¬A¬ New Plan of the Island of Grenada
Pinel, M. ; Paterson, Daniel ; Faden, William
London. 1780. 1 Kt. : Kupferstich ; 60 x 81 cm.

Sapphira and the slave girl
Cather, Willa ; Paterson, Daniel ; Faden, William
London. Hamish Hamilton. 1963. 295 S.. The works / Cather, Willa ; 12.

A new plantgearing horizon in the marine Ludlow of Ringerike
Høeg, Ove Arbo ; Kiær, Johan
Oslo. Dybwad. 1926. 12 S.. Avhandlinger utgitt av det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi i Oslo : 1. Matem.-Naturvid. Klasse ; 1926,1.

A new platygastrid wasp from Florida (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae)
Macgown, Matthew W. ; Evans, Gregory A.
Auckland, New Zealand. Magnolia Press,. 2003.. 7 S..

¬A¬ new play called Canterburie his change of diot
[London]. 1641.

A new play called Canterburie his change of diot
S.l. . [s.n.] .

A new plea for the Parliament and the reserved man resolved: from the serious consideration of the state of controversie betweene the King and the Parliament : together with severall answeres to some common objections about this subject :s also advice to those who are yet unsettled in their thoughts hereabout
Wel-willer to King and Parliament.
[London. s.n.,. 1643]. 14, [2] p..

A new pleasure resort of the San Francisco and North Pacific Railway Co. ...: "El Campo" ... reached by the mammoth floating palace "Ukiah" ...
[San Francisco. The Railway,. 189-?]. 1 folded sheet.

¬A¬ new Pleistocene crocodilian from Guatemala
Mook, Charles C.
New York, NY. 1959. 6 S. : Ill.. American Museum of Natural History <New York, NY>: American Museum novitates ; 1975.

A new pléiade: selected poems
Chappell, Fred
Baton Rouge. Louisiana State Univ. Press. 1998. XIII, 233 p..
ISBN 0-8071-2330-7 paper : alk. paper

¬A¬ new plot against the Parliament: Englands deliverance
London. Greensmith. 1641.

A new plot against the Parliament. Englands deliverance. Or a true and great discoverie of a horrible and bloudy treason and conspiracie: Against the Protestants of this kingdome in generall, but especially against divers of the nobility, and many of the honourable House of Commons in Parliament, and also against some of the citizens of London. Which discovery was brought to the House of Commons on Munday Novemb. the 15. 1641. With a hellish plot by the Earle of Worcester in Wales. As also a relation of a search at Worcester house in the Strand. Together withan [sic] order made by the Lords, for the apprehending of all priests and Jesuits, within this city and kingdome
London. printed for H.E. [MDCXLJ. [1641]. Online-Ressource.

A New plot newly discovered, by the help of the London belman, of wicked and hellish conspiracies against the peace of this kingdom ...: with a term kept in hell by Don Belzebub to try causes in that principality ... : wherein is added a new discovery of several cunning gypsies, & thirteen sorts of crafty rogues & canting beggars ... with their manner of travelling over all England without ever a penny of money : the like never before printed in so small a volume : the first part.
[London?]. Printed for J. Conyers in Fetter-Lane,. [1685?]. 7 p..

A New plot of the Khrushchevite revisionists against the interests of the socialist countries.
Tirana. "Naim Frashëri" Pub. House,. 1966.. 31 p. ;.

¬A¬ new Pocket Companion for Oxford: or guide through the university
A new edition. Oxford. 1788.

A new pocket companion for Oxford: or, guide through the university. Containing an accurate description of the public edifices, the buildings in each of the colleges; the gardens, ... To which are added, descriptions of ... Blenheim, Ditchley, Heythrop, Nuneham and Stow, ... A new edition, corrected, much enlarged, and adorned with a plan of the university and city, and six other plates
Oxford. printed for J. Cooke. 1797. [4],152p.,plates.

¬A¬ new pocket companion for Oxford: or guide through the university: containing an accurate description of the public edifices, the buildings in each of the colleges; the gardens, statues, pictures, hieroglyphics, and all other curiosities in the university ; with an historical accout of the foundation of the several colleges and their present state ; to wihich are added, descriptions of the buildings, tapestry, paintings, sculptures, temples, gardens &c. at Blenheim, Ditchley, Heythrop, and Nuneham, the seats of His Grace the Duke of Marlbourough, The Right Honourable Lord Viscount Dillon, and the Earls of Shrewsbury, and Harcourt.
a new ed., corr., much enl., and adorned with a plan of the University and city, and eight other plates. Oxford. Cooke. 1804. 163 S..

