An Answer to the council of proprietor's [sic] two publications;: sett forth at Perth-Amboy the 25th of March 1746, and the 25th of March 1747. : As also some observations on Mr. Nevil's speech to the House of Assembly, in relation to a petition presented to the House of Assembly, met at Trentown in the province of New-Jersey, in May, 1746
New-York:. Printed and sold by the widow Catharine Zenger, at the printing-office in Stone-Street,,. 1747. 13, [1] p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to the country gentleman's letter to a member of Parliament: with a review of the characters of the Dukes of Norfolk, Portland, and Northumberland ... ; with an address to the King
Leiden. IDC. 1987 c. 2 Mikrofiches : 16x. Irish pamphlets ; 1019..

An answer to the Dean of faculty's Letter to the Lord chancellor: on the claims of the Church of Scotland in regard to its jurisdiction, and the proposed changes in its polity
Dunlop, Alexander,
Edinburgh. John Johnstone,. 1840.. xi, 198 p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to the Dean of Faculty's "letter to the Lord Chancellour, on the claims of the church of Scotland in regard to its jurisdiction, and the proposed changes in its polity"
Dunlop, Alexander
Edinburgh. Johnstone. 1839. IV, 185 S..

An answer to the declaration of the imaginary parliament of the unknowne Common-wealth of England ...
Rotterdam. 1652.

An Answer to the declaration of the King of England.: Respecting his motives for carrying on the present war, and his conduct towards France.
Paine, Thomas,
Paris, . Printed in the second year of the French republic. [1794?]. 23 p..

An answer to the declaration of the King of England, respecting his motives for carrying on the present war, and his conduct towards France.
Paris. [s.n.],. Printed in the second year of the French Republic, one and indivisible [1794]. 15, [1] p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to the defence of the Reverend Dr. Foster's Sermon of Catholic communion: In which the author ... is clearly vindicated from the aspersions of Philocatholicus. By Grantham Killingworth
Killingworth, Grantham
London. printed for M. Cooper. 1752. 42p..

An answer to the demands of a great prelate: Touching the hierarchy of the Church. And the just defence of priviledges, and religious men
Binet, Etienne,
Printed at Roan [i.e. England. English secret press],. M.DCXXVI. [1626]. [2], 189, [1] p.

An answer to the discourse of Mr. William Sherlock, touching the knowledge of Christ, and our union and communion with him
Polhill, Edward,
London. Printed for Ben. Foster ...,. 1675.. [22], 621 p..

¬An¬ answer to the discourse on Free Thinkung by an Gentleman of Cambridge
London. 1713.

An answer to The dispute adjusted: being a confutations of those reasons offer'd to prove, that no time is a proper time for the repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts, freely address'd to the author
Fleming, Caleb, ; Roberts, James, ; Cox, Thomas,
London. Printed for J. Roberts ..., and sold by T. Cox ...,. 1732.. 23, [1] p. ;.

An answer to the dissenters objections against the common prayers and some other parts of divine-service prescribed in liturgie of the Church of England.
Clagett, William,
London. Printed for T. Basset ..., B. Tooke ..., and F. Gardiner ...,. 1684.. [2], 45, [1] p. ;.

An answer to the dissenters objections against the common prayers, and some other parts of divine-service prescribed in the liturgie of the Church of England..
Clagett, William, ; Bassett, Thomas, ; Tooke, Benjamin, ; Gardiner, Fincham,
London,. Printed for T. Basset at the George in Fleet-Street, B. Took at the Ship in St. Pauls Church-Yard, and F. Gardiner at the White-Horse in Ludgate-Street,,. 1684... [2], 45, [1] p. ;.

An answer to the dissenters pleas for separation, or an abridgment of the London cases; wherein the substance of those books is digested into one short and plain discourse
Bennett, Tho.
4. ed. / Vorr.: Tho. Bennett. Cambridge. Bosvile. 1707. 3 Bl., 326 S..

¬An¬ Answer to the Dissenters Pleas for Separation, or an Abridgment of the London Cases, wherein the substance of those Books is digested into one short [and] plain Discourse
Bennet, Thomas
4. Ed. Cambridge. 1707.

