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A new role of transcription factor SOX17 as potential interaction partner of KLF4 and EGR-1 in human coronary artery smooth muscle cells and in differentiating mouse ES-cells
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A new round of rescheduling?
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¬A¬ new, royal, authentic, complete, and universal system of geography or, a modern history and discription of the whole world: containing ... accounts and descriptions of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, ... including the substance and essence of the most remarkable voyages and travels ... particularly the late discoveries in the South Seas, and towards the North Pole ... Comprising every interesting discovery and circumstance in the narrative of Capitain Cook's voyages round the world ; together with all the recent discoveries ...
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Newburyport, Mass., . D. Bayley,. 1773?]*. score (40 p.) 21 x 28 cm..

A new rule: "the Swiss debt brake"
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A new rule of proof in addition.
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A new sacred dramatic cantata, Joseph in bondage
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A new safety warning system based on implementation of digital vehicle/highway technology
Lai, Guanpi. ; Wang, Fei-Yue.

A new Saharan dust source activation frequency map derived from MSG-SEVIRI IR-channels
Schepanski, Kerstin ; Tegen, Ina ; Laurent, Benoit ; Heinold, Bernd ; Macke, Andreas

A new Saint Mary's boat club North West Arm, Halifax Nova Scotia
Napier, John J.
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Ferrie, Joseph
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Witczak, M. W.
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A new satellite instrument for yaw and pitch measurements
McIsaac, J. P.
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A new satellite observatory at Kootwijk
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¬A¬ new satyricall ballad of the licentiousness of the times
London. 1679. 1 S..

¬A¬ new scaling law for electron emission in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions
Reus, Theo ¬de¬ ¬[Mitarb.]¬
Darmstadt. 1985. ¬15¬ S. : Ill., graph. Darst.. Preprint / Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung ; 85,66.

¬A¬ new Scarborough guide: containing customs, amusements, lodging-houses, &c.&c.&c. With miscellaneous anecdotes, and other incidental matter. By a gentleman
Hatfield, John
London. printed by V. Griffiths, for J. Hamilton; W. Creech, Edinburgh; Wilson, Spence, and Mawman, York; Binns, Leeds; Brooke, Lincoln; Bell, Hull; and sold at the libraries at Scarborough. [1797]. 52p.

A new scenario for educational planning and management in Latin America.: The impact of the external dept.
Reimers, Fernando
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A new scene interesting to the citizens of the United States of America,: additional to the historical play of Columbus,
Martin, Alexander, ; Martin, Thomas,
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