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Chang, Chung Mou.
1955.. 1 v. in various pagings.

A new technique of ladle refining of steel "the loop heated ladle steel refining process" =: nouveau procédé d'affinage en poche de l'acier avec chauffage par induction = Neues verfahren zum Stanlfeinen in einer induktiv beheizten Pfanne
Langman, R. D. ; Winfield, G.
Paris. Comité français d'électrothermie,. 1980.. 11 p..

¬A¬ new technique to generate 100 GW-level attosecond X-ray pulses from the X-ray SASE FELs
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A new technology to manufacture polypropylene foam sheet and biaxially oriented foam film
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A new terminal for Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport
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A new terminal system: a case study in decision making
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¬A¬ new terminology for mammalian teeth: founded on the phenomenon of thegosis ; Parts 1 and 2
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A new terminology for mammalian teeth: founded on the phenomenon of thegosis
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A new testament
Anderson, Sherwood
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A New Testament blueprint for the church
Moore, John ; Neff, Kenneth
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¬A¬ New Testament commentary: For english readers
Knox, Ronald A.
London. Burns Oates and Washbourne.

¬A¬ New Testament Commentary for english readers
Knox, Ronald Arbuthnott
London. Burns Oates & Washbourne. 1954.

Filson, Floyd Vivian
ISBN 0-334-01142-6

Filson, Floyd Vivian

¬A¬ new Test Bench for measuring optical transfer functions of aerial camera lenses
Baeck, A

A new test device for characterization of mechanical stress caused by packaging processes
Hirsch, Soeren ; Doerner, Steffen ; Hauptmann, Peter ; Schmidt, Bertram

A new test for autocorrelation in the disturbances of the dynamic linear regression model
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¬A¬ new test for cross-subsides in regulated industries with application to a local telecommunications monopoly
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1989 [erschienen] 1990. VIII, 134 S..

¬A¬ new test for exponentiality against harmonic new better than used in expectation
Gerlach, Bernhard
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A new test for fourth-order autoregressive disturbances
King, Maxwell L.
Clayton. Dept., Univ.. 1983. 16 S.. Working paper. Department of Econometrics and Operations Research. Monash University ; 1983,10.
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A new test for industrial lead poisoning;
McCord, Carey P.
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A new test for mean reversion in stock prices
Duffee, Gregory R.
Washington, D.C.. Federal Reserve System Board of Governors ,. 1991. 33, <2> s..

A new test for overidentification
Kakwani, Nanak C.
[Kensington, New South Wales]. 1993. 15 S.. Discussion paper.

A new test for random events of an exponential distribution
Schmidt, Karl-Heinz,
Darmstadt. Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung,. 2000.. 8 S..

¬A¬ new test for speculative bubbles based on return variance decompositions
Engsted, Tom ; Tanggaard, Carsten
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¬A¬ new test frame for ordinary differential equation solvers
Nowak, Ulrich ; Gebauer, Susanna
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A new test in lieu of the old one, by way of supposition, or, A satisfactory answer to that great and common question: viz. if the penal laws and tests should be abolished, how shall the Protestant religion and interest be secured?
Shute, Giles,
London. Printed by George Larkin ...,. 1688.. [2], 34 [i.e. 38] p..

A new test of scanning and monitoring ability: methods and initial results
Revzin, Alvin M ; Rasmussen, P.G
Washington, D.C.. Office of Aviation Medicine, U.S. Dept. of Transportaion, Federal Aviation Administration ;. 1992]. 9, A-8 p. ;.

A NEW TEST OF THE Church of England's Loyality: OR, Whiggish Loyalty AND Church Loyalty COMPAR'D.
Defoe, Daniel, ; Tutchin, John,
Printed in the Year 1702.. 1 p.l., 34 p..

¬A¬ new test of the Church of England's loyalty: With allowance
London. N. T.. 1687. 8 S..

A new test of the Church of England's loyalty, or, Whiggish loyalty and church loyalty compar'd.
Defoe, Daniel,
[London?. s.n.],. 1702.. [2], 34 p. ;.

A new test of the martingale difference hypothesis
Kuan, Chung-ming ; Lee, Wei-Ming

¬A¬ new test of the permanent income hypothesis: the impact of weather on the income and consumption of farm households in India
Wolpin, Kenneth I.
New Haven, Conn.. Yale Univ.. 1983. S. 583 - 594. Center paper / Yale University ; 331.

Wolpin, Kenneth I.
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¬A¬ new test of understandings of the whole number system: primary form
Rossi, Geraldine Ann Nardi
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A new text-critical introduction to Madsdhafa Berhan.
Isaac, Ephraim ; Zar®a Ya°qob,
Leiden, . Brill,. 1973.. xii, 160 p..

