v.Chr.-322 v.Chr. ; Ackrill, John L.
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ISBN 0-19-875069-2

A new Aristotle reader
Aristotle. ; Ackrill, J. L.
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¬A¬ new armored dinosaur from the Cretacecus of Kansas
Eaton, Theodore H.
Lawrence. Univ. of Kansas Press. 1960. 21 S.. Vertebrata ; 8.

<<A>> new armored dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Kansas
Eaton, Theodore Hildreth
Kansas . University. 1960. 21 S..

A new art of brewing beer, ale, and other sorts of liquors: so as to render them more healthful to the body and agreeable to nature, and to keep them longer from souring with less trouble and charge than generally practiced, which will be means to prevent those torturing distempers of the stone, gravels, gout and droupsie : to which is added the art of making mault, &c., and directions how husbandmen may advance their corn 4d. or 6d. per bushel, with several other useful & profitable things relating to country affairs : recommended to all brewers, gentlemen and others that brew their own drink
Tryon, Thomas,
London. Printed for Tho. Salisbury ...,. 1691.. [6], 137 p..

A new art of making wines, brandy, and other spirits, compliant to the late act of Parliament, concerning distillaton: illustrated by the doctrine of fermentation, by various examples of the growths and products of this land : wherein is id down full and effectual directions, for the making of wholsome and medicinal wines : as also a true and facile way to bring low wines into proof spirits, which being by true art made from sound grain, are not inferior to those of France, for which reason are several propositions stated for the encouraging a brandy manufacturage here in England : also the way is shewn to exalt these spirits so high as to bear that proof to fire gunpowder, and their various uses, especially for lacker, Jappan, and Chany varnishes, and several other useful receipts, which were never so plainly publish'd before : lastly is subjoyn'd, a general treatise concerning the original and nature of diseases : together with their cure by spagirick medicines : recommended to all that desire to improve and advance those liquors which are made from the English growths
Y-Worth, W.
London. Printed for T. Salusbury ...,. 1691.. [50], 153, [26] p..

A new ASEAN in a new millennium
Tay, Simon ; Estanislao, Jesus P. ; Soesastro, Hadi
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<<A>> new assay method for hydrogenase based on an enzymic electrode reaction
Yagi, T.
Tokyo . 1975. 46 p..

A new assemblage of plant fossils from Milorgfjella, Dronning Maud Land
Plumstead, Edna Pauline
Cambridge. British Antarctic Survey. 1975. 30 p., 15 leaves of plates. British Antarctic Survey scientific reports ; 83.
ISBN 0-85665-041-2 : £2.60

A new Assisi;: the first hundred years of the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1849-1949.
Hanousek, Mary Eunice,
Milwaukee, . Bruce Pub. Co.. [1948]. xiv, 231 p..

¬A¬ new Athens
Hood, Hugh
Downsview, Ontario. ECWA. 1977. 226 S.. Hood, Hugh: +The new age ; 2..
ISBN 0-920802-03-6

A new atlas of the British West Indies, with a whole sheet general map of the West India islands, and a whole sheet map of the island of Hispaniola, or St. Domingo.
Edwards, Bryan, ; Humpreys, James,
Engraved to accompany the Philadelphia edition of Edward's History of the West Indies, printed, published, and sold by James Humphreys, Philadelphis. 1806. . 1806. [4] s., 11 kartor varav 3 utv. ;.

¬A¬ new attempt at regional integration: ¬The¬ Southern Cone Common Market
Madrid. 1991. 51 S.. Dossier.

