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An epitaph on the death of the Ladie Maioresse
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¬An¬ epitaph upon the death of ... Benedict Spinola
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¬An¬ epitaph upon the death of R. Charlewood
S.l.. [1587].

¬An¬ epitaph upon the Lady Knowles
Newton, Thomas
[Mikrofilm-Ausg.]. [London]. Johnes. [1568].

¬An¬ epitaph upon the solemn league and covenant
London. Stephens. 1661. 1 S..

¬An¬ epithalamium upon the auspicious nuptials
S.l.. 1658.

AnepithymÅetoi sympatriÅotes: stoicheia gia tÅen katastrophÅe tÅon meionotÅetÅon tÅes Helladas
MargaritÅes, GiÅorgos
AthÅena. Vivliorama. 2005. 220 p..
ISBN 960-808743-0

An epitome of biblical history: glosses on Walter of Châtillon's Alexandreis 4.176-274 ; edited from London, British Library, MS. Additional 18217
Townsend, David
Toronto. Pontifical Inst. of Mediaeval Studies. 2008. VI, 93 S.. Toronto medieval Latin texts ; 30.

An epitome of book-keeping by double entry: delineated on a scale suited to the faculties and comprehension of senior school boys and youth, designed for the mercantile line : comprising systematic and unerring rules for the forming monthly statements of books, as well as those for opening, conducting, adjusting, and closing them : with explanations of theory, and exhibitions of practice, rendered easy to the smallest capacity, and calculated to initiate them in the true principles, and to make them perfect in the rules, by a little practice : to which are added, rules for keeping retail books by double entry, without altering the process of single entry in the day-book or journal, for all sales of merchandize, by which one half the writing is saved, and the ledger exonerated from items, and rendered a prompt and sure proof of monthly balances and annual profits : also the most easy, concise, and safe way of calculating any rate per cent., and especially that of interest at six per cent. per annum
Turner, Thomas
Portland [Me.]. Printed by Jenks & Shirley, for Thomas Clark,. 1804. 148 p. ;.

¬An¬ epitome of book-keeping by double entryas Turner
Turner, Thomas
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An epitome of Braithwaite's Retrospect of practical medicine and surgery,
New York, . W.H. Tinson, printer and stereotyper,. 1860.. 2 v. in 6..

An epitome of chemistry, theoretical and practical: intended for the use of candidates for the degree of "Bachelor in science," and serving also as a summary of chemistry for the professor and student
Huard, Auguste.
Boston. J. Monroe,. 1857.. xii, 127 p. ;.

An epitome of constitutional law and cases
Kelke, W. H. Hastings
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An epitome of cosmic religion,
Keeler, Charles Augustus,
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¬An¬ epitome of ecclesiastical history
Shirley, John
London. Thackeray u.a.. 1692. 339 S..

¬An¬ epitome of ecclesiastical history containing I. the life and death of our blessed Lord and Savr Jesus Christ with the lives of the apostles and holy Evangelists. II. the lives of the ancient fathers, schoolmen, first reformers [et] modern divines. III. [et]c
Shirley, James
3. Ed. London. 1706.

[An Epitome of English orthography; or, The art of writing true and right English words, &c.]
Green, Bartholomew,
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An epitome of eye, ear, throat and nose diseases for the student and practitioner
Hobbs, Arthur G.
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An epitome of general ecclesiastical history from the earliest period: with a condensed account of the Jews since the destruction of Jerusalem
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An epitome of human histology: for the use of students in connection with lectures and laboratory work
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Make it happen! in hip-hop & rap: with some short notes thereon, chiefly intended as a guide to Smith's "Leading cases"
Indermaur, John. ; Jelf, Ernest Arthur, ; Reed, Edward Tennyson, ; Islam, Afrika. ; Nicolo, Joe. ; Jackson, Kim. ; Baker, Jon. ; Sledge, Jeff. ; Eckstine, Ed. ; Jackson, Cat.
Media, Pa.. RMD and Associates,. c1995.. 1 videocassette (40 min.).

¬An¬ Epitome of leading conveyancing and equity cases
Indermaur, John
3. ed. London. 1877.

