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A new appendix to the Modern justice: containing a continuation of statutes relating to justices of the peace, and their business and proceedings, down to the present year, 1728, and the end of the first year of the reign of King George II : with precedents of warrants, commitments, &c. on all those statutes : and also the manner of convictions, for all kinds of offences, the discretionary power of justices in all cases, and some extraordinary law cases concerning justices of the peace : together with a new alphabetical summary of the game-laws, and the laws against gaming
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¬A¬ new approach to managing community participation and stakeholder negotiation in South African local government
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A new approach to managing cultural institutions: Faceo at Quai Branly Museum
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A new approach to map-matching and parameter correcting for vehicle navigation system in the area of shadow of GPS signal
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A new approach to market research with children: the child psychodrama as diagnosis tool for marketing strategies
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