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Francis <de Sales>
London. Printed by W. Jones. 1642. 8 p..

A looking glasse for the Oxford juncto: and all others that have advised to, or are promoters and fomenters of our present, unnaturall, bloody, and destructive dissentions. Being a most serious and seasonable exhortation both to the king and subjects, yet at last to imbrace and preserve peace, and abandon civill wars, after so much wofull experience of the miserable effects thereof: with other matters worthie of consideration
London. Printed by E.P. for Thomas Vere, and are to be sold at his shop at the upper end of the Old-Bayley. 1645.

¬A¬ looking-glasse for the Quakers ...: being an answer to James Naylor's pretended answer to Thomas Collier's book, called, A dialogue between a minister and a christian ...
London. 1657. Mikrofilm.

¬A¬ looking-glasse for women
London. R. W.. 1644.

¬A¬ looking-glass for all those called Protestants in these three nations: Wherein they may see, who are true Protestants, and who are degenerated and gone from the testimony and doctrine of the antient Protestants. And hereby it is made to appear, that the people, called in derision Quakers, are true (yea the truest) Protestants, because their testimony agreeth with the testimony of the antient Protestants in the most weighty things wherein the Lord called them forth in that day. Particularly, with the testimony and doctrine of William Tindal, who is called a worthy martyr, and principal teacher of the Church of England;faithfully collected out of his works. By George Keith
Keith, George ; Tyndale, William
London. [s.n.]. printed in the year, 1674.

A looking-glass for changlings.: A seasonable caveat against meddling with them that are given to change. : In a sermon preach'd at the free-mens meeting at New-Haven, April 11th, 1743.
Stiles, Isaac,
N. London [i.e., New London, Conn.],. Printed & sold by T. Green,,. 1743. [4], 44 p. ;.

A looking-glass for Elder Clarke and Elder Wightman, and the church under their care: wherein is fairly represented the very image of their transactions : it being a brief but true relation of the cause and prosecution of the differences between the baptized church, under the pastoral care of the aforesaid elders, and John Rhodes, Capt. John Rogers, William Claggett, and several others that were members of the aforesaid church : with some remarks thereon
Claggett, William.
[Boston]. Printed [by James Franklin] for J. Rhodes, J. Rogers and W. Claggett ... and are to be sold by J. Rhodes ... in Newport on Rhode-Island, in New-England.,. 1721.. 26, 230 p. ;.

Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996: agencies face challenges implementing certain key provisions : statement of Gary T. Engel, Director, Financial Management and Assurance, before the Subcommittee on Government Efficiency, Financial Management and Intergovernmental Relations, Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives
Claggett, William.
Washington, D.C.. The Office,. [2001].

¬A¬ looking-glass for England: Being an abstract
London. 1667.

A looking-glass for England: wherein is shewn God's mercies and judgments on this sinful nation; with an earnest invitation to poor sinners to repentance: wherein is set forth the great folly and madness of forsaking Christ their redeemer, and neglecting the care of their immortal souls, and setting their cares upon the vanities of this world; ... with some hints of the present judgments that now hangs over our heads, which will suddenly fall on us, if we neglect to return our thanks to almighty God for our late deliverances, and the speedy reforming of our lives. To which is added, the great joy and comfort of the godly that have harkened to the voice of the Lord, and have fasted and prayed to God for his blessings, and given thanks for all mercies received. By Robert Russel, in Sussex
Russel, Robert
London. printed for the author, and sold by J. Blare, at the sign of the Looking-glass, on London-bridge. [1696?]. 24 p..

A looking-glass for George Fox the Quaker, and other Quakers, wherein they may see themselves to be right devils: in answer to George Fox his book, called, Something in answer to Lodowick Muggletons book, which he calls The Quakers neck bken : wherein is set forth the ignorance and blindness of the Quakers doctrine of Christ within them, and that they cannot, nor doth not know the true meaning of the Scriptures, neither have they the gift of interpretation of Scripture, as will appear in those several heads set down in the next page following
Muggleton, Lodowick,
[London?. s.n.],. 1667.. [4], 96 p..

¬A¬ Looking-glass for good women to dress themselves by: held forth in the life & death of Mrs. Katherine Clarke, who dyed, Anno Christi, 1675. Late wife of Mr. Samuel Clarke, minister
Clarke, Samuel
London. Printed for William Miller, at the Gilded Acorn in St. Paul's Church-yard, over against the little north door. 1677. 88, [8] p..