An Answer to the dragon and grashopper: in a dialogue between an old monkey and a young weazel at the Three Cranes Tavern in the Poultry, where they are daily to be seen : as also some remarks upon the Amsterdam and London Æsop's.
London. [s.n.],. 1698.. 8 p..

¬An¬ answer to The dragon and grasshopper
London. 1698.

An answer to the Duke of Portland's case.
[London?] . 1768.. 38 p..

¬An¬ answer to the eighth chapter of the representer's second part
Taylor, James
London. Rogers. 1687. 12 S..

¬An¬ answer to the eleven queries humbly tender'd ... prohibiting the wearing of ...
London. [1697?].

¬An¬ Answer To The Examiner's Cavils Against The Barrier Treaty of 1709: To which are added The Articles of the New Barrier Treaty that relate to the Hanover Succession, both in Latin and English
London. Popping. 1713. 46 S. ; 4-o [i.e. 8-o].

An answer to the first and second part of an anonymous pamphlet, entitled, Observations upon the conduct and behaviour of a certain sect usually distinguished by the name of Methodists.: In two letters to the Right Reverend the Bishop of London, and the other the Right Reverend the bishops concern'd in the publication thereof. : The two parts of the Observations herein answered, are prefix'd.
Whitefield, George, ; Gibson, Edmund,
Boston:. Printed and sold by Rogers and Fowle in Queen-Street, near the prison.,. 1744 [i.e., 1745]. [4], 16, 14, 24 p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to the French declaration
London. 1665 - 1666.

¬An¬ answer to the Great noise about nothing : or, a noise about something
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. [1714?]. 4p.

¬An¬ answer to the inquiry into the state of the nation: with strictures on the conduct of the present ministry
London. Murray. 1806. XVI, 157 S..

An answer to the Joint Committee of the Select and Common Councils of Philadelphia, on the subject of a plan for supplying the city with water, &c
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry,
[Philadelphia. s.n.,. 1799]. 7, [1] p. ;.

An answer to the Lamentation of Cheap-side Crosse: together with the reasons why so many doe desire the downfall of it, and al such popish reliques : also the Downfall of Antichrist
Loveday, Samuel,
London. Printed for T.A.,. [1642]. [4], [3]-6 p..

¬An¬ answer to the latter part of Lord Bolingbroke's Letters on the study of history: By the late Lord Walpole of Woolterton. In a series of letters to a noble lord
Walpole, Horatio Walpole
London. printed by W. Richardson and S. Clark. 1762. 202,[2]p.

An answer to the layman's treatise on baptism: in which the author is pleased to say, that the Quaker doctrine of water baptism is considered, their objections answered, and the doctrine of the Church of England, upon that important point, stated and vindicated.
Nicholson, Thomas,
Williamsburg [Va.]:. Printed by William Hunter,,. MDCCLVII. [1757]. vi, 49, [1] p. ;.

An answer to the Letter of Edmund Burke, esq.
Shebbeare, John, ; Croft, Herbert,
London, . Printed for T. Cadell,. 1777.. p. cm..

An answer to the Letter to a dissenter, detecting the many unjust insinuations which highly reflect on His Majesty, as likewise the many false charges on the dissenters
Halifax, George Savile,
London. Printed by Henry Hills ...,. 1687.. 12 p..

¬An¬ answer to the lightermens account of a coal voyage
S.l.. s.n. [1738]. 1 sheet(2 p.).

An Answer to the Lord George Digbies apology for himself published Jan 4, Anno Dom. 1642: put in the great court of equity otherwise called the court of conscience, upon the 28th of the same moneth
Decius, Theophilus Philanax Gerusiphilus Philalethes. ; Bristol, George Digby, ; Bristol, George Digby, ; Elliot, Thomas.
London. Printed for A. R.,. 1642.. 73 p..

¬An¬ answer to the most material objections
[London]. [1699?].

An answer to "The naked ape",: and other books on aggression.
Reed, Evelyn.
[New York, . Pathfinder Press,. 1971]. 23 p..

