¬An¬ essay towards comparing Pere Daniel's history of France with some of the rules laid down by the ancients for the writing of history, shewing its excellency above any other
London. 1729.

¬An¬ essay towards deciding the important question: whether it be a national advantage to Britain to insure the ships of her enemies? Addressed to the Right Honorable [sic] Henry Pelham, Esq; By the author of A letter from a bystander
Morris, Corbyn
London. printed by J. Robinson. 1747. x,[2],50p..

An essay towards demonstrating the immateriality and freeagency of the soul: In answer to two pamphlets; one entitledxAxphilosophicintitled A philosophical enquiry into the physical spring of human actions etc, supposed to have been wrote by Samuel Strutt, and the other intitled; A philosophical enquiry concerning human liberty, supposed to have been wrote by Anthony Collins
London. 1760.

¬An¬ essay towards establishing the melody and measure of speech
Steele, Joshua
Menston, England. Scolar Pr.. 1969. XVII,193 S.. English linguistics. ; No. 172..

¬An¬ essay towards establishing the melody and measure of speech to be expressed and perpetuated by peculiar symbols
Steele, Joshua
London. Almon. 1775. XVII, 193 S..

¬An¬ essay towards establishing the melody and measure of speech to be expressed and perpetuated by peculiar symbols
Steele, Joshua
London. Scolar Pr.. 1974. 3 Mikrofiches, 1:24. English linguistics fifteen hundred to eighteen hundred ; 172..

¬An¬ essay towards evidencing the divine original of tythes: the substance of it, in a discourse to his people, in one of the parish churches of the deanery lately rebuilt from a ruine
Delany, Patrick
Leiden. IDC. 1987 c. 2 Mikrofiches : 17x. Irish pamphlets ; 151..

¬An¬ Essay towards explaining the third chapter of Genesis, and the spiritual sense of the Law: in which the third proposition od the Divine legation, and what the author hath brought to support it, are consider'd
Bate, Julius
London. Strahan. 1741. VII, 214 S..

¬An¬ Essay towards fixing the true standards of wit, homour, raillery, satire and ridicule: To which is added an analysis of the characters of an humourist, Sir John Falstaff, Sir Roger de Coveley and Don Quixote
Morris, Corbyn
London. Roberts [u. a.]. 1744. XXXIV, XXXII, 75 S..

¬An¬ essay towards fixing the true standards of wit, humour, raillery, satire and ridicule
Morris, Corbyn
Nachdr. d. Ausg. London 1744. New York, NY. AMS Press. 1972. XXXII, 75 S..
ISBN 0-404-04501-4

An essay towards giving some just ideas of the personal character of Count Zinzendorff; the present advocate and ordinary of the Brethrens churches: in several letters wrote by eye-witnesses to the man. Published by James Hutton, ...
Hutton, James
London. printed for J. Robinson, W. Owen, and G. Woodfall. 1755. xvii,[1],28p..

¬An¬ essay towards illustrating the science of inssurance
Morris, Corbyn
London. 1747. (XV, 61 S.).

¬An¬ essay towards illustrating the science of insurance. Wherein it is attempted to fix, by precise calculation, several important maxims upon this subject; ... Addressed to the Right Hon. Henry Pelham, Esq; by the author of A letter from a bystander
Morris, Corbyn
London. printed in the year. 1747. [2],xv,[1],61,[1]p..

¬An¬ essay towards preventing the ruine of Great Britain
Berkeley, George
London. Printed and sold by J. Roberts. 1721. 2 p. l., 27, [1] p..

¬An¬ Essay towards promoting all necessary and useful knowledge, both divine and human, in all the parts of His Majesty's dominions, both at home and abroad
Bray, Thomas
[Faks.]: London: Holt [in Komm.] for Clavel, 1697. Boston. Hall. 1967. 22 S..

An essay, towards propagating the Gospel, among the neighbouring nations of Indians, in North-America.: Submitted, to the consideration, and proper endeavours of rulers, teachers, and Christians of all denominations.
Friend to church, and common-wealth.
New-London [Conn.],. [s.n.],. Printed May 10th, anno domini. 1756. 18 p. ;.

