A new type of radio positioning device.
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¬A¬ new type of rhipidistian hyomandibular from the Baltic Middle Devonian
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A new type of safety valve
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¬A¬ new Type of ß-ray spectograph
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A new type of volume source for negative ions
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A new type of wide-band, in-flow duct silencer for ventilation ducts.
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¬A¬ new typology for journalism and mass communication writing
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A new ultrasonic flow meter: modification of the sing-around method for use in heat meters
Delsing, Jerker,
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¬A¬ new uncountably categorical pure group
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A new understanding of health and disease
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A new underwater communication system
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¬A¬new unified phenomenological model for fatigue crack initiation, short crack propagation, long crack propagation and closure effects
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A new unifying biparametric nomenclature that spans all of chemistry: the science of incorporating over 2,000 new names every day to a base of over 42 million compounds while still maintaining order
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A New Univeral Atlas Comprising Separate Maps of all the Principal Empires, Kingdoms & States Throughout the World...
New York. Wm. Hall & Co.,. 1836.. 1 atlas ( ).

A new, universal and impartial history of England.
Raymond, George Frederick
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A new, universal and impartial History of England, from the earliest authentic records, and most genuine historical evidence, to the winter of the year 1784 ....
London. Cooke,. [ca 1784]..

A new universal atlas: containing maps of the various empires, kindgoms, states, and republics of the world : with a special map of each of the United States, plans of cities, &c. : comprehended in seventy sheets, and forming a series of one hundred and seventeen maps, plans and sections
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A New Universal Atlas Comprising Separate Maps of all the Principal Empires, Kingdoms, & States Throughout the World...
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A new universal atlas, comprising separate maps of all the principal empires, kingdoms & states throughout the world, and forming a distinct atlas of the United States
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A new universal atlas, exhibiting all the empires, kingdoms, states, republics, & c., & c., in the whole world.: Being a complete collection of the most approved maps extant;
Kitchin, Thomas, ; Rennell, James, ; Laurie, Robert, London. ; Whittle, James, London.
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A new universal dictionary of the marine;: being a copious explanation of the technical terms and phrases usually employed in the construction, equipment, machinery, movements, and military as well as naval operations of ships : with such parts of astronomy and navigation, as will be found useful to practical navigators ; illustrated with a variety of modern designs of shipping, &c. together with separate views of the masts, yards, sails and rigging ; to which is annexed a vocabulary of French sea-phrases and terms of art, collected from the best authorities.
Falconer, William, ; Murray, John, ; Gold, Joyce,
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A new universal etymological English dictionary: containing not only explanations of the words in the English language, and the different senses in which they are used ... but also their etymologies
Bailey, Nathan ; Scott, Joseph Nicoll
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A new universal etymological English dictionary: containing not only explanations of the words in the English language; ... but also their etymologies from the ancient and modern languages: and accents directing to their proper pronunciation; ... Illustrated with copper-plates. Originally compiled by N. Bailey. Assisted in the mathematical part by G. Gordon; in the botanical by P. Miller; and in the etymological, &c. by T. Lediard, ... And now re-published with many corrections, ... by different hands. The etymology of all terms ... derived from the Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and other Asiatic languages, being revised and corrected by Joseph Nicol Scott, M.D
Scott, Joseph Nicol ; Bailey, Nathan
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¬A¬ new universal etymological, technological, and pronouncing Dictionary of the English langugage
Craig, John

A new universal history of arts and sciences
London. 1759.

A new universal history of arts and sciences, shewing their origin, progress, theory, use and practice, and exhibiting the invention, structure, improvement, and uses, of the most considerable instruments, ... decyphered in fifty two copper-plates. In two volumes.
London. printed for J. Coote,. 1759..

¬A¬ new universal history of the religious rites, ceremonies and customs of the whole world: or A complete and impartial view of all religions in the various nations of the universe ; Both antient and modern, from the creation down to the present time ... and ill. by quotations from the most celebrated authors
Hurd, William
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A new universal history of the religious rites, ceremonies, and customs of the whole world.
Hurd, William
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A new universal history of voyages and travels.
London. printed for W. Owen,. 1754..

A new universal history of voyages and travels collected from the most authentic authors in all languages: containing every thing worthy observation in the four quarters of the globe and including the lives and remarkable exploits of the most eminent admirals, captains, and seamen of all nations ...
Owen, W.
London. Printed for W. Owen,. 1754.. 3 v..