An answer to the Observations on the Papers relative to the rupture with Spain.
London, . Printed by J. Hinxman,. 1762.. p. cm..

¬An¬ answer to the order of the Middlesex justices
Whitaker, Edward
London. Green. 1682.

An Answer to the pamphlet called the Loyal feast, or, A true description of His Majesties deep-dy'd scarlet Protestants, the true begotten sons of the whore of Babylon
London. Printed for J. Tacker,. 1682.. 1 sheet..

An answer to the pamphlet entituled The conduct of the Paxton men, impartially represented: wherein the ungenerous spirit of the author is manifested, &c. And the spotted garment pluckt off. : [Twelve lines of quotations]
Philadelphia:. Printed by Anthony Armbruster, in Moravian Alley,,. 1764[.]. 28 p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to the phoenix of Ulster. To which are added II. Ulster's complaint against bankruptcy. III. Reilly's praise of his lovely Molly
Monaghan. printed in the year. 1789. 8p..

¬An¬ answer to the pretended case
[London?]. [1670]. 1 S..

¬An¬ answer to the pretended letter, to a friend in the country; touching the present fears
[London]. [1680]. 4 S..

An answer to the pretended speech, said to be spoken offhand in the house of commons ...
London. 1694. 36 S..

An answer to the printed speech of Edmund Burke, esq.;: spoken in the House of commons, April 19, 1774.
Shebbeare, John,
London, . Printed for T. Evans [etc.]. 1775.. iv, 222 p..

¬An¬ answer to the protestation of the nineteen Lords
London. Pulleyn. 1681. 7 S..

An answer to the protestation of the nineteen lords against the rejectimg of the impeachment of Mr. Fitz-Harris [anon.]
London, . C. Pulleyn,. 1681.. p. cm..

An Answer to the protestation of the nineteen Lords against the rejecting of the impeachment of Mr. Fitz-Harris
London. Printed for Cave Pulleyn,. 1681. 7 p.

¬An¬ answer to the Provinciall letters published by the Jansenists, under the name of Lewis Montalt, against the doctrine of the Jesuits and school-divines
Nouet, Jacques
Printed at Paris. [s.n.]. 1659.

An answer to the queries on the proprietary government of Maryland, inserted in the public ledger.: Also an answer to remarks upon a message sent by the upper to the lower house of Assembly of Maryland, 1762. Published in 1763. : Containing a defence of the lord-proprietor from the calumnies and misrepresentations of the remarker; and also a vindication of the upper house, in their conduct relative to a supply bill for His Majesty's service.
Friend to Maryland.
[Philadelphia?. s.n.],. Printed in the year 1764. [2], 160 p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to the query of a deist
S.l.. [1687?]. 12 S..

¬An¬ answer to the question "what is poetry?": Including remarks on versification. Ed. by Albert S.Cook
Hunt, Leigh
New York. Stechert. 1926. VI,98 S..

An answer to the question, Why are you a Christian?
Clarke, John, ; Lindsey, Theophilus,
Boston:. Printed and sold by Samuel Hall, no. 53, Cornhill.,. October, 1797. (Published according to act of Congress.). vii, [4], 12-80 p. ;.

An answer to the question, Why are you a Christian?
Clarke, John,
[New Windsor, N.Y.]. Printed by J. Schultz & A. Lott, at the New-Windsor press.,. MDCCXCVIII. [1798]. 56 p. ;.

An answer to the question, why are you a Christian?
Clarke, John,
London. Printed for the British and Foreign Unitarian Association,. [between 1825 and 1835?]. 24 p. ;.

An answer to the question, Why do you observe the rite, commonly called the Lord's Supper?: Also, a serious address to communicants. Accompanied with meditations, devotional exercises of heart, and forms of prayer, suitable for the communion season, and for the use of families.
Hitchcock, Enos,
Printed at Providence (R.I.). by Carter and Wilkinson, and sold at their book and stationary store, opposite the Market.,. 1795.. 96 p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to the question, "Why have you left the Bank of Manchester?"
Swanwick, J.
[Nachdr. der Ausg.] Manchester, Forrest and Fogg, 1837. 2004.