¬A¬ new text-critical introduction to MaÖsÖhafa BerhÅan: With a transl. of book I
Isaac, Ephraim
Leiden. Brill. 1973. XII,158 S..

A New thanksgiving song revised, enlarged and adapted to the glorious conquest of Canada.: Fitted to a lively tune, called the Granadiers [sic] march, proper for the fife and drums
[Boston]. (Sold at the new printing-office, near the town-house, in Boston) [by Benjamin Mecom,. 1760]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬A¬ new theatrical Dictionary: containing an account of all the dramatic pieces, that have appeared from the commencement of theatrical exhibitions to the present time ... ; To which is added an alphabetical Catalogue of dramatic writers ... and also a short sketch of the rise and progress of the english stage
London. Bladon. 1792. 400 S..

A new theoretical and practical treatise on navigation: in which the auxiliary branches of mathematics and astronomy, comprised of algebra, geometry, logarithms, plane and spherical trigonometry, the motion of the heavenly bodies, tides, variation of the compass, etc., are treated of : also the theory and most simple methods of finding time, latitude, and longitude by chronometers, lunar observations, single and double altitudes, are taught : together with a new and easy plan for finding diff. lat., dep., course, and distance
Maury, Matthew Fontaine,
Philadelphia. Key and Biddle ...,. 1836 . viii, 216, 174 p., 9 leaves of plates (1 folded).

A new theoretical approach to absorbing layers
Joly, P. ; Tuomela, J.
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ISBN 951-22-1874-7

¬A¬ new theoretical challenge - regionalism and institutional change: the cases of East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa
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kart. (Pr. nicht mitget.)

¬A¬ new theory for American poetry: democracy, the environment, and the future of imagination
Fletcher, Angus
Cambridge, Mass. [u.a.]. Harvard Univ. Press. 2004. IX, 316 S..
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A new theory for an independent treasury for the people, or, An explanation of the causes of the late fluctuations in our currency: with a proposition for an efficient remedy
Grant, Robert.
[S.l.. s.n.],. 1840 . 36 p. ;.

A new theory for the control of accommodation.
Morgan, Meredith R.
[s.l.. s.n.],. 1946.. 1 v..

¬A¬ new theory for tropical instability waves
Münnich, Matthias ; Latif, Mojib
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A new theory for wings of small aspect ratio.
Bollay, William. [from old catalog]
[Pasadena? . 1936?]. 87 l..

¬A¬ new Theory identifying the locale of Columbus's light, landfall, and landing
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A new theory in Armenian etymology.: [Nor tesut°iwn hayer¯eni stugabanut°ean,
Balekjian, Kajak,
Cairo, . 1955.. 35 p..

A new theory in Astronomy: proving that the Sun Circuits Around the Earth
Guessel, Frederick C.D.
2. Edition. St. Louis, Mo. 1914. 20 S..

A new theory in Astronomy: Proving that the sun revolves around the Earth
Guessel, Fredrick C.D.
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<<A>> new theory indentifying the locale of Columbus's light, landfall, and landing
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A new theory in the mechanism and proper treatment of uterine displacements.
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A new theory in the philosophy and history of three twentieth-century styles in art: modernism, postmodernism, and surrealism
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A new theory of cosmology: symmetrical expansion ot the metagalaxy and of the antimetagalaxy into the opposite directions of the time dimension and changes of "fundamental constants" of atomic physics as a function of expading spacetime
Boyer, Nicodemus E.
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¬A¬ new theory of crystal elasticity and piezoelectricity
Wooster, W. A.
1 Aufl.. [s.l.]. 1956. 19, 16 S..

A new theory of demand and supply and emergence of international trade from domestic trade
Yang, Xiaokai

A new theory of endogenous economic growth
Scott, Maurice Fitzgerald

A new theory of fingering: (Paganini and his secret)
Jarosy, Albert, ; Whinyates, Seymour,
London, . G. Allen & Unwin. [1933]. 70 p.,.

A new theory of forecasting
Manganelli, Simone.
Frankfurt am Main. Europ. Central Bank,. 2006.. 41 S..

A New theory of galvanism, supported by some experiments and observations made by means of the calorimotor, a new galvanic instrument: Also, A new mode of decomposing potash extemporaneously ; Read before the Academy ... Accomparied by 1 engraving
Hare, Robert
Philadelphia. 1819.

