¬An¬ attempt at a glossary of some words used in Cheshire
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¬An¬ attempt at an analysis of some sociological terms and concepts
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An attempt at an historical survey of life-saving measures for drowning persons: and information of the best means by which they can again be brought back to life
Herholdt, Johan Daniel. ; Rafn, Carl Gottlieb
Aarhuus. Stiftsbogtrykkerie,. 1960.. 88 S..

An attempt at an historical survey of lifesaving measures for drowning persons and information of the best means ... By J. D. Herholdt and C. G. Rafn
Cph . H. Tikiøb. 1796.. 1960) . XI + 88 s., 1 tvl.

¬An¬ attempt at debiasing the hindsight bias
Greenberg, Jane R.
1982. 2 Microfiches.

An attempt at forecasting the 300 MB wind flow in tropical Africa south of the Equator
Ascuncion, J. F.
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An attempt at forecasting the demand for higher education in the Netherlands
Linnemann, Hans

An attempt at homophonyfree deciphering of the Phaistos disc
Vargha, Dénes
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¬An¬ Attempt at separating productive and morphogenetic effects in the growth of some bulb plants
Wassink, Evert Christiaan
[Wageningen]. [Veenman]. 1972. 22 S. ; 8-o. Mededelingen [van de] Landbouwhogeschool, Wageningen ; 72,31.

¬An¬ attempt at synthesis
Etienne, Gilbert

An attempt at the transmission of human warts to experimental animals
Steinberg, Theodore.
1934.. 9 leaves ;.

¬An¬ attempt at translating VHDL into CIRCAL
Zhu, Shenhong ; Rees, David
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<<An>> attempt at universal four-fermion interaction
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An attempt at X-ray phase-contrast microscopy
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An attempted correlation of home accident fatalities and housing quality
Male, Charles Thomas.
Ithaca, N.Y.. Center for Housing and Environmental Studies, Division of Urban Studies, Cornell University,. 1968.. 77 p. ;.

An attempted explanation of the cause of modification of aluminum-silicon alloys
Milne, Theodore.
1925.. 37 leaves.

¬An¬ attempted parallelization of the quaternary mammalian faunas of China and Europe
Kurtén, Björn
Helsingfors. 1960. 11 S. : graph. Darst.. Commentationes biologicae ; 23,8.

An attempted reconstruction of design procedures and concepts during the reign of Sultan Q\0101ytb\0101y (872/1468-901/1496) in Jerusalem and Cairo: with special reference to the Madrasa Al-Ashrafiyya and the Minbar in the Kh\0101naq\0101h of Farag Ibn Barq\016Bq
Walls, Archibald G.
1979.. 3 v..

<<An>> attempted synthesis of 11-hydroxy-cholanic acid and the synthesis of d- and l-tagato-methylose
Köllerström-Barnett, Jean Winifred
Zürich . 1953. 43 p..

An attempt for the explication of the phaenomena
Hooke, Robert
London. Thomson. 1661.

An attempt for the explication of the phaenomena, observable in an experiment published by the honourable Robert Bayle, Esq.: in the 35. experiment of his epistolical discourse touching the dire
Hooke, Robert ; Boyle, Robert
London. Thomson. 1661. 50 S..

¬An¬ attempt in organization development toward participative group style management ; a case study
Lundquist, Richard Ossman
[Mikrofilm-Ausg.]. 1974. 274 S..

¬An¬ attempt in translating VHDL into CIRCAL
Zhu, Shenhong ; Rees, David
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<<An>> Attempt of a consistent assessment of orbital interactions based on non-orthogonal completely localized molecular orbitals derived from approximate ab initio SCF MO calculations
Müller, Klaus
Zürich . 1977. 265 l..

An attempt of simplify the notation of music...
Rootsey, S. [from old catalog]
London, . 1811.. p. cm..

An attempt to amend the Illinois constitution;: a study in politics and taxation,
Elder, Ann H. ; Fisher, Glenn W.,
[Urbana] . Institute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois,. 1969.. v, 114 l..