¬An¬ answer to the question why may not he English assist the Swede
London. 1658.

¬An¬ answer to the reasons for continuing the palace court
[London?]. [1700]. 1 S..

An answer to the rector of Bury's letter to his friend: wherein is shewed that has effectually, tho' unwllingly acquitted the dissenters from his malicious charge of their being corrupters of the Word of God, that his attempts against theitles of the Psalms and Hebrew Bibles are feeble and inconsistent
Owen, James,
London. Printed by S. Bridge for Tho. Parkhurst,. 1699.. 2, [22] p..

An answer to the Remarks of the Plymouth Company, or (as they call themselves) the Proprietors of the Kennebeck Purchase from the Late Colony of New-Plymouth, published by virtue of their vote of 31st of January last; on the plan and extracts of deeds published by the proprietors of the township of Brunswick. Agreeable to their vote of the 4th of January immediately preceeding.: Wherein, the many trifling cavils against said plan and extracts are answered, many aspersions cast on them wiped off; and their entire consistency with each other fully shewn. : And also the boundaries of the Plymouth Company's tract upon Kennebeck-River are at large set forth and ascertain'd
Boston: in N.E.. [s.n.],. Printed in the year MDCCLIII. [1753]. 33, [1] p. ;.

An answer to the reply and strictures contained in Mr. Bicheno's supplement to The signs of the times;
Faber, George Stanley,
London, . Printed for F. C. and J. Rivington,. 1807.. 106 p. ;.

An answer to the representer's reflections upon the state and view of the controversy: with a reply to the vindicator's full answer, shewing, that the vindicator has utterly ruined the new design of expounding and representing popery.
Clagett, William, ; Clagett, Nicholas,
London. Printed for Ric. Chiswell ...,. 1688.. [11], 130 [i.e. 128] p..

An answer to the Reverend Dr. Snape's accusation.
La Pillonière, François de, ; Hoadly, Benjamin,
London. Printed for James Knapton ... and Tim. Childe ...,. [1717]. xxiv, 71, [1], 23, [1] p. ;.

An answer to the Reverend Dr. Snape's Second letter to the Lord Bishop of Bangor: with occasional observations on three other the most celebrated treaties against His Lordship : viz. Dr. Sherlock's, Mr. Law's and the remarks, in a letter to Dr. Snape.
Prat, Daniel,
London. Printed for Tim. Childe ...,. 1717.. 48 p. ;.

An answer to the Reverend Dr. Snape's second letter to the Right Reverend Father in God, Benjamin Lord Bishop of Bangor.
Whitby, Daniel,
London. Printed for W. Churchill, at the Black Swan in Pater-noster Row,. 1717.. 40 p. ;.

An answer to the Rev. Joseph Lathrop, A.M. Pastor of a church in West-Springfield.: In his two discourses on Matthew vii. 15, 16. With a particular answer to his explanation of that text, I Corin. 14. 34. Let your women keep silence in the churches.
Paaneah, Zaphnath.
Windham [Conn.]:. Printed by John Byrne.,. 1793. 12 p. ;.

An answer to the Rev. Mr. Clarkson's essay on the slavery and commerce of the human species,: particularly the African.
Francklyn, Gilbert
Miami, Fla., . Mnemosyne Pub. Co.. [1969]. xvi, 263 p..

An answer to the Rev. Mr. Clarkson's Essay on the slavery and commerce of the human species, particularly the African, in a series of letters from a gentleman in Jamaica to his friend in London: wherein many of the mistakes and misrepresentations of Mr. Clarkson are pointed out, both with regard to the manner in which that commerce is carried on in Africa and the treatment of the slaves in the West Indies ...
Francklyn, Gilbert.
London. Printed at the Logographic Press and sold by J. Walter,. 1789.. xvi, 263 p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to the satyr upon the French King
London. Whitlock. 1697. 1 S..

