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A method for the preparation of the double fluorides of the metals of the platinum group and the adsorption [!] spectra of the halogeno platinates ...
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a method for the quantitative determination of individual free fatty acids in milk by ion exchange resin adsorption and gas-liquid chromatography
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¬A¬ method for the specification by views
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¬A¬ method for the specifikation by views
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A method for users to review facility concept designs
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A method for using expert judgement in PSA
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A method for valuing global ecosystem services
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¬A¬ methodical approach to formulating the client user input to a design brief for health building
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A methodical approach to formulating the client user input to a design brief for health building
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A methodical introduction to the theory and practice of the art of medicine
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¬A¬ methodicall short catechisme containing briefly all the principall grounds of christian religion
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A Methodist, love feast. The gosple wife, or the bellows lecture
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A method of analyzing the distribution of the stars' absolute magnitudes.
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A method of assessing acoustical two-port properties of earplugs
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A method of calculating regional consumer price differentials with illustrative evidence from India
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¬A¬ method of charity-schools: recommended, for giving both a religious education, and a way of livelihood to the poor children in Ireland. ... By Edward Nicholson, ..
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A method of choosing additional sets of observations in multiple linear regression models to overcome multicollinearity
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S. 25-44..

¬A¬ method of combining photo and field samples in forest inventory
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A method of compensating for dielectric absorption in capacitors.
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A method of compensating the frequency dependence of attenuation in a supersonic delay line
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<<A>> Method of constructing the paths of raindrops of different diameters moving in the neighbourhood of (1) a circular cylinder, (2) an aerofoil, placed in a uniform stream of air
Glauert, Muriel
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A method of continuous flotation testing
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A method of correcting for double scattering in compton profile measurements
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A method of data processing for food-consumption surveys
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A method of defining the auto-ignition quality of gasolin-like fuels in HCCI engines
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¬A¬ method of determination of the regular stress term for an arbitrary joint geometry under thermal loading
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A method of determining dynamic tensile strength of rock an minimum loading
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¬A¬ method of determining dynamic tensile strength of rock at minimum loading
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A method of determining experimentally the ratio of the intensity of wind-pressure on a surface inclined, to that one normal to the directions of the wind
Morey, Adrian, ; Schmitz, Frank C.
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A method of determining rooting depth from a terrestrial biosphere model and its impacts on the global water- and carbon cycle
Kleidon, Axel ; Heimann, Martin
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A method of determining the effect of syllabic rate on speech intelligibility
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A method of determining the polar diagrams of long-wire and horizontal rhombic aerials.
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¬A¬ method of determining the reliability of literary translations: two versions of Thomas Mann's Der Tod in Venedig
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A method of determining water vapour transmission through outer walls
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A method of determining which medical records should be stored in the "active file",
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A method of digital filter synthesis.
Chanoux, David.
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A method of direct manufacture of hydrochloric acid solution
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A method of efficient inclination changes for low-thrust spacecraft
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A method of English composition (1884) and Historical outlines of the English language, illustrated by early English literature (1887)
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A method of estimating consumer probability of purchase
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A method of estimating future mining costs
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