An attempt to answer the queries relating to the reports of Messrs. Golborne and Brindley, for improving the outfall and port of Wisbeach.
Howgrave, F.
Stamford [England]. Printed by F. Howgrave,. [1771]. 4 p. ;.

¬An¬ attempt to apply ligand field theory to positronium reactions with 3d complexes: memoria presentata nella sedita del 13 dicembre 2002 dal Socio F. Calderazzo
Lazzarini, Ennio
Roma. Accad. Nazionale dei Lincei. 2003. 75 S. : graph. Darst.. Rendiconti lincei : Scienze fisiche e naturali ; Ser. 9, vol. 14, fasc. 1.

An attempt to apply Marx's theory of ground rent to the modern urban economy
Broadbent, Thomas Andrew.
London. Centre for Environmental Studies,. 1975.. 46 p..

¬An¬ attempt to apply Marx' theory of ground rent to the modern urban economy
Broadbent, Thomas A.
London. 1975. 46 S. : graph.Darst.. Centre for Environmental Studies <London>: Research papers. ; 17..

Multilingual information management: current levels and future abilities ; a report commissioned by the US National Science Foundation and also delivered to the European Commission's Language Engineering Office and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, April 1999
Shên, Yu-kan. [from old catalog] ; Hovy, Eduard ; Ide, Nancy ; Frederking, Robert E. ; Mariani, Joseph ; Zampolli, Antonio
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An attempt to apply the determination of collagen to cooked meat,
Dorman, Adamae.
[Berkeley, Calif., . 1931]. 3 p. l., 25 numb. l. incl. tables..

An attempt to apply the method of taxonomic classification of linearly ordered sets to the delimitation of zones of land use in Cracow
Mydel, Rajmund

An attempt to ascertain and illustrate the authority: nature, and design of the institution of Christ commonly called the Communion and the Lord's Supper. The second edition, with improvements. By William Bell
Bell, William
London. printed for J. Robson; B. White; T. Cadell; H. Payne; and J. F. and C. Rivington. 1781. Online-Ressource.

An attempt to ascertain and illustrate the authority, nature, and design of the institution of Christ commonly called the Communion and the Lord's Supper
Bell, William,
Boston. W. Wells,. 1809.. xi, 111 p. ;.

An attempt to ascertain the cause of the extensive inflammation which attacks wounded cavities and their contents
Cocke, James,
Philadelphia. From the press of the late R. Aitken by Jane Aitken,. 1804.. 36 p. ;.

¬An¬ Attempt to ascertain the causes of the K-g's present illness: with a new method of treating it, applicable to all who suffer in like manner, most humbly recommended, by a dutiful subject
London. Robson. [1788]. 13 S..

¬An¬ attempt to ascertain the true derivation of the names of towns and villages and of rivers ... of the county of Norfolk
Munford, George
London. 1870.

An attempt to change a department of state government through legislation: the California job agent program ...
[S.l.. s.n.,. 1972]. 2 v..

An attempt to change a department of state government through legislation: the California job agent program.
[Sacramento, Calif.?. s.n.],. 1974.. 387 p..

An attempt to change kindergarten children's attitudes of prejudice toward the Negro.
Handler, June Moss.
1966.. 1 reel..

An attempt to change the effect of a neuro-muscular junction
Dyro, Frances.
1963.. iv, 18 leaves ;.

An attempt to compare the instruments for absolute magnetic measurements at different observatories
Rijckevorsel, Elie van
Amsterdam . Bom. 1890. 15 S..

¬An¬ attempt to compute channel flows
Nilsson, Jörgen
Uppsala. 1973. 29, 35 Bl.. Naturgeografiska Institutionen <Uppsala>: UNGI rapport ; 23.

An Attempt to confute error, and establish truth.: Being an answer to a pamphlet, intituled, Infant baptism considered, in a letter (1773) shewing from the Scriptures that infants of believers are holy. : [Six lines of quotations] : Presented unto Mr. Jirah Sweft, Jun. of Dartmouth, &c
Hinds, Ebenezer,
Providence:. Printed by John Carter, at Shakespear's Head.,. MDCCLXXIV. [1774]. [2], 18 p. ;.

