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An exposition with practical observations continued upon the eighth, ninth and tenth chapters of the book of Job: being the sum of thirty two lectures delivered at Magnus near the bridge, London
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Gustin, M. E
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An exposé of the Roman Catholic Church
Weisman, Charles A.
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An exposé on the dissentions of Spanish America: containing, an account of the origin and progress ... intended as a means to induce to the mediatory interference of Great Britain, in order to put and end to a destructive civil war ...
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¬An¬ ex post analysis of foreign stock diversification
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Brown, Kathleen M.
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¬An¬ ex post facto research study of the relationship between juvenile exploitation and work related stress experienced by staff members
Farmer, James A.
1986. 2 Mikrofiches.

An ex-post investigation of interest rate parity in Asian emerging markets
Adrangi, Bahram ; Raffiee, Kambiz ; Shank, Todd M.

An expostulary letter to the Honourable Daniel Horsmanden, Esq,: concerning the unnecessary and cruel imprisonment of Henry Oudenarde, late merchant in the city of New-York
Oudenaarde, Hendrick. ; Horsmanden, Daniel,
New-York:. Printed [by William Weyman],. MCCDLXVI. [1766]. 16 p.

An expostulation with the bishops, so called, in England: concerning their jurisdiction over the people of God, called Quakers : with a few wholesom words of exhortation and advice, tending to unite them and us in one true spiritual worsh.
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¬An¬ expostulation with Thomas Lloyd
Budd, Thomas
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An expostulation with Thomas Lloyd, Samuell Jenings, and the rest of the twenty-eight unjust judges and signers of the paper of condemnation against George Keith and the rest of his friends: and complaint for a publick hearing and tryal before all impartial people.
Budd, Thomas,
[Philadelphia. W. Bradford,. 1692]. 7, [1] p..

An Expostulation with Thomas Lloyd, Samuell Jenings, and the rest of the twenty eight unjust judges and signers of the paper of condemnation against George Keith and the rest of his Friends. And complaint for a publick hearing and tryal before all impartial people
Budd, Thomas,
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An expostulatory address offered to the most serious consideration of the people called Quakers: By a member of that society. To which are added, some reflections on the insensibility of such who profess the light and truth in the inward parts
J. S
London. printed and sold by Luke Hinde. 1751. 24p.

An expostulatory letter from the Rev. Mr. Edwards of Northampton, to the Rev. Mr. Clap, Rector of Yale College in New-Haven,: in reply to his late printed letter to him, relating to what he reported concerning the Rev. Mr. Whitefield, at Boston and Cambridge and elsewhere, as from Mr. Edwards; making the falsity of that report yet much more manifest. : [Two lines from Job]
Edwards, Jonathan,
Boston:. Printed and sold by Kneeland and Green in Queenstreet.,. 1745. 16 p. ;.

¬An¬ expostulatory letter to the author of the late slanderous libel
London. 1671. 28 S..

An expostulatory letter to the Honourable Daniel Horsmanden, Esq,: concerning the unnecessary and cruel imprisonment of Henry Oudenarde, late merchant in the city of New-York
Oudenaarde, Hendrick. ; Horsmanden, Daniel,
New-York:. Printed [by William Weyman],. MCCDLXVI. [1766]. 16 p.

¬An¬ expostulatory letter to the Rev. W. D. Tattersall, ... in which the bad tendency of the admission of stage amusements, in a religious and moral point of view, is seriously considered. By Rowland Hill, ...
Hill, Rowland
London. printed by A. Paris. And sold by J. Mathews; J. Bulgin, Bristol; R. Rakes, Gloucester; J. Bence, Wotton Underedge. 1795. 44p..

An exposure-based technique for analyzing heavy truck accident data
Khasnabis, Snehamay. ; Al-Assar, Ramiz.
21 p..

¬An¬ exposure of Chinese communist drug dealings in the "Golden triangle"
Shih, Fo
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An exposure of Father Divine: the world's chief false Christ
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[Sleigh, William Willcocks],
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An Exposure of some of the numerous mistatements and misrepresentations contained in a pamphlet commonly known by the name of Mr. Marryatt's pamphlet: entitled "Thoughts on the abolition of the slave trade and the civilization of Africa, with remarks on the African Institution, and an examination of the report of their committee recommending a general registry of slaves in the British West-India Islands."
London. Printed for J. Hatchard,. 1816 . 65 p. ;.

An exposure of the arts and miseries of gambling: designed especially as a warning to the youthful and inexperienced against the evils of that odious and destructive vice
Green, J. H.
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An exposure of the arts and miseries of gambling;
Greene, Jonathan Harrington,
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¬An¬ exposure of the domestic and foreign attempts to destroy the British Constitution: upon the new doctrines recommended. By a Member of parliament, and of His Majesty's Privy Council
Member of parliament, and of His Majesty's Privy Council
London. printed for John Stockdale. 1793.

