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¬An¬ audience with Elton John: join Elton John and his audience of international showbiz stars for an intimate evening of unforgettable entertainment ; [Video]
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¬An¬ auncient historie and exquisite chronicle of the Romanes warres, both ciuile and foren
Appianus <of Alexandria>
Jmprinted at London. By Henrie Bynniman. Anno. 1578.

¬An¬ auncient historie and exquisite chronicle of the Romanes warres, both ciuile and foren. Written in Greeke by the noble orator and historiographer, Appian of Alexandrîa ... With a continuarion [sic], bicause that parte of Appian is not extant, from the death of Sextus Pompeius, second sonne to Pompey the Great, till the overthrow of Antonie and Cleopatra
Appianus <of Alexandria> ; Barker, William ¬[attributed name]¬ ; W. B
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Ana und Blanca: die Geschichte einer Adoption
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An aunsuuere made by Bar. Traheron to a priuie papiste: vvhich crepte in to the English congregation of Christian exiles vndre the visor of a fauorer of the Gospel, but at lenghth bewraied himselfe to be one of the popes asses, thorough h slouche eares and than became a laughing stocke to al the companie, whom he had amased before with his maske : hereunto is added the subscription of the cheifest of the companie first, and afterward the subscriptio[n] of M. Ro. Watson ...
Traheron, Bartholomew,
[Wesel?] imprinted. [P.A. de Zuttere?],. 1558.. [48] p..

¬An¬ aunsvvere by the Reuerend Father in God Thomas Archbyshop of Canterbury, primate of all England and metropolitane, vnto a craftie and sophisticall cauillation, deuised by Stephen Gardiner Doctour of Law, late Byshop of Winchester agaynst the true and godly doctrine of the most holy sacrament, of the body and bloud of our sauiour Iesu Christ: Wherein is also, as occasion serueth, aunswered such places of the booke of Doct. Richard Smith, as may seeme any thyng worthy the aunsweryng. Here is also the true copy of the booke written, and in open court deliuered, by D. Stephen Gardiner
Cranmer, Thomas ; Cranmer, Thomas ; Gardiner, Stephen ; Foxe, John
Reuised, and corrected by the sayd archbyshop at Oxford before his martyrdome: wherein hee hath beautified Gardiners doynges, with asmuch diligence as might be, by applying notes in the margent, and markes to the doctours saying: which before wanted in the first impression. Hereunto is prefixed the discourse of the sayd archbyshops lyfe, and martyrdome, briefly collected out of his hystory of the actes and monumentes, and in the end is added certaine notes, wherein Gardiner varied, both from him selfe, and other papistes, gathered by the sayd archbyshop. Paris. L'Harmattan. 2007. 83 S.. Poètes des cinq continents : Espace expérimental ; 53.
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¬An¬ aunswere to sixe reasons, that T. Pownde required to be aunswered
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"An aunt for a day"
[Composer unknown or not mentioned] [from old catalog]
[n.p.] . [c1914]. p. cm..

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Wannan, Bill

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An Australian camera, 1851-1914
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SpravoÏcnik potrebitelja: Çeto neobchodimo znat½ vsem, kak potrebitelju sebja zaÏsÏcit½, zakonodatel½nyje i normativnye akty
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An Australian Girl in Germany ; Through peace to war <Jan.-Oct., 1914>. By Hilda M. Freeman
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BECKER, LUDWIG ; Tipping, Marjorie ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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An Australian study of the impact of company cars on energy consumption
Knight, L.
p. 13-22 ;.