¬An¬ attempt to construct an instructional method aimed at correcting reversibility in the translation of verbal problem statements into mathematical notation
Schrader, Anthony M.
1985. IV, 90 S..

An attempt to control leprosy: by B.C.G. vaccine in the Loyalty Islands,
Noumea? . 1955?. 15l..

An attempt to control leprosy by B.C.G. vaccine in the Loyalty Islands.
[Noumea? New Caledonia] . South Pacific Commission,. foreward 1955]. 15, [29] \U+fffd\..

An attempt to correct some of the misstatements made by Sir Victor Horsley ... and Mary D. Sturge, M.D.,: in the criticisms of the Galton laboratory memoir: A first study of the influence of parental alcoholism, &c.,
Pearson, Karl,
London, . Dulau & Co., Ltd.,. 1911.. 42 p..

¬An¬ attempt to correlate HRTEM and XRD determination of coherent scattering domain size of illite-smectite interstratification using "illite crystallinity"
Jaboyedoff, Michel
Lausanne. Laboratoires de Géologie, Mineralogie, Géophysique et du Musée Géologique de l'Univ.. 2001. S. [305] - 319. Bulletin de géologie ; 346.

An attempt to create an international identity: the picture book in a literary, didactic and historical perspective : a comparative reading of Egon Mathiesen: Frederick and his car and Flemming Bergsøe: The children on the globe
Christansen, Nina

An Attempt to Define Archaeo-Metallurgy
Espelund, Arne ; Nørbach, Lars Chr.
Lejre. Experiments in Archaeology. 1997. Technical Report; 03.

An attempt to define laws and regulations for a commonwealth of nations. With a preface drawn up in Copenhagen and Gothenburg 1943/44 and a postscript written in Copenhagen in Oct. 1945.
Hellerup . 1949. 27 s..

An attempt to derive continuous symmetries from discontinuous ones: Dynamical discretness. Application to flavour mixing
ZÆagÆanescu, M.
TimiÐsoara. SecÐtia fiziÆca, Fac. de ÐstiinÐte ale naturii, Univ.,. 1981.. 10 S..

An Attempt to Derive Continuous Symmetries from Discontinuous ones. Dynamical Discretness. Application to Flavour Mixing
ZÆagÆanescu, M.
TimiÐsoara. Univ.,. 1981.. 10 S..

An attempt to destroy the British Fleet
[England]. Pub. by Roberts Middle Row,. [ca. 1804]. 1 print.

An attempt to detect polarization in the hydrogen emission of Be stars
Whitney, Charles Allen.
1951.. 62, [6] leaves.

¬An¬ attempt to determine densitometric characteristics of rock texture on aerial photographs
Sgavetti, Maria
Enschede. International Society for Photogrammetry. 1972. 63 S. : graph. Darst.. Publications of the International Institute for Aerial Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) : Series B ; 67.
ISBN 90-6164-011-3

¬An¬ Attempt to determine photovisual magnitudes without a colour-filter and a study of the colours and the magnitudes of the stars in the galactic cluster Messier 7 and its surroundings
Wallenquist, Ake
Uppsala. Almqvist & Wiksell. 1931. 52 S. ; 4-o.

¬An¬ attempt to determine the contents of the inscription on the Phaestos disc
Macalister, Robert Alexander Stewart
Dublin. Hodges, Figgis, & Co. [u.a.]. 1913. S. 342 - 350.

An attempt to determine the magnetic declination at sea on board an ordinary motor boat.
Ljungdahl, Gustaf S.
Stockholm, . 1933. 9s.,1 pl.,1 kartbl..

An attempt to develop the law of storms: by means of facts arranged according to place and time; and hence to point out a cause for the variable winds with the view to practical use in navigation. Illustrated by charts and wood-cuts.
Reid, William,
London: . J. Weale,. 1850. vii, 530 p. 1 Á.