¬An¬ answer to the second blue book: Containing a refutation of the principles, charges and arguments advanced by the Catholic committee against their bishops. Addressed to the Roman Catholics of England. By the R. Charles Plowden
Plowden, Charles
London. printed by J. P. Coghlan; and sold by Messrs. Booker; Keating; Lewis; and Robinsons. 1791.

¬An¬ answer to the second letter from Legorn
[London]. [1680].

An answer to the second part of Rights of man.
London, . Printed for F. and C. Rivington,. 1792.. p. cm..

An answer to the seditious and scandalous pamphlet entituled The tryal of W. Penn and W. Mead at the sessions held at the Old Baily, London, the 1, 3, 4, 5 of Sept., 1670: contained in four sections
Starling, Samuel,
London. Printed by W.G.,. 1671.. [2], 38 p..

¬An¬ answer to the state of the nation at the commencement of the year 1822: and the declarations and conduct of his Majesty's ministers fairly considered
London. Ridgway. 1822. IV, 102 S. : graph. Darst..

¬An¬ answer to the supplication Against him, who seeming to give the king counsel to become a Catholic endavoreth to stir up his good subjects onto rebellion
London. Wolf. 1591.

¬An¬ answer to the two first and principall treatises of a certeine factious libell: An abstract of certeine acts of Parlement
Cosin, Richard
[Anr. issue]. London. Chard. 1584. 488 S..

¬An¬ answer to the two first treatise of An abstract of certein acts of Parliament
Cosin, Richard
London. Chard. 1583.

¬An¬ answer to the unjust complaints of William Best: Also an answer to Mr. John Davenport
Paget, John
Nachdr.d.Ausg.Amsterdam 1635. Amsterdam. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1976. 156 S.. English experience. ; 819..

An Answer to the vntrvthes
D. F. R. de M. ; M., D. F. R. de.
Amsterdam, . Theatrum Orbis Terrarum;. 1969.. 55 p..

An answer to the vntrvthes, pvblished and printed in Spaine, in glorie of their svpposed victorie atchieued against our English Navie, and... Charles Lord Howard, Sir Francis Drake, and...[Respuesta y desengano contra las falsedades publicadas e impresas en España en bituperio de la Armada Inglesa y de el... Conde de Howarde y de... Don Francisco Draque, engl.] 1. written and publ. in Spanish
Lea, James

An answer to the whigs medley
[England. Publisher not named,. 1711]. 1 print..

An answer to the writer A: which will apply to the opposition to government generally, by way of explaining the mind of God on government as is revealed in the Holy Scriptures : and a brief opinion of some of the prophetic parts of the Bible.
Eddy, Augustus,
[United States]. Printed for the author,. [1814]. 15 p..

¬An¬ answer to this quodlibetical question
London. Seile. 1661.

An answer to those questions propounded by the Parliament to the Assembly of divines,: touching jus divinum in matter of church-government. Wherein is clearly proved from Scripture, that the presbyterial government is jure divino ...
Bakewell, Thomas.
London. Printed for W. Ley,. 1646.. 20 p..

An answer to those questions propounded by the Parliament to the Assembly of Divines touching jus divinum in matter of church government: wherein is clearly proved from Scripture that the presbyterial government is jure divino ...
Bakewell, Thomas,
London. Printed for William Ley ...,. 1646.. 20 p. ;.

An answer to those qvestions propounded by the Parliament to the assembly of divines, touching jus divinum in matter of church-government: wherein is clearly proved from Scripture, that the presbyterial government is jure devino, of divine institution, and according to the will and appointment of Jesus Christ.
Bakewell, Thomas,
London. Printed for William Ley, and are to be sold at his shop ...,. 1646.. 20 p..

An answer to three treatises publisht under the title of The Jesuites loyalty.
Walsh, Peter,
London,. Printed by J.B. for Hen. Brome ...,. 1678.. [4], 36, 51, [1], 152 p. ;.

An answer to two Danish papers: the one called Jus feciale armatae Daniae; the other, A manifest.
London. D. Pakeman,. 1658.. [2], 60 p..

An answer to two Danish papers: the one called Jus feciale armatæ Daniæ; the other a Manifest. Faithfully translated out of the Latine original, which was published by the king of Swedens command. [Uden Bilag]
London . 1658. 60 s..

