A just rebuke to a dialogue betwixt Simon and Timothy,: shewing what's therein to be found. Namely levity, perversion, and detraction. All which are detected in this short examen. : And that short treatise, entituled Ways and means, &c. rescued from the dialogist's unjust charge of inconsistences and contradictions. : [One line in Latin]
Rawle, Francis,
Philadelphia:. Printed by S. Keimer, in Market-Street,,. MDCCXXVI. [1726]. 31, [1] p.

A just rebuke to one & twenty learned and reverend divines (so called): being an answer to an abusive epistle against the people call'd Quakers subscrib'd by : Thoman Manton, Thomas Jacomb, John Yates, John Sheffield, Anthony Palmer, Thom Cole, Thomas Doelittel, Richard Baxter, William Cooper, George Griffith, Matthew Barker, John Singleton, Andrew Parsons, Richard Mayo, Thomas Gouge, William Jenkyn, Thomas Watson, Benjamin Needler, William Carslake, Stephen Ford, Samuel Smith
Penn, William,
[London. s.n.],. 1674.. 32 p..

A just reply to Mr. John Flavell's arguments by way of answer to a discourse lately published, entitled, A solemn call, &c.: wherein it is further plainly proved that the covenant made with Israel on Mount Sinai, as also the covenant of ccumcision made with Abraham, whereon so much stress is laid for the support of infants baptism ... : together with a reply to Mr. Joseph Whiston's reflections on the forementioned discourse, in a late small tract of his entituled, The right method for the proving of infants baptism ...
Cary, Philip.
London. Printed for J. Harris ...,. 1690.. [8], 184 p..

A just reprehension to John Norris of Newton St. Loe, for his unjust reflection on the Quakers in his book, entituled, Reflections upon the conduct of human life, &c: together with his false representation of their principle of the light,n his postscript, wherein he opposes it to his notion of the divine ... ideal world, as he terms it, his confusion and self-contradiction therein manifested, and the doctrine and principle of the Quakers thereby cleared from his abuse ...
Vickris, Richard,
[S.l.]. Printed, and sold by T.S. ...,. 1691.. 15 p..

A just reproof to Mr. Richard Baxter, for his pride and insolence, in calumniating that great, and most orthodox council of Ephesus, &c.
London. [s.n.],. printed in the year 1680.. [2], 6 p. ;.

¬A¬ just response: the Nation on terrorism, democracy, and September 11, 2001
Vanden Heuvel, Katrina ¬[Hrsg.]¬
New York. Thunder's Mouth Press/Nation Books. 2002. XVI, 349 S..
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¬A¬ just reward for unreasonable service
London. 1675. 54 S..

¬A¬ just right: women's ownership of natural resources and livelihood security
Rao, Nitya ¬[Hrsg.]¬
1. publ.. New Delhi. 1997. XI, 493 S..
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Scally, John
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A Just vindication fo the honour of King James of blessed memory: against the vile aspersions cast upon it and him by a late pamphlet printed by B. Took : and pretended to be presented by the grand jury for the town and borough of Southwa, &c.
London. Printed for R. Oswell,. [1683]. 4 p..

¬A¬ just vindication of the Covenant
Cobbet, Thomas
London. Crooke. 1648. 310 S..

A just vindication of the covenant and church-estate of children of church-mambers...
Cobbet, Thomas. [from old catalog]
[n.p.] . 1648.. 1 v..

A just vindication of the covenant and church-estate of children of church-members: as also of their right unto bastisme : wherein such things as have been brought by divers to the contrary, especially by Ioh. Spilsbury, A.R. Ch. Blackwood, and H. Den are revised and answered : hereunto is annexed a refutation of a certain pamphlet styled The plain and wel-grounded treatise touching baptism
Cobbet, Thomas,
London. Printed by R. Cotes for Andrew Crooke,. 1648.. [4], 296 p..

¬A¬ Just vindication of the honour of King James of blessed memory: against the vile aspersions cast upon it and him by a late pamphlet printed by B. Took
London. Printed for R. Oswell. [1683]. 4 p..

A Just vindication of the principal officers of His Majesties ordnance: from the false and scandalous aspersions laid upon them in a printed libel entituled An exact relation of the several engagements and actions of His Majesties fleet, der the command of His Highness Prince Rupert, in the summers expedition, 1673.
London. Printed for Nathaniel Brooks ...,. 1674.. 9 p..

A Just war no longer exists: the teaching and trial of Don Lorenzo Milani
Milani, Lorenzo. ; Burtchaell, James Tunstead.
Notre Dame, Ind.. University of Notre Dame Press,. c1988.. vii, 125 p. ;.