An epitome of leading conveyancing and equity cases with some short notes thereon: chiefly intended as a guide to Tudor's Leading cases on conveyancing, and White and Tudor's Leading cases in equity
Indermaur, John. ; Tudor, Owen Davies, ; White, Frederick Thomas.
London. Stevens & Haynes,. 1873.. viii, 72, 11 p. ;.

¬An¬ epitome of Mr. John Speed's theatre of the empire of Great Britain: And of his prospect of the most famous parts of the world. In this new edition are added, the despciptions of His Majesties dominions abroad, viz. New England, New York, 226 Carolina, Florida, 251 Virginia, Maryland, 212 Jamaica, 232 Barbados, 239 as also the empire of the great Mogol, with the rest of the East-Indies, 255 the empire of Russia, 266 with their respective descriptions
Speed, John
London. printed for Tho. Basset at the George in Fleet-street, and Ric. Chiswel at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard. 1676.

An epitome of navigation: containing problems geometrical, the doctrine of plain and spherical triangles, and their application in plain, mercator and great circle sailing : as also in astronomy and geography, and rules for finding the vaation of the compass, and correcting the course : together with the tables of the sun and stars right ascension and declination : of the latitude and longitude of places of meridional parts : likewise a traverse-table, a perpetual almanack, and other things very useful in the art of navigation : and the logarithmical sines and tangents, with the logarithms and natural numbers from 1 to 10,000, according to these exact tables formerly set forth
Gellibrand, Henry,
London. Printed by B.M. for Rich. Mount ...,. 1695.. 61, [257] p..

An epitome of navigation: containing the doctrin of plain & spherical triangles, and their use and application in plain sailing, mercator's sailing, and great circle sailing ... : together with tables of the sun and stars ... of the latite and longitude of places, of meridional parts : likewise a traverse-table ... and the logarithm sines and tangents ...
Gellibrand, Henry,
London. Printed by Andr. Clark for William Fisher, and are to be sold at his shop ...,. 1674.. [17], 57, [159] p..

An epitome of navigation: containing ... the logarithm sines and tangents ...
Gellibrand, Henry ; Atkinson, James [Bearb.]
London. 1701.

An epitome of practical surgery, for field and hospital
Warren, Edward,
[Chapel Hill, N.C.]. Academic Affairs Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,. 2000.

¬An¬ epitome of the constitutional part of the laws of England: ... Carefully compiled from the statutes, and the opinions of the best law authorities on the subject, ... By J. Peisley
Peisley, J.
London. printed at the Logographic Press, and sold by J. Walter, J. Johnson; and W. Richardson. 1789.

An epitome of the elementary principles of natural and experimental philosophy .
VI, 410 S., 14 gef. Bl..

An epitome of the general councils of the Church, from the Council of Nice, A.D. 325, to the conclusion of the Roman Council of Trent in the year 1563: with incidental notices of other councils, and an appendix containing some observations on the first four general councils, Jewel's apology, and Nowel's catechisms
Grier, Richard.
Dublin. W. Curry, Jun., and Co.,. 1828.. xxiv, 338, viii, [1] p. ;.

An epitome of the history of Fair Argenis and Polyarchus (introductory material), 1640
Coeffeteau, Nicolas, ; Man, Judith.
Providence, RI. Brown University Women Writers Project,. 1999..

¬An¬ epitome of the history of faire Argenis and Polyarchus
Barclay, John
[Mikrofilm-Ausg.]. London. Seile. 1640.

An epitome of the law affecting charter-parties and bills of lading
Duckworth, Lawrence,
London. E. Wilson,. 1904.. xi, 146 p. ;.

An epitome of the law of landlord and tenant: including leases, assignments, tenants in fee, --for life, --for years, --at will, &c., rent, mortgages, corporations, ecclesiastical persons, copyholds, &c., lodgings, waste, fixtures, notice to quit, ejectment, distress, remedies for landlord, --tenant, poor's rate : to which is added, an appendix of precedents
Woodfall, William,
London. J. Butterworth ;. 1803.. xii, 226 p..

An epitome of the law relating to charter-parties and bills of lading
Duckworth, Lawrence,
London. E. Wilson,. 1901.. xi, 129, 31 p..

¬An¬ epitome of the natural history of the insects of New Holland, New Zealand, New Guinea, Otaheite and other islands in the Indian, Southern and Pacific Oceans: including the figures and descriptions of one hundred and fifty-three species ...
Donovan, Edward
London. Rivington. 1805.

