¬An¬ explication of the article peri tu katelthein eis hadu of our Lordes soules going from his body to paradise, to and against the Archb. of Canterbury: Sundry epistles are prefixed and affixed [Topic 4.]
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An explication of the Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer: with the addition of some forms of prayer
Rawlet, John,
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¬An¬ explication of the Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lords Prayer: With the addition of some forms of prayer. The second edition, with some prayers added. By J.R
Rawlet, John
London. printed by Tho. James for Samuel Tidmarsh, at the Kings Head at Sweeting's Alley End in Cornhill, next House to the Royal Exchange. [MDCLXXIX. [1679].

An explication of the diall sett up in the Kings garden at London, an. 1669: in which very many sorts of dyalls are conteined : by which, besides the houres of all kinds diversly expressed, many things also belonging to geography, astrolo, and astronomy, are by the sunnes shadow made visible to the eye, amongst which very many dialls, especially the most curious, are new inventions, hitherto divulged by none : all these particulars are shortly, yet clearly sett forth for the common good
Line, Francis,
Printed at Liege. By Guillaume Henry Streel,. 1673.. [2], 59, [1] p., 1 leaf of folded plates.

¬An¬ explication of the first causes of action in matter: and of the cause of gravitation. By Cadwallader Colden
Colden, Cadwallader
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¬An¬ explication of the first causes of action in matter and of the cause of gravitation
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An explication of the first causes of action in matter, and the cause of gravitation.
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An explication of the ivdiciall lawes of Moses.: Plainely discovering divers of their ancient rites and customes ... Together with two treatises, the one shewing the different estate of the godly and wicked ... The other, declaring how the wicked may be inlightned ... All which are cleered out of the originall languages, and doe serue as a speciall helpe for the true understanding of divers difficult texts of Scriptures.
Weemes, John,
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An explication of the relative positions of power and responsibility of British and American shop stewards.
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An explication of the Shorter catechism, composed by the Assembly of Divines, commonly called, the Westminster Assembly.: Wherein the several questions and answers of the said Shorter catechism, are resolved, divided, and taken apart into several under-questions and answers; in order to render the whole more plain and easy to be understood, not only by the young arising generation, but also, by the more weak and ignorant, of more advanced years; that they all may be helped forward in their growth in knowledge, and acquaintance with the doctrines of faith, and principles of our holy Protestant reformed Christian religion.
Thomson, John,
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An explicatory catechism: or, An explanation of the Assemblies Shorter catechism.: Wherein all the answers in the Assemblies catechism are taken abroad in under-questions and answers, the truths explain'd, & prov'd by reason and Scripture; several cases of conscience resolv'd, some chief controversies in religion stated, with arguments against divers errors: useful to be read in private families, after examination in the catechism it self, for the more clear and through [sic] understanding of what is therein learn'd.
Vincent, Thomas,
Boston in N.E.. Re-printed by John Allen, for Nicholas Boone, at the Sign of the Bible in Cornhill.,. 1711. [8], 327, [5] p. ;.

An Explicit account of the lives and trials of the twin-brothers Daniel and Robert Perreau, who were executed on Wednesday, January 17, 1776, for forgeries for seven thousand five hundred, and three thousand one hundred, pounds, and the remarkable case of Mrs. Rudd, written by herself, with the proceedings against her at the Old-Bailey: to which are added an account of their behaviour and execution, and copies of the papers they delivered to the clergyman who attended them ...
Perreau, Robert, ; Rudd, Margaret Caroline,
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An explora.
Fischer, Manfred M. ; Fröhlich, Josef ; Gassler, Helmut
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An exploration of a secondary market for small business loans
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An exploration of motivations, drivers and barriers to carbon management: the UK FTSE 100
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¬An¬ exploration of Ohios prematerial counseling requirement in Ohiio Appalachia
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Brandts, Jordi ; Figueras, Neus

An exploration of "roles" in Naerim kut, the Korean shaman initiation rite
Kim, Jinsook.
XII, 235 S..

An exploration of root foraging and nitrogen uptake by four grass species: exotic annual Bromus diandrus and Bromus hordeaceus, and native perennial Elymus glaucus and Nassella pulchra in a northern California oak woodland
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2003.. 58 leaves.

An exploration of selected thermodynamic properties of aqueous protein solutions
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An exploration of simulator sickness in the MH-60G operational flight trainer, an advanced wide-field-of-view helicopter trainer
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An exploration of students' perceptions of strategic management model usefulness
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An exploration of supply chain management practices in the aerospace industry and in Rolls-Royce
Tiwari, Mohit.
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An Exploration of the multidimensional nature of Long Island's identity
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An exploration of the perceptions of the average driver's speed compared to perceived driver safety and driving skill
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An exploration of the virtues of good times
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