¬An¬ essay towards the establishing the fishery of Great Britain: proving I. that it lies fairer for Her Majesties subjects than for any other nation, II. that it will be of great and certain advantage to the publick, III. that it is absolutely necessary in order to support our navigation ...
Saunders, W.
London. J. Morphew. [1708].

An essay towards the history of Bideford in the county of Devon
Watkins, John
2. print. Bideford. The Lazarus Publ. Co.. 1993. [38], 254, [22], 52 S..
ISBN 1-89854-601-0

An essay towards the life of Lawrence, Earl of Rochester: late Lord President of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council : humbly inscrib'd to the Right Honourable Henry, Earl of Rochester : with a postscript containing short animadversions on a pamphlet lately published, entituled The history of King James's ecclesiastical commission, &c.
London. Printed for John Morphew ...,. anno 1711.. [2], 43, [1] p. ;.

An Essay towards the mosaik history
Witty, John
London. 1705.

¬An¬ essay towards the present and future peace of Europe
Penn, William
New York, N.Y.. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 1943. S. 567 - 594. International conciliation ; 394.

An essay towards the present and future peace of Europe by the establishment of an European dyet, parliament or estates
Penn, William
Nachdr. d. Ausg. London 1693. Hildesheim [u.a.]. Olms. 1983. 67 S.. United Natons Library, Geneva. : Series F. Sources on the history of international organization ; 1.
ISBN 3-487-07458-3

¬An¬ essay towards the setlement of a national credit
Carey, John
London. Crouch u.a.. 1696.

¬An¬ essay towards the theory of the ideal of intelligible world
Norris, John
Hildesheim. Olms. 1974.

¬An¬ essay towards the theory of the ideal or intelligible world
Norris, John

Norris, John
1701. NACHDR. D. AUSG. LONDON 1701 - 1704..

¬An¬ essay towards the theory of the ideal or intelligible world. Design'd for two parts. ... By John Norris, ...
Norris, John
London. printed for S. Manship; and W. Hawes. 1701 - 1704. 2v..

¬An¬ essay towards the theory of the intelligible world: Intuitively considered. Designed for forty-nine parts. Part III. ... By Gabriel John. ..
D'Urfey, Thomas
The archetypally second edition. [London]. Printed in the year one thousand seven hundred, &c.. 1705. [14],227,[1]p..

¬An¬ Essay toward the Amendment of the last English-Translation of the Bible: Or, A Proof by many Instances, that the Last Translation of the Bible into English, may be improved ; The first Part on the Pentateuch, or 5 Books of Moses
Gell, Robert
London. Crook. 1659. 805 S..

An essay upon an union of Ireland with England: most humbly offered to the consideration of the Queen's most excellent majesty, and both Houses of Parliament
Maxwell, Henry
Dublin. re-printed for Eliphal Dobson, and Matth. Gunne. 1704. 35,[1]p..

An essay upon divorcement;: writ for the good of both sexes, shewing the lawfulness and unlawfulness, the conveniences and inconveniences of divorces with a peremptory conclusion upon the fame,
London, . Printed for J. Baker,. 1715.. 42 p..

An essay upon education, intended to shew that the comon method is defective, in religion, morality, our own language, history, geography, and that the custom of teaching dead languages...is absurd...By a gentleman of Bristol.
Butler , S

An essay upon English tragedy: with remarks upon the Abbe de Blanc's Observations on the English stage
Guthrie, William
Repr. of 1. ed. London 1747. New York. Kelley. 1971. 34, XII, 94 p.. Eighteenth century Shakespeare ; 6.
ISBN 0-678-05113-5

An essay upon English tragedy together with an attempte to rescue that aunciente, English poet and play-wright Maister Williaume Shakespere
Guthrie, William ; Holt, John ; Freeman, Arthur [Hrsg.]
repr.1st ed. New York. Augustus M. Kelley Publishers. 1971. 94 S.. 18th century Shakespeare ; 6.
ISBN 0-678-05113-5

¬An¬ essay upon excising several branches that have hitherts, escaped the duty of the brewing trade to make good the defincy of the maltax, and other funds
[London]. [1699?].