¬A¬ new Australia: citizenship, radicalism and the First Republic
Scates, Bruce
1. publ.. Cambridge [u.a.]. Cambridge Univ. Press. 1997. VII, 261 S.. Studies in Australian history.
ISBN 0-521-57296-7

A new Australian, a new Australia
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A new Australian militarism?
Mack, Andrew
Canberra. Peace Research Centre, Research School, Australian Nat. Univ.. 1990. 12 S.. Working paper ; 89.
ISBN 0-7315-1023-2

A new Austromegabalanus (Cirrepedia, Balanidae) from the Pliocene of
Pether, John
Cape Town. 1990. 13 S.. Annals of the South African Museum ; Vol. 99, Pt. 1.
ISBN 0-86813-106-7

A new, authentic, and complete collection of voyages round the world,: undertaken and performed by royal authority. Containing a new, authentic, entertaining, instructive, full, and complete historical account of Captain Cook's first, second, third, and last voyages, undertaken by order of His present Majesty, for making new discoveries in geography, navigation, astronomy, &c. in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, &c., &c., &c. To which will be added, complete and genuine narratives of other voyages of discovery round the world, &c.
Anderson, George William,
London, . Printed by A. Hogg. [1786?]. 655 p..

A new, authentic, and complete collection of voyages round the world: undertaken and performed by Royal authority. Containing a new, authentic, entertaining, instructive, full, and complete historical account of Captain Cook's first, second, third and last voyages, undertaken by order of his present Majesty, for making new discoveries, &c. ... Illustrated by a vast number of copper plates finely engraved by the most eminent masters. This octavo edition of Cook's voyages, &c. newly written by th editors, from the authentic journals of several principal officers and other gentlemen of the most distinguished naval and philosophical abilities, who sailed in the various ships. The whole now revised, corrected, and improved, by Capt. John Hogg, late of the Royal Navy.
Hogg, John
London, . 1790. 6 vol..

A new auto-tuning design
Åström, Karl Johan ; Hägglund, Tore
Lund, . 1988. [6] bl..

¬A¬ new axiomatic approach to index number theory
Diewert, Walter E.
[Electronische Ressource]. 2004. Online Ressource, 19 p., text. Discussion paper ; 04,05.

A new axiomatization of rank-dependent expected utility with tradeoff consistency for equally likely outcomes
Schmidt, Ulrich ; Zank, Horst

¬A¬ new Axumite inscription in Greek from Meroe
Hägg, Tomas
1908. 14 S..

¬A¬ new A-Z of income & wealth
Stark, Thomas
London. 1988. 32 S..
ISBN 0-7163-4014-3

A new baby
Powell, Jillian.
London. Franklin Watts,. 2005.. 32 p..

A new bacteriology
Sonea, Sorin ; Panisset, Maurice
Boston, Mass.. Jones and Bartlett. 1983. 140 S..
ISBN 0-86720-024-3

A new balance: reshaping the principalship
Miller, Edythe A.
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A new balance: democracy and minorities in post-communist Europe
Robotin, Monica ; Salat, Levente
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¬A¬ new balance of power: the 19th century
Bartlett, C. J.
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¬A¬ new balance with "Lula"?: 8th Congress of the Labor Union Federation CUT in Brazil
Wachendorfer, Achim
[Electronic ed.]. Bonn. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Globale Gewerkschaftspolitik. 2003. 451 KB, PDF-File. Occasional papers: international development cooperation.

A new ballad
Hunter, John,
Cambridge [England]. Chadwyck-Healey,. 1992.

A New ballad: to the tune of I'll tell thee, Dick, &c.
[London. s.n.,. 1684]. 1 broadside..

A new ballad, being a comparison between one that cut off his own nose, and another that cut his own throat to gain renown: tune of Hang sorrow, cast away care, &c.
[London?. s.n.,. 1681?]. 1 sheet ([1] p., 2 columns).

¬A¬ new ballad, containing a communication between the careful wife and the comfortable husband
London. Gosson. [1630].

¬A¬ new ballad, declaring the great treason conspired against the young king of Scots
Elderton, William
London. James. [1581]. 1 S..

¬A¬ new ballad entituled A bell-man for England: Ballad
[Mikrofilm-Ausg.]. London. G[osson]. [ca. 1620]. 1 S..

A new ballad from Whigg-Land: to the tune of Heigh boys up go we.
London. Printed for N. Whigg,. 1682.. 1 sheet ([1] p., 2 columns).

A New ballad intituled a bell-man for England: which night and day doth staring in all mens hearing, Gods vengeance is at hand : to the tune of O man in desperation.
Printed at London. For H.G.,. [ca. 1620]. 1 broadside.