An answer to two letters addressed to the late right honourable George Canning, by the Rev. Henry Phil[l]potts, D.D., Rector of Stanhope, on the subject of the Roman Catholic claims: submitted to the serious attention of persons who conscientiously resist those claims
Clergyman of the Church of England.
London. J. Ridgway,. 1828.. 61 p. ;.

¬An¬ answer to two letters, concerning the East-India Company
[London]. 1676. 16 S..

¬An¬ answer to two objections against a bill ... for restraining EastIndia ... silks
[London?]. [1695].

¬An¬ answer to two papers, called, A lords speech without-doors
London. 1689.

An answer to two papers called, A lord's speech without-doors, and A commoner's speech, wherein the objections against the present management of affairs are dissolved
Lover of his countrey.
London. Printed, and are to be sold by most booksellers in London and Westminster,. 1689.. [2], 40 p. ;.

An answer to two questions: Question I. Whether does the power of church government belong to all the people, or to the elders alone? Question II. Whether does any church power, or any power of the keys belong to the people?
Mather, Richard, ; Mather, Increase,
Boston:. Printed by B. Green.,. 1712. [2], viii, 9-22 p. ;.

An answer to "war in disguise" or remarks upon the new doctrine of Englandconcerning neutral trade
King, Rufus
London. 1806. 76 S..

¬An¬ answer to W. Best against the baptizing of infants
Paget, John
Amsterdam. Stam. 1635.

¬An¬ Answer to what Dr. Freind has written in his History of physick, cocerning several mistakes, which he pretends to have found in a short work of Dr. LeClerc, intituled, an essay of a plan, etc.: Transl. from the 8 article of Bibliothèque ancienne et moderne, Vol.27. p.2
LeClerc, Jean ; Cockburn, William ¬[Mitarb.]¬
London. J. Clarke. 1728. XLVIII, 86 S..

¬An¬ answer unto M[iste]r William Dell ... his epistle
[London]. [1646]. 7 S..

¬An¬ answer unto thirty quæries propounded by those who by the world (as they say) are scornfully called Quakers
Rosewell, Thomas
London. [s.n.]. Printed in the year 1656.

An answer vnto the Catholiques supplication, presented vnto the Kings Maiestie, for a tolleration of popish religion in England: wherein is contained a confutation of their vnreasonable petitions, and slaunderous lyes against our late souaigne Queene Elizabeth ... : together with an information vnto His Maiestie of diuers their wicked and treasonable practises, attempted in the life time of our late Queene ... : wherevnto is annexed the supplication of the papists, word for word as it was presented vnto the Kings Maiestie ... : newlie corrected and augmented
Muriell, Christopher.
Imprinted at London. By R.R. for Francis Burton, and are to be solde in Paules Church-yard at the signe of the White-Lyon,. 1603.. [28] p..

Ananta ¯Ac¯aryya®s ¯Ananda-lahar¯i
Ananta ¯Ac¯aryya, ; Choudhury, Pratap Chandra. ; Shastri, Biswanarayan, ; âSaçnkar¯ac¯arya.
Heidelberg. Haug. 1969. xxiii, 67, 42 p., xlviii p. rt, M.

AnantabhaÖtÖta's KathÅamÖrtanidhi: a fresh version of Pañcatantra, with critical edition and estimate
AnantabhaÖtÖta ; Saksena, Rama
1. ed. Delhi. Nag Publishers. 1996. xix, 496 S..
ISBN 81-7081341-7

AnantabhaÖtÖtas PadÅarthaprakÅaÂsa: ein KÅaÖnva-Kommentar zum VÅajasaneyi-PrÅatiÂsÅ akhya
Gelpke, Fritz ; 1626-
Göttingen. Dieterich. 1929. 63 S..

Anantabhattas Padarthaprakasa
[S.l.] .

Ananta Gop¯ala âSevaòre aura unak¯a s¯ahitya
Guñj¯ikara, âSaçnkara N¯ageâsa.
K¯anapura. Vidy¯a Vih¯ara,. 1986.. 288 p. ;.