¬An¬ epitome of the newer materia medica, standard medicinal products, and fine pharmaceutical specialities ... by Parke, Davis & Co.: added a compl. property and dose list
4. ed.. Detroit. Parke & Davis. 1886. 76 S..

An epitome of the practice of the high Court of Chancery, from the commencement of the suit to the decree: with an appendix of useful precedents: to which are added the orders of the court, relating to the fees of the clerks in court, and solicitors of the said court
Turner, Samuel,
London. Printed for W. Clarke,. 1810.. 91 p. ;.

An epitome of the practice on the equity side of the Court of Exchequer: comprehending all the material authorities upon points of practice from the commencement of the suit to the decree
Turner, Samuel,
London. W. Clarke and Sons,. 1806.. 154 p. ;.

An epitome of the privileges of London: including Southwark : as granted by royal charters, confirmed by acts of Parliament and established by ancient custom : with remarks on the repeated invasions of the rights, franchises, and jurisdiction of the metropolis of Great Britain : digested and arranged
Hughson, David,
London. Sherwood, Neely, and Jones,. 1816.. 287 p. ;.

An epitome of the Psalmes, or briefe meditacions vpon the same, with diuerse other moste christian prayers, translated by Richard Tauerner
Capito, Wolfgang ; Taverner, Richard ; Brunfels, Otto
S.l.. [By R. Bankes? for A. Clerke?] in Fletestrete at the signe of the whyte hart]. [1539]. Online-Ressource.

¬An¬ epitome of the reports of the medical officers to the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs Service [Mikroform]
Gordon, Charles Alexander ¬[Bearb.]¬
London. 1884. 5 Mikrofiches. The nineteenth century : books on China.

¬An epitome ¬of the stocks and publick funds: containing every Thing necessary to be known for perfectly understanding the Nature of those Securities, and the Mode of doing business therein
Fortune, Thomas
[Nachdr. der] 2. ed., London, Boosey, 1796. S. 17 - 91.

An epitome of the title that the kynges maiestie of Englande hath to the souereigntie of Scotlande
Bodrugan, Nicholas
S.l.. Grafton. 1548.

An epitomized diagnosis of gastro-intestinal diseases.
Jersey City, N.J.. Compliments of Reed & Carnrick,. 1915.. 64 p..

An epitomized history of the militia (The "Constitutional Force") together with the origin, periods of embodied service, and special services (including South Africa, 1899-1902), of militia units existing October 31, 1905
London. United States Gazette,. [1905?].. 444 p. ;.

An epitomy of ecclesiastical history ...
J. S.
London. Printed by J. Millet, for W. Thackeray ... and J. Back ...,. 1692.. [8], 328 p., [2] leaves of plates.

An epitomy, shewing when the Protestant religion began, why so call'd, the parts thereof: the three creeds, and wherefore people stand when one is said : how and when infant baptism came to be used ... : also the Presbyterians, and what ty hold and what Scriptures they produce, and the Independants, and the Baptists, what Scriptures they produce, the Quakers, somewhat of their principles and what Scriptures they produce
Axford, John.
London. Printed for the author,. 1700.. 16, [3] p..

An epoch and a man,: Martin Van Buren and his times
Lynch, Denis Tilden.
New York, . H. Liveright,. 1929.. 3 p. \2113., v-ix p., 2 \2113., 15-566 p..

An epoch in Kerala history: biography
Balakrishnan, V.
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¬An¬ epoch in Missouri history: Being a facs. of a brochure printed in Lexington, Ky. in the year 1796 with a twentieth century view of it
Dugan, Frances L. ; Bull, Jacqueline P.
Lexington, Ky.. Univ.of Kentucky. 1958. 8 S.,3 Bl.. Keepsake. ; Nr. 5..

An epoch in Missouri history: being a facsimile of a brochure printed in Lexington, Kentucky in the year 1796 with a twentieth century view of it.
Delassus Deluzières, Pierre Charles de Hault, 1738-1806. ; Dugan, Frances L. S. ; Bull, Jacqueline,
[Lexington, Ky.. University of Kentucky,. 1958]. 8, [6] p. ;.

An epoch in Missouri history: being a facs. of a brochure printed in Lexington, Kentucky in the year 1796 with a 20th century view of it
Deluzières, Delassus.
Lexington, Ky., . 1958.. [8] Bl..

