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A mirror for witches: in which is reflected the life, machinations, and death of famous Doll Bilby, who, with a more than feminine perversity, preferred a demon to a mortal lover. Here is also told how and why a righteous and most awfull judgment befell her, destroying both corporeal body and immortal soul
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A Mirror of creation: 150 years of American nature painting, the Vatican Museums, Braccio di Carlo Magno, Vatican City State, September 24-November 23, 1980 = Uno specchio della creazione : 150 anni di pittura Americana della natura, Musei vaticani, Braccio di Carlo Magno, Citt¿ del Vaticano, 24 settembre-23 novembre, 1980.
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A mirror of treue honour and Christian nobilitie: exposing: the life, death, and diuine vertues, of the most noble, and godly Lorde Frauncis Earle of Bedford, Baron Russell, Lorde chiefe Iustice, [and] Iustice in Oier, of all the Queene forrests, [and]c. ... Who deceased at Bedford house, the xxviij. of Iune. 1585. AEtatis suæ. 58. Wherevnto is adioyned a report of the vertues of the right valiant & worthy knight S. Frauncis, Lord Russell, sonne and heire apparant of the honour and good giftes of the sayd right noble Earle, who vpon a daye of truce was slaine, by a treacherous strategeme of the Scots, the 27. day of the said month of Iune. The report of George Whetstone, Gent. a faithfull seruant of the sayd right honorable Earle
Whetstone, George
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¬A¬ mirror on wich to dwell: six poems of Elizabeth Bishop
Carter, Elliott ; Bishop, Elizabeth ¬[Textverf.]¬ ; Fitz, Richard ¬[Dir.]¬ ; Davenny Wyner, Susan ¬[Sopran]¬
1 Schallplatte.

A mirror, representing some religious characters of the present times.
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London. printed for Robert Pawley at the Rainbow in Fleetstreet. 1660.

A mirrour for Christian states: or, A table of politick vertues considerable amongst Christians: Divided, into three bookes. Reviewed, and augmented, by E. Molinier, of Tolose priest, and Doctor of Divinitie. And by him dedicated, ro [sic] the most illustrious lord, the Lord Cardinall of Valette, Archbishop of Tolose. Translated into English, by VVilliam Tyrvvhit, Sen. Esquire
Molinier, Étienne, ; Tyrwhit, William
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A mirrour of mercy and judgement. Or, An exact true narrative of the life and death of Freeman Sonds esquier, sonne to Sir George Sonds ...: Who being about the age of 19. for murthering his elder brother on Tuesday the 7th of August, was arraigned and condemned at Maidstone, executed there on Tuesday the 21. of the same moneth 1655 ...
R. B.
London. Printed for Thomas Dring ...,. 1655.. 1 p. l., 38 p..

A mirrour of mercy and judgement, or, An exact true narrative of the life and death of Freeman Sonds Esquier [sic], sonne to Sir George Sonds of Lees Court in Shelwich in Kent: who being about the age of 19, for murthering his elder brother on Tuesday the 7th of August, was arraigned and condemned at Maidstone, executed there on Tuesday the 21. of the same moneth [sic] 1655.
R. B.
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¬A¬ mirrour or looking-glass: Both for saints, and sinners held forth in some thousands of examples, wherein is represented, as gods wonderfull goodness, and merciesto the one, so his severe judgments against the other. Collected out of the most authentick authors, both ancient, and modern, with some late examples observed by the author and other persons of credit
Clarke, Samuel
London. Clavell. 1671. 772 S..

A mirrour or looking-glass both for saints and sinners: held forth in some thousands of examples : wherein is presented as Gods wonderful mercies to the one, so his severe judgments against the other : collected out of the most classique authors both ancient and modern with some late examples observed by myself and others : whereunto are added a Geographical description of all the countries in the known world as also the wonders of God in nature and the rare stupendious and costly works made by the art and industry of man ...
Clarke, Samuel,
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A mirrour or looking-glasse both for saints, and sinners, held forth in some thousands of examples;: wherein is presented, as Gods wounderful mercies to the one, so his severe judgments against the other. Collected out of the most classique authors, both ancient, and modern, with some late examples observed by my self, and others. Whereunto are added a Geographical description of all the countries in the known world: as also the wonders of God in nature; and the rare, stupendious, and costly works made by the art and industry of man. As the most famous cities, temples, structures, statues, cabinets of rarities, &c. which have been, or are now in the world.
Clarke, Samuel,
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¬A¬ mirrour to all that love to follow the warres: [A poem on Peregrine Bertie, Baron Willoughby de Eresby]
London. Woolfe. 1589. 12 S..

