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An alvearie, or, Quadruple dictionarie: containing foure sundrie tongues, namelie, English, Latine, Greeke, and French : newly enriched with varietie of wordes, phrases, prouerbs, and diuers lightsome obseruations of grammar : by the tables you may contrariwise finde out the most necessarie wordes placed after the alphabet, whatsoeuer are to be found in anie other dictionarie : which tables also seruing for lexicons to lead the learner vnto the English of such hard wordes as are often read in authors, being faithfullie examined, are truelie numbered : verie profitable for such as be desirous of anie of those languages.
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An alvearie, or quadruple dictionarie, containing foure sundrie tongues: namelie, English, Latine, Greeke, and French,: newlie enriched with varietie of wordes, phrases, proverbs, and divers lightsome observations of grammar ...
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