An epoch of miracles: oral literature of the Yucatec Maya
Burns, Allan F. [Übers.]
1. ed. Austin. Univ. of Texas Pr.. 1983. XIV, 266 S.. The Texas Pan American series.
ISBN 0-292-72037-8

¬An¬ epoch of the political history of South-Africa in the life of Frederic Hugh Page Creswell
Creswell, Margaret
Cape Town ¬[u.a.]. Balkema. [ca 1955]. 174 S..

¬An¬ eponymous dictionary of economics: a guide to laws and theorems named after economists
Segura, Julio ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Cheltenham [u.a.]. Edward Elgar. 2004. XXVIII, 280 S..
ISBN 1-8437-6029-0

A nepozdvihne meéc ...: odpírání vojenské sluézby v éCeskoslovensku 1948 - 1989
Blaézek, Petr
1. vyd.. Praha. Academia. 2007. 339 S.. Edice Stíny ; 4.
ISBN 978-80-200-1558-7

¬An¬ EPR and ENDOR study on defects in silicon
Sieverts, Eric G.
1978. 144 S..

Sieverts, Eric G.
1978. 144 S. : GRAPH. DARST..

Ane prettie mirrour or conference, betuix the faithfull Protestant a[n]d the dissemblit false hypo[c?]reit: in to the quhilk may be maist easylie perceaued & knawin the one fro[m] the other
Lauder, William,
[Edinburgh. R. Lekpreuik,. 1570?]. [8] p..

¬Ane¬ prettie mirrour or conference, betuix the faithfull protestant and the dissemblit false hypocreit: [In verse]
Lauder, William
[Edinburgh]. [Lekpreuik]. [1570?]. 8 S..

¬Ane¬ prettie mirrour or conference betuix the fathfull protestant ad the dissemblit false hypocreit
Lauder, William
Edinburgh. Lekpreuik. 1570.

<<An>> EPR investigation of radiation protection by aromatic additives in synthetic polymers
Banaszak, Jerome J.
University Park . Pennsylvania State Univ.. 1964. Microfiches, 75 S..

¬An¬ EPR study contributing to the elucidation of the reaction mechanism of soybean lipoxygenase-1
Groot, Josephus J.
1976. 63 S..

¬An¬ EPR study contributing to the elucidation of the reaction mechanism of soybean lipoxygenase-l
Groot, Josephus J. ¬de¬
[S.l.]. 1976. 63 S..

¬An¬ EPR study contribution to the elucidation of the reaction mechanism of soybean lipogenase-1
Groot, Josephus J. ¬de¬
1976. 63 S..

<<An>> EPR study of free radicals in irradiated nitro, methyl and phenyl substituted pyrimidines
Lorenz, P.E.
Carbondale - Ill. . 1974. 6 Microfiches..

¬An¬ EPR study of glass forming liquids and liquid crystals
Spielberg, Johanan I.
[Mikrofiche-Ausg.]. Ann Arbor: Univ. Microfilms Int. 1986.

An EPR study of the Ob2(B(õl[õdõeõlõtõa]õg) molecule.
Falick, Arnold Morris.
1967.. iv, 84 l..

¬An¬ EPR study on clustering of iron and of oxygen in silicon
Muller, Sara H.
1981. 96 S..

An *(epsilon*)-pertubation of Brouwer's definition of degree
Peitgen, Heinz-Otto ; Siegberg, Hans-Willi
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AneptychthÅemen? Anaptyssometha? Anaptyssontai!
KÅonstantinu, Petros N.
AthÅena. Hetairia PhilÅon tÅes MegalÅes Ideas. 1985. 137 S. : Ill..

An EPV view of the zonal mean distribution of temperature and wind in the extra-tropical troposphere
Sun, De-Zheng. ; Lindzen, Richard S.
Cambridge, MA. Center for Global Change Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. 1993.. 41 p., [13] p. of plates.

¬An¬ epytaphe upon the death of M. Rycharde Goodricke esquier
[London]. [1562]. 1 S..

