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An antidote against antinomianisme the first dosis: the unjustifiablenesse of justification before faith prescribed and administred in a soft answer ... peuned plainly for the undeceiving of the plain hearted Christian, and mildely for thregaining of our mistaken brother H.D.
D. H. ; Denne, Henry,
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An Antidote against Dr. E. Stillingfleet's Unreasonableness of separation: being a vindication of the nonconformists from the heavy charges of schism and separation wherein they are loaded by the doctor and two anonymous authors : in two discourses conjoined and seasonably published
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An Antis.

An antidote against Hen. Haggar's poysonous pamphlet, entitled, The foundation of the font discovered: or, A reply wherein his audaciousness in perverting holy scriptures and humane writings is discovered,: his sophistry in arguing against infant-baptism, discipleship, church membership &c. is detected, his contradictions demonstrated; his cavils agains M. Cook, M. Baxter, and M. Hall answered, his raylings rebuked, and his folly manifested.
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Bewick, John.
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Walwyn, William
London. Printed by Thomas Paine. 1646. Online-Ressource.

An antidote against melancholy: being a collection of fourscore merry songs, wherein those on the same subject and key are placed in an agreeable succession, in relation to the different measures of time, after the manner of suits of lessons : the music of them all entirely new, and several of the songs never before set to music.
London. printed for Daniel Browne,. 1749.. 1 score (iv, 207 p.) ;.

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London. Printed and sold by J. How ...,. 1698.. [28] p. ;.

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R. B.
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Moore, Thomas, ; Naylor, James,
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Everard, Robert
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An antidote for Tom Paine's theological and political poison: containing, 1. Tom's life, interspersed with remarks and reflections, by P. Porcupine, 2. An apology for the Bible, in a series of letters addressed to Paine, by the Bishop of Landaff, 3. An apology for Christianity, by the same learned, elegant writer, 4. An answer to Paine's anarchical nonsense, commonly called the Rights of man.
Cobbett, William, ; Cobbett, William, ; Watson, Richard, ; Mackenzie, Henry,
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Jones, Thomas,
London. Printed for John Wright ...,. 1646.. [23] p..

¬An¬ Antidote to poison, or a full reply to Mr. Jeffery's attack upon the character and conduct of his royal higness the Prince of Wales ...
London. Mathews & Leigh. 1806.

An antidote to prevent the prevalency of anabaptism, or, Infants baptism vindicated by way of query and answer: together with a few reflections upon some remarkable passages ... in a book intituled, Believers baptism from Heaven ... by H.
Shute, Giles, ; Collins, Hercules,
London. Printed by J.R. and are to be sold by Randal Taylor,. 1693.. 52 p..

An antidote to revolution, or, A practical comment on the creation of privilege for quadrating the principles of consumption with production: and thereby creating stimulus for the unlimited production of national wealth, neutralizing the motives for political discontent, and establishing a solid base for the promotion of morality
Eight Seven.
Dublin. Printed for the author by M. Goodwin,. 1830.. 16 p. ;.

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ÕHaÖtÅib, YÅusuf al-
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Ana, ou collection de bons mots, contes, pensées détachées ... des hommes célèbres depuis la renaissance ...: T. 1-10
Amsterdam ; Paris. Visse [u.a.]. 1789-VII [1798/1799].

Ana, ou collection de bons mots, contes, pensées détachées, traits d'histoire et anecdotes des hommes celèbres, depuis et anecdotes des hommes celèbres, depuis la renaissance des lettres jusqu'à nos jours, suivis d'un choix de propos joyeux, mots plaisans, réparties fines et contes à rire, tirés de différens recueils
Garnier, Charles G. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
Amsterdam [u.a.]. Belin an 7 de la République.

Ana ou collection de bons mots, contes, pensées détachées, traits d'histoire et anecdotes des hommes célèbres, depuis la naissance des lettres jusqu'a nos jours: suivis d'un choix de propos joyeux, mots plaisans, réparties fines et contes a rire, tirés de différens recueils
Garnier, Charles G.
Amsterdam. Visse.

Ana, ou collection de bons mots, contes, pensées détachées, traits d'histoire et anecdotes des hommes célèbres depuis la renaissance des Lettres jusqu'à nos jours, suivis d'un choix de propos joyeux, mots plaisants, réparties fines et contes à rire, tirés de différents recueils...
Amsterdam ; Paris. Visse [u.a.]. 1789.

Ana, ou collection de bons mots, contes, pensées détachées, traits d'histoire et anecdotsmus

Aïna ou la force de l'espérance
Istasse-Moussinga, Cécile-M.
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Ana Ozores: "La Regenta": estudio psicoanalítico
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ISBN 968-360304-1

An Apache babe
Curtis, Edward S.,
c1903.. 1 photographic print..