¬A¬ new pocket companion for Oxford, or guide through the University
New ed.. Oxford. 1788. 152 S..

A new Pocket-Dictionary
Feller, Friedrich Ernst
Leipzig. Teubner.

A new Pocket Dictionary English, German and French, containing all the words indispensable in daily conversation: admirabily adapted for the use of travellers
Feller, Friedrich Ernst
Leipzig. Teubner.

A new pocket dictionary of the English and German languages: Containing all words of general use, and authorized by the best writers. As also distinguishing the several parts of speech, ... By Charles Benjamin Schade, ..
Schade, Carl Benjamin,
London and Leipsic. printed for Reinicke and Hinrichs,. 1797. 2v. ;.

¬A¬ new pocket dictionary of the English and Italian languages
Wesseley, Ignaz E.
Stereotype ed.. London. Sampson. 1870. 211 S..

<<A>> new pocket dictionary of the English & Spanish languages
Wessely, J.E. ; Girones, A.
London . Routledge o.J.. VI, 214+260 p..

¬A¬ new pocket dictionary of the Italian and English languages ...
Graglia, C.
16. ed.. Paris. 1830.

A New pocket dictionary of the Portuguese and English languages, in two parts; Portuguese and English - English and Portuguese, abridged from the dictionary of Mr. Vieyra; with additions and improvements from other works. London, printed for F. Wingrave; J. Johnson; J. Walker [and others], 1809.
Vieyra, Antonio,
London. Printed for F. Wingrave ...,. 1809. 2 vol. i 1.

A new pocket mouse (Genus Perognathus) from Kansas
Cockrum, Elmer Lendell.
Lawrence, Kans.. Univ. of Kansas,. 1951.. S. 205 - 206..

¬A¬ new poem on the dreadful death of the Earl of Essex
[Anr. ed.]. [London]. [1683]. 1 S..

A new poem on the dreadful death of the Earl of Essex, who cut his own throat in the Tower
Embroyan-fancy of anti-Jack Presbyter
[London. s.n.,. 1683]. 1 broadside.

A New poem on the excellency and antiquity of law and lawyers: and dedicated to his Mecenar and most worthy patron and professor thereof, the learned and accomplished William Peazly of the Middle Temple, London, Esq.
London. Printed by G.C. for the author,. 1682.. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

¬A¬ new poison frog from Manu National Park, southeastern Peru (Dendrobatidae, Epipedobates): 1 table
Rodríguez, Lily O. ; Myers, Charles W.
New York, NY. 1993. 15 S.. American Museum novitates ; 3068.

A new policy for Labour: an essay on the relevance of credit control
Cousens, Hilderic
London. Cecil Palmer,. 1921. 110 s..

A new policy-style?: a Swedish region bargaining in the EU
Sivberg, Anna-Karin
Lund. Statsvetenskapliga institutionen, Univ.,. 1999 ; . 57 s..

¬A¬ new political culture in the EU: democratic accountability of the ECB
Randzio-Plath, Christa
Bonn. Zentrum für Europäische Integrationsforschung. 2000. 17 S.. ZEI policy paper ; B 4.

¬A¬ new political culture in the EU - democratic accountability of the ECB
Randzio-Plath, Christa
Bonn. ZEI. 2000. 17 S.. ZEI papers ; B2000,4 : Policy paper.

¬A¬ new political economy?: Politics, ethnity and business in Indonesia
Dhume, Sadanand

¬A¬ new political Economy
Gregory, John Milton
Cincinnati [u.a.]. Van Antwerp, Bragg. [1882]. VIII, 394 S. ; 8-o.

¬A¬ new political economy: Compass programme for renewal
Shah, Hetan ¬[Hrsg.]¬
[Electronic ed.], 1. publ.. London. Lawrence & Wishart. 2006. 128 S..
ISBN 1-905007-50-7

¬A¬ new political science for a world made wholly new: the doctrine of progress and the emergence of American polit. science
Mahoney, Dennis J.
1984. VII, 219 S..