A new ballad intituled, Daniels siftyng in these our dayes: aptly applyed to the true preachers of the Gospell. What God hath wylled vs, to that good eare geue: for Daniels are abroad: siftyng with their seeue
Imprinted at London. By Richarde Iohnes: dwelling in the vpper end of Fleetlane, at the signe of the spread Eagle. And are to be solde: at his shop ioynyng to the southwest dore of Saint Paules Church. 1572.

A new ballad of a famous German prince and a renowned English duke: who on St. James's day, one thou[sand] fought with a beast with seven heads, call'd provinces, not by land, but by water, not to be said, but sung, not high English nor L Dutch, but to a new French tune call'd Monsieur Ragou, or, The Dancing hobby-horses.
Birkenhead, John,
[Edinburgh]. Printed at London and re-printed at Edinburgh,. 1666.. 1 broadside..

A New ballad of an amorous coachman: who was so difficult in pleasing his love-sick fancy; that after his several addresses to the female sex, he was at last married: which made him cry out, Alass! my humour is so hard to please, that I find love, not love, but a disease ...
S.l.. Printed for P. Brooksby at the Golden Ball in Pye-corner. [1690?]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬A¬ new ballad of London's loyalty
[Anr. ed.]. London. Sanders. 1681. 1 S..

A New ballad, or, The true-blew-Protestant dissenter: with their sad lamentation for their late loss of Aldersgate-street.
[London]. Printed for W. Davis ...,. 1682.. 1 broadside..

A New ballad, upon a new occasion.: To the tune of, A Cobler there was, &c. : Fit to be sung in the streets
[Philadelphia. s.n.,. 1771]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

A New ballad upon Dr. Oates his retreat from White-Hall into the city: to the tune of I'le tell thee Dick where I have been.
London. Printed for W. Brown ...,. 1681.. 1 sheet (2 p.).

A New ballad, with the definition of the word Tory
London. Printed for R. Lett ...,. MDCLXXXII [1682]. 1 broadside.

¬A¬ new ballet of the straunge whippes which the Spanyards had prepared to whippe English men
Deloney, Thomas
London. Orwin u.a.. 1588.

A new ball game: litigating copyright infringement for nonliteral software elements
Harris, Robert W.

¬A¬ new bankruptcy procedure that uses multiple auctions
Hart, Oliver
Cambridge, MA. National Bureau of Economic Research. 1997. 19 S. : graph. Darst.. NBER working paper series ; 6278.

¬A¬ new base for social insurance contributions
Bosch, L. H. ; Noord, Paul J. ¬van den¬
Amsterdam. 1988. 23 S.. Research memorandum.

A new baseline for the inertial navigation strapdown simulator program
Nurse, Roy J. ; Prohaska, J. T.
Cambridge, Mass.. Charles Draper Laboratory,. 1978.. 4 v..

A new batch at Andersonville
Waud, William,
[between 1864 February and 1865 April]. 1 drawing on orange paper.

A new Bat (Genus Myotis) from Mexico
Dalquest, Walter Woelber ; Hall, Eugen Raymond
Lawrence. Univ. of Kansas,. 1947. S. 237 - 42.

A new Bat (Myotis) from Mexico
Hall, Eugene Raymond
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¬A¬ new bat of the genus Myotis from the High Sierra Nevada of California
Grinnell, Hilda Wood
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¬A¬ new beginning: speech by the State President P. W. Botha on the occasion of the opening of the 3. Session of the 8th Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, 31 January 1986
Botha, Pieter W.
Pretoria. Bureau for Information. 1986. 14 S..
ISBN 0-7970-0544-7

A new beginning
Stang, Fanny
London. Minerva. 1997. 167p.
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¬A¬ new beginning: a textual frame analysis of the political campaign film
Morreale, Joanne
Albany, NY. State Univ. of New York Pr.. 1991. VII, 154 S.. SUNY series in speech communication.
ISBN 0-7914-0608-3

¬A¬ new beginning: the Jews of historic Lowell, Massachusetts
Kolack, Shirley
New York [u.a.]. Lang. 1997. 101 S. : Ill..
ISBN 0-8204-2263-0

A new beginning
Clark, Ed,
[Ottawa, Ill.]. Caroline House,. 1980.. 135 p. ;.