¬An¬ attempt to develop the law of storms by means of facts arranged according to place and time and hence to point out a cause of the variable winds
Reid, William
London. 1838.

¬An¬ attempt to develp the law of strorms: By means of facts, arranged according to place and time; and hence to point out a cause for the variable winds, with the view to pracitical use in navigation
Reid, William
3. ed.. London. Weale. 1850. 530 S. : Kt..

¬An¬ Attempt to discriminate the styles of architecture in England
Rickman, Thomas

¬An¬ Attempt to discriminate the styles of architecture in England, from the conquest to the reformation
Rickman, Thomas
5. ed.. London. Parker. 1848. LVI, 238, LXII S..

An attempt to discriminate the styles of architecture in England, from the conquest to the reformation: with a sketch of the Grecian and Roman orders
Rickman, Thomas ; Parker, John Henry
6. edition, with considerable additions, chiefly Historical / by John Henry Parker. Oxford [u.a.]. Henry and Parker. 1862. XVI, 464 S..

An attempt to discriminate the styles of architecture in England, from the conquest to the reformation: with a sketch of the Grecian and Roman orders.
Rickman, Thomas, ; Parker, John Henry,
London, . J. H. Parker,. 1881.. xvi, 344 p..

An attempt to discriminate the styles of architecture in England, from the conquest to the reformation: with a sketch of the Grecian and Roman orders;: notices of numerous British edifices; and some remarks on the architecture of a part of France.
Rickman, Thomas,
London, . J. H. Parker,. 1848.. lvi, 238 p., 1 l., lxii, [11] p..

An Attempt To Discriminate The Styles Of English Architecture: From The Conquest to the Reformation; with Notices of Eight Hundred English Buildings ; Preceded by A Sketch of the Grecian And Roman Orders
Rickman, Thomas
The Second Edition, With Additions. London. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, And Brown. 1819. IV S., [2] Bl., 184 S..

An Attempt To Discriminate The Styles Of English Architecture: From The Conquest to the Reformation ; Preceded by A Sketch of the Grecian And Roman Orders, with Notices Of Nearly Five Hundred English Buildings
Rickman, Thomas
London. Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, And Browne. 1817. IV S., [1] Bl., 146 S., XVI, [1] Bl..

An attempt to discriminate the styles of English architecture, from the Conquest to the Reformation
London . Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown .

An attempt to distinguish genuine Christianity from spurious: a sermon, delivered ... a few days after a camp-meeting ... in Kingsborough (Johnstown), state of New York
Yale, Elisha,
Albany [N.Y.]. Printed by Websters and Skinner,. 1810.. 22 p..

An attempt to document research and training in adult education: results of a questionnaire sent to tertiary institutes and practical adult education organisations in the UNESCO countries
Knoll, Joachim H.
Canberra. Centre for Continuing Education, Australian National University,. 1972.. 151, iii p. ;.

¬An¬ attempt to eat the moon and other stories: recounted from the Aborigines
Buller-Murphy, Deborah ; Durack, Elizabeth ¬[Ill.]¬
Melbourne. Georgian House. 1958. X, 49 S. : zahlr. Ill..

An attempt to establish a pure scientific system of mineralogy,: by the application of the electro-chemical theory and the chemical proportions;
Berzelius, Jöns Jakob, ; Black, John,
London, . R. Baldwin;. 1814.. 144 p..

An attempt to establish the original sameness of three phenomena of fever, (principally confined to infants and children), described by medical writers under the several names of hydrocephalus internus, cynanche trachealis, and diarrhea infantum.
Caldwell, Charles,
Philadelphia;. Printed by Thomas Dobson, at the Stone-House, no 41, South Second-Street.,. 1796. vii, [1], 10-69, [1] p. ;.

An attempt to estimate the Botswana 1980-market for manufactured products
Granberg, Per.
Bergen, Norway. Chr. Michelsen Institute, Development Research and Action Programme,. [1984]. 28 leaves ;.