A new theory of geodetic gravity
Bjerhammar, Arne
Stockholm [u.a.]: Elander. 1964. 75 S.. Kungl. Tekniska Högskolans handlingar ; 243 : Pure and applied mathematics and physics ; 27.

¬A¬ new theory of knowing and known: with some speculations on the border-land of psychology and physiology
Cunningham, John
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A new theory of music origins: the language auxiliary hypothesis : comment on Grinde's article
Merker, Björn

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Hoover, David L.
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¬A¬ new Theory of Physics and Diseases, founded on the principles of the Newton Philosophy
Robinson, Nicholas
London. 1725.

A new Theory of the Earth
Whiston, William
Ed. 5. London. 1737.

A new theory of the earth
New York . Arno Pr. .

A New theory of the earth, from its original, to the consummation of all things: wherein the creation of the world in six days ...
Whiston, William
The Fifth Edition. To which is added, an Appendix, containing a new theory of the deluge. London. Whiston. 1737. [3] Bl., 95, 478 S., [9] Bl..

<<A>> new Theory of the Earth, From its Original to the Consummation of all Things: Wherein The Creation of the World in Six Days, The Universal Deluge, And the General Conflagration, As laid down in the Holy Scriptures, Are shown to be perfectly agreeable to Reason and Philosophy
Whiston, William
Cambridge . B. Tooke. 1708.

A new theory of the earth, from its original, to the consummation of all things: wherein the creation of the world in six days, the universal deluge, and the general conflagration, as laid down in the Holy Scriptures, are shewn to be perfectly agreeable to reason and philosophy : with a large introduction concerning the genuine nature, style and extent of the Mosaick history of the creation
Whiston, William, ; Whiston, John,
London. Printed for John Whiston ...,. MDCCXXXVII [1737]. [4], 95, [1], 478, [2] p., 10 leaves of plates.

<<A>> new theory of the earth ... with a large introductory discourse concerning the genuine nature ... of the Mosaick history of the creation
Whiston, William
London . 1725.

¬A¬ new theory of unemployment
Akerlof, George A. ; Miyazaki, Hajime
New York, NY. 1975. 36 S.. Economics working papers. 1976. ; 94..

Akerlof, George A. ; MIYAZAKI, HAJIME

A new theory of urban design
Alexander, Christopher
New York [u.a.]. Oxford Univ. Pr..
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A new theory of value. The Canadian economics of H. A. Innis
Neill, Robin
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London. Dent. 1963. XXIV,303,4 S.. Everyman's library. ; No. 483..

A New theory of vision
Berkeley, George,
London. Electric Book Co.,. c2001. 97 p.

¬A¬ new theory of vision and other select philosophical writings
Berkeley, George
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¬A¬ New theory of vision and other writings: Introduction by A. D. Lindsay
Berkeley, George
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&lt;&lt;A&gt;&gt; new theory of vision and other writings
Berkeley, George
Reprint.. London. Dent [u.a.]. 1946. XXIV, 303 S.. Everyman&#39;s library ; 483 : Theology &#38; philosophy.

Berkeley, George

A new theory of yellow fever: founded on the results of chemical experiment
Tinsley, James
Charleston, S.C.. Printed by W.P. Young and Son,. 1819. 55 p.

¬A¬ new Theory on Columbus's voyage through the Bahamas: [with 5 plates]
Link, Edwin Albert ; Link, Marion C.
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¬A¬ new therapeutic approach in alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency: proceedings of a workshop held in Copenhagen November 1988
Yernault, J. C. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Copenhagen. Munksgaard. 1990. 52 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.. The European respiratory journal ; vol.3 suppl.9.

¬A¬ new therapeutic intervention for the management of osteoporosis: [Symposium "A New Therapeutic Intervention for the Management of Osteroporosis", held in Hong Kong on 30 March 1993 as part of the Fourth International Symposium on Osteoporosis and Consensus Development Conference]
London. Springer International. 1993. 42 S.. Osteoporosis international ; 3 : suppl. 3.

¬A¬ new thermal neutron scattering technique: neutron spectral modulation
Ito, Yuji ; Nishi, Masakazu ; Motoya, Kiyoichiro
Tokyo. Inst. for Solid State Physics. 1980. 69 S.. Technical report of ISSP : Ser. A ; 1062.

<<A>> new thermal neutron scattering technique: neutron spectral modulation
Ito, Yuji ; Nishi, Masakazu ; Motoya, Kiyoichiro
Tokyo . 1980. 69 p..