Ajutorul tehnic-material dat de statul democrat-popular ÷tæaræanimii muncitoare în vederea ridicæarii produc÷tiei agricole.
[n.p.] . Editurá de Stat pentru Literaturæa Politicæa,. 1955.. 39 p..

A jutro caly Âswiat--
Radowicz, Kazimierz
GdaÂnsk. Wydawn. Mestwin. 2001. 418 S..
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Aju twinnal punæun param: Kim Ch°ung-gyu changp°yæon sosæol.
Kim, Ch°ung-gyu.
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A Juvenile calculator.
[London]. Published by G. Martin, 6, Great St. Thomas Apostle,. [ca. 1819]. 12 leaves.

A juvenile Greek shepherd guarding his flock
c1901.. 1 photographic print on stereo card.

A juvenile guide;: or, Manual of good manners. Consisting of counsels, instructions & rules of deportment, for the young.
Bishop, Rufus, ; Lawrence, Garrett, ; Avery, Giles B.
Canterbury, N.H., . Printed in the United Society,. 1844.. [8], 130 p..

A juvenile history of Charkhari
Benares. Babus Ganeâs Das,. 1886.. iv, 121, a-z, 40 p. ;.

¬A¬ juvenile justice strategy: prep. by Office of the Attorney General, Division of Criminal Justice and the New Jersey County Prosecutors Association
Trenton, N.J.. Division of Criminal Justice. 1977. S. 9-45.

A juvenile justice system for the 21st century
Bilchik, Shay.
[Washington, DC]. U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention,. [1998]. 7, [1] p..

¬A¬ juvenile Lariosaurus (Reptilia, Sauropterigia) from the Kalkschieferzone (uppermost Ladinian) near Viggiù (Varese, Northern Italy)
Renesto, Silvio

A juvenile milkmaid
c1902.. 1 photographic print..

A juvenile monitor: containing instructions for youth and children, pointing out ill manners, and showing them how to behave in the various conditions of childhood and youth.
MacLean, J. P.
New Lebanon [N.Y.]. [s.n.],. 1823.. 20 p. ;.

A juvenile poem, entitled, The Heliad, or, Christ, the light of the world: in numbers, at different intervals
Le Guire, Amos.
Cooperstown [N.Y.. s.n.],. 1831 . 60 p..

A juvenile product of the working class
San Francisco. Fat Wreck Chords,. [199-]. 1 sound disc.

¬A¬ Juvenile Services Center national student design competition
Repr. 1980. Urbana-Champaign, Ill.. Univ. of Illinois. 1982. IV, 26 S..

A juvenile study: County of Kalamazoo, Michigan
Lansing. The Dept.,. 1948.. 78 p..

Scott, Walter,
Beograd. [Izdavachko Preduzede Novo Pokolenje],. 1951.. 623 p..

A jvdicious speech made by the Right Honourable the Lord Kimbolton, in Parliament, Ianuary 3, 1641: concerning the articles of high treason exhibited against His Lordship, Sir Arthur Haslerig, M. Pym, M. Stroud, M. Hollis and M. Hampden, by His Majesty. Declaring 1. The cause of their accusation. 2. The authors that procured it. 3. The effects likely to follow upon the same.
Manchester, Edward Montagu, ; Foot, Isaac, ; W., I. ; I. W.
London, . Printed for I. W.,. 1642.. [8] p. (the last leaf blank).

Scott", Walter <Sir>
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A. J. von Fornasari Vercé's theoretisch-praktische Anleitung zur Erlernung der italienischen Sprache: in einer neuen und fasslicheren Darstellung der auf ihre richtigen und einfachsten Grundsätze zurückgeführten Regeln
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A. J. von Fornasari-Vercé's Theoretisch-praktische Anleitung zur Erlernung der italienischen Sprache in einer neuen und fasslicheren Darstellung der auf ihre richtigen ... Grundsätze zurückgeführten Regeln
Fornasari-Verce, Andreas Josef
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A. J. von Fornasari-Vernace's theoretisch-praktische Anleitung zur Erlernung der italienischen Sprache in einer neuen und faßlicheren Darstellung der auf ihre richtigen und einfachsten Grundsätze zurückgeführten Regeln
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Ajwibat al-masåa®il al-shar°åiyah.
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Ajwibat al-ustadh: lil-istifadah ilá kitab Mas'alat al-hijab
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<<A>> József Attila tudományegyetem központi könyvtárának egyetemi gyüjteményében található doktori disszertációk jegyzéke (1945-1975)
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A József Attila Tudományegyetem ünnepi actája;
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