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An early Latin Debate of the body and soul;
*Heningham, Eleanor (Kellogg),
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A nearly linear circuit model for the PIN diode.
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An early London printing house at work: studies in the Bowyer ledgers ; with a supplement to 'The Bowyer Ornament Stock' (1973), an appendix on the Bowyer-Emonson partnership, and 'Bowyer's Paper Stock Ledger', by Herbert Davis
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Schaeffer, Bobb ; Mangus, Marlyn

Schaeffer, Bobb ; Mangus, Marlyn

An early Tudor poor law
Elton, G. R.

An early venture in trade promotion: the NAM's Caracas center, 1895-1901
Carreras, Charles

An early venture in trade promotion: The N A M's Caracas center, 1895-1901
Carreras, Charles

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Ford, Colin ; Strong, Roy
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Ford, Colin

¬An¬ early view of the Shakers: Benson John Lossing and the Harper's article of July 1857 ; with reproductions of the original sketches and watercolors
Gifford, Don ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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An early violin sonata by PÜeter Cornelius: a critical edition and study
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An early warning and disaster management system for flood control of the commune Breitungen/Thuringia
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Davies, Wendy
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Lack, Hans Walter
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An early work by Jacob Jordaens rediscovered
Liedtke, Walter

An earn activity structure plan of 45 x 59 - 66
Eriksson, Leif
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An earned income tax credit in the Netherlands: simulations with the MIMIC model
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An earnest address, and urgent appeal, to the people of England, in behalf of the oppressed and suffering pitmen, ...
Newcastle upon Tyne. 1831.

An Earnest address to such of the people called Quakers as are sincerely desirous of supporting and maintaining the Christian testimony of their ancestors.: Occasioned by a piece, intituled, "The testimony of the people called Quakers, given forth by a meeting of the representatives of said people, in Pennsylvania and New-Jersy [sic], held at Philadelphia the twenty-fourth day of the first month, 1775." : [Eleven lines of Scripture texts]
Benezet, Anthony,
Philadelphia,. Printed for John Douglas M'Dougal,,. 1775. iii, 4-56 p. ;.

An earnest address to the members of the New Church in Great Britain and America: on a subject of paramount importance connected with the projected Centenary Celebration in 1857
Mason, William.
London. James S. Hodson,. 1856.. 47 p. ;.

¬An¬ earnest appeal of the protestant churches of Hungary to their brethren in other lands
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An earnest appeal to effect an obvious remedy for poverty in the United States...
Goodyear, Anna Forbes,
Boston, . Old corner book store,. 1899.. 21 p..

An earnest appeal to passionate people: wherein the rise, ... of that unhappy disposition of mind are fully displayed; ... To which is added, an Essay on envy, malice, and detraction
London. printed for W. Owen. 1748. Online-Ressource.

¬An¬ earnest appeal to the protestant churches of Hungary to their brethren in other lands
[Reprint]. The Hague. 1919. 28 S.. Seeds of conflict : Ser. 1 ; 5, 1 [2].

¬An¬ Earnest call to those nonconformists, who really believe the doctrine of the holy, blessed and glorious trinity, to come into the communion of the Church of England: that by their constant regular confession of the Christian faith, they may confound the devices of the gain-sayers, whom by their separation they have so much encouraged
London. Printed and are to be sold by Randal Taylor. 1691.

¬An¬ earnest exhortation
Mather, Increase
Boston. Foster. 1676.

¬An¬ earnest exhortation for the publike reading of Common-Prayer
[Anr. ed.]. London. T. H.. 1647. 8 S..

¬An¬ earnest exhortation from a minister
Worcester. Bryan. [1700?]. 16 S..

An earnest exhortation to a holy life ...
Wake, William,
[Boston. Printed and published by Munroe, Francis, & Parker,. 1808]. vii, [9]-92 p. ;.

¬An¬ earnest exhortation to a true Ninivitish repentance
London. Allen. 1643.

An Earnest exhortation to a trve Ninivitish repentance: vvherein is briefly declared 1. what true repentance is, 2. how a man should perceive it wrought in him, 3. exhortation to a due examination of everie ones self, 4. a right penitentiall prayer, 5. the barres which hinder Christs working in the soul, 6. what true and living faith is : also two questions resolved 1. From whence warre doth spring, 2. by what means it ends : together with other considerable matter fit for the times.
London. Printed by T.P. and M.S. and are to be sold by Ben Allen ...,. 1643.. [2], 24 p..

An earnest exhortation to housekeepers: to maintain family instruction and devotion; with daily prayers for morning and evening
Nelson, Robert
The fifteenth edition, corrected. London. printed for John Rivington. 1776. 21,[3]p..

An earnest exhortation to house-keepers, to set up the worship of God in their families.: With daily prayers for morning and evening.
London. Printed and so sold by J. Downing,. 1726.. 20 p..