An exposure of the hindu religion in reply to Mora Bhatta Dandekara to which is Prefixed a translation of the Bhatta's tract
Wilson ; Mora Bhatta Dandekara
Bombay . 1832. VIII, 159 s..

An exposure of the misrepresentations contained in a professed report of the trial of Mr. John N. Maffitt, before a council of ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, convened in Boston, December 26, 1822.
Maffitt, John Newland,
Boston. [s.n.],. 1823.. 27 p. ;.

An exposure of 'The secret life of Eric Butler': the story of twenty years of character assassination
Butler, Eric D.
[Fitzroy. printed by W. & J. Barr,. 1960?]. 47 p..

¬An¬ Exposure of the system pursued by the venders of locks: Look to your locks!
London. [ca. 1835].

An exposure of the triassic eastern border fault
Digman, Ralph Ericksen,
[Hartford?]. State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut,. 1950.. p. 37-45.

An exposure of the violation of the letter and spirit of the Charter of the city of Washington by the corporation and the banks, and the redress due to the people.
[Washington? . 183-?]. 8 p..

An exposure, or, examination, of the operations of the British ministers, from the commencement of the war against the Americans, till the present time; contrasted with the operations that were most suitable to the interests of Great-Britain. By Mr. Joly de St. Valier, ...
Joly de Saint-Vallier
London. sold by Messrs. Fielding and Walker; and Mr. Sewell. 1781. 7,[1],111,[1]p..

¬An¬ exposycyon vpo[n] the. v.vi. [and] vii. chapiters of Mathewe: whiche thre chapiters are ye keye and ye dore of the scripture, and ye restoryng agayne of Moyses lawe corrupte by the scrybes and pharyses. And ye exposycyon is the restorynge agayne of Chrystes lawe corrupte by the Papystes. Item before the boke thou hast a prologe very necessary conteynynge the whole sum of the couenau[n]t made betwene God and vs, vpon whiche we be baptysed to kepe it. And after thou haste a table that ledeth the by the notes in the margentes, vnto al that is intreated of in the boke
Tyndale, William
S.l.. R. Redman. [1537?]. 107, [5] leaves.

¬An¬ express by one British pacquet just arrived, which brought 2 Ostend mails; with an account of the surrender of Tournay, &c
Dublin. re-printed by F. Dickson. 1709. 1 sheet.

An expression for the neutron blackness of fuel rod after long irradiation
Yamakoshi, Hisao.
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¬An¬ expression input routine for LISP
Hext, Jan
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An expressionist in Paris: the paintings of Chaim Soutine ; [this book has been published in conjunction with the exhibition An expressionist in Paris: The paintings of Chaim Soutine, presented at The Jewish Museum, New York, April 23. 1998 - August 16. 1998 ...] ; [Ausstellungskatalog]
Soutine, Chaim
Munich [u.a.]. Prestel. 1998. 207 S. : zahlr. Ill..
ISBN 3-7913-1932-9

<<An>> expressionist in Paris - the paintings of Chaim Soutine: [in conjunction with the Exhibition An Expressionist in Paris: The Paintings of Chaim Soutine, presented at The Jewish Museum, New York, April 23, 1998 - August 16, 1998 ; at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, September 28, 1998 - January 3, 1999 and at the Cincinnati Museum, February 14, 1999 - May 2, 1999]
Soutine, Chaim |b [Ill.] |9 FU00363355 ; Kleeblatt, Norman L. |9 FU00482873
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An expression of interest to construct a Major SSC Detector: July 8, 1991
[U.o.], . 1991. [Ca 110] s. (med var. pag.).

An expression of the community: Cincinnati Public Schools' legacy of art and architecture
Flischel, Robert A.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Art League Press,. c2001.. 224 p..

An Express just arrived from General Washington.: Camp at Cambridge, Oct. 24, 1775. Sir, The inclosed information being of the highest importance, I thought it proper to transmit it to you with all dispatch, I am Sir, your obedient servant, George Washington. : On the service of the United Colonies. To the Hon. Nicholas Cooke, Esq; dep. gov. of Rhode-Island, Providence. .
Washington, George, ; Cooke, Nicholas, ; Jones, Pearson. ; Greene, Nathanael,
[Providence. Printed by John Carter,. 1775]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬An¬ exquisite eye: the Australian flora and fauna drawings 1801-1820 of Ferdinand Bauer
Watts, Peter ; Pomfrett, Jo Anne ; Mabberley, David
Glebe. Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales. 1997. 167 S..
ISBN 0-949753-78-5

An extaact [sic] of a letter from an officer of the 71st. Regiment to his friend at Edinburgh,: giving an account of the reduction of Charlestown in South-Carolina, with the list of the killed, wounded, and taken prisoners
Officer of the 71st. Regiment
[United States?. s.n.,. 1780]. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

¬An¬ extansion of the MS pivoting rule to capacitaded network flow problems
Roos, C. ; Tegze, M.
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A next challenge in organizational leadership
Argyris, Chris

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Shomber, Henry Rolan.
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ISBN 963-917024-0

An extended breath: collected longer poems and sequences
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An extended fiscal analysis of the feasibility of incorporation of the community of Laguna Niguel
[Laguna Niguel, Calif.. Laguna Niguel Community Services District,. 1989]. 1 v. (various foliations) ;.