¬A¬ new, universal method of thin-section -to- sieve transformation of granulometric data
Merta, Tadeusz

A new university: A. D. Lindsay and the Keele experiment.
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A new unstable mode in thin-film nucleation
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A new upper-bound approach to the mechanics of plastic flow through converging dies.
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¬A¬ new upper bound for the efficiency of a block design
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A new upper bound on Rubik's cube
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<<A>> new Upper Cretaceous rudistid from the Kemp clay of Texas
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A new use of importance sampling to reduce computational burden in simulation estimation
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A new user interface for a mimic generation system.
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A new US farm household typology: implications for agricultural policy
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A new Vandermonde-related determinant and its connection to difference equations.
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A new variorum edition of Shakespeare: supplementary bibliographies ; for Henry the 4., P.1., Henry the 4., P.2., The tragedy of Julius Caesar, The life and death of King Richard II.
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A new vectorial model for the estimation of uncertainty in nano coordinate measuring machines
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A new vehicle concept for short range intercity transport: a project report
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A new Vermeer: life and work of Han van Meegeren
Kreuger, Frederik H.
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¬A¬ New Version Of all the Books of the New Testament, with a Literal Commentary On all the Difficult Passages: to which are added, I. An Introduction to the Reading of the Holy Scriptures, intended chiefly for Young Students in Divinity. II. An Abstract or Harmony of the History. III. A Critical Preface to each of the Books of the New-Testament, with a general Preface to all St. Paul's Epistles ; Numb. I. (to be continu'd Monthly) contains An Account of the whole Work, with part of the Introductions ; Written originally in French By Messieurs De Beausobre and Lenfant, By the Order of the King of Prussia : done into English, with Additonal Notes
London. 1726.

A new version of the book of Job: with expository notes, and an introduction, on the spirit, composition, and author of the book
Umbreit, Friedrich Wilhelm Carl, ; Gray, John Hamilton,
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A new version of the full-wave ICRH Code FISIC for plasmas with non-circular flux surfaces
Krücken, Thomas.
Garching bei München. Max-Planck-Inst. für Plasmaphysik,. 1988.. 40 S..

A new version of the GÅandhÅarÅi Dharmapada and a collection of previous-birth stories: British Library KharoÖsÖthÅi fragments 16 + 25
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Seattle, Wash. [u.a.]. University of Washington Press. 2003. XXII, 266 S.. Gandharan Buddhist texts ; 3.
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<<A>> new version of the general program to calculate atomic continuum processes using the R-matrix method
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A new version of the Gospel according to Saint Matthew: with a literal commentary ... To which is prefixed an introduction ... Written originally in French by Messieurs De Beausobre and Lenfant. ..
Beausobre, Isaac de ; Lenfant, Jacques
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¬Die¬ Meckerpause: with a literal commentary on all the difficult passages: to which is prefixed an introduction to the reading of the Holy Scriptur01 NorÆuden, Annemari
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A new version of the Psalms of David ;: fitted to the tunes used in churches
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¬A¬ new vespertilionine bat from the barstovian deposits of Montana
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Park, Edwards ; Carlhian, Jean P.
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A new view of Britain
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ISBN 0-340-55532-7 (kart.) : No price

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DuMont's große Garten-Enzyklopädie
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¬A¬ new view of insanity: The duality of mind: proved by the structure, functions, and diseases of the brain and by the phenomena of mental derangement, and shown to be essential to moral responsibility
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¬A¬ new view of London: Or, an ample account of that city in eight sections. Containing a more particular description thereof than has hitherto published of any other city in the world... Ill. with 2 plans and other copper plates
London. 1708.

A new view of London: or, an ample account of that city, in eight sections...
Hatton, Edward
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A new view of Mexican migration to the United States
Díez-Canedo Ruiz, Juan.
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Owen, Robert
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Owen, Robert
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¬A¬ new view of the origin of Dalton's atomic theory: a contribution to chemical history ; together with letters and documents concerning the life and labours of John Dalton, now for the first time published from manuscript in the possession of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester
Roscoe, Henry Enfield ; Harden, Arthur ; Dalton, John
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A new view on the composition of dust in the solar system: results from the Cassini dust detector
Postberg, Frank
2007. IV, 168 S..

¬A¬ new viewpoint on differential geometry of supermanifolds
Bejancu, Aurel
TimiÐsoara. Univ.. Seminarul de mecanicÆa ; ....

A new vision: proceedings ; ASPRS-RTI 1998 annual conference, March 30 - April 3, 1998, Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida
Bethesda, Md.. 1998. 1 CD-ROM.
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A new vision for America: toward human solidarity through global democracy
Richardson, John
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Sparks, Dennis ; Hirsh, Stephanie
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A new vision of an old cluster: untangling Coma Berenices : Marseille, France, 17-20 June 1997
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