An earnest exhortation to seek the Lord, while he may be found, and to call upon him while he is near.: Two sermons deliver'd at the lecture in Newton, April 29. and May 8. 1741. When many were seeking for direction and assistance under their convictions from the spirit of God, striving with them.
Cotton, John,
Boston:. Printed and sold by S Kneeland and T Green, in Queen Street, over against the prison, and S. Eliot in Cornhill.,. 1741.. [2], 70 p. ;.

An earnest exhortation to the inhabitants of New-England,: to hearken to the voice of God in his late and present dispensations as ever they desire to escape another judgement, seven times greater than any thing which as yet hath been.
Mather, Increase,
Boston. Printed by John Foster: and are to be sold over against the Dove,,. 1676. [4], 26, [2] p. ;.

¬An¬ earnest exhortation to the strict practice of Christianity: Drawn up chiefly for the use of the inhabitants of the parish of Shoreham in Kent. By Vincent Perronet, ..
Perronet, Vincent
London. printed for B. Dod. 1746. 55,[1]p..

¬An¬ earnest exhortation to young persons lately confirmed: in a sermon on Proverbs XXIII. 19. preached after the primary visitation of John, Lord Bishop of Durham. By William Nowell, ..
Nowell, William
A new edition. London. printed for J. F. and C. Rivington. 1788. 24p..

¬An¬ earnest exhortation to young persons lately confirmed: in a sermon, on Proverbs xxiii. 19. preached after the primary visitation of John, Lord Bishop of Durham. By William Nowell, ..
Nowell, William
Newcastle. printed by T. Slack. 1774. [4],20p..

An Earnest expostulation in the name of the great & glorious God with the inhabitants of this land,: especially the rising generation
Boston:. Printed and sold at the printing house in Queen-Street over against the prison [by Samuel Kneeland and Timothy Green].,. 1739. 1 sheet ([1] p.) ;.

An earnest invitation to the sacrament of the Lord's supper
Glanvill, Joseph,
London. J. Phillips,. 1695.. 135 p..

An earnest persuasive to frequent communion;: addressed to those professors of the Church of England, in Connecticut, who neglect that holy ordinance.
Seabury, Samuel,
New-Haven:. Printed by Thomas and Samuel Green,,. M,DCC,LXXXIX. [1789]. 23, [1] p. ;.

An earnest persuasive to the serious observance of the Lord's Day.
Woodward, Josiah,
Lancaster [Pa.]:. Printed and sold by W. Dunlap, at the post-office, in Queen-Street.,. 1755.. 14, [2] p. ;.

¬An¬ earnest perswasion unto the pastours of Christes churche, especially unto his church of England, that as they have thruste the plough share into the grounde, so zealous to walke forth right: [In verse]
[London]. [ca. 1580]. 16 S..

An earnest plea for constant attendance at the Lord's table
London . printed by Tho. Cockeril senr & junr, at the Three Legs in the Poultrey. 1696.

¬An ¬ earnest remonstrance to the author of the "Pope's pastoral letter to certain members of the University of Oxford": with a postscript, noticing the Edinburgh Review, and other pamphlets, and an appendix on apostolical succession
Pusey, Edward B.
London. Rivington. 1836. 104 S..

¬An¬ ear of the dragon
Shadbolt, Maurice
London. Cassell. 1971. 282 S..
ISBN 0-304-93692-8

Shadbolt, Maurice
LONDON (U. A.). CASSELL. 1971. 282 S..

A near-optimal heuristic for minimum weight triangulation of convex polygons
Levcopoulos, Christos, ; Krznaric, Drago,
Lund, . 1996. 26 s..

A near-optimal method for reasoning about action
Pratt, Vaughn Ronald.
Cambridge. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Computer Science,. 1978.. 24 p. ;.

A near optimal solution to problem Pm/dj
Kovalyov, Mikhail Y. ; Werner, Frank
Magdeburg. Fakultaet fuer Math., Univ.. 1996. 13 S.. Preprint.

A near optimal solution to problem Pm/d j d/SigmaT j
Kovalyov, Michail Y. ; Werner, Frank
Magdeburg. Fakultaet fuer Mathematik. 1996. 13 S.. Preprint / Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg, Fakultaet fuer Mathematik ; 1996,7.

A near optimal solution to problem Pm/d j d/Sigma T j
Kovalev, Michail J. ; Werner, Frank
Magdeburg. Otto-von-Guericke-Univ., Fak. fuer Mathematik. 1996. 13 S.. Universitaet (Magdeburg) / Fakultaet fuer Mathematik: Preprint ; 1996,7.

A near-perfect gift
Kinder, Rose Marie
Ann Arbor. University of Michigan Press. 2005. 178 p..
ISBN 0-472-03106-6 pbk. : alk. paper

¬An¬ earth-based coordinate clock network
Ashby, Neil
Washington, DC. U.S. Government Printing Office. 1975. 31 S.. National Bureau of Standards technical note ; 659.