¬An¬ extended game simulation für teaching and learning in journalism-communication: a paper presented at the 10th Annual Symposium of the National Gaming Council ; Ann Arbor, October 7 - 10, 1971
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An extended Kalman filter extension of the augmented Markov decision process
Lommel, Peter Hans.
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¬An¬ extended kinetic analysis of valinomycin-induced Rb-transport through monoglyceride membranes
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An extended lifting line theory for the loads on a rotor blade in the vicinity of a vortex.
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An extended model of global marketing
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ISBN 1-86274-348-7

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<<An>> extended PBC method and its application to striations and polar crystals
Miyata, TakÐeshi ; Kitamura, Masao ; Sunagawa, Ichiro
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An extended reinforcement algorithm for estimation of human behaviour in congestion games
Tröger, Thomas ; Pitz, Thomas
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An extended role for the voluntary sector: the challenge of implementation
Billis, David ; Harris, Margaret
London. 1986. 13, [9] Bl.. Working paper : Centre for Voluntary Organisation, London School of Economics & Political Science ; 3.
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¬An¬ extended semantic definition of Pascal for proving the absence of common runtime errors
German, Steven M.
Stanford, Calif.. Stanford Univ.. 1980. [1 Microfiche]. Computer Science Department ; Stan-CS-80-811.

¬An¬ extended Table of zeros of cross products of Bessel functions
Fettis, Henry Eason

<<An>> extended version of de Bakker's {mLu}-calculus
Pelin, A.
Philadelphia - Pa. . 1977. 2 Microfiches..

An extended yield curve model for bond option pricing using a Jump/Garch-m forward rate process
Akita, Shigeyuki. ; Maruyama, Hiroshi.
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¬An¬ extendend pressure finite element space for two-phase incompressible flows with surface tension
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¬An¬ extendible, top-down Translator
Lennon, William Joseph

An extensible command language for the Multics system.
Broughton, Jeffrey Millard.
1976.. 135 leaves.

<<An>> extensible framework for Web information agents
Magnanelli, Mario Marco
Zürich . 2001. 193 S..

An extensible graph package for structured data browsing and interacton: research project
Shilman, Michael.
2000.. 76 leaves.

An extensible integration framework for the capture of multimedia assets
Hu, Jeffrey
c1999.. 70 p..

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An extensible, object-oriented compiler for the Timeliner User Interface Language
Liu, Frank Tien-Fu,
c2001.. 104 p..

An extensible object-oriented executor for the Timeliner user interface language
Stern, Steven M.
c2005.. 71 leaves.

An extensible parallel visualization tool for the observation of distributed arrays
Ansari, Zia
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Kearney, Peter F. ; Staples, John
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ISBN 0-86857-537-2

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Pino Perez, R.

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An extension and refinement of developing shell plating
Nicholson, C. A. ; Stevens, L. C.
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Wirth, Niklaus
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¬An¬ extension course in diagnostic and remedial measures in reading in Hodgeman and Ness Counties, Kansas
Cruise, Pearl G. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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¬An¬ extension course in diagnostic and remedial measures in reading in Smith County, Kansas
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An extension of: "Omitted cross-price variable biases in the linear travel cost model: correcting common misperceptions"
MacKean, John R. ; Revier, Charles F.

¬An¬ Extension of a result of Seneta and Heyde to p-dimensional Galton-Watson processes
Kaplan, Norman

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Mawhin, Jean
Louvain. Univ. Cathol.. 1970. 16 Bl.. Institut de Mathématique Pure et Appliquée <Louvain>: Rapport ; 35.

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Fitch, Frederic B.
k. 1948. S. 95 - 106.

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Holzman, Ron
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An extension of good-deal asset price bounds
Longarela, Iñaki, R.
Stockholm, . 2001.

¬An¬ extension of Helicopter Rotor Theory
Boehler, Gabriel
Washington. 1953. 40 S..

¬An¬ extension of iterative fast Monte-Carlo (IFM) Procedure and its application to time-variant structural reliability analyses
Shiraki, W.
Innsbruck. Inst. f. Mechanik. 1988. 68 S. : graph. Darst.. IfM ; 019.

¬An¬ extension of Karmarkar's algorithm for solving a system of linear homogeneous equations on the simplex
Ghellinck, Guy ¬de¬ ; Vial, Jean-Philippe
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Mautner, F. I.
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Fell, James M. G.

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Hens, Thorsten

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Bastero, Jesus ; Bernues, Julio ; Pena, Ana
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¬An¬ Extension of multi-project scheduling to capacity planning and financing
Matthes, Winfried
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