A new polydesmid milliped genus and two new species from Oregon and Washington, U.S.A., with a review of Bidentogon Buckett and Gardner, 1968, and a summary of the family in western North America (Polydesmida: Polydesmidae)
Shelley, Rowland M.
Auckland, New Zealand. Magnolia Press,. 2003.. 12 S..

A new population of very high-energy g-ray sources detected with H.E.S.S. in the inner part of the milky way
Funk, Stefan

A new portable readout system for tank level gauging applications
Lewerth, Fredrik
Göteborg. Chalmers tekniska högskola,. 2005. 26 s..

¬A¬ new Portuguese grammar: In 4 parts
Vieyra, Anthony ; Aillaud, I. P.
8. ed., carefully rev.. London. Wingrave. 1811. X, 154 S..

A new portuguese grammar in 4 parts ...
Vieyra, Antonio
The 2. edition. London. ^J. Nouse. 1777. 376 S..

A new Portuguese Grammar in four parts ...
Vieyra, Antonio
6. ed. London. 1808.

A new Portuguese grammar in four parts...By Anthony Vieyra, Transtagano.
Vieira, Antonio,
London, . 1800.

A new Portuguese grammar in four parts; containing 1. Rules for the combination and use of the different parts of speech. 2. The syntax...3. A vocabulary...4. Various passages extracted from the most approved modern and ancient writers...
Vieyra, Antonio
London, . 1809.

A new potential principle in nature: elasticity, a mode of motion being a popular description of a new and important discovery in science
Stevenson, Robert
San Francisco. 1895.

A new poverty line: yes, no or maybe? : A discussion paper from the National Council of Welfare, winter 1998 - 99
Ottawa. Minister of Public Works and Gov. Services Canada. 1999. II, 38 S..
ISBN 0-662-27612-4

A new poverty line: yes, no or maybe?: A discussion paper from the National Council of Welfare, winter 1998 - 99.
Ottawa. Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada,. 1999.. II, 38 S..

Anew power base
Kozloff, Keith L. ; Dower, Roger C.
[s.l.]. World Resources Institute. 1993. 196 S..
ISBN 0-915825-79-1

A new PPBS process to advance transformation
Johnson, Stuart E.,
[Fort McNair, Washington, D.C.]. Center for Technology and National Security Policy, National Defense University,. [2003].

A new practical algorithm for the differential diagnosis of a regular wide-complex tachycardia by electrocardiography
Hemminger, Eric J
2004. 6 leaves.

¬A¬ new practical and easy Method of learning the French language: course 2
Ahn, Franz
London. Trübner. 1871. 170 S..

A new, practical, and easy method of learning the German Language
Ahn, F.
London. Trübner. 1870.

A new practical and easy method of learning the Hebrew language.
Herxheimer, Salomon, ; Oppler, Adolph, [from old catalog]
London & Manchester, . F. Thimm,. 1862.. 2 p.l., [iii]-vi, 130 p..

A new practical and easy method of learning the Italian language: 1. and 2. course with a key to the exercices
Ahn, Franz,
London. Trübner,. 1860.. IV, 198, 22 S..

A new practical and easy method of learning the Russian language
Aleksandrov, F.
London. Thimm,. 1886.. VIII, 127 S..

<<A>> new practical Chinese-English dictionary
Shih-chiu, Liang
Taipei . Far East Book. cop. 1972. 1355 S..

¬A¬ New Practical English-Chinese Dictionary
Revised and enlarged. Taipei [u.a.]. Far East Book. [ca. 1975]. 2401 S..

A new practical English-Chinese dictionary: Zui xin shi yong Ying Han ci dian
Liang, Shiqiu,
Taipei, . The Far East Book Co. Yuan dong tu shu gong si. Minguo 62 [1973]. 18, 2401, 11 p..

A new practical grammar of the Spanish language: in five parts. I. Of the character, sound, and quantity of the Spanish language. II. Of the various sorts and classes of words, their declensions and properties. III. The syntax; the rules of which are explained in a copious and extensive manner. IV. An enlarged vocabulary; containing the terms of the parts of the human body, &c.; of commerce, navigation, war, natural history, and the various arts and trades. V. Familiar phrases and dialogues; select fables; with useful examples of the mercantile correspondence--carefully compiled from the best authors. : The whole in Spanish and English, and calculated to render the study of the Spanish language easy, comprehensive, and entertaining.
Fernandez, Felipe
Philadelphia:. Printed by T. and W. Bradford, booksellers, no. 8, South Front Street.,. [1798?]. vii, [1], 356 p. ;.