A New beginning
Hudson, Al.
Hollywood, CA. Capitol Records,. p1988.. 1 sound disc.

"A new beginning": Association for Integrated Manufacturing Technology 23rd Annual Meeting & Technical Conference Proceedings
Jenkins, L.J. ; Jenkins, P.
Beloit - Wisc. . AIM Tech, Association for Integrated Manufacturing Technology. 1986. 180 p..

A new beginning: the songs of Michael Kasberg dedicated to President and Nancy Reagan.
Kasberg, Michael. ; Marshall, Gene, ; Foster, Barbara, ; Wells, Joann.
Redlands, CA.. Kay-Em Records,. [1981?]. 1 sound disc.

A New beginning
Nashville. Thomas Nelson Publishers,. c1992.. 1 v. (unpaged).

A New beginning
[United States]. PolyGram Video,. 1993.. 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (30 min.).

A new beginning: the child health manual.
[Washington, D.C.]. Peace Corps,. [1999].

A new beginning
Waianae, Hawaii. Kahale Music,. p1989.. 1 sound disc.

A new beginning for human health: proceedings of the 25th annual international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 17 - 21 September 2003, Cancún, Mexico ; volume 25
Monzón, Jorge E.
Piscataway, NJ. IEEE Service Center. 2003.
ISBN 0-7803-7789-3

A new beginning for statin therapy
Chapman, John
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A New beginning in Adale.
Mogadishu. [Ministry of Fisheries, Somali Democratic Republic,. 197-?]. viii, 119 p., [24] p. of plates.

A new beginning in Sabah, Malaysia
Leong, Joe
1. publ.. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Kommunikasi Mutu. 1998. 213 S..

A new behavioral principle for travelers in an urban network: final report
Gershwin, S. B. ; Orlicki, David M. ; Zehavi, Ya\02BBa\1E33ov.
Washington, DC. Dept. of Transportation, Office of Systems Engineering ;. 1981.. ix/x, 94 p..

A new bell-bird from Auckland Island
Bangs, Outram.
S. 23 - 24..

A new Berceo manuscript: Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional Ms 13149
Berceo, Gonzalo de ; Dutton, Brian [Hrsg.]
Exeter. Univ. of Exeter. 1982. XV, 67 S.. Exeter Hispanic texts ; 32.
ISBN 0-85989-104-6

A new Berceo manuuscript: Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional Ms 13149
Dutton, Brian
Exeter. Univ.. 1982. XV, 67 S.. Exeter hispanic texts ; 32.

A Newbery Halloween: a dozen scary stories by Newbery award-winning authors
Greenberg, Martin Harry. ; Waugh, Charles. ; Alexander, Lloyd.
New York. Delacorte Press,. 1993.. xi, 189 p. ;.

A Newbery zoo: a dozen animal stories by Newbery award-winning authors
Greenberg, Martin Harry. ; Waugh, Charles.
New York. Delacorte Press,. c1995.. ix, 179 p. ;.

¬A¬ new bibliography of African literature: P.1: An additional bibliography to J.Jahn's A bibliography of Neo-African literature from Africa, America and the Caribbean. P.2: A preliminary bibliography of African writing (from 1965 to the present)
Paricsy, Pal
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A new bibliography of Arthur Rackham
Riall, Richard
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ISBN 0-9523353-0-1 (: No price)

¬A¬ new bibliography of chemical education journals: an annotated bibliography
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¬A¬ new bibliography of samplers for freshwater benthic invertebrates
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A new bibliography of Sanskrit drama
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A new bibliography of the Literatures of Spain and Spanish America: Incl. many studies on anthropology, archaeology, art, economics, education, geography, history, law, music, philosophy, and other subjects
Grismer, Raymond Leonard
Dubuque, Iowa, St. Louis, Mo [bis 6]. Brown, Swift [bis 6]. 1944 -.

¬A¬ new bibliography of the literatures of Spain and Spanish America: includ. many studies on anthropology, archaeology, art, economics, education, geography, history, law, music, philosophy a.o. subjects
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¬A¬ new bill drawn up ... in reply to the ladies and batchelors petition
S.l.. [1693]. 4 S..

