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A method of intensive training for piano ...
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A method of measuring competitive currencu exposure by emploing concepts of exchange rate pass-trough(PT) and pricing-to market(PTM): the case of koreau and Japanese electronics firms in their export to the US market
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<<A>> method of measuring the costs and benefits of applied research
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¬A¬ method of minimizing the costs of combine-harvesting and high temperature grain drying
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A method of scheduling patients in a multi-specialist medical group practice using a statistically-based sympton-scoring [i.e. symptom-scoring] techniques
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A method of singing...
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¬A¬ method of solution with tabulated results for the attached oblique shock wave system for surfaces at various angles of attack, sweep, and dihedral in an equilibrium real gas including the atmosphere
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¬A¬ Method of solving the direct and inverse problem of supersonic flow along arbitrary stream filaments of revolution in turbomachines
Wu, Chung-Hua

A method of stabilizing spray charge distribution in high voltage electrostatic generators
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A Method of Statistical STocktaking in High Country.
Chauvin, G.
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¬A¬ method of stochastic optimization: On release for multireservoir hydro-electricity systems
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A method of study: or, an useful library
Boswell, John
London. Verf.

A method of study: or, an useful library. In two parts. Part I. Containing short directions and a catalogue of books for the study of several valuable parts of learning, viz. geography, chronology, history, classical learning, natural philosophy, &c. Part II. Containing some directions for the study of divinity, ... By John Boswell, ...
Boswell, John
London. printed for the author. 1738 - 1743. 2v..

A method of studying dynamic dead-pressing of non-cap-sensitive emulsion explosives.
Nie, Shulin
1993. 32 bl..

A method of studying physick.: Containing what a physician ought to know in relation to the nature of bodies ... the theory and practice of physick: physiology, pathology, surgery, diet, &c. And the whole praxis medica interna; with the names and characters of the most excellent authors on all these several subjects in every age: systematicks, observators, operators, &c. their best editions, and the method of reading them.
Boerhaave, Herman,
London, . Printed by H.P. for C. Rivington [etc.]. 1719.. 24 p.l., 331, [28] p..

A method of stylistic analysis exemplified on C. M. Wieland's "Geschichte des Agathon"
Schrader, Rebecca E.
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ISBN 3-261-04796-8

A method of synthetizing optical narrow bondpass filters using a computor
Hagland, Oddvar
Bergen , . 1966.

¬A¬ method of teaching adult persons to read: which is designed to obviate their objections and accelerate their progress, and which is likewise adapted to the circumstances of those uninstructed children whose opportunities of learning to read are very precarious
Freeman, John
London. Sold by W. Button. 1813. 48 p..

A method of test for tracer gas test of an outdoor furnace designed for installation without a flue pipe
Liu, Stanley T. ; Kelly, George E.,
Gaithersburg, MD. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Technology Administration, National Institute of Standards and Technology,. [1998]. vi, 15 p..

A method of testing farm-management and cost of production data for validity of conclusions...
Tolley, H. R. [from old catalog]
[n.p.] . [1924]. 1 v..

¬A¬ method of the qualitative analysis of the relationship between work and overall life situation
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A method of thrust vector control for plug-type nozzles with application to solid propellant rockets
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1961.. 1 v. in various pagings.

A method of transferring video images to continuously moving 16mm film
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<<A>> method of translating simple Chinese texts into English by machine
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[East Lansing]- Michigan . 1963. Microfiches, 97 S..

<<A>> method of updating input-output matrices
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Wien . IHS. 1976. 25 S..

A method of using the I.B.M. #650 digital computer to solve equations formulated from an analysis of curved tubes under pressure
Smith, Harold P.
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¬A¬ method of variation within the family of simple functions
Schiffer, M.

A method of Wiener in a nonlinear circuit
Ikehara, Shikao.
Cambridge, Mass.. Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,. [1951]. 22 p..

A methodological appraisal of Marxian economics
Blaug, Mark
Amsterdam. North-Holland Publ. Comp.. 1979. 82 S.. Professor Dr. F. de Vries lectures in economics ; 3.
ISBN 0-444-85424-X

Blaug, Mark
ISBN 0-444-85424-X

A methodological approach for the developing of strategic planning in diversified corporations
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¬A¬ methodological approach for the retrospective diagnosis of nutritional status: the Mexican case
Duval, Guy
Geneva. 1986. X, 45 S.. Institut de Recherche pour le Développement Social <Genève: Report ; 1985,8.

¬A¬ methodological approach for the retrospective diagnosis of nutritional status: the Mexican case: the Mexican case
Duval, Guy
Geneva. 1986. X, 45 S.. Institut de Recherche pour le Développement Social <Genève: Report ; 1985,8.

Duval, Guy

A methodological approach to gender analysis in natural disaster assessment: a guide for the Caribbean
Deare, Fredericka
2004. Online-Ressource, 40 p. = 332 Kb, text. Serie manuales ; 31.
ISBN 92-1-121444-0

A methodological approach to process development in the fine chemical inudustry
Tirronen, Esko
2000. Getr. Zhlg. : Ill., graph. Darst..

A methodological approach to the estimation of time-quantity broiler production functions
Hoepner, Paul E. ; Freund, Rudolf J.
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A methodological approach to the study of changes in labor force participation patterns
Metz, Manuel
Washington, DC. Organization of American States [u.a.]. 1988. IX, 157 S. : graph. Darst.
ISBN 0-8270-2731-1

A methodological concept for territorial impact assessment applied to three EU environmental policy elements
Greiving, Stefan ; Fleischhauer, Mark ; Tarvainen, Timo ; Schmidt-Thomé, Philipp ; Jarva, Jaana

A methodological discussion of the New Jersey negative tax experiment
Møller Pedersen ; Pedersen
[Odense] . Odense Universitet. Institut for Historie og Samfundsvidenskab. 1977. 50 bl..

¬A¬ methodological framework for ISNAR reviews of National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS)
Dagg, Matthew ; Eyzaguirre, P. B.
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¬A¬ methodological investigation of production, purification and assay of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and their utilisation for quantitative, comparative and functional analysis of components of the eucaryotic nucleus
Symmons, Peter
1984. XV, 540 S..

¬A¬ methodological investigation of production, purification and assay of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and their utilisation for quantitative, comparative and functional analysis of components of the eukaryotic nucleus
Symmons, Peter
1984. XV, 540 S..

¬A¬ methodological investigation of production, purification and assay of monocolonal and polyclonal antibodies and their utilisation for quantitative, comparative and functional analysis of components of the eukaryotic nucleus
Symmons, Peter
1984. 540 S..

A methodological note on combining health and social care expenditures into a single statistic for policymaking purposes
Saltman, Richard B. ; Larsson, Björn Anders ; Berleen, Göran
[Stockholm. G. Berleen, Södra Stockholms sjukv¯rdsomr¯de, Stockholms lñs landsting],. 2000. 13 s..