An attempt to estimate the galactic mass density in the vicinity of the sun
Jõeveer, M. ; Eelsalu, H.
Tartu, . Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia W. Struve nimeline Tartu Astrofüüsika Observatoorium,. 1972.. 23 p..

An attempt to estimate unemployment in Wielkopolska region
Golata, ElÇzbieta

An Attempt to evaluate the effects of an anti-turbidity system on sediment dispersion from a hopper dredge
Nakata, Kisaburo.
Seattle, Wash.. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Research Laboratories, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory ;. [1989]. iii, 30 p..

An attempt to explain and justify the use of cold in uterine hemorrhagies,: with a view to remove the prejudices which prevail among the women of this city, against the use of this safe and necessary remedy.
Bard, Samuel,
New-York:. Printed by H. Gaine, at the Bible, in Hanover-Square.,. M.DCC.LXXXVIII. [1788]. 15, [1] p. ;.

An attempt to explain and justify the use of cold in uterine hemorrhagies, with a view to remove the prejudices which prevail among the women of this city, against the use of this safe and necessary remedy ..
Bard, Samuel,
New York, . H. Gaine,. 1788. 15 p..

An attempt to explain God's gracious covenant with believers: and illustrate the duty of parents, to embrace this covenant, dedicate their children in baptism, and train them up in the fear of God
Church, John Hubbard,
Amherst, N.H.. Printed and sold by Joseph Cushing,. 1805.. 91 p. ;.

An attempt to explain the evidences of glacial action during the Permian,
Manson, Marsden,
San Francisco, . Printed by the Stanley-Taylor Company,. [1907?]. 15 p..

¬An¬ attempt to explain the oeconomy of the human frame, upon the principles of the new philosophy
London. Bettenham. 1739. 240 S..

¬An¬ attempt to explain the phenomena of heat, electricity, galvanism, magnetism, gravitation, and light, on the assumption of one cause, or universal principle
Pollock, Thomas
London. Highley. 1832. XI, 158 S. : Ill., graph. Darst..

¬An¬ attempt to explain the principles of the British constitution: to trace the causes which combined to bring about the Triennial and Septennial acts; ... By James Green
Green, James
Newcastle. printed for the author. 1790.

An attempt to expose the weakness, fallacy, and absurdity, of the Unitarian or Socinian arguments against the divinity of the Son of God, ... in three parts. ... By Alexander Pirie, ...
Pirie, Alexander
Perth. printed by R. Morison Junior, for R. Morison and Son, Perth. 1792. vi,102p..

An attempt to express and sequence the gene encoding the nitrate reductase enzyme in marine phytoplankton
Carter, Brandon James
1999. 80 leaves.

¬An¬ Attempt to find the amount of phosphorus ...
Dudley, Chas B. ; Pease, F. N.
Easton. 1894. 14 S. ; 8-o.

An attempt to fit IRT models to the DS subtest in the SweSAT
Stage, Christina,
Ume¯. Ume¯ univ.,. 1996. 13 bl..

¬An¬ attempt to frame a working hypothesis of the cause of glacial period on an atmospheric basis
Chamberlin, Thomas C.
Chicago. Univ.. 1900. S. 545 - 788 : Kt..

An attempt to give a sociological interpretation to the Brazilian coup d'etat of April 1, 1964.
Maturana Medina, Sergio.
Madison, Wis., . The Land Tenure Center, Universtiy of Wisconsin. 1964.. 17 p..

An attempt to illustrate and confirm the ecclesiastical constitution of the consociated churches, in the colony of Connecticut: occasioned by a late "Explanation of the Saybrook platform"
Hobart, Noah, ; Mecom, Benjamin,
New-Haven. Printed by B. Mecom,. 1765.. 44 p. ;.

An Attempt to illustrate the great subject of the Psalms.: Shewing, that the principal and ultimate design of them was, to exhibit the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow; --in both which his disciples are sharers with him. : With a digression on baptism; in which is considered, the subjects of it; --the mode of it; --and the meaning of that expression, "buried with him in baptism." : To which are annexed, some observations on the work of the Holy Spirit; --and the difference between the faith of God's elect, and the faith of devils. : From the Holy Scriptures. : [Eleven lines of Scripture texts]
Townsend, Shippie,
Boston:. Printed by Mills and Hicks.,. M,DCC,LXXIII. [1773]. 75, [1] p. ;.

