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A model for electrical conductivity of the squid axon: conducting channel approach.
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A Model for erecting a bank of credit;: with a discourse in explanation thereof. : Adapted to the use of any trading countrey, where there is a scarcity of moneys: more especially for His Majesties plantations in America. Quo communius eo melius
[Boston. s.n.] London: printed in the year, 1688. Reprinted at Boston in New-England,,. in the year, 1714. [2], 30 p. ;.

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A model for estimating the natural composition and diversity of forest mosaics: application ti the basses-terres d mos ecoregion
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[S.l.]. 1975. 1 Mikrofilm ; 35 mm.

A model for exclusive meson production and experiments on forming light lambda hypernuclei in proton-induced reactions
Kingler, Jochen
1995. 117 S. : graph. Darst..

¬A¬ model for exclusive meson produktion and experiments on forming light lambda hypernuclei in proton-induced reactions
Kingler, Jochen
1995. 117 S..

¬A¬ model for farm planning under uncertain weather conditions: an application to Southern Minnesota cash grain farms
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[S.l.]. 1971. 266 S..

A model for fatigue cracking prediction of asphalt pavements based on mixture bonding energy
Rodrigues, Régis Martins.
p. 133-149.

¬A¬ model for finding the relative weights of traits used in simultaneous multi-trait selection
Johnson, Blaine E.
Ann Arbor. UMI. 1987. Mikrofiche..

<<A>> Model for finite data graphs with relocatable realizations
Daniel, O.D.
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A model for forecasting future air travel demand on the North Atlantic.
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¬A¬ model for free and cued recall
Devito, Charles
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A model for fuel-air mixing in the Texaco controlled combustion stratified charge engine
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A model for global responses to anthropogenic changes in the environment (GRACE)
Asbjørn Aaheim, H. ; Rive, Nathan
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A model for health coverage of low-income families: an LAO report
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A model for heat and mass transfer in timber structures during fire: a theoretical, numerical and experimental study
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A model for heavy vapor cloud behavior in the atmosphere
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Oketch, Timothy George
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Flamholtz, Eric G.

¬A¬ model for improving consumer acceptance of telemarketing
Wyman, John
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A model for income distribution, employment, and growth: a case study of Indonesia
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<<A>> Model for incorporating the element of space and some aspects of the basic human needs approach in regional development planning
Schaap, A.D.J. ; Man, W. H. de
39 p..

A model for information systems outsourcing decision making
Looff, Leon de
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A model for injury surveillance at the local level in Bangladesh: implications for low-income countries
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