A new practical grammar of the Spanish language: in five parts ... : the whole in Spanish and English, and calculated to render the study of the Spanish language easy, comprehensive, and entertaining
Fernandez, Felipe.
Philadelphia. Printed by T. and W. Bradford, Booksellers ...,. [1799?]. vii, [1], 356 p. ;.

A new practical guide to searching Japanese patents and utility models: using some of the new methods for making useful sense of Japanese patent and utility model information
Rasek, Eduard.
Marburg. Förderverein Marburger Japan-Reihe c/o Japan-Zentrum der Philipps-Universität Marburg,. 1998.. 73 p..

A new precision colorimeter,
Nutting, Perley Gilman,
[Washington, . Govt. print. off.,. 1912]. 5 p..

A new predictor-corrector method for quasilinear first-order partial differential equations
Casti, J. L ; Natsuyama, H. H. ; Kalaba, Robert E
Santa Monica, Calif., . Rand Corp.,. 1968. 13 p..

¬A¬ new Presbyornithid bird (Aves, Anseriformes) from the Late Cretaceous of southern Mongolia
Kurochkin, Evgeny N. ; Dyke, Gareth J. ; Karhu, Alexandr A.
New York, NY. American Museum of Natural History. 2002. 11 S. : Ill.. American Museum Novitates ; 3386.

¬A¬ new present state of England

A new Present state of England ...: Published under the sanction of His Majesty's sign manual ...
Chamberlayne, John,
London. Printed for R. Baldwin ...,. 1750.. 2 v..

A new president, a different congress, a maturing agenda
Jones, Charles O. ; Ornstein, Norman J. ; Sundquist, James L.

¬A¬ new price advertising interaction model: theory, empirical evidence and managerial implications
Simon, Hermann ; Kucher, Eckhard
Erftstadt. USW. 1987. 35 S. : graph. Darst.. USW working papers ; 1987,6.
ISBN 3-925561-10-2 geh. (Pr. nicht mitget.)

A new primer for Irish schools
Bolger, Dermot. ; O'Loughlin, Michael
Dublin. Raven Arts Press,. 1985.. 36 S..

A new primer. Or, Child's best guide.: Containing, the most familiar words of one syllable, ranged in such order as to avoid the jingle of rhyme, which draws off childrens' attention from the knowledge of the letters to the sound of the words. The method here pursued being found, by experience, to render spelling more easy to the learner, and less troublesome to the teacher than the common one heretofore practiced. : With a variety of reading lessons.
Manson, David,
Philadelphia:. Printed by John Dunlap, at the newest printing office, in Market-Street.,. [1770?]. 62, [2] p..

A New primer, or Little boy and girls spelling book,: being composed for the use of children, from three to ten year of age. To be used in schools, or families
Watts, Isaac, ; Ross, Robert,
Printed at Springfield [Mass.],. for the author.,. [1786?]. [80] p. ;.

A new primmer or Methodical directions to attain the true spelling, reading & writing of English.: Whereunto are added, some things necessary & useful both for the youth of this province, and likewise for those, who from foreign countries and nations come to settle amongst us.
Pastorius, Francis Daniel,
[New York]. Printed by William Bradford in New-York, and sold by the author in Pennsilvania.,. [1698]. 88 p.

¬A¬ new principle for phase equilibrium measurements in reacting systems: application to VLE: contribution to: 6th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Melbourne, Australia, 23-27.9.2001
Alsmeyer, F.
Aachen. LPT, RWTH. 2001. [19] Bl.. Technical report ; 2001,34.

A New privateering song: concluding with some remarks upon the cruelty exercised by the regulars and Hessians upon our poor prisoners in New-York
[United States. s.n.,. 1777?]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

A new probabilistic detection model for phase random ocean acoustic fluctuations and its comparison with data
Perakis, Anastassios Nicholas.
c1980.. 165 p..

A new probe by the Workers League against the Communist movement: record of an antilabor outfit, from the Gelfand harassment case to the campaign against Mark Curtis
Clark, Steve, ; Mailhot, Paul.
New York. Pathfinder,. c1995.. 25 p..

