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Seibersdorf . J. Stockdale,. OEFZS . 17 die Flugsicherung.

Die Domkirchen: Bischofskirche Limburg, Kaiserdom Frankfurt, Simultankirche Wetzlar: in which is included the several commissions, appointing the agents to manage the business of the capture. Pointing out the most effectual methods to the captors to obtskirchelimburgkaiserdomfrankfurtsimultankirchewetzlar
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An explanation of the magnetic atlas, or variation chart, hereunto annexed: projected on a plan entirely new, by which the magnetic variation on any part of the globe may be precisely determined, for any time, past, present, or future : and the variation and latitude being accurately known, the longitude is of consequence truly determined
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Von Cochem, Martin.
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Hamilton, James
London. His Majesties printer for Scotland. 1639.

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London. Printed for F. Clay ...,. 1731.. iv, 22 p..

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An explanation of the observed irregularities in the motion of Uranus, on the hypothesis of disturbances caused by a more distant planet;
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An explanation of the Shorter catechism compos'd by the assembly of divines at Westminster, 1647: with a plain, and familiar method of instructing the younger sort, in that catechism, specially intended for governours of families, and humbly submitted to the candid judgment of the godly and judicious reader
Lye, Thomas,
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Fitch, James
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An explanation of the solemn advice, recommended by the Council in Connecticut colony, to the inhabitants of that jurisdiction, respecting the reformation of those evils, which have been the procuring cause of the late judgments upon New-England.
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An Explanation of the vices of the age: shewing the knavery of landlords, the imposition of quack doctors, the roguery of petty-lawyers. The cheats of bum-bailiffs, and the intrigues of lewd women
[London] . Printed and sold at No. 41, Long-Lane, West Smithfield.,. [179?]. 8 p. ;.

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Steffler, John
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ISBN 0-88887-041-8

An Explanation, or, The vices of the age.: Wherein is explained the knavery of landlords, the imposition of quack-doctors, the roguery of pettifogging lawyers, the cheats of bum-bailffs [sic], and the intrigues of lewd women
[London] . Printed in Piccadilly,. 1755.. 8 p..

¬An¬ explanatory account ofthe nature and business of the several offices ... in this kingdom
London. 1727.

¬An¬ explanatory and pronouncing dictionary of the noted names of fiction: including also familiar pseudonyms, surnames bestowed on eminent men, and analogous popular appellations often referred to in literature and conversation ; with appendix by Charles G. Wheeler
Wheeler, William A.
Republ., 19. ed. Boston [u.a.], 1869. Detroit. Gale. 1966. XXXII, 440 S..

¬An¬ explanatory defence of the estimate of the manners and principles of the times, being an appendix to that work: Written by the author of the estimate
Brown, John ¬[erm.Verf.]¬
Lond.. 1758.

An explanatory dialogue of a late treatise, intituled, A discourse on the late funds of the Million-act, Lottery-act, and Bank of England: with proposals for supplying Their Majesties with money on easy terms, exempting the nobility, gent, &c. from taxes, enlarging their yearly estates, and enriching all the subjects in the kingdom : together with several speeches to the Honourable the House of Commons, by a monied man, a freeholder, and a merchant
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Chambers, William
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An explanatory statement of Certain Occurrences at Roscrea
Parsonstown . Bull .

¬An¬ explanatory study of criminal violence among male and female offenders from a social learning and developmental perspective
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¬An¬ explanatory study of the significance and feasability of a regional television programming system for the Commonwealth Caribbean
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An explanatory text to accompany the 1:750,000 scale fault and geologic maps of California
Jennings, Charles W.
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An explanatory text to the reconnaissance soil map (1:250.000) of Bali, Indonesia
Dai, Junus. ; Rosman.
[Bogor]. Soil Research Institute,. 1970.. iii, 44 leaves.

¬An¬ explantation of the increase in female one parent families receiving supplematary benefit
Hamill, Lynne
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¬An¬ explication of the article katelthen eis hadu, of our lordes soules going to Paradise
Broughton, Hugh
2. ed.. [Middelburg?]. 1605.

An explication of the article ... of our Lordes soules going from his body to paradise, touched by the Greke, general[l?]y ... the world of soules, termed Hel by the old Saxon, & by all our translationes: with a defence of [t]he Q. of Englandes religion, to, & against the Archb. of Canterbury, who is blamed for turning the Q. auctority against her owne faith : sundry epistles are prefiexd [sic] & affixed
Broughton, Hugh,
[S.l.. s.n.],. MDXCIX [1599]. [8], 80 p.