¬An¬ essay upon gaming: in a dialogue between Callimachus and Dolomedes. By Jeremy Collier, M.A
Collier, Jeremy
London. printed for J. Morphew. 1713. 46p..

An Essay upon government.: Adopted by the Americans. : Wherein, the lawfulness of revolutions, are demonstrated in a chain of consequences from the fundamental, principles of society
Philadelphia:. [s.n.] Printed and sold by the booksellers.,. MDCCLXXV. [1775]. 125, [1] p. ;.

¬An¬ essay upon harmony: as it relates chiefly to situation and building
Morris, Robert
Repr.[d. Ausg. London 1739]. New York u.a.. Garland. 1982. 38, 80 S.. +The English landscape garden ; 14..
ISBN 0-8240-0162-1

An Essay upon harmony as it relates chiefly to situation and building
Morris, Robert, ; Gwynn, John, ; Trusler, John,
New York. Garland Pub.,. 1982.. 38, 80 p. ;.

¬An¬ essay upon His Royal Highness the Duke of York his adventure against the Dutch
London. Gilbert. 1672.

¬An¬ essay upon lineage and succession: or, hereditary indefeasible right tried at the scripture-bar ... Written by a person of honour
Person of honour
Edinburgh. printed. 1746. 8p.

An essay upon loans, or, An argument proving that substantial funds settled by Parliament with the encouragement of interests and the advances of prompt payment usually allow'd will bring in loans of money to the Exchequer: in spight of all the conspiracies of parties to the contrary : while a just, honourable, and punctual performance on the part of the government supports the credit of the nation
Defoe, Daniel,
London. Printed and sold by the booksellers,. 1710.. 27 p..

An essay upon marine evidence, in the courts of law and equity: in which is considered the competency of a marine witness, the legal title to British ships, the proof and construction of a ship's policy, and the evidence necessary to establish a variety of nautical subjects : to which is added a glossary of sea terms, which frequently occur in marine pleadings
Van Heythuysen, F. M.
London. J. Butterworth and Son ;. 1819.. 253 p. ;.

¬An¬ essay upon poetry
Sheffield, John
London. Hindmarsh. 1682.

¬An¬ essay upon prints
Gilpin, William
London. 1768.

¬An¬ essay upon projects
Defoe, Daniel ; Kennedy, Joyce D. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
New York, NY. AMS Press. 1999. LXXXII, 244 S.. ¬The¬ Stoke Newington Daniel Defoe edition / general eds. for the ed. Jim Springer Borck ... ; <essay>.
ISBN 0-404-63530-X

An Essay upon publick credit, in a letter to a friend, occasioned by the fall of stocks.
London. Printed for H. Carpenter ...,. 1748.. 23, [1] p. ;.

An essay upon reason and the nature of spirits
Burthogge, Richard
Repr. of the ed. London, 1694. New York, NY [u.a.]. Garland. 1976. 280 S.. British philosophers and theologians of the 17th & 18th centuries ; 10.
ISBN 0-8240-1759-5

An essay upon remarkables in the way of wicked men.
Mather, Cotton,
New-London: Printed and sold by T. . Green, 1723 [Boston,. 1938]. facsim. : 1 p.l.,.

¬An¬ essay upon rewards and punishments according to the practice of the present times...

¬An¬ essay upon Statius: or, th first five books of ... his Thebais
Statius, Publius Papinius
London. Royston. 1648. 165 S..

An essay upon Statius, or, The five first books of Publ. Papinius Statius his Thebais
Statius, P. Papinius ; Stephens, Thomas,
London. Printed for Richard Royston ...,. 1648. [13], 152 p..

¬An¬ essay upon study: Wherein directions are given for the due conduct thereof, and the collection of a library, ... By John Clarke
Clarke, John
London. printed for Arthur Bettesworth. 1731.

¬An¬ essay upon sublime style
Oxford. Lichfield. 1698. 111 S..