An attempt to illustrate the important covenant on which the church of God is founded: and, to point out some errors relative to these things : in two discourses
Buffett, Platt,
Somers, N.Y.. Printed by Milton F. Cushing,. 1811.. 31 p..

An attempt to increase the ethyl alcohol production of Fusarium radicicola
Kroner, Thomas Davis.
1940.. 1 v. in various pagings.

An attempt to induce the people of georgia, to commence the work of internal improvement,: in a series of essays on the subject of canaling, together with a bill to be entitled "An act to establish a Board of public works."
Savannah, . Printed at the Georgia job office by R. Fulton,. 1824.. 63, viii p..

¬An¬ Attempt to interpret the name of the city of Naukratis
Lutz, Henry Frederick
Berkeley [u.a.]. Univ. of California Pr.. 1943. S. 275 - 280 ; 8-o. Univ. of California Publications in Semitic philology ; 10,12.

An attempt to investigate the seat of animal life
Curtis, Henry,
Baltimore [Md.]. Printed by Benjamin Edes,. 1812.. 29 p. ;.

An attempt to isolate a PR-2a (ß-1,3-glucanase) cDNA clone from barley (Hordeum vulgare L.): Ett försök att isolera en PR-2a (ß-1,3-glukanas) klon fr¯n korn (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Kempe, Camilla
Alnarp. Sveriges lantbruksuniv.,. 1998. 13 bl..

An attempt to land a bishop in America
[London. s.n.. 1768]. 1 print.

¬An¬ attempt to make a statistical separation of giant and dwarf stars from a study of the proper motion distribution
Gyllenberg, Walter
Lund. Gleerup [u.a.]. 1927. 14 S.. Lunds Universitets Arsskrift ; Avd. 2, Medicin samt matematiska och naturvetenskapliga ämnen ; N.F.,23,7.

¬An¬ attempt to make a statistical seperation of giant and dwarf stars from a study of the proper motion distribution
Gyllenberg, Walter
Lund. Gleerup ; Leipzig : Harrassowitz. 1927. 14 S.. Lunds Universitets ars-skrift : N.F. Avd. 2 ; 23,7.

¬An¬ attempt to measure attitudes toward intellectual complexity as a personality factor in most and least effective high school football coaches
Hart, Edward Abram
Berkeley, California. 1966. 78 p..

An attempt to measure high energy electrons energies in Alcator
Camp, Jordan B.
1978.. 21 leaves.

An attempt to measure the proton mass using a penning trap and highly-charged ions
Borgenstrand, Håkan
Stockholm. Univ., Dept. of Physics. 1997. Getr. Zählung.
ISBN 91-7153-609-4

¬An¬ attempt to measure the proton mass using a penning trap and highly-chargfed ions
Borgenstrand, HÚakan
Stockholm. Univ.. 1997. getr. Zählung.

¬An¬ attempt to modernize notation.
Szentkiralyi, Andras

An attempt to nip in the bud, the unscriptural doctrine of universal salvation, and some other dangerous errors connected with it; which a certain stranger, who calls himself John Murray, has, of late, been endeavoring to spread in the First Parish of Gloucester, to draw disciples after him.: In a letter addressed to one of those that are drawn away; if possible to reclaim him and the others. To this end and in hopes that it may by the blessing of God serve also to confirm all in some of the most important doctrines of God's word, it is made public, in answer to the desire of a very repectable number of persons of reputation and influence in said parish. : To which is subjoined, the dying testimony for the truth, and against error, of their worthy minister, the Reverend Mr. Samuel Chandler, lately deceased.
Cleaveland, John, ; Chandler, Samuel,
Salem [Mass.]: N.E.. Printed by E. Russell, at his printing-office, upper-end of Main-Street.,. M,DCC,LXXVI. [1776]. 46, [2] p. ;.