An Ant alone: songs from the Warrior ant
Telson, Bob. ; Breuer, Lee. ; Butler, Sam,
Katonah, N.Y.. Gramavision,. p1993.. 1 sound disc.

¬The¬ Anantamukhanirhara-dharani Sutra and Jñanagarbha's commentary: a study and the Tibetan text
Inagaki, Hisao
Kyoto. Nagata Bunshodo. 1987. XVII, 384 S. : Ill..

AnantanÅaha JiÖna cariyaÖm
Nemicandra <sÅuri> ; PagÅariyÅa, RÅupendrakumÅara
1. ed. Ahmedabad. L. D. Institute of Indology. 1998. 747 S.. L. D. series ; 119.
ISBN 81-85857-00-8

Anantåanubhåuti, kidmvåa, Ananta jåivana
Trine, Ralph Waldo,
Mumbaåi. "Gujaråatåi" Printiçnga Presamåadm,. 1918.. 22, 257 p. ;.

Anant¯anubh¯uti, kiòmv¯a, Ananta j¯ivana
Trine, Ralph Waldo,
Mumba¯i. "Gujar¯at¯i" Printiçnga Presam¯aòm,. 1918.. 22, 257 p. ;.

Anantay¯atr¯a: : a quick history [of] Rosita, Querida, Silver Cliff, [and] Westcliffe.
Colorado Springs, Colo.. Little London Press,. c1975. 60 p..

An ant colony algorithm for cell-formation in cellular manufacturing systems
Megala, N. ; Rajendran, Chandrasekharan ; Gopalan, Ram

An ant colony optimization algorithm for DNA sequencing by hybridization
Blum, Christian ; Yábar Vallès, Mateu ; Blesa, Maria J.

An antebellum plantation household: including the South Carolina low country receipts and remedies of Emily Wharton Sinkler
LeClercq, Anne Sinkler Whaley ; Sinkler, Emily Wharton
Columbia, S.C. University of South Carolina Press. 1996. XIX, 181 p., [16] p. of plates.
ISBN 1-570-03129-0

An antenna and vacuum feedthru system for ion cyclotron radio frequency heating of plasma in the M.I.T. ALCATOR tokamak
Besen, Matthew M.
1979.. 63 leaves.

¬An¬ Antenna for a satellite communication ground station
Dijk, J. ; Jeuken, M. ; Maanders, Eduard J.
Eindhoven. Technische Hogeschool, Afdeling Elektrotechniek. 1968. Getr. Pag. ; 4-o. TH-Report ; 68-E-01.

An antenna for a satellite communication ground station (provisional electrical design)
Dijk, J. ; Jeuken, M., ; Maanders, E. J.,
Eindhoven, Netherlands, . Technological University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering,. 1968.. 1 v. (various pagings).

¬An¬ Antenna for a satellite communication ground station <provisional electrical design>
Dyk, J

An antenna integrated microwave quantum well diode oscillator
Forsgren, Maria
Uppsala, . 1993. 37 s..

Die gefährliche Zeugin verschwindet
Wolf, Stefan ; Maanders, E. J. ; Oostvogels, J. M. J.
1. Aufl. Hannover. Pelikan. 2001. 185 S.. Die Detektivserie von Pelikan.
ISBN 3-8144-0394-0

¬An¬ anterograde degeneration and retrograde axomal transport study of the cortical projections of the rat medial geniculate body
Patterson, Hugh A.
1977. VIII, 172 Bl..

Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute series

Ananthacharya Research Institute series

An anthem.: Designed for Thanksgiving Day. But proper for any publick occasion.
Cooper, William
Printed at Boston,. by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews, Faust's Statue, no. 45, Newbury Street.,. --MDCCXCII. [1792]. 16 p..

An anthem: suitable to be performed at an ordination or at the dedication of a meetinghouse.
Lane, Isaac,
Printed, typographically, at Northampton [Mass.],. by Daniel Wright and Company.,. 1797. 6 p.

An anthem book for use in liberal churches.
New York, . G. Schirmer,. c1906.. v, 283 p..