¬An¬ essay upon taxes
Temple, William
London. Goodwin. 1693.

¬An¬ essay upon taxes: calculated for the present juncture of affairs in England
Temple, Richard
London. Printed for Tim. Goodwin. 1693.

An essay upon the action of an orator, as to his pronunciation & gesture: useful both for divines and lawyers, and necessary for all young gentlemen, that study how to speak well in publick
Le Faucheur, Michel,
Cardiff. University of Wales Press,. 2000. xv, 317 s..

¬An¬ essay upon the advancement of trade in Ireland
Temple, William
Dublin. [1673]. 32 S..

¬An¬ essay upon the British constitution: being the seventh chapter of the sixth book of The principles of moral and political philosophy. By W. Paley
Paley, William
London. printed for R. Faulder. 1792.

An essay upon the civil wars of France: extracted curious manuscripts, and also upon the epick poetry of the European nations from Homer down to Milton
London. Printed for N. Prevost,. 1731.. vii, 24, 88 p..

¬An¬ essay upon the civil wars of France: extracted from curious manuscripts. And also upon the epick poetry of the European nations from Homer down to Milton. By Mr. de Voltaire
London. printed by Samuel Jallasson, and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster. 1727.

¬An¬ Essay upon the Execution of the Laws against Immorality and Prophaneness: With a Preface address'd to Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace
Disney, John
London. Downing. 1710.

An essay upon the faith of assurance: being the substance of several sermons preached by the author to his own congregation. : To which is added an appendix containing a modest resolution of two important cases relating to assurance.
Thomson, John,
Philadelphia:. Printed by B. Franklln, [sic] for the author.,. M,DCC,XL. [1740]. 64 p. ;.

An essay upon the government of the English plantations on the continent of America (1701)
Byrd, William, ; Davenant, Charles, ; American. ; Wright, Louis B.
San Marino, Calif., . The Huntington library,. 1945.. 3 p..

An Essay upon the government of the English plantations on the continent of America (1701)
Wright, Louis B. ; Beverley, Robert, ; Davenant, Charles,
New York. Arno Press,. 1972, c1945.. xxiv, 66 p. ;.

An essay upon the law respecting husband and wife.
Prater, Henry
London, . 1834.

An essay upon the life, writings, and character, of Dr. Jonathan Swift: interspersed with some occasional animadversions upon the Remarks of a late critical author, and upon the Observations of an anonymous writer on those remarks
Swift, Deane, ; Swift, Jonathan,
London. Printed for Charles Bathurst ...,. 1755.. [4], 375, [1], 53, 4, [1] p. ;.

An essay upon the life, writings, and character of Dr. Jonathan Swift (1755)
Swift, Deane ; Delany, Patrick
New York [u.a.]. Garland. 1974. 375, 53, 31 S.. Swiftiana ; 14.
ISBN 0-8240-1275-5

Swift, Jonathan
LONDON. BATHURST. 1755. 375, LII S..

An essay upon the nature and sources of the malaria or noxious miasma.
Caldwell, Charles,
Philadelphia, . Carey & Lea,. 1831.. 80 p..

¬An¬ essay upon the necessity and excellency of education
Maidwell, Lewis
[Nachdr. d. Ausg. London, 1705]. New York. Kraus. 1967.

An essay upon the necessity and excellency of education
Maidwell, Lewis ; Patrick, J. Max [Vorr.]
Repr. d. Ausg.: 1705. Los Angeles, Cal.. William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, Univ. of California. 1955. VII, 48 S.. Publication. The Augustan Reprint Society ; 51.

An essay upon the necessity and excellency of education (1705): With an introd. by J.Max Patrick
Maidwell, Lewis
Los Angeles, . 1955.

¬An¬ Essay upon the necessity and excellency of education 1705: With an introd. by J. Max Patrick
Maidwell, Lewis
New York. Kraus. 1967. 48 S.. The Augustan Repr. Soc.: Publ. 51.

