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An agreement of the people for a firme and present peace, upon grounds of common-right and freedome: as it was proposed by the agents of the five regiments of horse; and since by the generall approbation of the Army, offered to the joynt concurrence of all the free commons of England. The names of the regiments which have already appeared for the case, of The case of the Army truly stated, and for this present agreement, viz. 1. Gen. Regiment. 2. Life-Guard. 3. Lieut. Gen. Regiment. 4. Com. Gen. Regiment. 5. Col. Whaleyes Reg. 6. Col. Riches Reg. 7. Col. Fleetwoods Reg. 8. Col. Harisons Reg. 9. Col. Twisldens Reg. of Horse 1. Gen. Regiment. 2. Col. Sir Hardresse Wallers Reg. 3. Col. Lamberts Reg. 4. Col. Rainsboroughs Regiment. 5. Col. Overtons Reg. 6. Col. Lilburns Reg. 7. Col. Backsters Reg. Of foot
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