¬A¬ new Thing breathing
Bantock, Gavin

A new thing breathing: recent work by Tony Cragg
Biggs, Lewis
London. Tate Gallery Publ.. 2000. 156 S..
ISBN 1-85437-324-2

¬A¬ new thing breathing: recent work by Tony Cragg ; Tate Gallery Liverpool ; [17 March until 4 June 2000]
Cragg, Tony ¬[Ill.]¬
Liverpool. Tate Gallery. 2000. 156 S..
ISBN 1-85437-324-2

A new three genaration model in (2,0) heterotic string compactifications
Murayama, Akihiro
Moscow. Physical Inst.. 1990. 9 S.. Preprint. FiziÏceskij institut imeni P. N. Lebedeva. Akademija nauk SSSR ; 1990,108.

<<A>> new time-domain analysis of human speech and other complex waveforms
Baker, Janet Maciver
Pittsburgh - Pa. . 1975. 7 Microfiches..

A new time for Mexico
Fuentes, Carlos <mex. Schriftsteller>
Berkeley, Calif. ; LosAngeles, Calif.. Univ. of California Pr.. 1996. 226 S..
ISBN 0-520-21183-9

A new time-of-flight spectrometer for impact generated ions
Rashev, Mikhail

A New tire model for road loads simulation: full vehicle validation
Berzeri, Marcello.

¬A¬ new Titanothere from the eocene of Mississippi, with notes on the correlation between the marine eocene of the gulf coastal plain and continental eocene of the Rocky Mountain Region
Gazin, Charles Lewis ; Sullivan, John Macgruder
Washington. Smithsonian Inst.. 1942. 13, 3 S. ; 8-o. Smithsonian miscellaneous Collections ; 101,13.

A new toe biter from Mexico (Belostomatidae, Hemiptera)
Menke, Arnold S.
Los Angeles, Calif.. Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History,. 1966.. 6 p. : ill. ; 23 cm..

¬A¬ new Tolypella from the Ocean Point dinosaur locality, North Slope, Alaska, and the Late Cretaceous to Paleocene Nitelloid charophytes
Feist, Monique ; Brouwers, Elisabeth M.
Washington. United States Gov. Print. Off.. 1991. III, 7 S.. US Geological Survey bulletin / United States Geological Survey ; 1990,F.

¬A¬ Newton among poets: Shelley's use of science in Prometheus unbound
Grabo, Carl
Chapel Hill. Univ.of North Carolina Pr.. 1930. XII,208 S..

¬A¬ Newton among poets: Shelley's use of science in Prometheus unbound
New York. Gordian Pr.. 1968. XII, 208 S..

¬A¬ Newton among poets. Shelley's use of science in Prometheus unbound
Grabo, Carl Henry
Reprinted. New York. Gordian P.. 1968. 12, 208 S..

Grabo, Carl

A Newton form for trigonometric hermite interpolation
Oslo. 1978. 14 Bl.. Research Report. Institute of Informatics, University of Oslo ; 37.
ISBN 82-90230-31-1

A Newton iteration method for obtaining equilibria of rapidly rotating stars
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¬A¬ Newton-Lanczos method for solution of nonlinear finite element equations
Nour-Omid, Bahram
1981. III, 59 S. : graph. Darst..

A Newton like method for simple bifurcation problems with applications to large sparse systems.
Zhen, Mei.
Marburg. Fachbereich Mathematik,. 1989.. 14 S..

¬A¬ Newton method for BernoulliÂs free boundary problem in three dimensions
Harbrecht, Helmut
Als Ms. vervielfältigt. Bonn. SFB 611. 2007. 21 S.. Sonderforschungsbereich 611, Singuläre Phänomene und Skalierung in Mathematischen Modellen ; 321.

¬A¬ Newton method for solving non-linear optimal control problems with general constraints
Jonson, Henrik
Linköping. Institutionen för Systemteknik, TH. 1983. 186 S.. Linköping studies in science and technology dissertations ; 104.
ISBN 91-7372-718-0

¬A¬ Newton method for the pies energy model
Josephy, Norman H.
Madison, Wis.. Mathematics Research Center. 1979. 29 S. : graph. Darst.. MRC technical summary report ; 1971.

A Newton method on the projective space for the real nonsymmetric eigenvalue problem.
Wiberg, Petter,
Ume¯. Univ.,. 1998. 27 s..

A Newton-SOR method for spatial price equilibrium
Marcotte, Patrice. ; Marquis, Gérald. ; Zubieta, Lourdes.
p. 36-47.

A Newton-törvények
Fîozy, István. ; Jánossy, Lajos,
Budapest. Központi Fizikai Kutató Intézet,. 1977.. 32 p..