An earth-colored sea: race, culture, and the politics of identity in the postcolonial Portuguese-speaking world
Almeida, Miguel Vale de
New York, NY. Berghahn Books. 2004. 138 S..
ISBN 1-571-81607-0

An Earthen Hell. The women dressed in rags stand all day in hot oil shoveling up the refuse to a terrace above them and thence into cars so that not a speck of oil is wasted ...
[1923]. 1 photographic print..

An earthly paradise
Adams, Katharine ; Tanner, Wesley B.
Berkeley. The Bancroft Library Press,. 1990.. 11 p. ;.

An earth of time
Grosjean, Jean, ; Waldrop, Keith.
Providence. Burning Deck,. 2006.. 92 p. ;.

Quality issues: quarterly newsletter of the FID Special Interest Group for Organisational Excellence
Brighton . Alan Gilchrist. 1995-.

An Earthquake advisor's handbook for wood frame houses
Berkeley, Calif.. Center for Planning and Development Research, College of Environmental Design, University of California,. 1982. 90 p..

<<An>> Earthscan publication
London . International Institute for Environment and Development. [19..]-.

An earth scientist's periodic table of the elements and their ions
Railsback, L. Bruce
Boulder, CO. Geological Society of America,. c2004.. 1 map.

<<An>> Earth station design for rural telecommunications
Tustison, Galen F. ; Nickelson, Richard L.
Genève . ITU. 1983. 32 S..

¬An¬ ear to the chest: an illustrated history of the evolution of the stethoscope
Blaufox, Morton Donald
Boca Raton [u.a.]. Parthenon. 2002. XIV, 149 S. : zahlr. Ill..
ISBN 1-85070-278-0

¬An¬ ear to the ground: an anthology of contemporary American poetry
Harris, Marie
Athens u.a.. Univ. of Georgia Press. 1989. XXXIII, 335 S..
ISBN 0-8203-1122-7

An Ear to the sounds of our history.: [Sound recording]
Sevareid, Eric,
[n.p.] . Columbia Special Products P 12345. [1974]. p. 2 s. 12 in. 33 1/3 rpm..

¬An¬ ease for overseers of the poore abstracted from the Statutes
Cambridge. Legat. 1601.

An easeful death?: perspectives on death, dying and euthanasia
Morgan, John.
Sydney. Federation Press,. 1996.. xiv, 218 p. ;.

¬An¬ easie and safe method for curing the King's evil: With several observations of diet, air, &c. which may be of use and service to people afflicted with that distemper. ... In a letter to a friend. The eleventh edition. By William Vickers, M.A
Vickers, William
London. printed, and sold by A. Collins, and at the author's house. 1716. 83,[1]p..

¬An¬ easie and safe method for curing the King's evil: With several observations which may be of use and service to people afflicted with that distemper. To which is added, A specimen of success, ... In a letter to a friend. The fifth edition, with additions. By William Vickers, M.A
Vickers, William
London. printed for S. Manship; and A. Collins. 1711. 119,[1]p..

An easie entrance to the Latine tongue ...: a work tending to the school-masters's eas, and the weaker scholar's encouragement in the first and most wearisome steps to learning
Hoole, Charles,
London. Printed by William Dugard for Joshuah Kirton ...,. 1649.. [16], 429 [i.e. 431] p..

¬An¬ easie entrance to the Latine tongue: wherein are contained [brace] I. The grounds of grammer ... II. A vocabularie of common-words, English and Latine, III. Sundrie and short examples ... IV. Collections out of the Lowest school-autors [sic], V. More elegant expressions for children, VI. The first principles of Christianitie
Hoole, Charles
The second edition / corrected by the author. London. Printed by Thomas Newcomb, for Joshuah Kirton and are to be sold at his shop. 1651.

¬An¬ easie entraunce into the chiefe poynts of christian religion
London. Waldegrave. [ca. 1585]. 13 S..

An easier touch: new approaches on the guitar and its music
Chang, Teddy.
Hacienda Heights, CA (PO Box 5831, Hacienda Heights 91745). Symphony Trading Co.,. c1987.. 46 p. of music ;.

An easier way to change jobs: the complete Princeton/Masters job changing system
Gerberg, Robert Jameson,
Englewood, Colo.. Princeton/Masters Press,. c1993.. 336 p..

¬An¬ easily testable optimal-time VLSI-Multiplier
Becker, Bernd
Saarbruecken. Univ. d. Saarlandes, Facbereich 10. 1985. 22 Bl. : graph. Darst.. [Report] / Sonderforschungsbereich 124 ; 03/1985.

An East African federation
Rosberg, Carl G. ; Segal, Aaron
New York. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 1963. 72 S.. International conciliation ; 543 = 1962/63.