¬A¬ new Probe for the direct measurement of stagnation pressure in supersonic flow
Goodyer, M J

A new problem to discover the longitude at sea: by the same observation, and with the same certainty, as the latitude is: together with the translation, ... into Latin. By Richard Locke
Locke, Richard
London. printed for R. Baldwin, jun.. 1751. 24p.,plate.

A new procedural interpretation of Horn clauses with equality.
Degtyarev, Anatoli, ; Voronkov, Andrei,
Uppsala, . 1994. 28 bl..

A new procedure for calculating contact stresses in gear teeth
Somprakit, Paisan. ; Huston, Ronald L.,
[Cleveland, Ohio]. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Lewis Research Center ;. 1991]. 1 v..

<<A>> new procedure for evaluating chemical virucidal efficacy
Flores Menendez, C.R.
Ann Arbor - Mich. . 1973. 5 Microfiches..

A new procedure for technical analysis of exchange rate, interest rate and stock price trends
Vishwakarma, Keshav P.
Bundoora, Victoria. 1987. 17 S. : graph. Darst. Economics discussion papers : School of Economics, La Trobe University ; 87,15.
ISBN 0-947107-33-9

Vishwakarma, Keshav P.
ISBN 0-947107-33-9

A new procedure for the identification of hydrocarbons
Wakeman, Reginald Leslie,
1930.. xv, 651 leaves.

¬A¬ new Procedure for the measurement of inequality within and among population subgroups
Blackorby, Charles

<<A>> new procedure for the synthesis of glycosyl phosphates
Prihar, Harbhajan Singh
Columbus - O. . 1972. 5 Microfiches.

A new procedure in quantitative metallography employing a scanning electron microscope and a solid state X-ray detector.
McKittrick, Michael Francis.
1975.. 46 leaves.

A new process and equipment for waste minimization: conversion of NOx scrubber liquor to fertilizer
Parrish, Clyde F.
[Washington, D.C.. National Aeronautics and Space Administration ;. 1995]. 1 v..

A new process for desalination by reverse osmosis
March, Frank Adams.
[1967]. 53 leaves.

A new process for energy facility siting
Shmueli, Deborah Fae Cohen.
1979.. 74 leaves ;.

A new process for funding Officers of Parliament: report of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics
Chatters, David.
[Ottawa]. Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics,. [2005]. ix, 27, 27, ix p. ;.

A new process for the qualitative detection of acids
Gale, Roger David.
1909.. 31 leaves ;.

A new proclamation!: By Thomas Gage, whom British frenzy stil'd honourable and excellency, o'er Massachusett's sent to stand here vice-admiral and chief commander
Trumbull, John, ; Gage, Thomas,
[Hartford. Printed by Ebenezer Watson,. 1775]. 8 p. ;.

A new proclamation!
Trumbull, John,
Alexandria, VA.. Chadwyck-Healey Inc.,. 1996.

A new profile in English
Ebler, Albin ; See, Mary
3. Auf., 1. [Dr.], (1., unveränd. Nachdr. der 3., durchges. Aufl.). Darmstadt. Winkler. 1987. 304 S..
ISBN 3-8045-4290-5

A new profile in Sino-Western diplomacy: the first Chinese minister to Great Britain
Wong, Owen Hong-Hin
Kowloon. Chung Hwa Book Co.. 1987. IV,282 S..
ISBN 962-231-614-X

¬A¬ new prognostication: for the year ...
Glasgow. Sanders. 1664. 15 S..

¬A¬ new prognostication: for the year ...
Aberdene. Forbes. [1665]. 24 S..

¬A¬ new program for democratic socialism: lessons from the market-planning experience in Austria
Stauber, Leland G.
Carbondale, Ill.. Four Willows Pr.. 1987. XVII, 412 S..

A new programmable ring-structured processor for advanced digital signal processing applications
Zhang, Zhurui.
2001.. xi, 60 leaves.

¬A¬ new program structuring mechanism based on layered graphs
Ossher, Harold L.
Stanford, Calif.. Stanford Univ.. 1984. 3 Microfiches. Report / Department of Computer Science ; STAN-CS-85-1078.

¬A¬ new progressive agenda for public health and the environment: a Project of the Center for Progressive Regulation
Schroeder, Christopher H. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Durham, NC. Carolina Academic Press. 2005. XIV, 2222 S..
ISBN 1-59460-082-1

¬A¬ new prohecy: Or, a prophetical discourse of the blazing-star, that appeared, April the 23d, 1677: Being a full account of the events, & sad effects thereof, which threaten these nations of England, Scotland, &c. ...
Holwell, John
London. 1679. 4 S..

