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A method for determination of dersaler elektrischer Dipolanregungen in yyy Zr und Bestimmung von Protonen und Neutronen Spin-Flip Amplituden in der Anregung des J yyy = 1 yyy Zustands bei E yyy = 5.846 MeV in yyy Pb mit unelastischer Elektronenstreuung
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A method for determining the absolute affective value of a series stimulus situations ...
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The judgment of whole kingdoms and nations, concerning the rights, power and prerogative of kings, and the rights, privileges and properties of the people ...
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A method for estimating tokamak poloidal field coil currents wich incorporates engineering constraints
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Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex, France. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Research and Technology Organization,. 2002.. 1 CD-ROM ;.

¬A¬ method for evaluation and relationship of research, development and demonstration programs to operator labor cost components in bus transit systems
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A method for interactively composing mechatronic prototypes in virtual environment
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¬A¬ Method for inverse robot calibration
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¬A¬ method for inversion of two-dimensional seismic refraction data with applications to the Snake River Plain region of Idaho
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A method for mapping submerged macrophytes in lakes using hyperspectral remote sensing
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A method for measuring electroporative uptake and cell growth using gel microdrops and flow cytometry
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