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1998.. 2 videocassettes of 2.

America undercover.
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2002.. 1 sound disc.

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America U.S.A.
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Eichelberger, Clark M. ; Cave, Floyd Augustine,
1945.. 1 sound tape reel (11 min.).

[America views the news].
1945.. 1 sound tape reel (10 min.).

[America views the news].
1945.. 1 sound tape reel (15 min.).

America vindicated from the high charge of ingratitude and rebellion:
A friend to both countries. [from old catalog]
Devizes [Eng.] . Printed and sold by T. Burrough,. 1774.. p. cm..

America visited: the Marquis de Lafayette, Alexis de Tocqueville, Frances Trollope, Harriet Martineau, Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray, Oscar Wilde, and other famous travelers report on the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries
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"America Welcomes the World". The Sesquicentiennial International Exposition Philadelphia, June first to December first, 1926
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America West gambled and won: the Phoenix-based new entrant has found that schedule and a low cost structure are keys to success
Henderson, Danna K.
p. 60-64.

America West moves to in-house maintenance
Henderson, Danna K.
p. 70-72.

America, we've fallen & we can't get up
Slay, Bob.
Fillmore, Calif.. RJS Productions,. p1992.. 1 sound cassette.

America will always stand: recorded by Randy Travis on Relentless Nashville Records
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America will march forward: a primer for patriots
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America will rise
2002.. 1 sound disc.

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America! With peace and freedom blest
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America won't fall
2001.. 1 sound disc.