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Pruitt, Lisa Joy
1st ed. Macon, Ga. Mercer University Press. 2005. 247 p..
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Lodge, Thomas ; Greene, Robert
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¬A¬ looking-glass for loyalty
Higham, John
London. Brome. 1675.

A looking-glass for loyalty: or The subjects duty to his soveraign.
Higham, John,
London. J. Brome,. 1675.. [16], 190 p..

A looking-glass for loyalty, or, The subjects duty to his soveraign: being the substance of several sermons preached by a person who always looked upon his allegiance as incorporated into his religion ...
Higham, John,
London. Printed for Henry Brome ...,. 1675.. [16], 190 p..

A looking-glass for persecutors: containing multitudes of examples of God's severe, but righteous judgments upon bloody and merciless haters of his children in all times from the beginning of the world to this present age
Clarke, Samuel,
London. Printed for William Miller,. 1675.. [8], 116, [14] p..

A looking-glass for Presbyterians. Or A brief examination of their loyalty, merit, and other qualifications for government.: With some animadversions on the Quaker unmask'd. : Humbly addres'd to the consideration of the loyal freemen of Pennsylvania. : [Six lines of quotations]
Hunt, Isaac,
Philadelphia.. Printed [by Anthony Armbruster],. in the year M,DCC,LXIV. [1764]. 18 p. ;.

A looking-glass for saints and sinners, or, An exposition on the second Epistle of Saint John: a most needfull treatise for these apostatizing times wherein we live, fit to be read, but practised by all Christians
Smith, Samuel,
London. Printed by W. W. for Nathaniel Brookes,. 1663.. [6], 299, [4] p..

A looking-glass for the Jews: or, the credulous unbelievers. Containing, i. The grand council of the Jews, held in 1650, to examine the Scriptures concerning Christ. ii. The surprising history of Sabatay Sevi, the counterfeit Messiah, in 1666. iii. A brief account of twenty-one impostors who appeared between the time of Christ and Sabatay Sevi. With an introduction ..
London. printed for B. Dickinson,. 1753.. 1 Mikrofilm.

A looking-glass for the Presbyterians at New-London: to see their worship and worshippers weighed in the balance, and found wanting. With a true account of what the people called Rogerenes, have suffered in that town from the 10th of June 1764, to the 13th of December 1766. ... Written by John Rogers, of New-London. [Nine lines of Scripture texts]
Rogers, John
Providence. N.E.. Printed for the author. 1767. 36p..

A looking-glass for the Quakers: in two columns: wherein they may in part see themselves, and may be seen by others. Vide, audi, judica. The first column is, what they formerly published against the Papists; and the other column is, what they published on their behalf, when uppermost. Phil. Anglus. Licensed, May 14. 1689
Pennyman, Joseph
London. [s.n.]. 1689.

A looking-glass for the Royal family: with documents for British ladies, and all foreigners residing in London. Being a postscript to the New Brighton guide. By John Williams, whose public appellation is Anthony Pasquin
Pasquin, Anthony
London. printed for H. D. Symonds, and T. Bellamy. 1797. 36p.,plate.

A looking glass for the times. Or, The former spirit of New-England revived in this generation.: To which is added, the reports from the Lords of the Committee of Councils, and the King's order relating to the people called Quakers in New England.
Folger, Peter, ; George
[Boston?. s.n.],. Printed in the year, 1725.. 16 p. ;.

A looking glass for the times. Or, The former spirit of New-England revived in this generation.: To which is added, the reports from the Lords of the Committee of Councils, and the King's order relating to the people called Quakers in New-England.
Folger, Peter,
[Newport, R.I.?]. Printed [by Samuel Hall?],. in the year 1763. 16 p. ;.

A looking-glass for youth and age; or, a sure guide to life and glory: Set forth in an heavenly dialogue between a godly gentleman and his only daughter
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. 1798.

¬A¬ looking-glass tragedy: the story of the controversy over the repatriations from Austria in 1945
Booker, Christopher
London. Sinclair-Stevenson. 1990. [288] S..
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A looking-glass tragedy: the controversy over the repatriations from Austria in 1945
Booker, Christopher
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¬A¬ lookinglass for the Whigs, or, down with commonwealthsmen
London. Kent. [ca. 1685]. 1 S..

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Johnston, Lynn
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¬A¬ look inside teabag paper
Hackeling, Joan

A look inside the World Bank
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A look into the nature of complex systems and beyond "Stonehenge" economics: coping with complexity or ignoring it in applied economics?
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A look into the role of human resource management in corporate governance and risk managem ent: the Philippine experience
Mendoza, Anna Maria E. ; Supangco, Vivien T. ; Tolosa, Maria Teresa B.