A mirrour to distinguish the true ministers of the gospel from the false and apostate ministers: also, the state of the first covenant, what the preaching of the gospel is, and the necessity of it : the birth of our Saviour, his tryals, temptations and sufferings, and the coming of John Baptist, their several dispensatons and baptisms : the power, vertue and preciousness of Christ's appearance in his work and ministry : a true esteem of the Holy Scriptures, and the worth of them, being righty [sic] used and understood : the true Christian and ministers state, work and reward, distinct from the antichristian, in ten particular heads
Watson, Samuel,
London. Printed and sold by Andrew Sowle ...,. 1683.. 44 p..

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Bohun, William.
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[A miscellaneous collection of 26 patriotic and political songs and hymns.]
[n.p., . n.d.]. unpaged. cm..

¬A¬ miscellaneous essay on the rheumatism, gout, and stone: in which the causes of those diseases are proved to arise from the same origine; their cures , and prevention, are fully and regularly stated ; and some peculiar and sure methods and medicines are recommended to the publick
Cam, Joseph
London. John Clarke ; Tho. Woodward. 1722. 55 S..

¬A¬ miscellaneous metaphysical essay: or an hypothesis concerning the Formation and Generation of spiritual and material Beings with their several Characteristics and Properties and how far the several surrounding beings partake of either Property. To which is added, some thoughts upon Creation in general, upon Preexistence etc. etc. The whole considered upon the principles of reason and from the tenor of the revelations in the holy scriptures. By an impartial Inquirer after Truth
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A Miscellany, comprising: Baptisms recorded in the church book of the Old Meeting House, Norwich, 1657-1681; baptisms and deaths recorded in the church book of the Great Yarmouth Independent Church, 1643-1705; the account book of the "Baptised" Church in the city of Norwich, 1726-1745; some notes on the Blomefield mss. in the Bodleian Library; progress notes of Warden Woodward relating to the Norfolk property of New College, Oxford, 1659-1675.
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A miscellany, containing, amidst a variety of other matters curious and interesting, remarks on Boswell's Johnson; ... a critique on Bürger's Leonora; ... and an introductory essay on the art of reading and speaking in public, ... By S. Whyte, and his son, E.-A. Whyte
Whyte, Edward Athenry ; Whyte, Edward Athenry
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Blagg, Thomas Matthews,
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Thornton, Peter ; Dorey, Helen
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¬A¬ miscellany of songs: for one/two voices and piano
Purcell, Henry ; Britten, Benjamin
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Williams, Mary Rhionnan ; Rothschild, James A. de ; Kastner, Leon Emile
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A Miscellany of studies in Romance languages and literatures presented to Leon E(mile) Kastner
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A miscellany of sundry essayes, paradoxes and problematicall discourses, letters and characters: together with politicall deductions from the history of the Earl of Essex, executed under Queen Elizabeth
Osborne, Francis,
London. Printed by J. Grismond for R. Royston ...,. 1659.. [36], 260 p..

A miscellany of the wits: select pieces
King, William, ; Arbuthnot, John, ; Colvile, Kenneth Newton.
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¬A¬ miscellany of typ
Andoversford. Whittington Pr.. 1990. 125 S. : Ill..
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A miscellany of type
Andoversford. Whittington Press. 1990. IV, 125 S..
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A miscellany on Nicholas of Cusa
Hopkins, Jasper ; 1401-1464 <de Cusa>
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¬A¬ miscellany on taste. By Mr. Pope, &c. Viz. I. of taste in architecture. An epistle to the Earl of Burlington. With notes variorum, and a compleat key. II. Of Mr. Pope's taste in divinity, viz. the fall of man, and the first Psalm. Translated for the use of a young lady. III. Of Mr. Pope's taste of Shakespeare. IV. - His satire on Mrs. P-y. V. Mr. Congreve's fine epistle on retirement and taste. Address'd to Lord Cobham
Pope, Alexander
London. printed; and sold by G. Lawton [i.e. Lawton Gilliver], in Fleet-street; T. Osborn, below bridge; and J. Hughes in High-Holborn. 1732.

A miscellany on the Raj: historical and other pieces
Bhatia, Lalit Mohan
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Yoder, Joseph W. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
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Amische Lieder: Tonträger
Oberhofen am Thunersee . Zytglogge .

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Die Amischen
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