An EQCM study of the electropolymerization of benzene in an ionic liquid and ion exchange characteristics of the resulting polymer film
Schneider, Oliver ; Bund, A. ; Ispas, A. ; Borissenko, Natalia ; Zein El Abedin, Sherif ; Endres, Frank

An Equal capacity in the subjects of Great Britain for civil employment: the best security to the government and the Protestant religion, shewing I. It adds to the power of the crown. II. It secures the established church. III. It would reconcile and bring many of the dissenters, and, IV. The acts made to the contrary have never been the produce of mature deliberation but of party zeal ...
London. Printed for A. Bell ...,. 1717.. 40 p. ;.

An equal chance: equalities and inequalities of educational opportunity
Birley, Derek ; Dufton, Anne
London. Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1971. XI, 211 S..
ISBN 0-7100-6968-5

An equal employment opportunity ordinance for the District of Columbia: summary of hearing before the Board of Commissioners, August 28, 3l, 1964, staff statistical investigation; finding of the Board of Commissioners and the ordinance.
[Washington] . Govt. of the District of Columbia,. 1965.. 127, A102 p..

An equalisation of every item of Scripture money, weight, and measure, whether of liquids, dry goods, or of distance, with the British: in which the monies are calculated at par, and the weights and measures regulated agreeably to the imperial standard of Great Britain
Palethorpe, Joseph.
London. H. Hooper,. 1842.. 143 p..

An equality of Cusp invariants and Cusp contributions to the dimension formula
Ogata, Shoetsu.
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¬An¬ equality operator for data security in the lambda-calculus
Bailes, Paul A.
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An equality relating the non-iid case with the iid case
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¬An¬ equality test across nonparametric regressions
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An equality theorem prover based on grammar rewriting
Batzoglou, Serafim.
c1996.. 62 p. ;.

An equalized transportation reimbursement formula
Turo, Leo Pasquale.
273 leaves.

An equalizer with feedback filter
Salomonsson, Göran,
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^An^ equal music
Seth, Vikram
London (u. a.). BCA. 1999. 380 S..

An equal music
Seth, Vikram
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An equal music: a novel
Seth, Vikram ; Bates, Alan
New York, NY. Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publ.. 1999. 4 Tonkassetten (ca. 360 Min.). BDD Audio : Fiction.
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¬An¬ equal opportunities guide to language
London. 1993. [4] Bl..

An equal partner: Britain's role in a changing Europe ; final report of the Commission on Britain and Europe
London. 1997. XVIII, 81 S..
ISBN 1-86203-066-9

An equation-based optimization approach for analog circuit design
Hjalmarson, Emil, ; Hägglund, Robert, ; Wanhammar, Lars,
Linköping. Univ.,. 2004. [8] s..

<<An>> equation for long low water waves: interaction of permanent waves
Valkering, T.P.
Enschede . Twente University of Technology. 1976. 50 l..

<<An>> equation for long low water waves: on the initial value problem
Valkering, T.P.
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¬An¬ equation for one-sided tolerance limits for normal distributions
Link, Carol L.
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¬An¬ equation modeling Poisson distributed pollution in a stochastic medium: a white noise approach
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An equation modelling transport of a substance in a stochastic medium
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<<An>> Equation of state for condensate fluids
Bhagia, N.S.
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An equation of state for silicate melts
Ghiorso, Mark ; Kress, Victor C.
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<<An>> Equation of state for use with sodium
Alderson, M.A.H.G.
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¬An¬ equation of state for warm neutron degenerate matter
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¬An¬ equation of state of plutonium nitride fuel
Fischer, Erhard A.
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An equation that changed the world: Newton, Einstein, and the theory of relativity
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An equestrian portrait of the Duc d'Orléans by Alexander Roslin
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¬An¬ equilibrium analysis of marriage, divorce and risk sharing
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An equilibrium analysis of search and breach of contract, II: a non-steady state example
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An Equilibrium analysis of selected intercity freight markets: trucks with double trailers vs. TOFC shuttle trains as energy conservation alternatives
Roberts, Paul O. ; Brigham, Thomas B. ; Miller, Carol A.
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An equilibrium apporach to pricing foreign currency options
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An equilibrium approach to financial stability analysis: the Colombian case
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Cabral, Luís M. B.
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An equilibrium membrane quadrilateral element
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An equilibrium modell of turnover with bated information
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An equilibrium model of faculty appointments, promotions, and quota restrictions.
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An equilibrium model of investment under uncertainty
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¬An¬ equilibrium model of turnover with belated information
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