<<An>> attempt to overcome the yield-dampening effect of negative correlations among yield components in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Voysest Voysest, Oswaldo
East Lansing - Wisc. . 1970. 6 Microfiches.

An attempt to point out the fatal and pernicious consequences of the Rev. Mr. Joseph Bellamy's doctrines, respecting moral evil.: [Five lines of Scripture texts]
Moody, Samuel,
Boston:. Printed and sold by Edes & Gill, in Queen-Street,,. 1759. 31, [1] p. ;.

An attempt to prepare a metallic derivative of Ethyl J Bromprokyl ether ; The preparation of hexamethylene diethyl ether
Goodhue, Leonard H.
1896.. 23 leaves ;.

An attempt to prepare an Ð oxy-acid or its lactone
Balcom, R. Wilfred.
1900.. 37 leaves ;.

An attempt to prepare fusel-oil by a process not involving fermentation
Hinckley, Arthur Thacher.
1908.. 78 leaves ;.

An attempt to produce more uniformly vulcanizing natural rubber by a bacterial treatment of latex
Kluyver, Albert J. ; Houwink, Eric H.
[Bogor]. [s.n.] ,. 1954. S. 1-19.

An attempt to promote the frequent dispensing of the Lord's Supper
Erskine, John,
Kilmarnock. Printed and sold by J. Wilson ...,. 1783.. 72 p. ;.

An attempt to prove that digestion, in man, depends on the united causes of solution and fermentation.
Glover, Joseph, ; Ewing, John, ; Barton, Benjamin Smith,
Philadelphia:. Printed by Way & Groff, no. 48, North Third-Street.,. 1800.. 65, [3] p. ;.

An attempt to prove the affirmative part of that question, whether there be any certainty, that a sinner under the advantages of the Gospel and common grace, striving with all his might, and persevering to the last in his utmost endeavours to please God, shall obtain such a measure of Divine assistance, as is necessary to fit him for eternal salvation. Or, whether God be a rewarder of all those who diligently seek him?: Containing some remarks upon a late piece intitled, A vindication of Gospel-truth, and refutation of some dangerous errors, &c. : Done in a letter to Mr. Jedidiah Mills. : [Three lines of Scripture texts]
Beach, John,
Boston:. Printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle in Queen-Street.,. MDCCLXVIII. [1748]. 23, [1] p. ;.

An attempt to prove the existence and absolute perfection of the supreme unoriginated being, in a demonstrative manner.
Hamilton, Hugh, ; Hume, David,
Dublin:. Printed by John Exshaw, Grafton-Street.,. MDCCLXXXIV. [1784]. [4], 202, [2] p. (last [2] p. blank) ;.

An attempt to prove the motion of the earth
Hooke, Robert
London. Martyn. 1674.

An attempt to prove the motion of the earth from observations
Hooke, Robert
London. 1674. 28 S..

An attempt to quantify the economic benefits of scientific research
Byatt, Ian Charles Rayner ; Cohen, Adrian Victor
London. HMSO. 1969. 10, 25 S.. Science polity studies ; 4.
ISBN 0-11-270139-6

An attempt to recover the original reading of 1. Sam.13, 1: to which is added an enquiry in to the duration of Salomon's reign
Moore, John
London. 1797.

An attempt to recover the original reading of I Samuel chapter xiii. verse 1: To which is added an enquiry into the duration of Solomon's reign: ... By John Moore
Moore, John
London. printed by W. Wilson, and sold by Messrs. Rivington. 1797. Online-Ressource.

An attempt to reduce condensation loss in steam engine cylinders by coating piston and cylinder heads with a resinoid material
Clary, Frank A.
1933.. 49 leaves.

<<An>> attempt to refine rockfall hazard zoning based on the kinetic energy, frequency and fragmentation degree
Jaboyedoff, Michel ; Dudt, Jean-Paul ; Labiouse, Vincent ; Heidenreich, B. ; Fuchsschwanz, M. ; Mathier, Jean-François
Lausanne . Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. 2005. 1 Heft.