A new [sic] bill for the better promotion of oppression on the Sabbath day.
Peacock, Thomas Love,
[n.p. (English), . ca. 1837]. 3 p..

¬A¬ new Bill of Right for Britain
Stacey, Frank
Newton Abbot. David & Charles. 1973. 168 S.. People, plans and problems series.
ISBN 0-7153-6068-X

A new bill of rights for Britain
Stacey, Frank
Newton Abbot. David & Charls. 1973. 168 S.. People, Plans and Problems Series.
ISBN 0-7153-6068-X

A new binning approach for fast kernel smoothing
Scheer, Jens-Uwe
2001.. 159 S ;.

¬A¬ new biographical and chronological history of England from the earliest accounts to the present time
3. ed.. London. Riley. 1793. V, 254 S. : Ill.. Riley's historical pocket library ; 5..

¬A¬ new biological approach for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer: [based on proceedings of a satellite symposium at the 24th annual congress of the Oncology Nursing Society in Atlanta, GA, held on April 28, 1999, and a Trastuzumab RN Advisory Board meeting in Deer Valley, UT, held on November 11, 1999]
Frogge, Margaret H. ¬[Hrsg.]¬ ; Adams, Gregory P.
Philadelphia, PA. Saunders. 2000. 38 S. : Ill.. Seminars in oncology nursing ; 16,4, Suppl. 1.

A new bi-polarity?
Kindleberger, Charles Poor

A new bird's eye view of the seat of war.
Higginson, J. H.
New York, . J. H. Higginson,. c1861.. 1 view,.

¬A¬ new birth of freedom: Lincoln at Gettysburg
Kunhardt, Philip B.
1. ed.. Boston u.a.. Little, Brown. 1983. VII, 263 S. : Ill..
ISBN 0-316-50600-1

¬A¬ new birth of freedom: human rights, named and unnamed
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Jaffa, Harry V.
Lanham, Md. [u.a.]. Rowman & Littlefield. 2000. XIV, 550 S..
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A new birth of freedom: the Republican Party and freedmen's rights, 1861 to 1866
Belz, Herman.
Westport, Conn.. Greenwood Press,. 1976.. xv, 199 p. ;.

A new birth of freedom: the forgotten history of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments
Newman, Nathan. ; Gass, J. J.
[New York, N.Y.]. Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law,. c2004.. 35 p. ;.

A new Bislama dictionary
Crowley, Terry
Suva, Fiji. Institute of Pacific Studies ;. 2003. viii, 448 p..

A new Black consciousness
Carmichael, Stokely. ; X, Malcolm, ; Baldwin, James, ; Bevel, James L.
[S.l.]. Blackside, Inc.,. <p1987- >. <1 > sound cassettes.

A new blanket for Josh
Martin, Phyllis Rodgers.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Standard Pub.,. c1988.. [24] p..

¬A¬ new blind isopod, Asellus californicus, and a revision of the subterranean asellids
Miller, Milton A.
Berkeley, Calif.. Univ. of California Press. 1933. S. 98 - 108 : Ill.. University of California <Berkeley, Calif.>: University of California publications in zoology ; 39,4.

A new blind Lamyctes (Chilopoda: Lithobiomorpha) from Tasmania with an analysis of molecular sequence data for the Lamyctes-Henicops Group
Edgecombe, Gregory D. ; Giribet, Gonzalo
Auckland, New Zealand. Magnolia Press,. 2003.. 23 S..

A new B lymphocyte antigen: studies on structure and cellular distribution
Berntorp, Erik,
Malmö, . 1981 ; . 35 s. ;.

A new body in one day: a guide to same-day cosmetic surgery procedures
Yoho, Robert A. ; Brandy-Yoho, Judy. ; Mandell, Terri.
Pasadena, CA. Inverness Press,. c1998.. 163 p., [64] p. of plates.

A new body in one day: a complete guide to one-day cosmetic surgery procedures
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¬A¬ new body-in-white approach: "body-in-blue"
Tuorrucôo, Micaela
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ISBN 3-18-370105-7