An essay upon the necessity and excellency of education. With an account of erecting the Royal Mathematical Schole ... By Mr Maidwell
Maidwell, Lewis
London. printed for S. B. and J. B. and sold by J. Nutt. 1705. [18],4,63,[1]p..

An essay upon the necessity of raising the value of twenty millions of pounds at least: in either bills, bonds, tickets, or tallies according to Dr. Chamberlain's method, in order to enable the King to carry on the war with France.
London. Printed, and sold by John Whitlock,. [1695?]. 20 p..

¬An¬ Essay upon the original and nature of government
Temple, William
[Nachdr. d. Ausg. London, 1680]. Los Angeles. William Andrews Clark Memorial Libr.. 1964.

An essay upon the original and nature of government (1680)
Temple, William ; Steensma, Robert C.
Reprinted. Originally published: Los Angeles : William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, 1964 (Publication. Augustan Reprint Society ; 109). New York. AMS Press. 1993. V, 95 S..
ISBN 0-404-70109-4

¬An¬ essay upon the original authority of the King's council
Palgrave, Francis
London. 1834.

¬An¬ Essay upon the originial authority of the King's Council ... as materials for the constitutional history of England
Palgrave, Francis
[London]. [Eyre & Spottiswoode]. 1834. XVI, 144 S. ; 8-o.

¬An¬ essay upon the present state of the theatre in France, England, and Italy: with reflections upon dramatic poetry in general, and the characters of the principal authors and performers of those nations ; a work absolutely necessary to be read by every lover of theatrical exhibitions
London. Pottinger. 1760. 3 Bl., 220 S..

¬An¬ essay upon the principles of historical composition with an application of those principles to the writings of Tacitus
Hill, John
Edinburgh. 1788. Transactions of the R. Society of Edinburgh ; 1.

An essay upon the propagation of the Gospel.: [Two lines from Mark]
Crawford, Charles,
Philadelphia:. Printed by J. Gales, and sold by the booksellers.,. 1799. 60 p. ;.

An essay upon the supremacy and infallibility pretended to by the church of Rome; shewing that neither that, nor any other church, made any such pretence, for more than four hundred years after Christ, and that, therefore, the claim is without foundation. ... By Peter Whitfield
Whitfield, Peter
Liverpoole. printed, by and for the author. 1749. [2],xiv,200p..

An essay upon the third Punique War: Lib. I and II : to which are added Theodosius's advice to his son and the phenix out of Claudian
T. R.,
[London]. In the Savoy, printed by T.N. for William Nott ...,. 1671.. [4], 64 p..

¬An¬ essay upon the virtues of Balm of Gilead: With a copper-plate of the balsam-tree, guarded by a Janissary. ... To which is added, an account of the essence of that noble medicine, and proper directions for taking it; ..
Cartwright, John
London. printed for G. Kearsly. 1760. [2],26p.,plate.

An essay upon the Witham Spa: Or, a brief enquiry into the nature, virtues, and uses of a mineral chalybeate water at Witham in Essex. ... By James Taverner
Taverner, James
London. printed for B. Motte and C. Bathurst. 1737. Online-Ressource.

¬An¬ essay upon true knowledge and a sound judgment in religion
London. 1712.

¬An¬ Essay upon true Knowledge and found Judgement in Religion
London. 1712.

An essay upon two arabic manuscripts of the Bodlejan library, and that ancient book, call'd, the doctrine of the apostles, ...
Grabe, Johann E.
2. ed.. London. 1712.

An Essay upon two Arabic Manuscripts of the Bodlejan Library, and that ancient Book, call'd, the Doctrine of the Apostles, which is said to be extant in them; Wherein Mr. Whiston's Mistakes about both are plainly prov'd
Grabe, Johann E.
Oxford. Clements. 1711. X, 98 S..

¬An¬ Essay upon Ways and Means of supplying the War
Davenant, Charles
London. 1695.

¬An¬ essence of Nishimoto's fractional calculus: (calculus in the 21. century) ; integrations and differentiations of arbitrary order
Nishimoto, Katsuyuki
Koriyama. Descartes Press. 1991. XI, 208 S..