A new project by Wiebke Siem: [Exhib.] Spike Island, Bristol, 8 January - 27 January 2000
Siem, Wiebke
Bristol. Spike Island. 2000. 15 S..

¬A¬ New project humbly offer'd to the consideration of the honourable House of Commons for the more effectual encouragement of a general trade, the facilitating the changing of our clipp'd money and sinking the bad, for raising the King 100000 l. and for the more speedy and more chearfull payment of all the King's taxes, without loss to any, and with gain to all
S.l.. s.n. [1695]. 1 broadside.

A new projection method for the zero froude number shallow water equations
Vater, Stefan
Potsdam. PIK. 2005. 114 S.. PIK report ; 97.

A new promised land: a history of Jews in America
Diner, Hasia R.
Oxford [u.a.]. Oxford University Press. 2003. X, 165, [8] S..
ISBN 0-19-515826-1

A new Pronouncing dictionary of the French and English language
Clifton, E. ; Mcäughlin, J.
Philadelphia. McKay.

¬A¬ new pronouncing dictionary of the Spanish and English languages
Velázquez de la Cadena, Mariano ; Gray, Edward ; Iribas, Juan L.
Rev. ed.. New York. Appleton-Century-Crofts. 1973.

A new pronouncing dictionary of the Spanish and English languages,
Velázquez de la Cadena, Mariano, ; Gray, Edward, ; Iribas, Juan L. ; Toral, Carlos.
Chicago, . Wilcox & Follett company,. 1946.. 2 v. in 1..

¬A¬ new Proof and an adjoint filter interpretation for linear discrete time smoothing
Hagander, Per
Lund. 1973. 7 S.. Report / Lund Institute of Technology. Division of Automatic Control ; 7330.


<<A>> new proof of a Paley-Wiener type theorem for the Jacobi transform
Koornwinder, T.H.
Amsterdam . Mathematisch Centrum. 1974. 21 S..

A new proof of Moser's parabolic Harnack inequality via the old ideas of Nash
Fabes, E. B. ; Stroock, Daniel W.
[Cambridge, Mass.. Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology],. 1986.. 18 leaves ;.

A new proof of the classical Herbrand and Skolem theorem,
Jervell, Herman Ruge.
[Oslo, . Universitetet i Oslo, Matematisk institutt,. 1971]. [1], 35, [1] l..

<<A>> new proof of the existence and nontriviality of the continuum Phi-4,2 and Phi-4,3 quantum field theories
Brydges, David C. ; Sokal, Alan D. ; Fröhlich, Jürg
46 p..

A new proof of the fixed-point theorem of provability logic
Reidhaar-Olson, Lisa.
c1988.. 47 leaves.

A new proof of the global existence theorem of Klainerman for quasi-linear wave equations
Hidano, Kunio ; Yokoyama, Kazuyoshi
Sapporo. Dep. of Math., Hokkaido Univ.. 2004. 20 S.. Hokkaido University prepint series in mathematics ; 660.

Kaehler, Jürgen
0 (29.11.90)

¬A¬ new proof that Teichmueller's space is a cell
Fischer, Arthur E. ; Tromba, Anthony J.
Als Ms. vervielf.. Bonn. Univ.. 1985. 12 Bl.. Preprint / Sonderforschungsbereich <72>, Approximation und Optimierung ; 741.

A new Property Law Act
Wellington. 1994. VII, 474 S.. Report / New Zealand Law Commission ; 29.

A new property of the bromide of potassium: its power in checking the reflex nausea induced by the administration of anaesthetics
Stone, Alexander J.
Boston. David Clapp & Son, printers,. 1868.. 23 p. ;.

¬A¬ new property regime in Kyrgyzstan: an investigation into the links between land reform, food security, and economic development ; [a model to assess the effectiveness of land tenure change]
Dekker, Henri A. L.
2001. XXVII, 192 S. : graph. Darst., Kt..

A new proposal for a standard Hangul (or Korean script) code: how to accommodate both databases and word processing
Kim, Kyongsok, ; Belford, Geneva G. ; Kong, Pyong-u,
Urbana, Ill.. Dept. of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,. [1988]. 49 leaves ;.

¬A¬ new proposal for the reduction of customs tariffs
Geneva. 1954. 16 S..