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A hind let loose, or an historical representation of the testimonies, of the Church of Scotland ...: with the true state thereof in all its periods: together with a vindication of the present testimonie, against the popish, prelatical, & malignant enemies of that church ... wherein several controversies of greatest consequence are enquired into ...
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A hind let loose, or, An historical representation of the testimonies of the Church of Scotland for the interest of Christ: with the true state thereof in all its periods : together with a vindication of the present testimonie, against the Popish, prelatical, & malignant enemies of that church ... : wherein several controversies of greatest consequence are enquired into, and in some measure cleared, concerning hearing of the curats, owning of the present tyrannie, taking of ensnaring oaths & bonds, frequenting of field meetings, defensive resistence of tyrannical violence ...
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