¬An¬ essential course in modern Portuguese
Willis, Robert C.
London ¬[u.a.]¬. Harrap. ¬c¬ 1965. 529 S..

An essential course in modern Portuguese.
Willis, R. Clive
London. Nelson,. 1984. 523 s..

Willis, Robert Clive
ISBN 0-245-50875-9

An essential course in modern spanish
Ramsden, H.
London [u.a.]. Harrap. 1959. 416 S..

An essential cytoplasmic function for the nuclear Poly(A) binding protein, PABP2, in Poly(A) tail length control and early development in Drosophila
Benoit, Beatrice ; Mitou, Geraldine ; Chartier, Aymeric ; Temme, Claudia ; Zaessinger, Sophie ; Wahle, Elmar ; Busseau, Isabelle ; Simonelig, Martine

An essential guide to environmental chemistry
Schwedt, Georg
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¬An¬ essential link with audiences worldwide: research for international broadcasting
Zöllner, Oliver ¬[Hrsg.]¬
1 Aufl.. Berlin. Vistas. 2002. 234 S.. DW-Schriftenreihe ; 5.
ISBN 3-89158-334-6

¬An¬ essentially complete Class of two-stage selection procedures with screening at the first stage
Gupta, Shanti Swarup

¬An¬ essential safeguard: essays on the United States Supreme Court and its justices
Stephenson, D. G. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
New York ¬[u.a.]¬. Greenwood Press. 1991. XII, 178 S.. Contributions in legal studies ; 63.
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¬An¬ essential technique in geological research and exploration
Woodward, N. B.
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An Essex-tribute: essays presented to Frederick G. Emmison as a tribute to his life and work for Essex history and archives
Neale, Kenneth [Hrsg.] ; Emmison, Frederick G.
London. Leopard's Head Pr.. 1987. XV,268 S..
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¬An¬ essey on nature an immutability of truth, in opposition to sophistry and scepticism
Beattie, James
5. corr. Ed.. London. Dilly. 1774. 518 S..

¬An¬ Esssay On Diseases Incidental To Europeans in hot Climates: with the method of preventing their fatal consequences ; To which is added, an appendix concerning intermittent fevers; to the whole is annexed, a simple and easy way to render salt water fresh, and to prevent a scarcity of provisions in long voyages at sea
Lind, James
3. ed. London. 1777.

"A nessun popolo più che all'italiano è concomitante la forma federale: antologia degli scritti politico-istituzionali
Cattaneo, Carlo
Torino. CELID. 2002. 111 S..
ISBN 88-7661-529-6 : 5.20 EUR

¬An¬ establishment or an oligarchy?
Thurow, Lester C.

An estancia in Patagonia
Mackinnon, Nora
London. Minerva Press. 1997.
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An estate and gift tax planning analysis
Wong, Linda.
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¬An¬ estate of memory
Karmel, Ilona
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An estate of memory: a novel
Karmel, Ilona,
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An estate planner's guide to buy-sell agreements for the closely held business
Mezzullo, Louis A.,
Chicago, Ill.. American Bar Association,. c2001. xi, 129 p..

An estate planner's guide to family business entities: family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and more
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¬"An¬ Estate pleasing to God and man": secular and religious reformation of marriage in the Palatinate, 1555 - 1619
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A Nest building and brooding behaviour of the bagrid catfish, Auchenoglanis occidentalis (Valenciennes, 1840), in Lake Tanganyika : in: Copeia ; Bd. 2001
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¬A¬ nested benders decomposition approach to locating distributed generation in a multiarea power system
McCusker, Susan ; Hobbs, Benjamin Field

¬A¬ nested CES approach to capital-energy substitution
Prywes, Menahem
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¬A¬ nested CES approach to factor substitution
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A nested decomposition method for vehicle routing and scheduling
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A nested game approach to political and economic liberalization in democratizing states: the case of South Korea
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A nested logit model of residential broadband interest and entertainment service subscription
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¬An¬ ESTELLE description of the ISO distribution transaction processing service
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Anestesia clinica
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